The moon of true heart an ishqbaaz and edkv ff – chapter 4


hey guys I am back with the next episode sorry for the late update as it got deleted
okay now let’s start
shravan- Anika what are you doing here
Anika-shouldn’t I say that
shravo-you forgot me
Anika-you forgot me
no. you, no you
Sumo- okay guys stop you both know each other?
Anika-yeah he was
Anika- okay fine is
Anika-so he is my best friend from junior class .And see he is now a successful lawyer and me a caterer
Shravan-oh hello ,you are from the best caterer from the world and every hotel needs you
Anika-thank you
Shravan – so you are sumo wrestler`s di.
Anika-of courset

shravo- pls can I marry her
where will I stay on your head-Anika
I asked my parents they said that they will allow you- shravan

okay then let’s go to your home-Anika
all three reach oberoi house
Anika-hey bagaad billa is here
shivaay-Anika so you are my sister in law?
there was disappointment in his tone
Shravan and sumo decide that Anika will stay with them and there engagement was the next day and sangeet and Mahanadi the next and shaadi the next day.
on the day of engagement
Sumo was talking with shravan
Anika- sumo shravo ko chor aur. kapda pein
Sumo-ha di
they both are called
Sumo was a wearing a red coloured sari with light makeup (sona engagement dress)
Anika was looking great with a baby pink anarkali and light makeup
shivaay was mesmerized
who was also looking dashing

during the engagement both were. looking each other
when everyone went to their house and room only they were left
shivaay -looking good
blushing Anika -same even you are looking good
saying she went but her eating fell
shivaay picking up the eating and smiling like a editor
Sharman room
Sumo-di aap bahar jao aur so jao
Sumo-shut up di
And ani went out and sumo was locking the door when shravan pinned her to the door and k***ed her everywhere
And both spent some quality time together
the next morning

shivaay -ani bring my file
Anika-wait shivaay
both were in the office
Sid-ani Tom is my birthday
ani-happy belated birthday
hugging him
shivaay was burning
when Sid left

shivaay pulled her towards
him Anika tried to free herself
but shivaay brought her more close and her heartbeat began to raise
shivaay-don’t ever go near anyone or else
Anika- or what are you gonna make his begun n.a. Bharata or dalmakhni
shivaay-sense it that,way
Anika ran away blushing

precap-shivika moment and marriage of Sharman an romantic moments

sorry guys but I can’t write long ones as I have to finish my school work
hope you like it.

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