Motherly love ~ a swasan ff chapter 12


Chapter 12❤ The New Version ❤

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Relationships become more close when they have no secrets that could threat their happiness ..

swara and sanskar have moved a little close with her confession. They started talking without any awkward silence between them . Love may be a little distant in their relation but you can’t suppress your likeness for a long time .

Sanskar’s office .

He was working on his project . It was a serene atmosphere for now . He was smiling at the desktop picture , which is none other than his sweet wife , swara who was smiling radiantly looking at Aarav who was making some statues with atta . He smiled at her cute antics , her smile her attire , her bubbly talks , her care. … she is an angel he smiled and touched his heart unknowingly .

He was startled when he heard the ringing of his mobile . it displayed Laksh name on it .
He attended it only to hear the thunder like news .
“Bhai, mom …mom fainted bhai,me and bhabhi have taken her to Lifecare hospital . please come soon .” laksh said with faint voice.

sanskar was trembling . He have lost his mother once .not again . he was about to get panic attacks . yes he was getting this , after his mother’s death. He somehow stood up and told his secretary to look at the meetings . he asked his driver to take him to lifecare hospital . when he entered the hospital to his surprise , her dad was sitting like he has lost his soul , swara was consoling Laksh. vikas was talking to Anu. Sanskar went and sat near his dad. After so many years , he was feeling this extreme pain again. Being strong doesn’t mean that one should not cry. sanskar was flabbergasted to see his father who was shedding tears . He kept his hands on his shoulders . He hugged him and was trembling. swara came to sanskar and touched his shoulders . she motioned him to see mom.

He stood up and saw his mother lying there like a pale flower . His eyes betrayed him by letting his tears which he have held for so long .

He turned and hugged swara tightly . she held him so tightly .

“Sanskar , be strong , if you are trembling like this , think about laksh and anu.. please sanskar ,for us , for mom be strong . she is a strong woman who have controlled all of you. she wouldn’t like her son to be weak. ” she said soothingly .

He just hugged her more tight . He then went to Anu who was looking like she was lost in some other world . Her cheeks with tear stains . She is his baby sister whom he have taken in his shoulders and have rotated in their childhood. He still remember the when , his mother gave birth this twin wonders . they were just five minutes after another. she was the last one , enjoyed every ones love. Sanskar was feeling ecstatic when he held her in his arms . He loved his new mother but was afraid , what if she would leave him like his own mother. But not anymore. even if it is for some days , he will pour all his love onto his family .

He saw how Vikas held her by shoulders. Even in this situation he was happy because , he have found a prince in shining armor for his sister , who would hold her when she needs someone’s shoulder .

He doesn’t want to make it awkward . so he went to Laksh, who was looking at the sky through the window. Even before I could speak, he looked at me .

“I know bhai , mom will be alright , she has to take care of me . she has to hold. your son , she has to pamper our children like how she did us, I will not let her go, even god comes .I can’t let her go ” he turned to go but I pulled him into a hug. He cried his heart out. His baby brother .

swara was making everyone eat at least some food . She gave dad his tablets . She was mature but no one thought that she would be this responsible ,because as soon as Radha fainted , swara was about to pass out , but she managed it .

Some time later ,

Doctor told that , it was stress that have made their mother faint. They can meet her but she should be under observation.

sanskar went and sat near his mother’s side and held her hands and wept. He slept like that . Swara came to look after them after sending every one to eat .

sanskar was very vulnerable now. he is not the same anymore. Even without her consent her heart is falling for this prince . HER PRINCE …

After some days…

Everything was normal . swara didn’t let her Mom step out bed if not for the bathroom . She took care of her like a daughter . Anu was like , god. who is her daughter ?.is it me or bhabhi .

Sanskar was the first one to jump into his mother’s room as soon as she woke up . They cried for hours. later he slept peacefully on his mother’s lap.
swara and others , had both smile in their lips and tears in their eyes . An emotional day it was . Later , he was always near his mother for a week . Only after thousand and more confirmations he stepped aside to work . Radha was happy that her son had finally accepted her and has let his emotions out.

swara entered the room with a bowl of hot soup for her mom.
“Thank you so much swara, ” swara said .

“Mom , why are you thanking me ?” swara was baffled .

“You are an angel swara, you made everyone happy. You made wonders in this house . you have made this a house with happiness ” Radha hugged her daughter in law.

swara had happy tears. She felt lucky . she have two mothers, two brothers and more over a sweet nanad too. A happy life . she have never imagined a marriage to be this blissful . Even when it’s not Sanskar who made her happy , their relation is far more better than how it was at starting.

Why do we always end up thinking freaking much and cry over shits . But just step out of what you thought that is world has nothing to do with the actual world .

Swara was walking inside their room , tensed for no reason . she has got a gut feeling that something somewhere was turning into a dangerous bait . she was feeling restless , to add to the fire , sanskar was coming late all these days.

she was so much into her thoughts that she didn’t see the door being opened and her prince entering . Only when she felt two hands huging her from behind she was jolted back to reality . But soon recovered. she knew his scent. she just fell into his arms . The serene feeling of being in his arms , the warmth his closeness offers are all a bliss .

“You are again late ” she sighed .

” work load sweetheart ” he answered .

No more words exchanged . they were enough for each other. He then turned her around . He looked at her face . The restless look on her face made him confused .

” why are you looking gloomy ” he questioned .

” sanskar , I just didn’t feel good . something is wrong . Please take care of yourself . See how tired you are ” she touched his cheeks .

He held her hands right there and pressed it more on his cheeks . All the tension seemed to ebb out of his body. Angel ? he thought .

He just lifted her and laid her on bed and slept hugging her . She slept with her face on his chest .

Next morning ,

swara didn’t find him on bed . Her smile fell . Found a note on nightstand .

“caught up with work wifey ❤ will meet you soon ”

she just sighed and left to do her morning chores .


swara scowled at her sil , who was shopping non stop for two hours . She has bought herself a Saree , that solve ,now searching for whole family . swara just rolled her eyes .
she was so bored just texted sanskar .


Her phone beeped after seconds .

“DREAMING ABOUT U ” reply came . she blushed at his msg .







” BYE HUBBY ? ” ..

She saw up to see smirking anu. swara just smiled at her and went in search of restroom . she just wanted to freshen up .

when she came out if the door , someone caught her by wrist and pulled her aside . Before she could see them , they sprayed chloroform on her face , and everything went blank .


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