Hi friends I am again back with the second part of ‘my mother’. If anyone wants to read the first part. please click the link. Part 1

After we two finishes our hugging. I tell my father that, “one promise you have to keep.” My father asks “what Anya?” I tell to him that you will not help me when I will decorate the house. My father nodded his head and tells “okay”. I then leave my room and go to Rahim uncle’s shop. Rahim uncle is our known uncle who sells many decorative items. So I regard Rahim uncle’s shop as a best shop. So, I quickly reach to Rahim uncle’s shop and buy many balloons, chocolates, colored papers etc. I paid the money and come back to the home.
When I reached home I find my mother is not there. I ask my father “papa where is mom?” My father replies “I sent her outside so that you can do your work safely.” I tell to father “off…thank you so much papa.” My father notices something in my hand and asks me, “What is in your hand?” I reply, “This is all decorative things.” My father again asks me, “From where you have brought?” I then tell him that I have brought this thing from Rahim uncle’s shop. I show him all the decorative items. After he sees all items, my father tells to me that to finish my work. He then leave from verandah and went into his room.

I also start to do my work. First I see the verandah and then I fill up the balloons with air and decorate the verandah with balloons. I then take those colored papers, cut into many shapes and decorate verandah with those papers. At last I paste ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM’ which was written on printed page. After I finishes my decorations. I then go to the kitchen and quickly make the cake. It takes almost evening to complete my decorations.

After sometime my father comes downstairs and sees the decorations. He becomes very surprised as he sees my decorations. He then go in front of me and tell, “WOW, what a nice decoration you have made!” I happily smile and tells “thank you so much papa.” He again turns towards me and tells, “Hurry up, your mom called me and told me that she is coming and where is the cake?” I reply “it is on the table papa. Go and see.” My papa turns towards the table and go to see the cake and tell that I have made a very nice cake.
“Ding! Dong!” the door bell rings. My father again turns his face towards me and tells me, “Anya go first and switch off the lights.” I tells to my father “okay papa.” I then quickly go upstairs and switch off the lights and stand there. I can hardly hear the footsteps of my mom and the opening of the door. Suddenly a voice come from the dark, I recognize that it’s my father’s voice who is telling me “Anya beta switch on the lights.” I again switch on the light and goes down stairs singing “happy birth day to you…” My father also sings.
My mother tells us, “Who did these decorations?” My father reply, “your daughter Anya.” The moment she hears my name, she tells to my father, “Tell her that I will not celebrate.” I then goes towards her and ask, “why mom?” My mom reply, “I am not ready to give the answer, it’s my wish.”

We both two become shocked. I then notice that that my mother is not looking to me. I then folds my hand and gets down on her feet and tells her, “please mom don’t do this. Look to me once.” But my mother still not turns her face towards me. She then tells to my father, “tell your daughter not show sympathy towards me as I am not ready to forgive her.” My father also folds his hand and tells her, “please don’t do this forgive her. How many days you will keep away from your daughter?”

My mother shouts towards us and tell, “Why ask your daughter why she left home without telling us? When she left didn’t ever she thought at that moment how much my mother will get pain. Now see today she is getting pain. What you people thought that doing these things, I will accept Anya as my daughter. Tell your daughter that I am not ready to celebrate.” Now I hold her legs telling repeatedly “please mom forgive me I will not do such wrongs things in my life again.” But she without giving any reply pushes me and goes to her room. I then burst into tears.

My father sits beside me and keeps his hand. He tells to me, “Don’t cry Anya your mother will come and will celebrate her birthday. I am promising.” After some time we hears a footstep. We both turn our face and see that mom is coming with her angry face. We both stand up and she also stand in front of us. My father angrily looks towards her and tells, “What happened? Now you came here to kick us out of this house?”

My mother continuously looks towards us. Suddenly she starts to smile and turns towards me “okay no need to forgive me. I am forgiving you. From today no argument, no complain only peace and happy.” I happily smile and tell her, “After so many days I see my mother is smiling and this family again converts into a happy family.” My mother tells to me, “but Anya you have to promise me that you will never such wrong things again which you did before one month.” I keeping my hand on my mother’s hand reply, “okay mom, I will not do such kind of work again. You are my mom. I will always try to make you happy.”

We all three unite and tightly hug each other. After we all finish our hugging, I ask my mom, “Accha, mom how I made the decoration.” My mom replies “very nice. Okay now let’s go and cut the cake as I am feeling hungry.” My mother then moves towards the table. I also about to move suddenly my father hold my hand and whispers in my ear, “see I told you that your mother will come that thing happen.” My mother from the table tells, “What you two are whispering? Come quickly.” My father tells, “Coming.” We two both go towards the table. My mother cuts the cake. We two are also singing “happy birthday to you.” She then feed the cake to us. We two also feed her. After we both finishes our celebration. We both three at the end take selfie.
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