Mother Is Every She [Moral OS]



The smile that glows Nithin’s young manly face is glibly. Today he’s successfully put an end to his long time distressing vacillation. Now he is all clear and free minded. Being a very ebullient head of the family, he is now rather happy for his pretty wife and his four year old cute, little boy than for himself. A long time want of his wife has been fulfilled this morning and since then he’s been into the irresistible construction of colorful fantasies for the rest of his life with his wife and son. No more hurdles and hindrances. Only him and his family. A happy family and him a responsible, proud head of it. Once he reaches home now, his wife who always carries the traces of life will smile warmly at him. She’ll be happy by now. Because of him. What else a typical, averagely earning young man does prefer to a lovely wife welcoming him back home with her beautiful face suffusing with healthy color?

It is irrespective the passage of time as he is still nevertheless contented even it is a noon now. A rush of curiosity creeps into his blood, rucking his forehead when his eyes happen to fall upon the passersby abruptly forming a crowd nevertheless giving no trouble to consider the peak summer time in Mumbai. He automatically turns the wheel toward the urgently looming crowd. Lowering down the window, he pokes around his head. The crowd is already dense and shields him from seeing what’s going on in the first place that manages to catch the immense attention of busy citizens. He gets out of his car and inquisitively pried into the crowd tearing the people apart.

“What’s going on?” he asks one lady who gives him back only a black glare over her shoulder when he pushes her impertinently to look into the matter.

The happiness in returning to home makes him let the insult pass aside. He delves in further and the scene that he gets to see makes him standstill, adjusting to the thuggish crowd rocking his whole body to and fro.

Under that giant Peepal tree, there lays a man unruly on his side; sickly, untidy, languid and lethargic. His clothes are threadbare and he seems like he’s been with empty stomach for a considerable period which is enough to lose life anytime now. His ribs and collarbone are stuck out. His eyes half open. One of the women from the crowd takes out a water bottle from her handbag and another impatient man seizes it from her to sprinkle the droplets over the sick man’s face. While he gradually comes out of his peers, completely out of the blue a little monkey jumps down from the tree. With a shocking whoosh of sound, everyone tries moving back on impulse. But they’re stopped, gluing to the ground in awe when the man lifts his trembling hand and gestures to not be frightened, trying to form out words.

“Don’t…panic,” he drawls in reassurance, his voice a rough sound of dim squeal.

The man slowly gets up with the help of the one who sprinkled water. Nithin’s impertinence turns into a decent interest when he watches the man unzips his dirty, ragged bag with his wrinkled, shaky fingers. Nithin has to change his idea that the man is sick from long period of being without food as he takes out a bunch of freshly plucked banana. He pets the monkey caressing its mane and Nithin notices that the sight of fresh fruit fails to tempt the animal. It just pushes away his hand, simply blinking its innocent, love filled eyes at him.

What! Would his little son believe him if he says that a monkey denied bananas?

“This is strange,” the other man said in amazement, shaking his head.

“No.” The sick man gives a rueful chuckle. “He loves me,” he whispers staring in the animal’s eyes in a response to its demand of love. “My stomach isn’t good and he doesn’t eat if I don’t.”

“Really!” one woman astonishes.

Nithin forgets his reason to be happy with the expression on the sick man’s tanned face as he gives a lazy smile to the lady, arranging his long grown beard with his fingers. “Yeah, really,” he says laconically as if the crowd needs to be dispersed and let him free.

Nithin doesn’t know where he gets the courage from as he usually doesn’t open his mouth in public but always a shallow wuss. “Is this your pet?” he keenly asks, and the whole crowd comes on the same page with him giving faces full of avid gazes to the old man.

“Do I manage to give a look like spending on a spree for a pet?” The sick man gives a helpless chortle that almost reverberates. “No. He’s been with me since he was born. His mother didn’t know he fell down from the tree and left it behind.” He looks at Nithin understanding his eagerness. “I fed him once. Since then he’s been with me and follows me devotedly.” His voice stutters down, lacking energy when he finishes the sentence.

Nithin abruptly moves back pushing through the thronged crowd, unable to listen to the story anymore. His veins suddenly lacks the source that has warmed the cockles of his heart all these while. He’d become glum and wants to reach home as soonest so that he can be happy again.

After about half an hour, he reaches his dear home. As expected, his beautiful wife, opens the door for him; her face warm and brims with love. The sparking stars in her eyes grows a genial creeper over his tired muscles, curls about his skin, but yet his handsome face doesn’t smile back. It just can’t. The overwhelming warmth of his wife’s smile doesn’t manage to take the chill off his painfully bleeding soul.

Her brows knits together in suspicion. “Hey, are you okay?” She touches the back of her hand to his forehead in concern.

“Yeah, I’m,” he says wearily, throwing his bag on the chair.

He was wrong. He thought, he can become normal again after looking at his beloved wife, but he just can’t. With each growing minute, his mind sinks only deeper and deeper into the brown. He is no more a happy and no more clear minded.

“Nithin, baby, what is it? Tell me,” she worries.

He manages a thin smile. “I shouldn’t have done this.”

Her eyes flares with panic and disappointment with the sober knowledge of his husband’s clipped words. “Oh, baby, not again, please,” she says pleasingly. “I tell you, you’ll see how independently our life is gonna be,” she assures zestfully taking his face in her tender hands. “Our son is gonna be trouble free from all the problems. Now, please, don’t bring this again.”

“This isn’t again,” he indisputably snaps. “Tomorrow, I’m going back there. Everything will be fine and our son will be happy with you only if I do this.”

Without giving his wife one more look, he stomps into his bedroom. His eyes have attained clarity like not glibly but surely. He realizes startlingly he shouldn’t have admitted his mother in that old age home. He can be happy again. But not now. Only after bringing his lovely, old lady back. She is the reason for his blood and bones, and he can’t find his life in this house without the virtue of the basic source in that angelic smile. His mother will be with him until her peaceful deathbed and he is going to have her back, he promises himself.

He is bold enough to be the head of the family and he discovers it anew; the true meaning of being a family leader. His heart comfortably settles down in its sac and he goes to sleep determinedly.


Hey Sammy dear, I was seriously not into ur page. But since some days ago i’ve been making me available for one shots kind. Wen i saw today ‘ur engagement ring’ like three shot i went into it curiously n wat!!! u r awesome. Baby, i was so much excited going thru ur work. n sorry fr being late n tat, too, cuming up wid a moral concept. Hehehe. but i love to write concepts like these, too. actually i was thrilled to see our dear rossy’s epilogue of dark n went to read tat. even bfr leaving cmmnt on her page i started writing this. Dont mind the flaws lol but dear Sammy, cud u do me a favor? If ur other works r supposed to be here, pls do mention them for me. I will b so much pleased to read urs. B’cos u r simply AMAZING. Love u dear. Stay blessed n be happy, my dear sister.

A revelation tat I always used to love ur profile pic of ArDhika but didnt hv any idea tat u r an awesome author here. Tight hug, my shona. u r stupendous.

Hope u arent disappointed with me nt giving a prologue as u wished 😘😊 Sorry fr the belated wish, sweetheart. Loads of love – urs Thena.

Credit to: Thena


  1. rossy

    Awwwww….thena my fabuuuuuuu….u make me cry dear…seriously some moments ago I just fought with my mother without any solid after she left for her work m regretting…but I know when she will back,she will feed me by her hand…mother love ..nobody even god can’t be equal on a mother’s love…i love u moreeeeee for this…n my respect increased for u moreeeee…one request when will u update CLS epilogue n when will be second chapter of COH…m waiting…waiting…

    • Thena

      Hey rossy darling. Yeah it happens. Often. We fight fr silly reasons with our mom n then regret. I know u r fr sure a good daughter to ur mom tat she will b proud of u. n u r already worrying. She must be happy fr u dear. Like I’m now. Love u yaar rossy.

      Sorry I hdnt answered u thr about my next updates. Actually myself dunno darling. Will see. Loads of love n respect fr ur everything dear.

  2. Jessie


    |Registered Member

    Oh.. wow..this is fab..! I hav read ur CLS… u are an amazing writer Thena..I read tat last chappy n aftr a long time whn I read again I found tat my comment hasnt been posted 😦 I wanna say here..I loved d story a lot n it was just marvellous..Rads s my fav

    The way u brought out s realization kept me amazed.. Nice thought actually..TC dear.. Expecting a ff from u for manmarziyan

    • Jessie


      |Registered Member

      Thena.. hope u won’t mind.. for sammy’s other her profile name n on tat page u select tat pen kinda icon.. hope this helps… coz I know her stories in MMZ oly.. Lost lost patience..The Dead patient..The Desperate Silence..,conditions reversed the letters full of manmarziyan… sry if I had missed any..

      • Thena

        Oh Jessie dear, aiyyo kadavule don’t mind the typos yaar. It wasn’t dead n I was fr ‘dear’. Sorryyyyyyyyy dear n thankfully u hv replied to me even then. Thank god. N yeah Jessie nejama u hv no clue hw much I loved ur cmmnts. Like u gave such massive antagonatic image to Vinil n all. Oh hw I wish u shud hv seen my face while I was into the sea of honey created by ur beautuful words. N yeah of course Jessie thr is no telling wen the big big cmmnts we gave will vanish. Oh dear, surely it was my ketta neram then as I had to miss an up to the mark cmmnt of Jessie dear. Still u hv given some here. Oh meeeee!!! Trust me yaar I while writing was amusing like hell fr the same one tat u laughed out. Love u Jessie dear fr saying all those here. U just made me beyond happy 😊

    • Thena

      Oh Jessie dead I never got a chance to thank u fr all ur awesome cmmnts on CLS. Wat a blasters they r. I thkuroughy enjoyed each time u cmmntd thr. Like u r so much into the story n makes me feel tat in return. Thanks fr all those sweet words. N thanks fr liking the end dear. I missed u thr. Now happy tat I got u here 😃

      n thanks fr helping me with tat dear. But is it tat do I hv to hv an account. If so, I can’t bcos I don’t hv an account. Thanks Jessie dead n wats thr in mistaking I wen u r helping me such kindly. Warm hug to u. Its like I was missing u so much thr. Thankssssssss fr cuming here yaar 😃

      • Jessie


        |Registered Member

        Glad tat I made u happy.. I typed a very big comment n whooosh!! Evrythin is disappeared whn i saw some 3 days b4..u hav no idea hw much I enjoyed reading it..the marriage n Wyoming !! I really laughed bad whn Arjun said u must me preg wit my child’ out of d blue.. I love tat story yaar..and his decision 2 throw away his stubbornness on marriage n kids.. just throw aside n flew 2 a new place. Aha..seems I will start again lol..
        And u dont need 2 be a reg member 2 search so.. u jus try.. I logged out n tried .. it worked.. and I was so glad reading u missed me..I dint expect tat.. Hugs n loads of love yaar…

  3. Sammy


    |Registered Member

    Oh my god .. really now iam thinking ..why bday’s has such a short span of 24 hours …it should be for at least a week ….and this one shot was something amazing .. superb ..I mean the strong bond here between that old man and monkey ..really iam crying now .. everyone is writing so many things for me ….thank u so much ..iam so happy thena …and pls don’t say sorry ..really u write it for me ..that what matters …and it touched my heart ,soul everything ..thank u so much …to get goody gifts from amazing writers like you is really the best thing for any small author …I am so happy really right showing all my 32 teeths and my mom is scratching her head thinking that I have turned completely mad . On a serious tone ..thank u is not enough…I just want to hug you now ..u will not believe but when I saw that the os is written by you at the end …I was frozen …and then I run towards my washroom ..wash my eyes and then look again …really thena…after that till now I am jumping on chair ..bed …table …everywhere … . About the dp ..haha ..both aham and monica are mad actually and they are looking in this picture just like me ..again and again …thankkkk uuuu soooo muchhhh thena …and OS. was lovely .. mind blowing .. awesome ..amazing ..stupendous
    And now my stories ..
    Well you can read my lost series
    1) my lost patience
    2) my lost story
    Actually they both are connected ..lost story is about ..the love story of Samarth (nesam’s son ) …and Shiksha (ardhika’s daughter ) ..
    3) the desperate silence …here our radhika is mute …Sam is a nerd …and arjun and Neil are step brothers .
    4) well you can read dead patient ..only one chappy is left and after that it will end .
    I have written two short stories too .
    Arjun’s elder love (3 shots)
    I will complete my brother’s love story (3 shots )
    All the 3 shots ones are completed .
    And one shot I have dedicated to dark too of Rosie di ..but it has different ending …where a new radhika entered in arjun’s life . And thank u the a so much for fulfilling my wish u Buddy and elder sissy . Keep smiling 🙂 🙂

    • Thena

      Sammy, hey bday baby, my lil sister. Its indeed u hv a long bdy this year sweetheart. So much love fr u. So u r happy n tats enough fr me. Let’s hv a tight hug. Don’t mind me crushing ur bones. I’m so much excited fr u baby. May u hv lots n lots of good years n ur life b filled with chirpy happiness. U r so sweet n such goody kid. See, hw beautifully u hv listed down the stories just fr my sake. I’m gonna go read them. Baby u hv tat force in ur writing. Tat pulls me like a magnet. Awesome talent. Love it. n love u moreeeeeeeeeeeeee. Stay blessed lil sweetie. Ways of happiness to come 😍

      • Thena

        Actually I didn’t hv any immediate plot to write on ArDhika. So wrote this n only to catch ur attention, I put it here baby, though its not of mmz ff ☺

    • Jessie


      |Registered Member

      Sammmyyy….U FORGOT Conditions reversed letters full of manmarziyan?????!!!!!!😱😱😦😦😯 tat story where Arjun changes his name as Radhe n Sam as Meera..Sammy i so wish u get many more b’days in a year..😛😜😉😉so tat we all will gifts..wat say.. lol jus kidding..

      • Sammy


        |Registered Member

        That’s exactly what I am trying to say Jessie ..think …Rosie di will write one shot 🙂 .thena will give more new shots …SV (my hubby ) will never end 2 states ..everyone will keep writing wishing me with bday everyday …lol at the end everyone will throw me out of TU ..hehe Jessie u got it

    • Jessie


      |Registered Member

      No Sammy.. no one will throw u out.. u had stolen our hearts n ur marvellous ffs has d charm.. so no worries.. so now.. tell me.. whn is ur b day on August…lol nw every1 gonna kick me.. maana padega.. coz of u mera Arjun got back his love n Rosie is returning from mars..😉😛 Rosie.. see hw much am interested 2 pull u everywhere..

  4. truth hurts

    Hey thena i hope you read my comment on CLS where I said I’m sorry if I hurt you just came here to check coz comments r closed there.

  5. truth hurts

    I don’t care what my friends say I just love this story and CLS and all of yours n Farah’s stories I can’t stop reading them! Its just too too too awesomeeeeeee!

    • Thena

      Hey truth hurts, yeah dear I did get to see ur cmmnt thr bt as u said cmmnt sec was closes then. Thanks fr the awareness u gave on us n yeah, I will see about my saying thr. Thanks dear 😃

  6. S.v


    |Registered Member

    A good meesage story thena. Salute u for picking up this plot. Lovely. Mother’s place can never be replaced by any one never never at all. Lovely thena soo lovely.

    • Thena

      It means a lot yaar u telling its a good message story. Yes mother’s place is unique. Thanks a lot S.v dear. Big bear hug 😃

  7. Brin

    You really are an amazing writer, you nail it as always, well done, please write another Ardhika and Nesam story. 🙂

    • Thena

      Hey Brin dear, glad getting u here, too. N Ur cmmnt here again means a lotttttt. About writing new ffs, I tell u MAYBE. Will see about it dear. Feeling warm on such love. Love u always ☺

  8. Blue

    Awesome. Amazing. Supremely fantastic. What great realization it is. The old man’s story and the Nitin’s understanding of what he did wrong. And presented so beautifully in ur writng. I just have no words. Ur a diamond. Shinning spectacularly. This story is just so heart wrenching. Love u for bringing this up in ur writing. Always keep shining like that Thena dear. U are rocking the world.😊😊😊

    Happppppy Birthday, Sammy. May god bless you with lots of love and happiness and health and an outstanding career😊😊 always keep beaming like a happy bug babe😊

    • Thena

      OMG I think I shud skip this. Dunno wat to say on God’s name. Hey re I hv to repeat it every time tat praise from u is like I hv to feel tat I did this actually. Wat an energetic appearance u hv given fr me here. With urs such love I hv the feel I can win anything. I may not be good enough bt I can b confident enough on having such wonderful friend beside me. N haha don’t mind the mistakes. Sometimes tat stands as right. Like u 😍

  9. Gauri

    Thena have you vanished from wattpad…? well please don’t and write more and more as ypur words it quenches thirst of people like me …what more should I say this was just fabulous 🙂 awesome fantastic 🙂 love you

    • Thena

      Gauri, hey dear, actually I closed the account on wattpad yaar. I felt it cumbersome to maintain things btw the busy times. So just tats did tat. Oh u always keep me this happiness just tat easily. Trust me, I just feel the increase in my love fr u. Ur words here do something in real me. Tight hug dear. Love u too. A lot.

  10. Dipika


    |Registered Member

    Thena dearyyyy it was splendid yar..i just got the tears..really.. I felt bad sometimes i throws tantrum on my mom n ignore her concerned.. But i felt bad abt my childish behavior…. Thanks for bringing such beautiful os….i m glad u come up with it…

    • Thena

      Hey dipuuuuuu my sweetheart but I hv never got to know this u. Don’t worry dear. Tats a common thing v every people do n regret later. Tats the speciality of mother. The relationship is never replaceable. But thr lies the love. In small small rightful tantrums n the immediate regrets. Beautiful feeling. I’m sure n I even know it tat aunty will b proud of my dipu. She is my angelic friend too. Love u loads dearu 😍

  11. Sreee


    |Registered Member

    Beautiful emotions…u have conveyed it in a very different heartsoothing manner akkka….just hats off to ur words….and just one q ,will u continue post love confession…..the one in which aradhika are models…akka plss do na….love u…waiting for ur yesss😍

    • Thena

      Hey lil buddy sree thanks a lot. U r great indeed. Read ur os one morning. Tat was awesomely cute. Thanks fr such beautiful words on this os yaar. Haha don’t say waiting fr my yes baby. I will TRY. Oh, love u toooooo my sweet lil sis 😍

  12. Sweetie


    |Registered Member

    Thena sweetheart..I had tears in my eyes by the end of this shot..Lovely one..No one can take the place of Mom..
    Sammy yaar—See we are getting such beautiful shots because of you..Celebrate your B’day daily yaar.. 😛
    Thena–Stay blessed and lots of love.. 😀

    • Thena

      Oh my sweetie, did u like really? I’m obliged dear. Awwwww lots of love fr u fr cumin here n always bringining out such warmth. Wen u say tat stay blessed I never miss feeling tat by my flesh. Thanks a ton n love u too a lot dear.

  13. Lakshmi05


    |Registered Member

    Ahh…thena u r unique that’s y I love u more😆😆i’m ur one crazy fan. Hope u don’t stop writing.. Write whenever u r free according to ur convenience. Wish we could meet personally. I’ll be waiting for Ur’s n farha’s books. And this is awesome as always.luv u…tc..

  14. Ritu

    Thena..what do say dear…u r simply amazing…this OS it was stupendous and heart wrenching…u don’t know dear how emotional I was after reading it..Seriously u highlighted a painful but yet a bitter truth..After reading the OS I called my mother and shower my all love on her that she got suspicious whether I m buttering her to get my demand😜 U r awesome dear..the way u think..the way u write..I m a fan of ur everything..hope we can meet someday..keep writing more and more dear whenever u get time coz it will be our pleasure to read ur u..stay blessed and a tight hug😊😊

  15. Roma

    Awesome, wowwww lovely Thenaaaa. …it’s really superbbbb. …i could recognize you from the beginning of this story. ..that it’s you….your style, vocabulary n depth of writing emotions with lots of feelings always keep me connected to you…so sorry for late comment. …the topic was very heart touching n the way you narrated, it was mind blowing, outstanding, stupendous, splendid…muaaaaahhhhhh, Bear hug my dear…’s love is the best gift from almighty…n mother is not only the one who born you but also the one who took care of you as mother…..n u showed it very beautifully here….every mother is bestttttt…there r no enough words to thank her…I pray for myself that if I can become a good mother…I feel like I don’t do enough for my kids…but I hope n try my best to become a better mother n better human being to earn the respect n love from my kids, family n all you my sweetheart friends….keep it up honeyyy. …stay blessed n healthy alwaysssss. ….keep smiling n writing…love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh…Bear hugssss ♡♡♡ 🙂 ♡♡♡

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