Motherly love ~ a swasan ff chapter 10


Motherly love a swasan ff chapter 10
( one step ahead )

When you feel so happy and suddenly so gloomy of being happy it kills your heart with thousand times an extra force.

Swara has been through this turmoil of taking steps to tell him her past but end up being afraid of losing the new found love .

But she remained herself that it’s better her than some one else to say about her .

she doesn’t want her feelings to grow so deep that will pain like death .she was trying to avoid all these talks but end up thinking about Sanskar his eyes their love .

She is stressed so much emotionally .
It has been a week after their lake romance .Her deep water phobia has reduced but the nightmares has its effect on her .she is being woken up every night at some time .she had to try hard to slip away from the deathly grip of her husband .

He takes care of her like a little kid .she is feeling blessed but cursed because she doesn’t know what will be his reaction after knowing about her .

They are in their apartment in Mumbai .she sat in the balcony with her favourite pillow (not more than her snuggle bunny)
in her hands .

The bamboo swing had a cushion in it and the breeze was making her lids close slightly .she was trying hard to sit awake but it seems the fate has some other plans for her .

when Sanskar came home the maids have gone to their residence .He opened the main door with his spare key .The dinner has left been untouched .Swara …something flashed his eyes .He rushed to the room ,only to find it empty and then he went to her favourite balcony .

He was jealous of the pillow which she always hug ,poor guy didn’t know that pillow is just to hide the separation from his warm body .

There she was sitting with her pillow hugged to her body and sitting like a crushed paper in the swing .my princess ,Sanskar smiled .

He picked her up gently in his arms
He took her to the dining and made her sit on the chair .He made her drink milk as she was too asleep to eat .

He then made her sleep in the bed and slid beside her ,and held her warmly to his heart .she cuddled more into him .At midnight in between the serene atmosphere ,Sanskar heard whispers and sobs,once woke up he found

Swara shuddering in her sleep ,when he went near her she shouted at him to move away .she was shivering .Sanskar could only find that she is having a night mare.

“princess it’s me ,you are safe “he said in a soft tone.He passed his hands through her hair.
This night has made him little more responsible towards this delicate princess in his arms ,who acts as If she is happy but has buried oceans into her heart .he made sure he has her hand in his always ,protective and not restricting .

The next morning bloomed with squirping sound of little birds and the warmth of Sun through their French Windows .

she is still in hold of sleep with her hands around his torso and his hands encircled around her waist .

He woke up and looked at her serene form I. his arms .His lips curved into a smile a true one .
“my princess” he mumbled on her hairs which smelled of flowers.she is even one among the flower .He made way to the washroom got freshened and wore and black track pants and white v_ neck t shirt

.He went to their kitchen and made breakfast and coffee for two .He made nothing special,but her favourite pasta ,toast and a little sauce to it .He picked the tray up and went into the bedroom .

He could sense that she is already up by the sounds from the wash room .she came out with fresh look just like the new flower.She smiled at him and he returned it back .

“Eat this Swara ,we are going out soon “he said .she looked at the plate and then at him .she looked childish suddenly with that amusement playing in her eyes on looking at her favourite food.

she munched on the food and he sat there amused at the way his wife is behaving .she is nothing artificial now a complete true picture and this is what the exact opposite of him .He has been in the world filled with gossips ,paparazzi and always has to maintain that emotionless face in order to skip the gossips ,even a smirk or twitch will make you in the headlines .

He sighed deeply but there was no attention he could get .He was hungry too .He now felt the urge to live life just like a normal man at least for a day .

He made way to her and before she could put the spoonful of pasta in ,he caught her wrist and made the spoon to his mouth and he chewed the food .

she watched him with mouth wide open .
“Hey that’s not fair “she whined .
“yeah,you made a fair work of not even giving a bite of food to the one who made. “he complained .

she gave him a shy smile and pushed the plate to him.
“I don’t want to eat like this ” he said to her and made her take the plate, and spoon and made her feed him and he did the same .

Her cheeks which were pale are now decorated with a blink of red .blush .
He smiled at her ,a boyish,toe_curling one .
This was the day they started together .But not only this day a week passed like this ,with them being more friends than their own relation .

Swara could feel only love and warmth around her .she wanted to tell him everything that turned her life down.

But she was afraid what if life turns cold to her .
But his smiling face always makes her calm at times it makes her believe that he will be the same .

Swara woke up before him feeling congested of her own thoughts ,he was sleeping beside her and was so calm and peaceful .she just traced her fingers through his hair and gasped when she found what she did .she panicked of the embarrassment she would get when he is woke up by now .

But sighed and went down the bed only to stop in her mid track with her wrist held by him .
“what did you just do ?” he asked .
her heart raced at a terrible speed .she didn’t know what to say .

“um there was something on your forehead that went inside your hair and I was searching for it “she blabbered much to her dismay.His amused look made her face pale .she have already made herself an idiot .

“did you find that “his tone showed how much tease it held .

Swara wished to get herself engulfed by the earth for some good time.
“um …please don’t make it tough .I just …just did that unknowingly..But I am sor” he stopped her before she start her usual I am sorry for all this kind of lecture .

“Swara ,it’s ok Thats nothing wrong and moreover i wish that my morning dawn like that ” saying this he went to brush his teeth .
she just took a sharp intake of breath when he left .oh he is such a sweet heart .

He gasped in shock when he found her watching tom and Jerry .She gave him a cute smile and continued her work with her head and back supported on the head board on the bed and a pillow in her hand .blo*dy pillow .

The breakfast which was on the nightstand smelled wonderful with all that delicious noodles with chilli sauce .she made it .
Swara and sanskar had their breakfast sitting on the bed with the tom and Jerry .

Sanskar was sitting with his laptop and Swara was sitting fidgeting with her fingers .
May god bless her with the power of confessing it .

“sanksar ” Swara called him merely that Should be considered a whisper .

“hmmm” he hummed .

“Sanskar …I …umm…want to …s..say something “Swara said like she was practising the language .

sanksar still watching the screen asked her to speak .

“I ….”

Soon on the way ;

“What the hell ” Sanskar shouted ….He looked completely frustrated.


Harani ๐Ÿ™‚

Ok .I accept I am terrible in updating .but guys I had my models till last week and weekend was more tiring and now this leave was occupied by friends and tomorrow my sister is celebrating her birthday and we are preparing to celebrate it. So I am deeply apologising for the late updates and my stupid blabbers here ..I am sorry hope this is good to read ..

Comment your views dr ..and next update job fair promise drs…next has confession part so it may little more time because lately ,I am getting so many ideas for the episode and up mixing all those in one chapter ..pls forgive me ..
*puppy dog eyes *

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