‘Ring! Ring!’ my alarm clock rings. I angrily stop the alarm clock and get up from my bed, still drowsing. I go in front of the calendar hanging on the opposite wall and see that today is First October.
‘Mom! It’s your birthday today.’
My sleepiness vanishes and my eyes widen as it flashes upon me that today is my mother’s birthday. Suddenly my face turns pale as I remember the incident which happened before one month and for which my mother doesn’t talk with me to this day:


I ring the doorbell on the big brown door with intricate wooden carvings of our elegant bungalow. The door opens with a squeal and I see the most beautiful face of the world smiling in front of me affectionately. That’s my mom. I feel rejuvenated even after the tiring day in college.

I jump in to hug her, “Mom! I am back. Yay!”

Giggling softly my mother breaks the hug and says, “You’re rejoicing as if you are coming home after a long time. Drama queen,” she rolls her almond shaped dark brown eyes.

I too roll my big hazel brown eyes and scrunch my nose, “Drama queen and me! Oh yes! Your ever cute Drama queen,”

She arches her eyebrows, “Okay, okay. Now end your acting and freshen up. I am preparing the food,”

“Coming mom!” I yell as I head upstairs to my room.

I change into a pink top and tracksuit and rush towards the bathroom. I am always rushing and that’s why ‘Clumsy’ is my middle name.

Anyway, I open the tap water and as the cold water from the faucet rinses and soothes my hands and then face, I think, ‘Today I will tell you mom. Today is the day to break everything forth to you. Yes!’

My mother looks up at me as I pull a chair from the dining table and place myself on the plush violet cushion.

“Hmm…I guess my Drama Queen is about to tell me something. What? Another test and another great show of numbers,” she wriggles her eyebrows playfully at me and places a chapatti with my favorite mango pickle on my plate.

Resisting the urge to attack the delicacy, I sigh and bit my lip, “Uh! No mom. It’s something… something…” My hands sweat showing the nervousness building up inside me.

“Something what Anya?” she says as she pulls another chair and sits.

“W-well, I j-just wanted to say that…that…I am in love,” I manage to speak the words and close my eyes in anticipation of the following events.

“And who is it?” My mom had gotten up again to arrange the other plates, but hearing my confession she stilled and anxiously looked at me.

A pang of shock and fear takes over me as I notice the change of expression in her tone. Won’t she accept my love life? Will she not agree?

Controlling the rush of questions in my head, I take a deep breath and face the white marble floor saying, “Akash Roy, my classmate.”


Hearing the crash of a plate falling on the floor, I look up at her with utter shock in my eyes. Her eyes reflected the shock as she knits her eyebrows into a deep frown.


A shocked baritone startles the both of us and we turn our heads to our sides to face my father standing on the doorway with expression of shock on his face.

My mother says in a tone barely above the decibel of a whisper, “Why Anya? Is it the time for you to love?”
“Why mom? Why can’t I love someone?”

“Because you’re too young for that,” the reply came from dad.

“Huh? So that means you people are not going to acknowledge our love, right?” a pang of anger vents up my body and my face turns red as I can feel the heat blowing from my face.

“How can we? We want you to stand on your feet Anya,” my mother stamps her hands on the table, which failed to raise any change in me.

After all love it is. I am in love and nothing illegal. Why can’t they acknowledge it?

“And this will not reduce the love I have for Akash. I love him and you would have loved him too as your son-in-law. But you being you, the typical parents, are never going to acknowledge my love. So it’s better that I go where I belong,” I hurled out the words at them with anger boiling inside me and clenched teeth.

“And where is that?” My mother asks sarcastically.

“Where there is love,” I throw the words as I rush upstairs, wiping the uncontrollable tears falling down my cheeks.

“I will never forgive this day Anya.” My mom yells back in a voice that clearly depicted the choke of emotions in her voice.

*End of Flashback*

I remember how I had called Akash sobbing and said the things that happened. He had tried to assure me to keep calm. But I had said, “I want to go. Take me from this hell akash. Please,” I had begged.
He had told to stand in front of my house’s main gate. After I ended up talking with Akash in phone, I had packed my bag and planned to steal all jewelries and money in the dead of the night and sealed it tightly in another bag and kept them in a safe place.

After a few minutes my mother called me to take the dinner. I finished my dinner quickly and locked the door. I then sat quietly waiting when 12 ‘o’ clock would ring.

After some time the clock rang 12 ‘o’ clock. I first open the door and peeped outside. I then carefully locked the door and slowly opened the window then I took my bags and with a rope I descended down to the ground. I then tip- toed towards the gate and slowly opened the gate and stood there for a long time waiting for Akash. After some time he had arrived with his bike.

I had happily sat in Akash’s bike putting my hand on his shoulder. Akash suddenly asked me, “Why are you singing? Are you happy today”.
I had replied, “Yes. Uff! From today we are free from all barriers, aren’t we?”

He had smiled.

After some time he had stopped his bike on the road. I had asked him, “Why did you stop your bike here Akash?”
He told me, “Stand here Anya I am going for toilet.”

He then vanished somewhere while I parked his bike. I then waited there for long time.

Suddenly my heart started to beat faster as a fear whether anything happened to Akash or not, rose up in my head. I stepped forward my legs but then I thought not to move forward. I then rang him repeatedly but I got no answer.

Suddenly some goons approached me smiling evilly, asking what I was doing there. I had asked them in fear who they were. They moved closer to me. I move my legs back but they were still moving closer to me. Then in my back some goons stood there smiling crookedly. Then they held my hands and snatched the bag.

Now I started to yell, “Akash! Akash! Please help me.”

One goon with an evil smile tells me to shout as much but no one will help me. I told the goons repeatedly to leave me but they held my hand more tightly. Suddenly Akash arrived with a stick smilling evilly towards me. Akash then told me, “Hi Anya, what a pleasant surprise!”
“See how your face is looking. What you thought I would elope with you?” He started laughing ominously.

I told him to make me understand clearly. Akash replied, “You didn’t understand my words? Now you will understand what I wanted to say.” He then went towards my bag and started seeing which bag had my jewellery. He took the second bag.

I had shouted for Akash to give my jewellery bag but he didn’t give my bag. I was crying incessantly.

He then sit on his bike and told, “Bye sweet heart.”
I somehow managed free from the goons yelling to Akash to give my bag but he with a high speed vanished somewhere. Some goon then beat on my head and I fell on the road.

Next day when I woke up I found that I am lying in my bed and my parents were standing in front of me.

My father asked me, “Why were you lying on the road for whole night?”

I then told to my parent what happened the previous night. When I told that all jewelries were taken by Akash my mother became shocked and burst into tears. I then told to forgive me but my mother ran from there and locked herself in her room. I went in front of her room telling her to open the door but she didn’t open.

After some time she opened. I fell in front of her telling her to forgive me but she had ignored me and went from there. From then till today, she had stopped talking with me.

My eyes get filled with tears as I recalled that memory. Suddenly I feel the pressure of a hand on my shoulder. I turn my face and seen my father sitting beside me. I tightly hug my father. He then put his hand and tells me, “Don’t worry. Today I will unite you both.”

I asked him, “How will you unite?”

My father replies, “It’s very simple. Arrange a birthday party for your mom.”

I become happy and tell him, “Thank you papa.”

‘Yes Mom. Now you have to talk to me. I can’t bear this silent treatment,’ I think.

So guys how is the first part? Should I start ‘MY MOTHER’ second part please leave your comments.

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