no more introductions….directly moving to our one shot

swara is seeing going to her college…

on the way she finds many goons fighting each other….

some of them were protecting small child[about 6 year old]

bt no one can protect anyone for more time…

a man was about to stab the child when swara throws a stone on him and runs to the child and takes him….

the child hugs her tightly as if he was longing for a protective arms….

another man tries to take the child when swara pushes him in that way she gets a cut on her wrist…

everyone hears a jeep sound and starts to run here and there

swara turns and finds a man getting down of jeep….

he runs to swara….

man:[caring]chotte are u okk

chotte was still hugging swara so tightly…

swara[angrily]who are you

man gets shocked hearing her

man:[with same anger]he is my son

now swara’s anger reached peak

swara[shouting]what kind of a father u are..hey….are u not capable of protecting ur son…what if something happened to him….and listen mr..whoever you are..just remember one thing,a loving mother and a protective father cant never ever be replaced with 1000 of bodyguards….if u cant protect him,they why the hell u are taking him out….

all are stunned to hear this….

chotte looks at swara with all love….

man:im so sorry

bodyguards are stunned to hear this….they very well know that their boss dont have any mercy towards anyone…and first time they saw him apologising to someone…

swara gives chotte to man…

swara was about to leave

man:one minute…

swara turns…

man:ur hand..

swara looks at her hand and find its bleeding

man:come..we will go to dr okk…i need to reach my college asap..its getting late

swara starts to walk,bt one second later she finds that she is on air….she gets shocked and finds the man lifting her…he makes her sit in the jeep

man:i dont like anyone saying no to me…so chup chab beto….

he gets inside the jeep…

chotte comes and sits on swara’s lap…

chotte:aap ke naam kya he

swara smiles


chotte:is that because ur sound is very good….who put this name for u…maa ya papa

swara:nahi….my dida put this name…


swara:because my maa baba are there with god…

man is shocked….

he looks at her eyes,which is having a hidden pain….

chotte:y god is taking them when we need them

swara:so simple…god will take them,and will return us something more precious than before…god take my maa baa bt return me dida….

chotte smiles….

man puts the break


swara puts her hand over chotte head….

as she kept her hand he didnt get hurt….

swara:what the hell


swara turns and finds hospital

trio moves inside

all are shocked to see the man

dr:bhai aap

man:do her dressings….and haa….just lady drs

dr nodes…

after sometime swara comes our with bandage on her hand…

man drops her to college

chotte:will we meet again

swara kisses his cheeks

swara:ofcourse..we will surely meet…

she was about to leave when chotte holds her hand and kisses it….

swara is surprised….

she moves out…

man looks at her through the corner of his eyes and drives off the jeep

she looks towards the entrance where all stundents are shocked and opened their mouth

swara:kyaa hua…

kavitha:who was that

swara:i just helped his he dropped me here..thats it

kavitha:do u knw him

swara:how can i know him yaar….come its getting late…

she starts to walk

kavitha:shonu…u have taken appointment with a great don…ohh god..whats all these….

kavya:who was that

kavitha:sanskar..sanskar maheswary..


swara hears her scream

swara:what the hell…will u both come…

kavya:dont say this to shona

kavitha:u are ryt..let this chapter closed here itself…

trio starts to walk…..

after some days….

indian coffee house

swara is having cold coffee….

once she finished that she was about to move when she collide with a boy….

swara hold him in a nick of time…bt is surprised to see him..


chotte opened his eyes and finds swara standing…his face glow 1000 walt…..

he was so happy that,he hugged swara so tightly….

that time security comes

security:u were the one naa,who saved chotte

swara:i didnt saved anyone

security:no was u only

swara:then y the hell u are asking

security:wo..wo..kuch nai madom..chotte come..we will leave..

chotte:i need to stay with her…plz

security:if ur papa gets to knw,he will kill us…

chotte:i will talk to papa…..

security doesnt allow…

chotte starts to weep…

swara gets a call

swara:i will there in 5 min…

swara:bye chotte..see u next time

she hurridly goes

chotte was crying….

sanskar sees this through camera fitted on security button…

suddenly swara comes back

swara:do u want to spent time with me[she said with panting]

chotte nodes happily

swara:[she takes a deep breath]then ask ur papa to sent u with me for a day..and haa if he is sending,ask him not to give any extra pieces…just you only…

saying swara goes…

sanskar smiles

sanskar call someone

sanskar:get all the information about her….from birth to today….each and every thing…..i need it by 2 hours

he cuts the call

swara reaches a musical school

a man comes there



man:you just have 2 months beta…in that,how will u earn 5 lakh…

swara:dont worry kaka…2 months means i have 60 days…thats enough for me…..i will surely take it back….

a man is hearing all this…

swara leaves from there

man comes out



man:you just have 2 months beta…in that,how will u earn 5 lakh…

swara:dont worry kaka…2 months means i have 60 days…thats enough for me…..i will surely take it back….

a man is hearing all this…

swara leaves from there

man comes out

man:who is she..and how is she related to this musical school


man:i just inquired

kaka:this was her mother’s…and as a daughtrt its her duty to take it back..thats it

man gives a call to sanskar and said about it….

at office

man:her name is swara…swara gadodia,final year llb,currently staying in hostel,studies with scolarship,and is topper too….she lost her parents at early age and was raised by dida…dida is now in her village…kavitha and kavya are swara’s roomates cum best friends….she like to do charity and her dream is to start a charitable trust on her mom’s name…for that she needs musical school which was once her mom’s….she is more attached to musical school since it gives her memmory of her maa baa…her mom and dad were once student over there,they first meet from here,fallen in love and even married from there….after giving birth,they died due to fire accident from this same school….

sanskar:so her only wekness is this school

man:yes sir

sanskar:thanks for ur information….u can take a leave foe 1 week

the man was stunned….

sanskar never said thanks nor give any extra bonus or leave….

man comes out

man:bhai in love…hope that girl can change bhai completly….

he leaves from there….

at college

dean calls swara

dean:swara..u need to go to karma as a trainee legal advisor

swara:kk sir

dean:just 2 months….

swara:its okk sir…not a big deal

dean:only few student get this luck

swara:dont worry sir…

dean:god bless u

swara leaves…

swara says this news to kavitha and kavya….


kavitha:which company


kav-ya are shocked

kavya:what??ka..karmaa….matlab sa..san…sanskar bhai

kavitha:ohh shit maa

swara:what the hell is happening

kavya:the one who dropped u here,whose son u have saved..he is none othr than sanskar maheswary…the don of this place

swara is stunned to hear it…

she falls down


kavya holds her

swara:what have i done

kavitha:nothing to worry yaar….u have not done anything to him naa


kavya:did u rise ur finger towards him

swara nodes no and recalls pointing finger

kavitha:have u shouted at him

swara nodes no and recalls same…

swara:bt y are asking

kavya:he hates anyone rising question and pointing towards him…thats it….

she bites her lips….

kavya:now what

swara:[determined]whatever…im going there for a job..not to see him daily..and u all knw i hate don…..let he go to hell.i need to reach karma

she walks towards her hostel….

she falls down and her head hits the bleeds..

swara:what a starting yaar….

she recalls her dida words

dida:if u see blood while moving to somewhere,means u are going to get some thing precious in ur life,who can even give his life for u

swara:come on u want me to believe in this

swara goes

swara comes out of her flash

swara:poor dida….just being in her century only…this is 21st century,no one have time for their loved once too then naa…someone to give their life….

she jerks her thoughts and starts to move….

she goes to her room and changes her dress….

at karma

swara enters inside

swara:im coming from law college…actually i got here as a trainee

manager:ha beta..come…

on the way

manager:bhai is on leave today….so he can only sign tomorrow is holiday beta better u go to his house….maheswary house

swara:its kk…why are u calling him bhai…he is much younger than u..or maybe ur son age

manager:he like to be called as bhai..nothing else

swara:respect should be given not to take forcfully

swara leaves from there

manager:if bhai gets to knw this,he will finish this child….

at maheswary house

chotte is pleading to sanskar

chotte:plz papa…just one day…i need to be with her….

ap:sanskar..let him enjoy at least a day

sujatha:haa chore..till when he will be like a caged bird

sanskar:enough….what about that girl..she needs to prepare for between how can she give her one day

ap and su are shocked,sanskar taking a girl side

chotte:she herself told naa…then what

sanskar:she is busy

chotte:u r telling lie…tommorrow is a holiday for office and college naa… no disturbance


chotte:i hate u…

saying he runs inside the room

sujatha:dont be so admant in it…

ap:take him to her

sanskar agrees….

he goes upstairs when swara enters


swara:namaste aunty…actually i need sanskar maheswary’s sign

sujatha:call me bhai beta…else


ap takes the paper and goes

sujatha:he doent like any lady coming here…office works should be in office only

swara:sorry aunty

sujatha:its ok beta…

ap comes down with paper

ap:thank god he didnt ask anything…

swara takes the paper and leaves…

swara:what kind of a person he is….i just hate this all…

next day in hostel…..

swara is sleeping peacefully..hugging a teddy bear

kavitha is in bathroom and kavya is arranging dress

suddenly someone opened the door with a jerk

kavya:who the blo*dy[he sees him]bh..bha..bhai….

ofcourse the man was sanskar

sanskar looks at swara is sleeping peacefully…

sanskar signs to kavya

kavya[pating her shoulder]shonu….shonu

swara pushes kavya and kavya falls near swara

swara[sleepy mood]dont disturb…she hugs kavy

kavya frees herself

kavitha comes out and is shocked to see sanskar

kavya and kavitha shook swara

swara gets up

swara:why the hell u are disturbing….

kavya points towards sanskar

swara:what the[she turns and finds sanskar]

she is stunned to see him….

swara:tum yaha….this is a ladies hostel…how can u come inside..[she lloks at kavitha who was in bathrob]and kavitha,dont u have any sense….go inside

that time kavitha looks at herself and understand her position….

she runs inside bathroom

sanskar:i dint come to make a scene…i need a day…with you


sanskar:relax…not for me….soorj

sooraj comes with chotte…who was sleeping

sanskar:now he is your responsibility….no one will follow u

sooraj makes him on the bed…

sanskar moves out….before exit he turns and looks at swara who was sitting aimlessly

he smiles and goes….

kavitha comes
kavitha:whats all this shona

swara:even i dont knw yaar…..

chotte gets up and finds different place and he start to cry



hearing her sound chotte turns and finds her

he smiles and hugs her….

kavya:how can such innocent child be there for that man

kavitha:maybe his mother was too innocent…

kavya:chotte….tumhare maa kahahe??

chotte:dadi said that she is with god….bt i knw its a lie

kavitha:seems like that lady must have died with the hands of bhai’s enemy…

swara:enough yaar

kavya:whats ur plan today…


swara:first temple….then[looks at chotte]masti with my child …hey naa

both gives hifi

kaviya smiles seeing their bond..

soon both leads to temple….

in temple

pandit:shonu..who is this

swara:mere bachchaa

pandit:u have come on a special is the day when mata got back his son karthikeya….

swara:even i got him today

chotte was hearing it carefully

pandit:u do tilak for him

swara did the same…

chotte bends down and touches her feet

swara is shocked

swara:what are u doing chotte

chotte:taking blessing from mata…bless me

swara unknowingly kept her hand over chotte head

chotte hugs her….

swara smiles…

she holds his hand and walked….

swara:where will we go


swara:bt it is quit far naa….yes we will go there last…so that we ask papa to take us….

chotte:papa doesnt have time for me…thats why naa he is senting me with black man

swara:black man??

chotte:who is with me every time

swara smiles loudly

chotte:keep smiling always

swara:when my child is here why should i worry….

both moves….

they go to beach,park,have pani puri ice creams in stall…at last fair…

both reaches giant wheel….

chotte:im scared

swara:mein hoon naa

both enters and ofcourse they enjoyed a lot….both gets down…

swara and chotte was blocked by some men….

man1:where are u going

swara:who are u

man2:give him

swara:naa toh

man1 pushes her and takes chotte


swara takes a wooden stick and beat the man…

man falls down with blood oozing

swara takes chotte…

others were about to hold swara when someone stopped them

they turn and finds sanskar

sanskar:u both go and sit

both leaves

after 15 min…

sanskar comes to jeep and finds swara and chotte sleeping…chotte was hugging her tighting….and sleeping on her chest…

swara’s hair falling on her face

he slowly tug it behind….

careses her face…and looks at her….

then he moves to driving seat…

they reaches maheswary house

swara gets up when he pulled the break….


sanskar:its already late….i have informed ur hostel too…stay here…tomorrow i will drop u to hostel….

swara:bt i need to reach office

sanskar:bt u are studing naa

swara:wo..trainee legal advisor…

sanskar:so what…no problem if u are lare by some time…

swara:are u sure

sanskar:sanskar maheswary have just one word…and i will do that

swara:lets see tomorrow…

sanskar is confused…

by the time ap and sujatha comes,this is swara…and is going to stay here

ap[exitedly]whole life

swara opened her mouth in shock


swara seeing the situation smiles whole heartedly..where as sanskar is memerised seeing her

swara looks at everyone and stops..

she takes chotte and moves inside….

swara:which is his room

the man shows her sanskar’s room….

she goes inside and makes chotte sleep on bed..covers him with blanket….

she was about to leave when chotte holds her hand…

she kisses his forehead and sleeps in that position…

sanskar comes inside and finds swara and chotte sleeping…

he makes swara sleep properly and dosed off other side of bed…

next morning

ap and sujatha comes to call sanskar where they are shocked to see the scene..

swasan where sleeping hugging chotte…where both their hands were together….

ap:i hope this comes true…

it was like a perfect family….

both leaves from there…

sanskar was first one to get up..

he looks at swara with all love

swara gets up when her phone rings….

sanskar closes his eyes


hearing that sanskar closed his fist

swara:haa….today by 4 naa…i will be there in college…dont worry yaar….

she goes to fresh up and comes…

meanwhile sanskar

sanskar:get all her call list and find out about sahil

he goes out…

swara goes to downstairs..

sujatha:come…have tea

swara smiles and have her tea….

that time chotte comes there…

both are having tea in the same manner which shocks sujatha nd ap….

sanskar:come we will leave….

chotte smile fades away…

swara notices this

swara:we will meet yaar…so smile

chotte smiles and kisses her cheeks….

swasan left…

sanskar comes in bullet

swara was shocked


sanskar:u didnt travel in it?

swara:it doesnt mean that

sanskar:get in….

swara gets on bullet….

as they move all are stunned and shocked to see a girl behind him….

they reaches hostel….

swara:dont forget your words…

sanskar is confused

swara:today,my first day in office…

sanskar:haa i remember

swara goes inside….

at karma

sanskar is shouting

sanskar:what??where is she….she doesnt even have responsibility….today is her first day naa….terminate her..i hate the people who are late…

then what about your words mr sanskar maheswary??

all turns and finds swara there

sanskar is shocked


manager:sir this our new trainee…swara

sanskar smiles

all are shocked to see him smiling

sanskar:why dont u tell this yesterday

swara:its your mistake only…i have already get sign from u that day..i thought u might have seen my photo

sanskar:i just did sign when maa brings the paper

swara:[mockingly]be careful…read first then only put sign

sanskar tell manager to show cabin

both leaves where as sanskar was very happy….

manager:do u knw him before



swara:just a week before

manager:he seems good at you

swara:at me??

manager:he is monster at rest

swara smiles…

swara:every monster have a good heart kaka….we need to find that and bring it out…thats it….

they reaches inside

swara looks everywhere

swara:itni badee cabin

manager:welcome to karma


manager left….

swara calls dida


dida:how are u beta….

swara:fine dida….

dida:when will u come here…

swara:dont knw dida

dida:how is ur office

swara:first day naa…let me look

dida:dont forget about ganesh utsav

swara:i remember it

dida:u have turned 22,now its ur duty to give peace to shekar and sumi soul

swara:i knw that dida…..dont worry..this time i will give peace..

dida:take care


swara cuts the call….

swara gets a bundle of files

swara:what the hell

swara goes through the files….

swara:waa shonu….u have got best job…seems like u need to support them for all illegal activities….kamal he

she fumes….

sanskar smiles seeing her antics and words through cctv….

at evening….

swara:its 3:30…sahil??

she goes

sanskar calls someone

sanskar:did u get sahil’s info

op:bhai…wo swara madom ki fiance hey

sanskar is shocked

op:haa sir….

sanskar follows swara without her knowledge

at college


sahil:do u love me

sanskar was also listening to this

swara:if i said yes,it will be a lie…and u very well know i dont lie

sanskar gets happy

sahil:thank god shonu

swara is surprised

sahil:i met a girl be frank i fallen in love with her..i said to she isworried for u…u are my best friend naa….bt maa misunderstood that we are in love and thats y they fixed our engagement

swara:i knw it sahil…and im happy for u….dont worry about maya maaa…i will inform her

sahil hugs her

sahil:thanks a lot….u r best

swara:enough enough….

sahil leaves…

swara happily dances…sanskar is surprised

swara:thanku bagwan…i was trying hard to stop this engagement…and u did it…

swara leaves from there

sanskar too gets happy….

swara in hostel

kavya:how was ur first day

swara keeps silent

kavitha:kya hua

swara:how can i work there??

kavya:what happened suddenly

swara:by knowing they are doing illegal things,how can i support them….

kavitha:bt what can we do yaar…they are having such hold…if we try to do something wrong,they bhai will destroy us completly..he doesnt even have any mercy

kavya:enough yaar…lets discuss about something else

kavitha:how is ur child

swara smiles

swara:dont knw seeing him,i feel like i knw him…i wish to see him every time….laktha he ki mere aur chotte ke saath koi rishta he

kavya:maybe in ur last birth,u must be his mother

swara smiles

swara:i loved it

kavitha:when i saw u both naa,i felt same….u both are carbon copy….the way he talks,his actions..everything resembles u…..

at mm

ap:sujatha..did u see,chotte and swara..both resembling a lot naa…the way they talk

sujatha:haa jiji…even the way,they are having tea…

ap:even sanskar too have a feeling towards her

sujatha:jiji..i think,after her arrival sanskar changed like this….if he get married to swara,we will get a daughter,swara will be mother to chotte….chotte will call her maa

chotte comes hears this….

chotte:means,what i thought was correct….now i will not leave ur hand……

at night

chotte silently goes to sanskar room…and opens the cupboard..checks some paper and leaves…

once he leave sanskar opens his eyes…
he checks the paper…and finds its of swara’s biodata….

chotte goes to uttara room

uttara gets up from sleep

uttara:kya hua chotte

chotte:maasi….pls draw a picture for me

uttara:this time….u should go to school tomorrow naa

chotte:plz plz

uttara:what to draw

chotte:i will say

uttara takes out canvace

chotte starts describe about a women…

chotte:show me

uttara shows

chotte smiles and hugs her

he leaves with it

uttara again dozed off

sanskar goes to chotte room and finds him sleeping with that photo…he takes that and is stunned to see swara’s picture…and in side its return as “i love u maa”

sanskar:he consider swara as maa….ohh my god….if he calls her maa,they surely sherni[lioness]will react….

bt he smiles seeing that


sujatha who comes to drink water hears this smiles….

next day

swara is in college


swara:there is a business party tonight and for that its a holiday….

swara gets a call


op:mrs maheswary??

swara:excuse me

op:im trisha,class teacher of shourya


trisha:tumhare chotte


trisha:come to school by 10

swara:excuse me??why should i come??his papa is there naa…ask him to come

trisha:we know u might be busy,bt its of ur child’s future…plz come not his

trisha:[interepted]there will be issues between u and mr maheswary,bt it should not effect plz mrs maheswary….come to school and its final

she cuts the call

swara gets angry

swara:what the hell

she throws the phone,kavya hold it in nick of time

swara:let me see that don….

she goes to maheswary

kavya and kavitha try to stop her bt fails

swara reaches maheswary

swara sees sanskar sitting on sofa

swara:[shouting]what the hell mr

sanskar is stunned

swara:who the hell are u to say im mother of shourya….and y the hell his teachers are calling me….calling me mrs maheswary…answer me damn it…..

hearing her shouting ap and su comes

sanskar:[calmly]i dont knw anything about it…and yesterday chotte comes and checkes the paper that have ur details…and trust me i didnt do anything….we will sort out

it was a shock to ap and su….if anyone else was in her place,sanskar would have shoot him

swara was about to speak when she gets call

she cuts that

swara:let me see ur son

she goes out

sanskar:ohh god…chotte,what have u done

ap:stop swara..else she will break all ties with chotte

sanskar follows her….

at school

swara:excuse me…trisha
trisha:hello mrs maheswary…

swara gets angry listening it

swara:call me swara

trisha:i knw u have problems with mr maheswary

swara:look teacher,i dont want to mess up the things…can tell me where is shourya

[in mind]let me show him…what he thinks….how can he call me maa…

trisha comes


swara gets angry and turns

swara:who the [she looks at chotte whose head is being tied with bandage]

her angryness goes away

swara rushes to chotte and caresses his head

swara[caring]chotte…kya hua….and how this happened…tum teek toh he naa

chotte [wipes her tears]:fall from class

chotte:keep smiling always

trisha:u love ur son this much,they y dont u take care of him?

swara:excuse me

trisha:now he is backward in studies,more over always irritate other children…

she goes on scolding chotte

swara[shoting]enongh…who the hell are u to blame my child…what are u thinking,every children should have same iq..he is just 6 years old…and at this age,children will do such things….its part of their age….

trisha gets scared seeing her

trisha:wo mrs maheswary..i mean swara..actually

swara shows her hand to stop

swara:listen,he is my child and i have full trust on him…so plz…dont call me here again to say this silly things….

trisha leavesswara looks angrily at chotte

chotte[scared]im sorry….bt i will not break ur trust

swara smiles seeing him…

chotte:u smiled..means u dont have any problem with me

swara:who said…u didnt even said ur name is shourya naa

chotte holds his ears..

swara:its okk..

chotte hugs her

sanskar sees this all and smiles….

swara bids bye to him and leaves….

a boy comes to chotte

boy:u r very lucky to have her as ur maa….so in place of ur maa,if it was my mom naa…she will surely scold me and may beat mee too infront of teacher…bt see she stood with you naa….u r really lucky to have her as ur mother

chotte smiles….

at hostel

swara is throwing things here and there

swara:why the hell,i cant scold him…i went to scold him for calling me maa…bt after seeing him,i totally forget it….

kavya:we said naa…u both are bond to be with each other…u love him as if he is ur own son….

someone knocks the door

kavitha opened it…

a courier for swara gadodia

kavitha takes that…..

kavya and kavitha opens it….

kavitha reads a note

kavitha:business party invitation to swara kavya kavitha

kavya finds 3 dresses too

kavya:wow….shonu see

swara looks confused…

kavitha:karma have invited us to0….

swara:u both go…im not interested…

kavya:u dont want to see chotte too

swara:party must be in office naa

kavitha:no..its in maheswary house….

swara just nodes

trio gets ready….

swara was in a blue gown with golden borders,kavya in white and kavitha in black….

kavya:u hate blue color naa heart says to put this


trio leaves from there…

at maheswary house….

all busy gossiping….shourya is seated alone….sanskar is talking with business partner….

as soon as swara steps out…

shourya feels her presence



shourya smiles

shourya:mere maa aagaya

shourya runs…

he stumble and was about to fall wheh swara hold him..

sanskar is stunned to see her as well as memerised to see her….

ap:how can chotte correctly guess

sujatha:its their heart connection….

swara:dont run like this…


uttara:maa see,bhai chotte aur swara didi are in same outfit…looks like a family…all in blue

kavya:kavi…see trio are in blue….i guess there is some connection between trio….

kavitha:haa kavya…whenever chotte is in any problem,how can shonu reaches there in correct time…and the way they behave….

kavya:i think we need to find more about this…bt who will help us

i will

both turns and finds uttara uttara,wo mere bhai hai….even i have same why cant we join

trio holds each others hand and smiles….

swara was going to wash room when someone drags here

she opens her eyes and finds sanskar standing infront of her


sanskar gets angry and pins her to wall

sanskar:dont dare call me bhai…till yesterday u called me mr maheswary..what happened suddenly??

swara:its my wish

she pushes him and moves

he again pulls her and she fall over his chest…

he hugs her tightly

swara is shocked

swara:leave me..

swara pushes him and slaps him

swara:what the hell are u doing??

sanskar held her by hair…

she screams in pain…

sanskar holds her mouth…


swara:u r hurting me…

sanskar looses the grip

swara:leave me….

sanskar:how can i leave u…when i love u

swara is stunned


sanskar:i love u damn it….not from today or yesterday but from the first day i saw u….

swara pushes him and runs out….

she goes to washroom and cries recalling his words….she washes her face and comes out….

swara:kavya…im not feeling well….im going

kavitha:we wil also come

swara:no no..u both stay here…

swara goes biding bye to chotte…

sanskar sees her going and gets angry….

she reaches her hostel

and calls dida…

swara:dida…im coming today okk

dida is very happy…

she packs her dress….

and moves out…..

she messages kavya about going to village

kavitha:what happened suddenly

next day

swara is sleeping peacefully in the embrace of dida…

dida gets up and goes…

swara’s sleep get disturbed by phone call


op:open the door

swara gets up with a jerk


sanskar:i loved to hear my name from you…

swara:why the hell you are here….

sanskar:[dare tone]open the door …

swara:naa toh

sanskar smiles

sanskar:ur dida is in kitchen naa…what if gas is leaked

swara is shocked


swara rushes and opens the door…

sanskar gets inside and pushes swara on bed…bolt the door…

swara gets up

sanskar:how dare u to leave me and chotte

swara:its my life…and i have already submitted my resignation….

sanskar pins her to bed cot

sanskar:do u think,i will accept that…

swara:what the hell u want


swara turns her face

sanskar:why u turned your face….you should always see mee…

swara:just move away…

sanskar:i love this stuborn

swara pushes him…..

swara:so u said that u love me??


swara:u want me to love you….

sanskar:u will love me

swara:never…i will never ever love you…u knw why,because i hate you….

sanskar gets angry hearing this…

he pulls her and kisses on her lips….

swara is stunned….

sanskar:till today,i said with peace…not any more….either by hook or going to get you…..i will mark u as mine……… a daughter of my mom and maa…mother to my chotte

he pushes her and leaves…

dida comes with tea

dida:shonu what happened to ur lips

swara:a virus attacked


swara:nothing dida….come we will move to temple…

swara did shraad of her parents……

back in her hostel

kavya:u reached

swara:just went to do shraad

kavitha:need to go to karma naa

swara who was drinking water split out

kavya pats her back
kavitha:kya hua

swara describes about all the incidents

kavya:he is too dangerous…take care shonu

kavitha:dont go infront of him

swara:if i do saw,he will come infront of me

kavya:u neeed to be there…dont run away like a coward..face him….

kavitha:he will not do anything bad

swara:who said

kavitha:his love is true

swara looks angrily at kavitha

kavitha:what is said is correct…if he think,he can do anything to one will question still he is maintaining peace….

kavya:even i think same

swara:enough…..lets stop it here..thats better

next day

swara in karma….

sanskar calls her to cabin

swara:may i come in


swara stands

sanskar:take u seat

swara seats there

sanskar is staring at swara

swara was now fed up of this

swara gets up from there

swara:what the


swara controls her anger

sanskar:sit down

she silently sits there

sanskar stands up…

sanskar:from today onwards u r staying in mm

swara is shocked

sanskar:i have already asked kavya and kavi to pack all ur belongings….
swara was about to get up

sanskar makes her sit again

sanskar:dont dare to say no….dont think much…just for some business deals….till that stay with me in mm

swara keeps silent

sanskar:i think u understand what i said….

swara gets up with a jerk….

and moves out..

as swara was moving sanskar pulls her…

all sees this and is shocked

swara:leave me

sanskar:i hold ur hand not to leave u….

swara:this is a office

sanskar:so what….this is my office….

swara:why the

sanskar[interepted]hell u are doing this??hey naa….then listen,i already said mein tumse pyaar karthi hoon

all are stunned

swara:and i have already replied that i dont love u

sanskar:u have still time….now be a good girl and move to mm


sanskar:dont make me do anything wrong…

swara thinks something

swara:i will come,bt im a bengali..and i love to have non veg….bt u all are marvadi naa…then how is this possible

sanskar looks at her with angry eyes….

swara smirks

swara:what to do sir…

sanskar:i will decide later,bt now u are coming with me…

he drags swara and moves to mm

at mm

swara reaches there

ap and su comes there


swara looks angrily at ap

swara:have u not teach ur son manners,how to behave with girls??

sanskar:thats why u r here alive…
swara:its better to die

that time chotte comes there


swara turns

she is happy to see him….

swara:im not ur maa,,,understand

shourya:no no dont lie..u r my maa

swara:listen…im not

shourya:that day u said naa..maa will always love and care ur child….


shourya:dont u love me…

swara:i love u bt

shourya:teacher said naa,maa will alwys protect her child,feed them food,make them sleep,sing song for them,stand by their child

swara:thats all true

shourya:then u are my maa….

all are shocked

shourya:u always protectedme naa,u feed me food..make me sleep on ur lap,sing lori for me,scolded my teacher…why??if u dont have any relation,why u did all these….

all are stunned to here these question..

swara is totally numb

shourya hugs swara tightly

shourya[weeping]u r my maa naa…..whey didnt u come early..i love u maa….dont leave me…..

swara’s hand travels around shourya and hugs him….with her knowledge

all are happy


swara looks at him

shourya:u r best mother…even teacher said that…….

swara just nodes….

ap:chotte…take her inside

shourya holds her hand and moves inside….

swara walks inside like a lifeless body…..

only shourya’s questions were running on her mind……

precap:mrs swara sanskar maheswary and shourya sanskar maheswary on air…

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