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Children share a beautiful and an emotional bond with their parents especially with their mothers. There are usually two kinds about how the children bond with their parents, that is MUMMA’S BOY and DAD’S little girl. Boys usually love their mothers and respect them more than for their father, but this doesn’t mean that they do not love their fathers. Same as boys, girls also bond more with their fathers than their mothers. But there are still some situations, where daughters cannot share everything with their fathers and so does boys.

Now, coming to my point, unfortunately or fortunately, this beautiful bond is damaged in daily soaps, yes i am talking about the damaged mother daughter relationships in daily soaps.

Saath nibhana saathiya: Although the bond between gopi and her daughters is good now, still we can’t forget how much meera and vidya hated gopi. We all knew gopi did a mistake by killing radha by not even thinking about her husband and daughters, but we should also keep it in mind that ahem also did a mistake by going out of the house with her daughters. He planted lot of hatred in his daughter’s hearts, which made them go far from their mother mentally. For any girl there should be some lady with them on their growing years, but unfortunately there is no one with them to decrease their sorrow. Directly or indirectly, ahem is the reason for meera and vidya to hate their mother so much.

For a mother, it will be so hard to listen when their own children scolding her or behaving badly with her. Now let’s take another serial….

Yeh hai mohabbatein: The bond between ruhi and ishita was totally damaged when she was kidnapped by nidhi and pihu and ishita bond is in a breaking stage as shagun is trying to brainwash pihu against ishita. Many of you people think it is because raman or ishita or abhishek that ruhi has suffered so much, but I got a new doubt, why can’t ruhi complain anyone in australia, i mean when she is she singing in front of everyone she could have shouted and said that nidhi is ill treating her instead of praising her right.

Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai: Akshara is such a good mother, but due to some circumstances, misunderstandings and strong brainwash against by sukanya to naira against her mother made her leave the house, till now, naira feels akshara responsible for her state.

Balika vadhu: I don’t need to say anything about this crap. Because of anandi herself, she lost her daughter nandini, what was the need for her to take nandini along when she was going to stop little pooja’s marriage. And then, she could have told nandini the truth of she being her real mother instead of asking mangla to make nandini understand.

Jamai raja: I can’t say anything about this, as this is the storyline that roshni and her mother will be always angry with each other and siddharth should unite them. But still whatever DD did to roshni is wrong since childhood. She should spend some time with her daughter too, not only work every time.
Sasural simar ka: In this show, simar’s house has always filled chudails, ghosts, daayans and so many illogical things, but we gotta see some premar and rosid scenes in between and also simar with her daughters scenes but now after all the ghosts drama, family drama has started, because of this khushi, anjali has become a spoilt brat and don’t know what is she even doing in her life and I am pretty sure that when simar comes to that house again, khushi would try to brainwash anjali against simar.

Please comment guys, if you people think whatever I wrote is right……

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  1. U r 100% right ,the daily soaps r damaging this mother-daughter relationship which is so beautiful .

    1. Thank u for this this article.

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