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Chapter 11 (confessions and discoveries)
The pain in a relation is not the separation but the thought of separation is the thing that kills us …

Swara was in such a situation where her new found happiness was something that seemed to be temporary with the fear of her past .however she made herself ready to face the result how sad it is .

“I ….” Swara stammered with the words that struck in her throat .
sanskar cut her short.
“Swara ,feel free baby ..” He assured .Swara tried very hard to hold her traitorous tears from crawling down the cheeks .Her memory moved behind some three years back .when she was in New York University, doing her bachelor ,she was a complete nerd who was afraid of almost everything in life .if not vikas her brother who was doing his master’s there, she would have ran away from that irritating life ,but she made habitual to that in some months .
“when I was in the second year of my bachelor’s ,I saw him ….

third person pov ~

Swara was a complete shy type girl who never dated anyone whereas all her friends strictly followed the rule of a boyfriend a week.
she was a complete bookworm with those large grand pa glasses ,in short a girl who will never ever be taken as a girl friend .everyone used to make fun of her ,but she never cared .May be she was shy but never a coward .
it was in one spring when she was walking through a park to find a place to sit and read her favourite book ,Pride and Prejudice .
she always dreamt of getting herself one Charles who will fall head over heels in love for her.
A ball came and fell in her side which made her come back to earth ,shattering her dreams where she was dancing with Mr.Bingley….
A pretty girl child came to her asked for that ball, she followed the little angel .what she saw there took her heart into a ride into heaven .
A dashing boy stood there playing with the kids .she immediately fell in love ( she thinks like that )…..with him .He smiled at her…oh my gosh !the Greek god smiled at her. .she gave him a little smile but in reality she was dancing ….But little she knew that all the baits look so cool and ravishing…
The next she found him near her class at the basket ball court .
any one could say that she was oogling at him like he was some delicious sweet .He again smiled when their eyes met.All these developed gradually that everyday she saw him somewhere here or there near her place .she thought all these as fate or her good luck .vikas was out of the country for his internship and it was very tough for. Swara to convince him to take this offer.
after this ,she was seeing that guy everyday. .
one day she came face to face to him near her house in the street .He passed her as if he didn’t saw her ,her heart fell ..yes who will fall for that bookworm .she pacified herself .But her concentration was not in anything she did .she put her specs inside the aquarium ,feeded her pet with French fries.
uff made her angry .But when she logged in her Facebook account ,she was amazedto find his friend request .His name was charming devil ( absolutely ) Swara thought.
she accepted it as it had his pic .He texted her a hi …it all started with it .
she got to know that his name is ,
Nihal kashyap.

They became friends ,she was hopelessly falling for him …He was so sweet to resist .one fine day at their first dinner date he proposed her with all those pomp and royal touch.she was like goddddd….
she was in such a bliss …He kissed her not passionately but aggressively like she was his possession May be some reward .Swara felt awkward by his touch but the bliss made it vanish.
she never allowed him for anything more than a hug .Their first kiss was the last too .He always makes a sad face but she never gave in ..all these blush ,cuddle came to an drastic and on one fine yet dark evening at a party where Nihal took her for his friend’s birthday .His friends were there who gave her mocking glances ..Swara felt herself undressed by those eyes. she never drank and she will never .Nihal never complained about it .
she stood near the counter watching everyone dance .even Nihal was happily with a girl ,but she didn’t feel jealous …But frowned when their dance changed into something very passionate.
someone tapped her shoulder ,she turned to find a blonde hair girl smiling at her .
“cute aren’t they ? “she asked Swara …
Swara just looked at her blankly .
“I am swetha arora .” she introduced.
“oh ” was all that Swara could utter .she was not at all comfortable there and to top the cake her heart was feeling completely sickened by the thought of some nearing danger .the girl again tapped Swara .Swara was little irritated but she remained calm as it is not her type to say that at face .
“You know they are the best couple from high school ” she said dreamily.All Swara could feel was that the land beside her is tilting a little .Swara gave her a blank look .
“oh I am sorry ,I didn’t ask you ..are you a new friend of Nihal “.
Swara nodded as her heart said so .she didn’t wish to create a scene about this topic which she doesn’t even know is true or not.

swetha continued …
“You know what she paused …They both are quiet interesting. They don’t doubt each other .” .Swara was literally about to die at any time soon but this girl here is singing praise of her so called boyfriend with some other one who is believed to be his love ..
it’s all some game she thought .

“recently ,Nihal played a dare for someone for making some nerd to fall for him ” she said in a completely drunken tone .Swara was flabbergasted at the thought of she being a play.
her heart was thumping at a speed that even a lightning couldn’t compete with .
But as swetha the girl was drunk she had a little hope that this all May be a foolish plot or may be a bitter truth .

She looked at Nihal but it seems he had forgotten that a girl has been brought by him here .

somewhere her heart was continuously telling her that she is being fooled.

she turned around and suddenly someone grabbed her by her arm and pulled her to a corner .it was her dorm mate Katherine .
“Kathy , what’s wrong ” Swara questioned .
“did you not see the way your so called boyfriend is involved with another women “.kathy asked .
before Swara could open her mouth,Christian entered and told something in Kathy’s ears .
Katherine pulled Swara to a corner .Swara was baffled .
“what happened …she whispered…
“they are searching for you ” kathy told her in a hushing voice .
Swara still no idea about what is happening around.
Her mind was gloomy by so many events that night .They were now hiding in a coat closet .
They could hear people moving back and forth .soon she heard Nihal’s voice .She smiled ..her heart that he will save her from whatever is about to happen .But was very little she knew that it was a snare laid by the same guy who took her heart into flight .

“what were you all doing here without having her locked here ,you f**king useless brats” Nihal shouted at the top of his voice .
Swara flinched at it. kathy held her mouth from shouting ..
“You know this bet was important for me ,I have to take her today ” Nihal was blabbering hopelessly .
swara’s emotions which were banned at her mouth found their way through her eyes .
Little later ,all the shouts and barks came to an end. Swara saw someones shadow near the door.she thought that she is going to meet the worse fate today .

But luckily it was Christian ..
“everyone went in search of her ,but we have to be little careful ” he was saying kathy.But nothing registered in her mind.if not these two she would have been the food to those hawks.

They three went out through the back gate and entered Kathy’s car .swara’s mind blanked ,she fell .

Next morning ,
when Swara woke ,she prayed that all was a bad dream .she thought that Nihal will come to her again but to her dismay it all was true .for an instance her heart felt like toring apart .She is feeling so heavy right there at her heart .she jumped out of bed and puked.kathy came running to her. Swara cried by her shoulders until her tears dried up ,until her heart became numb …until her eyes closed involuntarily and she fell into deep slumber again .
when she woke up next ,it was already a week ..she has been unconscious for an week .

vikas was sitting there near her bed with his head between his hands ..”
“bhai,”she whispered .
His head moved up .she saw his eyes ,a red volcano could get defeated.
His eyes started pouring all those saline drops which he held very tight for a week .
kathy had called him at the same night when they found Nihal’s true face .

when he reached here ,Swara was lying in the hospital ,paled , bandages around her head which she injured while falling down .
He waited for her to see him, .
He caught her hands and kissed her knuckles…
she is his sister more a mother ..
Swara smiled at him .But a fake oNe. she became quite…

it had been a month .Swara was completely inside her home .vikas went tO complete the remaining fifteen days of his internship after which he will be compete guardian of Swara .

Swara was taking a walk outside the house ,…she went into the street unconsciously .as if waiting for this chance someone caught her hands from behind .Her mouth was hold too .
The frost of the winter was making her knees week .she felt like fainting again .But the smirking face of Nihal ,took away all the pain she held .anger boosted through her veins .she felt like a maniac,wished she was a little strong .
she was pushed aside.
“I wished I was your first ,but see the destiny, you have to be seen by each and everyone here ” he laughed .
suddenly Swara felt powered .when he bended down ,she gave him a hard kick at his spot .one of his men ,punched her across her face ,which made blood ooze out from her lips .
suddenly ,she saw felt some thing of being secured .
vikas came there and beat them black and blue ,but nihal escaped …
The police caught the others .
The Swara after that was strong for others but deep down she became very week to have trust so she made herself numb .she stopped responding. to the surrounding .
vikas tried a lot but after finishing her graduation successfully she flew to India .Vikas became even more supportive for her .

Swara was now in her knees crying her heart out before a man whom she trust .sanksar was himself wiping his tears.
His wife was strong for the world .But she is still the innocent nerd at heart .
He fell on his knees too .He hugged her form, she melted into his arms .He pacified her .she pacified. him .
He kissed her hair and made her sit in his lap .
he held her by chin and kissed her cheek hard and deep .
she blushed,even with her smudged eyes and running nose she was looking like an angel .
“princess,look at me ” sanksar softly told her .she looked into his eyes.
“did you see the most beautiful girl there between my eye lids” he asked her .she lost her smile .she stood .
“I am not beautiful ,I am a nerd ..leave me sanksar ..find someone good for you ..I am not good for anyone.let me be this ..I can destroy your life too” Swara yelled with tears. sanskar understood .he has to make her. believe that she is a goddess with all those charms hidden.He held her by waist and went near the mirror .
They looked at each other through the mirror .He tightened his grip .she looked at him .He took his kerchief and wiped her eyes then cheeks and then again her tear filled eyes .

she looked at him .He turned towards the mirror .They looked into each other again ..The air tightened around them .
He went back of her. stood with her front to his back .His hands snaked around her waist .she stiffened .He kept his chin in her shoulders. His breath ,blew over her tired skin .sudden flow of blood was no sooner seen ..
sanskar smiled in her skin seeing his effect on her .Her breathing fastened .her right hand held his hairs ruffling them .Her left was hand by him .He started giving feathery kissed along her neck .
she shivered due to this intimated feelings .
He took her left hand and kissed it .They looked into the mirror .there was no Swara or Sanskar .there stood a couple who is madly in love with each other …
Swara looked into his eyes which held a pure passion not lust….
He smiled at her ,her lips moulded into a smile .Her cheeks were now red, hands held , face glowing with love .she was now thoroughly beautiful even to her eyes.
He held her ear between his teeth…her heart twisted with pleasure .she attained a dreamy state.
his tongue rolled around her ear to find her weak spot .The most delicate spot .once her touched it her hand tightened. in his hair …pulling them more .
Her pains now was out of world.she herself was not in the world..

sanskar turned her around .she was blushing so much .
“didn’t I say that my princess is goddess of beauty .
my venus…goddess of love ” he whispered making her shiver ..
She hugged him with sO much force which made him tighten his hold .They stood so long in each other’s embrace .
“princess ,tomorrow will be our beginning ..for own life …past is a dead one ..never bother about it .we will have a great present and a wonderful future ” he again kissed her cheeks deep .emotions swirled around in river .They were literally a mess now but emotionally very strong .
He took her in bridal style and leaded to bed .They slept in each other’s arms peacefully.

Next morning Swara woke up with a smile plastered to her face .she saw sanskar sleeping peacefully .His hands were around her waist. she removed it slowly and went to washroom.when she returned sanksar was still asleep

she went near him and sat .she trailed her hands through his silky black hair .then to his forehead ,that love filled eyes and then to his sharp nose .when her hands made contact with his lips ,she felt his movement ,before she could register something ,she was under him on the bed .

His eyes on direct convo with her dark ones.
Her breath hitched as his eyes burned her into ashes with its passion.
their lips moved towards each other …
But all of a sudden the ringing of the mobile distracted them .Swara tried getting up but he held her tight .she struggled .But he was talking to his secretary .
an idea strucked her born devil mind .she looked at his cheeks ..moved towards them and. kissed him on his cheeks ..The phone fell off his hands .
His grip loosened .He looked at Swara baffled..They were only a little close ..But he never knew that his baby girl was this bold.

~ Same evening .
The whole Maheshwari mansion was decorated for the party .Laksh was trying very hard to look like a bad boy with his cool hairstyle .Anu was all gorgeous in her black party wear .Swara was battling with her mind to choose a dress .that’s when she saw a parcel placed on the bed with a small paper telling….

“for my bold princess
from your Prince ”

Swara was smiling ear to ear .who wouldnt .
Her charming husband was surprising her or making her happy always .
she is unknowing falling for him ..very deeply .
she is his baby girl,princess,and what not .
For her he is her Prince ..

Vikas entered the party ,looking like a new model ..he came near Swara and side hugged her and greeted Sanskar too .
Laksh and Ragini were as usual fighting for some reason which only god knows.

Swara looked at them and smiled . They both fight so much but then it’s normal ,because they both are unknowingly in love with each other .sanksar looked at Swara and her smile and saw what made her smile .

“They are cute ,aren’t they ?” asked sanskar.
“Actually ,cute in love ” Swara said .They both laughed at it.It’s never a big issue they knew Laksh will make her happy and Ragini is more responsible than Laksh.
The correct match of opposites .
But no one noticed the love story that was blooming some where away .

#Raglak ….

“Why the hell will you always irritate me” Ragini asked completely irritated.
Laksh smiled at her.
“Because ,you are my lady and my lady will kill me if I flirt with other girls .what to do I am struck here .” He teased.
“Don’t call me your lady ” she said .
“So I can go flirt with any one I wish ” Laksh questioned .
“your wish ,why are you asking me ?” Ragini stated .
Laksh moved to see some girls,standing near the food court.
A girl smiled at him .
“Angel ,.did your legs hurt when you landed from heaven ” he flirted .

the girl was more than amused.Here Ragini was ready to burn her .how can he flirt with other girls just because she said so .she planned something .
she asked a waiter to give the girl a paper .it had ,
“Dear whoever it is,
run away as soon as you could .The one talking tO you is mentally retarded.He will call everyone Angel but then will bite you and run away ”

The girl’s eyes widened in shock .she looked at Laksh and moved away awkwardly .Laksh knew this would happen.He turned to see smirking Ragini .

” so baby, are u jealous ” Laksh asked .Ragini just turned but stood still as soon as Laksh held her wrist .He pulled her and then twirled her around to see her .

“No need to worry , I am all yours” Laksh whispered huskily near her ears .Ragini.was trying to control her blush and was seriously failing in it. They just laughed at each other ..

sanskar saw something and his eyes widened in shock ,
“what the hell, ” he ran towards his mother who was about to faint …everyone ran to her .He picked her up took her to the car .Laksh got in to drive and Swara sat with sanskar .she saw fear for something in his eyes …

somewhere ,,,
Someone threw the paper holding Swara and sanskar’s wedding picture .And smiled venomously ….

Let the game begin now ….


I know I never keep up my words. Ok no stupid reasons .I couldn’t do that guys .if you all really remember this story any more just comment .no more fake promises.

With love and fear .
Harani 🙂

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