Mother Love… (raglak and kavya) ONE SHOT


hi guyss I am a reader I read many one shots so I planned make one of mine so my story is inspired by a documentary.. so in this raglak and a bit equal this one shot is not abot romance but about the world of surogacy…

so here we go..

the story starts from kolkata where we see a couple sleeping peacefully in their embrace yes its our raglak the curtains are open so laksh says

laksh; ragini plzz close the window
ragni:laksh plzz you do it

in meanwhile a small girl comes and says chachu – chachi get up or else mom dad will kill u both..

raglak- okay isha we’re getting up

*isha swasans daughter

as soon as they come down sujata taunts raginican never be a mother every1 tell her to stop but she keeps taunting ragini hears all this a runs cryings to her room there swalaksan come and console her and then swara says : ragz why don’t you guys do surrogacy sans: ya shona is right listening to them they go to the doctor with some hope and a lady named kavya comes to volenteer raglak get happy and hug her…

after like 9 months kavya gives birth to twins a boy and girl and raglak get happy and takebabies at home but they only take the girl and leave the baby boy to die as they just wanted a girl as somedays pssed ragz kept her baby name nidhi and they we living happily whe kavya with her sis kavita enters and screams at ragnin for killing the boy as soon as family and swasabn come to know they put raglak behind bars and say sorry to kavya..

AFTER 19 YEArs..
nidhisha opened their orphange named mothers love and adopted kids that were useless for parents

guys its my first one shot i know its not good but pls give me suggestions for next i’ll make a swasan one shot….

Credit to: Tvisha

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  1. short n crisp

  2. Plz write swasan one shot fast but dont kill sanskar in dat

  3. i was shocked hw a swasan fan is writing raglak ff after reading it i got answer . it is because raglak are doing wrong so that u wrote raglak

  4. If u don’t like raglak means don’t bash them its a honest request plzzzzzzzzzzz
    ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™

  5. Write a bit longer shots…

  6. But another thing don’t make rags and laksh horribe

  7. Exactly don’t bash them what the hell is this? Some crap uve written and ur bashing them….. I just dont understand what the blo*dy freaking problem u Swasanians have shame on u all for bashing Raglak….

    1. Oo hello! Who told uh that all swasanians bash raglak! I am a swasanian n I do love raglak! Dude just change your mind! Everyone r not equal!

      1. I agree even I am a swasananian but even raglak holds same importance…everyone is not the same…

  8. Plzzz write swasan one shot plzzzz but no one should be in bar or coma etc etc .. plzz thizz was nyc but bit short so next tym swasan plzz

  9. tvish don’t dare bash raglak here after u f***

  10. If you don’t like raglak then pls don’t write about them its a kind request

  11. I think you might had a good idea for fanfiction but had some issue conveying the message. Please don’t consider this as a bash just some advice and review. There us fundamental character trade thay was missing considering you made raglak negative and kavya positive which is absolutely different from the show you should have builders character development in since reader will understand as accept the change in characters.
    Another thing which was missing the story you had a he lead you had the plot but it was not write in form of story more as a fact how did they let they baby boy die how did kavya figure out they killed him nothing it as reading school book full of fact without any emotional hence I was bit able to symptoms or connect with the story. Hope you will not get distracted from writing and take my review as tips.

  12. Wat is this
    worst one shot dnt write this type of stories abut raglak

  13. If u don’t like raglak leave it but y are u bashing them.plzzzz don’t write on them it a request from raglakians

  14. ur not fit to write anything. am swasan fan only but she hw it will hurt raglak fans think raglak as swasan u will surly bash her so only am saying this

    1. But the way you put it is dissapointing dear….try a good one

  15. you have good concept to convey something..but the way u conveyed it…………I didn’t like.plz don’t make raglak negative………there r raglak fans also. Didn’t u think that they will get hurt.?…..If u r a swasan fan it’s o’k.what is the need to bash raglak. Plz really hurts.But the message u wanted to give was nice……..once again I am requesting u…. plz don’t bash raglak once again like this.

  16. don’t bash raglak

  17. Worst ff

  18. What the hell?don’t bash RAGLAK..never again

  19. oh hello!! swasanians bash ragalk??? are u out of ur mind…i am a swasan lover but i do love raglak..

  20. why d hell r u criticizing raglak… u really have a good msg to convey… u shdnt criticize them.. take some other characters… i appreciate ur msg. but not the way..

  21. oh god..!! raglak behind the bars..!! well you had a good message to convey but you could have used some other couple in place of raglak..
    any for the swasan it asap.. n in dat plz dnt seperate them n make it emotional..!! ๐Ÿ™

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