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Chapter 7( The plan that backfired)

What is life without some one so important ,May be I know we have mortal span of life but the love and care shown live an eternal life .He wanted his love to be eternal hence he made words carry his inner soul and its feelings through the small number of alphabets .

May be swara and sanskar has not expressed what their hearts screamed to shout at each other yet the warmth of their in deep souls could be felt only by them .love isn’t all about that one show case of affection but it’s deep rooted and carved in soul.

Swara has something buried deep inside her heart .it’s killing her from inside.but she is not ready to tell that all to someone whom only she know a few days ,bcz her heart is not ready to face another sort of shame and failed trust .Though she knew deep down the heart that sanskar is not bad but the scar of the past is still fresh and terribly paining .
Sanskar had become again that hell busy with his office work which he have sacrificed for week for the work of his reception .

After their wonderful and posh reception ,they were in the headlines for some couple of days with girls ogling this billionaire and some mentally cursed Swara for taking bachelorhood away from sanskar and other people were telling these two to be that one “MADE FOR EACH OTHER “ sort of couple .This news have left a tint of red even in the hard cheeks of the billionaire (a) new Man and his wife too .Their families got a new topic to discuss over lunch and dinner for a day .Swara in all these days have seen the tension between Mom and sanskar .Swara couldn’t ask that to Sanskar too .she bribed her nanad anu with a shopping and got to know that it is bcz sanskar feels her to be a step mom though in heart she is a gem.swara seeks help from anu and Laksh to join this mother son duo.

But everything doesn’t come just like that .and as far as the stubborn sanskar is considered you can even change the rotation of earth quickly than him .

Ragini invited Swara ,Laksh ,Anu and the whole family to the party she arranged in the Ngo.
As Sanskar had work he was left out from the list and mom was little unwell so.she was too in home .The three devil group planned together and switched off their mobiles and left to the party .As per their plan , sanskar has to get help from mom for his every need today .The party was not so cool yet to keep their plan up to work they were sitting there scolding Ragini for not adding dance option to the theme.

On their return what they found made them dumbstruck.Mom was sitting with her head down and was crying silently .Swara sat down near her .

“Mom. Pls don’t cry mom, tell us what happened ?” She asked between her tears.

“I think bhai is already in and something bad might have happened bhabhi “anu told slowly .

“I told you right this will not have any good result “Laksh gave an disappointed look .
Swara stood up But Radha (mother of anu,laksh,sanskar) caught her hand and asked her to sit down .After a gap of two minutes she spoke “he didn’t hurt me swara ,instead he hurted himself when I tried to talk to him .Am I that bad that he despise my acquaintance itself “sobbed radha.

“Mom ,you are too good mom .he didn’t know your value and believe me I will make him talk to you and this is swara’s promise to you “she said with confidence .Swara asked Laksh and anu to take care of ma and now she has an important task.

When swara entered the room it was embraced in darkness and she had difficulty in walking .she somehow switched on the lights to get the another shock of the day .the room which was is elegant when she saw at last was now a messy and completely broken one .

Sanskar was sitting in the couch at a corner with bleeding hands .Swara’s heart stopped pumping on seeing her sanskar like that .she was afraid of his anger but with a little gathered confidence started moving towards him only to be stopped at the second step.

“You planned this right .who the hell are you to do all this ? Did I ask you ? Did someone asked you to do this unwanted work .”he tthrew so many questions at a time and his tone was so high it made Swara afraid .His words were like poisoned arrows that attached right at her heart .
“yeah ,who am I to you ? Some unwanted relation.I didn’t do that for you ,that was for mom “Swara managed to say that without expressing her grief in her voice .

“Mom,seriously these emotional drama is not going to work with me .try some good reason .”Sanskar said with a smirk .

“oh really ,who.are you some Greek god ,I have so many work and responsibility other that pleading you so don’t expect much and it was for mom.not for you “Swara told with rage .she has touched and scratched his male ego too deeply.

“You think I am not handsome.haven’t you seen magazines talking about this handsome Greek god whom every girl wanted to marry .You are just jealous of me swara ,and it was your good luck that you married me “told sanskar .

Enraged by his attitude talks ,Swara just pushed him on the couch and made him sit there .she then took a first aid kit and nursed his wounds made by broken glasses.Sanskar was looking at her intently at her care for him ,but didn’t show that out .

Sanskar was about to talk something but Swara stopped him from talking and asked him to sleep .Sanskar who was he’ll tired slept on the bed and Swara came after changing her dress .she had determined some thing in her mind and was planning it’s execution .

Next morning ,sanskar woke up only to find the bed next to him empty .Swara was no where to be seen.

When he came down ready for office he saw Swara in kitchen and helping Mrs. Maheshwari.
She came there to the dining table and placed his breakfast tray and went inside .

“what the hell .couldn’t she even smile at me “he thought .then reality struck him hard .His words .he spoke bad to Swara .with all these thoughts he went to office and got himself drowned into the sea of files and that good day two board meetings and it was a he’ll day for him.

When he returned home in evening he heard so many noises from the kitchen .he went inside the kitchen to get the shock of his life .
Swara was standing with a plate in her hand and anu was standing at a distance

.Mrs.Maheshwari was standing near Swara .
“yuck,radha what kind of food are you cooking .don’t you know how to cook some good food ?”
Swara yelled .

Everyone was standing there without doing anything .

“I asked you a question radha,why are you standing like an idiot .don’t you do a small work properly .how come I will say this .”with that she threw the food plate down .
Sanskar’s blood boiled with the way Swara was behaving .

Swara didn’t stop her work .she took another bowl and smelled it .
“omg,this is disgusting ,have you not even cooked once in your life ,anu don’t small this ,you will faint .”to my surprise anu as also laughing .My mother was standing with her heads down .

And when swara came to the last juice she just poured it on mother’s Saree and started laughing like a maniac.this was the last step of control .Sanskar lost his cool and came forward and slapped Swara hard that she fell a little down .

“What do you think of yourselves .you don’t know to respect elders ,didn’t your mother teach you morality .how can you behave like that with an elder “.he didn’t look at others .Everyone was shocked at his sudden entry .Anu came running to Sanskar

“Bhai,why did you slapped bhabhi,”. Within that Radha helped Swara to stand up .Laksh came from his hiding place and stood beside Swara .it took Swara to digest what just happened seconds ago.

“You don’t have any right to talk about respect Mr.Maheshwari.and you being the billionaire of India must know to think before you act and to say you I respect mom more than you and you don’t have to teach me what respect it .”Swara roared and she left the place .

Laksh came forward and gave the camera to Sanskar and asked him to watch that .Anu left that place with a hateful look .radha too left .Laksh told him that they were just acting like the mil and dil of an old series which radha liked a lot .Swara was acting like the crooked mother in law and radha as the innocent dil.
It was like a slap to Sanskar .He moved to his room only to find sleeping Swara .She was sleeping in the couch .Sanskar was feeling guilty of his own hands and mind .
He loved her but couldn’t understand her heart .He felt ashamed of it .the tear strains on her pale cheeks was adding his guilt .he took her up in a bridal style and placed her in the bed .

How will he rectify his mistake ,his love as suffered by him .what will be do to make her forgive him .


Hey lovely people ,I missed you all so much but I won’t expect the same bcz you all have so many good ff and their writers why will you remember me *fakes hurt * .

.ok drs no emotional drama .I really missed you all and I wish you all still remember this story .and I am sorry my life has become so hectic that regular update is seriously an impossible task .and I will try my level best to post the chapter a as soon as possible .pls bear with typos and say whether you wish me to continue this story .


Always remember me !!!!!!

All good people there pls comment your views and give me your thoughts about this chapter and it feels so good to receive appreciation for my work so share your heart felt feelings about this chap ..

Love you all,tell me back that 😛


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