MOTHER is the most beautiful lady who has born the maximum pain to let you come in this world. She is the only who will love you throughout her life without expecting anything in return. She will be the first to know ur pain thro ur eyes and the first to always stand by ur side. She would never regret loving you nor will she ever let the world pull you down. She is an embodiment of all the goddesses who are the strength of everyone around. Don’t forget frnds ur mother is the one who sacrifices her everything for her children’s well being expecting only ur happiness in return. She is always first in doing things which make her child happy and joyous along with protecting you from all evils and odds. A mother is one who expects nothing but gives her everything to her children without a second thought. Frnds it’s surely not easy to be a mother so please don’t forget to wish ur mother who has been by ur side from the very beginning of ur life as a pillar of support and who will remain the same.Make it a spl day for ur mother if u can… She makes our b’day a spl one.

Love ur mom’s till the end and never let them alone in pain or grief. ? She wouldn’t mind leaving ur world and is always there to make ur world colourful. She takes away the darkness and gives all the light u require for leading a life with absolute positivity and nothing else. She is ur teacher, ur friend, ur sister, ur mentor, ur guide and what not I donno. Maybe we will realise her importance and role when she is no more but let’s tell them they are important when they are still with us. Don’t Forget to wish ur mother frnds. Writing for the first time. Hope you like it. Please comment if u can. Will come up with an os about the relation of a mother and daughter. Take Care.. See you soon…..

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  2. Great thought’s and ur true we should realise their importance in our life when she’s with us

  3. Very beautiful article akshara…Happy Mothers day to all moms…love you loads 🙂

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