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Chapter6( Thre sizzling reception )
Swara’s pov!
Sanskar didn’t expect the turn of events ,the girl who barged inside their room destroying their cute moment is still holding his hands.He is still in the same shocked reaction and to add the fuel the girl is still standing close to Sanskar and it is irritating Swara to the core .
“Maybe she is his ex “ this single thought itself brought some unsettled worries in her .It’s not like she is in love with him but to the world at least they are couples who are married and this holy matrimony means a lot to an Indian .

Her train of thoughts was disturbed only when a engendered their room ,intruding the scene here .as soon he saw the plot that’s happening here ,his face showed that it very hardly trying to keep his smirk inside but he failed abruptly .

Soon,the young man became furious on seeing the position of the girl and sanskar .now the smirk is seen on the face of the girl .He moved forward and pulled her out of sanskar .Swara was standing there awkwardly ,to her dismay her husband has sealed his mouth for now .she went near Sanskar and elbowed him to which he winced .
“he deserve that for allowing another girl to touch him “(Yeah I am possessive ,he is officially mine ) .
“Rv and Ishani what a horrible surprise “yelled my husband . ..oh he is still being capable of talking. I thought that he lost his tongue .
“That drama is for not inviting us to your wedding and also to reach lesson to my flirting husband “said the girl who looked very adorable in her pink jumpsuit .

Sanskar watched them with amusement .After the end of all these drama I got to know that Rv and Ishani are childhood friends of sanskar and they both loved each other and got married four years ago .
They also have a baby boy of three years old who came in with his dada and dadi (ma and baba of Rv)

Aarav is his name and he is such a bubbly and chubby kid who is a energy ball .he keeps every one around him active in order to save the house from destruction .
“did she troubles u my Dr ,tell me I will cut her pizza treat “ ambika ma winked at me. It was followed by Ishani whinning .everyone was looking at this super cool mil and dil .they are here to attend our wedding reception which is after two days.The whole day was full of jokes and funs and not to forget the delicious dishes made by ambika ma .Ishani and Rv took the room next to ours.Rv’s parents took the room that’s in ground floor.Aarav came to sleep with us.
Sanskar’s pov:

Aarav is playing with Swara in her mobile .they were so keen in playing only then I found that my wife (pretty ,cute and adorable) is nothing less than a sweet child .I saw her smiling eat to ear while playing with Aarav and today.she was so happy to spend time with ishani .as far as I know Ishani is a great company and she is so active and aarav is a carbon copy of his mother .Rv must have a hard time managing these two energy balls .At that second I thought I’d our child .my child my heir in my Swara’s womb and our love .A smile crept into my poker face just with this thought of having our child .a deep sigh escaped my lips ,as this is the first time I have felt all these kind of feelings and thoughts .

“what have you done to me swara “ I was thinking this when a little fluffy thing hit my head .
“argghh,what the hell “ I shouted .but no one is paying heed to my pain.Aarav and swara are playing pillow fight .I just gave them a unbelievable look.They were still fighting and that is when swara again threw a pillow intentionally on my side .
I looked at her but she acted as If she is the most innocent kid in the world but that smirk that will show that she did that with her naughtiness .I started chasing her .
Uff,I didn’t know that she is such a good runner but she is not so fast as me .I just turned around my way and she came and fell on me and with that sudden push my strong legs lost their balance and we both with a thud landed on the bed .she tell upon me with her curly black locks on my face .she looked adorable with that closed eyes , fisted hands on my shirt and her breath on my neck .I felt myself drowning into her neck .the delicate skin in there was so inviting .I could feel her heart racing and her uneven breath .she is even affected .I just held her chin up and she looked into my eyes very slowly that eyes their battle between closing and opening her shivering petite form ,..made me feel she is really made for me .
I never felt awkward with her .I have felt a long term acquaintance with her .May be she is destined toto be mine .
MINE ,that made me feel proud this crazy yet lovely girl is all mine .I felt her breath evened and I sensed that she is asleep .she cuddled more into cuddly bubbly bear .
“I KNOW I AM FALLING FOR THIS BEAUTIFUL WIFE OF MINE” …sleep engulfed me with my sweetheart in my hands.
The next day was full of shopping and stuff .up to afternoon. The girls were in the spa ,and after noon they had set up mind to select dresses for the reception .
After two hours of shuffle and irritation I found a pretty dress for my beautiful wife .
Swara’s dress ,

Sanskar’s dress.

This was the reception arrangement
The reception was a grand function held by the Maheshwari’s.And they have invited a the professional people and relatives and Swara’s family and relatives and the night was full of gala and enjoyment.

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