Motherly love ~ a swasan ff chapter 13


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Chapter 13 ?The devil and its end ..

“we know we have problems , but at times , we just have to have faith than to die out of tension and freaking out …”

swara had grasped , that she had been kidnapped, freaking kidnapped .
the people around her are like brown hulks .
no she can’t escape ,just have faith.

That some magic can actually happen .
sometimes in reality too.
she was about to die any minute with the tension building up inside her body . But she maintained a face devoid of any emotions , sometimes , a little confidence peaking through her eyes , but even she doesn’t know , why will she be kidnapped ? …
was it someone ,like sanskar’s enemy or something or …or…no it can’t be. what if , its someone from her past . it was the last thing she wished to happen in the world …what if , lord wishes that too happen…

what will she do. if she got killed now ,how will she meet sanskar again , she can’t live without him,but what will be for him to love without her ?

she was battling her thoughts inside and was faking a brave face in order to stop them from getting the thought of scaring her .
she will not be afraid , because she know how much ever difficult it would be he will , her sanskar will find her . she has left all her heart with him .



At shopping mall ,

sanskar was searching in all the places where the possibilities of finding his wife could be available .
She is not just his wife, a mother , a friend.

swara, the angel whom he owned .
no whom he worshipped like she was his goddess , she is one too. More than him , Anu was crying , feeling so much guilty because it was she who pestered her Bhabhi dear to accompany her to shopping .

something attracted his attention , her ring . the one he gave her . was lying there as a witness that she had been forcibly taken away .

He took her ring and kissed it and kept it in his hands . Then something striked him .
He took his phone, called his security team and then went to the control room in the mall. along with anu and the manager .Laksh and vikas were running around the city like maniacs .

The whole family was dreaded with fear . More than sharmistha it was Radha who was afraid , she is her daughter more than a daughter in law .

The cold and ruthless business man in sanskar has been called on duty to accomplish the mission
“Search Swara” .

The CCTV footages were being watched . The footage near the washroom door was being watched . Everyone’s eyes widened when they saw what exactly happened .

His hands fisted on either sides . His swara was being dragged after making her faint . His rage reached the last level .

How will he find her ? His common sense is just not cooperating with him for now .

Anu shouted .
“Bhai , we got bracelets just few hours ago ,”

Laksh , ” Anu what to do with that info now , have you gone nuts?”
Anu ” Laksh , shut up . bhai , no we have got gs installed to that and its connected to our mobiles . We just need to go check her location. ”

sanskar was calling his friend Who is a technical ghost .

“The only thing you did worth in your shopping mania is that bracelet ” laksh said very seriously .

“unlike you, I am useful ” anu giggled .He just scowled .

After few hours ,

swara was looking at every one standing there guarding her .

*swara just don’t lose hope *

She saw her fear walking towards her .unconsciously her lips trembled and spelled
he smirked at her . swara get grip . you are not afraid .

she smirked back at him .

“Interesting Mrs.Maheshwari. , you have learned to be brave it seems , is he a good company ? .”

she shook her head .

” Not all Mr .Kashyap , but I know for sure to be confident to shity people , hmm , and for sure you are placed there on first ” she gave him the daring look.

His smirk vanished . he came close to her .
she rolled her eyes .

It instigated him more .

“I am going to kill you , aren’t you afraid ?” he questioned .

“Touch me if you have death wish ” she looked at him .

” No what would I do after killing you ? How I’ll win my bet ?so you are going to enjoy this day with me in true sense , gonna take revenge for running away from me years ago” he gave her a lusty look .

Though all her tissue was frozen ,she was stubborn to give it up .
She started looking at her nails and was thinking some thing .

” How dare you , I will sure make you die today ” he caught her by her hairs .

she looked at him . she thought of sanskar .no she can’t let him play with her .
her hands were loosened from the rope .
she stood up shocking him. He tried to catch her hands . she turned and kicked him were sun doesn’t shine .
she was again caught by the hulks . But as soon as a gun shot was heard they ran towards the door leaving her .
she ran and hide herself somewhere between machines .

There were few more gun shots and few groans of men.

Then she saw Sanskar and ran towards him .She saw Nihal lying there bleeding profusely .
she turned to him .

” I have loved you once Nihal , but there I was a naive nerd , who thought everything’s good . You know what , but I could by now understand it was not even near to love. I was just attracted to you. sanskar came by her side . women aren’t your toys . Just because they have different set chromosomes and body it didn’t that they are machines for you to get pleasure . They are souls. They have feelings too . Not just you, the whole society thinks that she is just a dependent b*t*h, but no , she just compromise more for her love .I beg you don’t treat your wife like this . You will regret all this once you get. girl child then you guys will know how much difficult it is grow a girl into. a women without letting her fall at baits waiting for her .she turned towards hr husband . But you know what , he was the best thing that happened to me .The man who respects me . who gives me space. freedom and everything I wish . I don’t ask you to be like him , its impossible too .Just start being a human ”

Nihal looked down . Sanskar and swara moved out . Laksh and Any hugged them .

The family was very much happy for them .

precap :❤the proposal

Some romance , confessions and love is awaiting .

stay tuned . comment lovely friends .

with love,

I know this isn’t is a bog update but next will be a damaka update ?. Till then take care.

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