Motherly love ~a swasan ff .chapter 1

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Sanskar’s pov,

Waking up from my lovely bed after a small sleep is the hardest thing I ever do in my life .as we were busy in the preparations needed to be done to sign a deal ,sleep was not a good thing to do at that time ..after completing the a night long work I slept only at 3 am but now I have to wake up at 7 as today is an important day for me. You think it’s my marriage ..naahhh that’s the last thing I would wish to do ..I am going to surprise the only girl I love in my life and the one who is my soul from her birth .
It’s her childhood dream to have a place like this and to work there now she has completed her graduation with good grades it’s my turn to make her happy .so we are going to see who the girl is .
After a long ,hot shower I made myself ready in a white shirt ,black pants and black waist coat.
‘You look s*xy man , yelled the most irritating creature god has ever created ..oh did I say who is that ,that is my brother Laksh ,the most irritating ,flirting and funny guy who would make everything a mess with his tongue ..God’s unique art .
I smacked his head and started moving .do you think he will stop his blabbering now ..only god knows how much difficult it is to live in this house .I am here only for the two I love the most in the world ..
My brother laksh and my anu.

Laksh is always a easy go guy and you can say my best pal .
‘ Hey you are not that much s*xy as me ..just looking good ok ‘ he said correcting his hair ..
I said right this idiot is one kinda creature who.will ask million dollar to shut his damn mouth .
We started to walk to the front door to be stopped by Mr and Mrs Maheshwari .
Yeah they are my parents but I wont address them such .why should I after the emotional turmoil I have gone through .
This is reason I hate living here .I don’t wand my day to.start with their faces ..I just moved aside and I know it would hurt them but if I stay there my tongue would hurt them much more .
Soon after the conversation Laksh came behind me .I know he too would have felt bad but I don’t pay attention bcz it’s me who got hurt than what they are getting now .
There was pain drop silence which was torn away by the scream of my anu .
‘Bhaiiii, where are we going ,tell me tell me ?..did I say she has got a microphone struck in her throat ..
Her voice can be heard around upto approximately , 2 kms..
‘Why the hell are you shouting like this rasagulla ?’ Laksh asked her removing the cotton he kept in his ears ..I just shut my ears because I know her capability to tear the ear drums ..
She just rolled her eyes at him and turned to me
‘We are going to buy rasagulla factory ,Laksh teased her for which she just made funny faces ..
It is one hell job to keep these two together .I pulled these into my audi and started my journey towards the secret place .
(But he doesn’t know what is destined for him there ..wait and watch )
@ the secret place .

When we were about to enter sister saw the name board and started to squeal like a baby in excitement ..while concentrating on her banter I forgot to see the road and my car hitted something and only with a scream of a girl we came out .
These two creatures pushed me front to handle the situation .I saw a girl who was lying down and trying to get up .I helped her where as laksh helped to take the vehicle up .as soon as she stood up …she looked at me with a deadly glare .
The next moment she started to argue with me .
Laksh and anu were suppressing their laughter .blo*dy monkey .
‘Man do you have eyes or those two are behind your head ?’ She was fighting with me
God that’s so funny she was acting like a baby.
She left us to survive only when we asked sorry to her .
Will my day be worst than this ? Anu it’s only because her .
With this good situation we entered the Ngo .yeah that’s what my sister loved and this place has a Ngo and orphanage.

With love and hugs

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