Motherly love ~a swasan ff .chapter 2


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sanskar’s pov ~~

What will be more worse than meeting the girl you found irritating again .yeah you’ve heard it right .When we entered the Ngo we were greeted by a lady of a middle age I don’t know how much and that is not important now 😛 ,we discussed with her our opinions but she strictly told us that she doesn’t need any donations .And after a long struggle she agreed to be partners with us .Once when I came out she asked a girl (a cute one ) to show me the places .I didn’t find any traces of the two souls who came with me here .Those two monkeys would be somewhere roaming ,only god knows the place of those two .

The girl who was coming with me was seriously doing her job of explaining every place but not even a single thing got into my mind .Even then she didn’t doubt me because I was acting like a very keen listener .At some place she got a call and she asked me to sit in a nearby bench and went to attend it .
Why everyone in this place is so weird .I was scratching my head because I am not that interested in being alone .Even when I stay in Delhi for my meetings in the branch there I would call Ranveer ,my best buddy to live with me or go to their house .There is Ishani who is also like my anu to me .they are such a lovey dowey couple .To live there you must get your mind ready for hearing weird Nick names and their lovely conversation ..(hey don’t think me as a eavesdropper …they never speak slowly ).

Ahhhhh….Why in this damn world I am alone .
Ouchhh…something hit my head .”what the hell ?” …I was searching all around only to be stopped by a little sweet voice .
“sorry uncle ,that ball is mine .When we were playing with Didi ,it came here .please give me the ball uncle “ the chubby girl spoke to me .I smiled at her and gave her the ball.It was then I saw a group of kids playing with a girl .The girl ,yeah she is the one who fought with me ,but now she is not the one I saw ,she is now looking like a cute and adorable sweet doll .,,ahh what did I say cute and adorable ..oh god I am describing a girl ,this train of thoughts was interrupted In the middle by the cursings of the guide appointed to me .
What happened? ,I asked her .
“I saw there a monkey with two legs and two hands without a is such an irritating monkey that calls itself s*xy ,,yuck “

This is when I got to know the name of the monkey ..oops monkey without a tail ..I wanted to laugh till my stomach hurts but this girl may think that I am insane. .I just asked her to show me the monkey .
The monkey ,oops my brother Laksh was fighting with a chubby boy .the boy was jumping to reach the ball and this monkey was not giving it .This is when the fighter girl who now turned came there and took the ball from Laksh ..As we were at a distance we only saw Laksh speaking with her and she being the fighter giving some good answers and at which Laksh face paled .Here the guide who was with me was smirking .
We moved closure to Laksh only to find anu and him discussing something seriously .I am going to get screwed ,bcz these weird siblings join hand only to push me in a deep pit 

There is seriously some mystery here in this place …wanna know that ,pls study my chaps and throw your views on comments 
With love and hugs

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