Motherly love a swasan ff chapter 5.

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Chapter 5..the new felt bliss .

Swara’s pov,

I never expected a wonderful family in my husband’s house .I felt blessed .Mami, oops no mom is just so cool and Anu is like another Ragini to me .And Laksh ,he is so good in flirting but is a gem by character .
The second day of my wedding was spent in my very own house with my beloved mom and Ragini .
At evening ,sanskar came to pick me up .My mom convinced him to have dinner with us .Only during dinner I looked at him closely .he is handsome ,I agree but I can see a deep sea inside his eyes ,that black hypnotizing balls can hold you up in the air .I just shook my head at my thoughts .After dinner we left to sanskar’s house ok now officially mine too

.When the car started the melodious voice in the radio started playing ,I was just hearing to that beautiful song and doesn’t know when sleep engulfed me .I woke a little when someone called my name very sweetly ,but no I am not going to leave my sleep.Then what I felt was ,I was flying in air ,no but now ,,,

then to my surprise it was my handsome husband who was carrying me in his arms as if I am toddler who don’t know to walk.but the ride was so good that his warmth is so addictive .I am very comfortable to be in his arms ,
I slowly entered my sleep zone ,with my head in his shoulder .Later I was laid in the bed ..but the sudden coolness didn’t go good with me .I just pulled his hand and with a sigh he sat down with me ..oh my husband is not bad …I am now into deep sleep mode .

Sanskar’s pov,

God ,her touch is building new sensations in me .carrying her in my arms is like tasting the divine wine .But the way an curled into me ,her breath taking my neck ,waking up my wild thoughts ,urgh,she needn’t do so much to turn me on .Now she is .it even leaving my hand .I laid down near her and soon she turned to my side .she was so close to me .her petite frame was something just like made for me to hold near me .her kajal lines eyes and sweet natural pink lips look like the very delicious meal made just for me .Her long tops and leggings her little fingers that is holding my shirt ,her legs just an inch away from are making me fell in her spell.Good god,she is damn beautiful with that innocent sleeping face,she resembles my angel .my mom,but will she be like my mom .with these thoughts having a battle in my mind ,I doesn’t know when I slept .

I woke up only to see some thing or feel a very soft petal like thing cuddled into me .I just held it tightly to me .and realization dawned on my dumb brain ,god she is near me ,I am sleeping near her .I will be embarrassed if she see ne like this she will think bad about me .I tried to her away but she was so into me .I just gave up mf struggle and drifted to sleep again.she got up some minutes later and suddenly jumped out of my hug . Oh my cuddly bear come near me .(thought inside myself ) ‘ she ran into the bathroom
.I think she is embarrassed too.
I slept again .

I woke,up late and I don’t bother about work because ,lucky is taking care of it and I am off to work. After ,my tomato (yeah she was looking all so red like a tomato ) ,left the room ,I went took a warm shower and came down for breakfast .
The food was already ready .yummy my tummy growled .and in today’s breakfast what caught my tongue into it so much was the kheer ..and I got to know that my wife was the one who prepared it .oh she knows to cook also so good .

I went back to my room and took my laptop and surfed so that I can check whether I got some messages from my clients .I saw her entering the room .she moved to the cupboard ,and I thought this is the right time to tell my plan to her .I moved towards the cupboard .I think she found that I am near her .I could say that by her stiffened body .I whispered
“Mrs.sanskar, I want to tell you an important news “.she turned around ,then.stood watching me curiously.
“We are shifting to my house in outskirts of the city “. I found little sadness in her eyes but she covered it and nodded her head .phew ,she agreed .
This is my decision that me and my wife will be living outer not with these people.but I assured her that every weekend we will be here .her eyes lighted up .such an expressive eyes she have …

Common pov:

Sanskar and swara shifted to their house .Swara’s mouth fell on to the ground looking at the beauty of the house sorry palace or mansion be.

The house is completely a modern one with all the facilities inside the vast compound .the interiors of the building was beyond expression .The flower cases,curtains and floor mats and everything was go to a certain standard that will leave your mouths open for days .she squealed to look at the dream come true most modular kitchen of her own
.sanskar felt contented by this ,that she liked this place .then he showed her the entire house and she was again lost at the view of the vast Arabian sea before her eyes .

The heaven on earth !!!!!!!!

He stood right behind her and watched her figure leaning on his chest .he just embraced her from back ,and this is the bliss that they are enjoying together .

Their silent yet cute moment got destroyed by a sound .a fair and pretty girl came into their room and held his hand in hers and spoke to him very coyly.

“Sanskar baby ,I missed you a lot ..and who is this girl ?” she asked very casually .

Swara was burning at the sight of the girl catching her sanskar’s hand (yeah possessive ).and how dare her mouth utter such a question .before sanksar could answer she hugged him
.Swara was standing right behind them witnessing all this .sanskar was looking at the door for help .
I know I am irregular but pls don’t stop supporting me .just read my work and give your views and tell me suggestions .I am planning for a trip for swasan tell me some places .of you don’t want me to continue this too you can say me .but I will torture you for sure 😛
And more over ,tell me if it’s interesting or if it’s just boring your wits tell me I will think of some plans ..
With love

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  1. It’s soo awesome yaar!! I loved it!!! seriously…how can you expect us to say stop writing this ff??!!! Infact we want you update more and more episodes…!!! Coming to honeymoon… I don’t have any idea of places… as I haven’t for honeymoon till now 😛 !!! lol!!! But I became bored of listening and seeing cold countries in movies and ffs!! Soo… I would like you to try a new one!!! It’s just my opinion…!! It’s your ff and soo.. it’s your decision to make whatever place you want!! And I would love to read your ff irrespective of place!!! 😀

    1. Harani

      Aww, you have given me a very big update ,,my god .love you dr just amazing and I too wish to take some different place for honeymoon and yay I too have not been to haneymoon 😛
      And seriously thank you dr and I am glad you liked my work

      1. Harani

        Oops not update comment

  2. Aahna

    now who is this new baby..

    1. Harani

      Thank you dr and you know that’s a secret 😛 ..hihihi

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      Thank you dharani, r u a tamilian

      1. Dharani

        no my mother tongue is telugu

  4. Tamanna

    nice but try to be regular….
    N I think a hill station will be a good option for their trip…

    1. Harani

      Eee,yes dr .I am trying hard to be regular and hill station is for their honeymoon trip ,I want some village place ,of you can suggest me some fab place

      1. Tamanna

        Ya sure…. Village trip sounds interesting… Go for it

  5. Soujanya


    1. Harani

      Thank you sweety .

    1. Harani

      Thank you so much shiksha

  6. Jwala

    superb dear.. what about kerala?

    1. Harani

      Thank you dr and about Kerala I will take that into consideration ,thank you for your idea ,,

  7. thamiazh magan

    swara should give a nose cut answer to the new girl

    1. Harani

      Sweets wait and watch and i think You will like that twist 🙂

  8. Super ?

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      Thank you dr

  9. awesome..

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      Thank you anu 🙂

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    Awesome dear.. Missed your ff

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      Really Thank you mean a lot

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    Haha lol Swara is getting jealous !!

    1. Harani

      Yeah my sisso,it’s our right you know ,being possessive

      1. Lol

        Yeah !! ?

  16. Pls don’t make swara emotional .she should not cry instead show attitude and ask sanskar if she is ur gf and u want divorce from unwanted marriage . they should live in separate room and she should ignore him . the epi is awesome and marvellous . if I have hurt u by my suggestions sorry .

    1. Harani

      Dr this much big cmoment ,it really makes me feel blessed .Thank you .it means a lot Dr .and about your comment I have this thought in mind ,this will not be that much cry baby one I can say for sure 🙂

      1. Harani

        And importantly you never hurt only when no one comment on my work I feel hurt 🙂

  17. Deeksha

    Nice… Dear.. Continue soon….

    1. Harani

      Thank you dr ,will continue for sure

    1. Harani

      Thank you s ,glad you liked it

  18. Vyshu10

    awesome….loved it, especially swasan sleeping in each other’s embrace. For trip…hill station is a good option. Upload soon

    1. Harani

      Thank you dr I will update soon

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