The moon of true heart (episode-3)


ey guys I am back with a episode
And everyone thank you for your comments and well and krpkab fans sorry that the tellyupdates has not updated in the column so if you want to read the promo,so1,so2
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Oh ok let’s start

A leap of two years
Rana house
The brothers had started liking sona and same as dev on the other hand sona also started liking Mr obhodro
Sonakshi- hello Mr rana
Dev-hello ms Bose
And both started doing their work and thinking about each other when she went into the kitchen to make roti for rana family but the flour box was. Kept high she looked at dev who was on his computer but she dint know that he was also watching her
Sonakshi- ki korbo how will I reach up till there
Suddenly a hand comes near her shoulder and her heartbeat raises and she get scared
And hug the person who is dev
Dev smile at her and removes the box and keeps it on the table when. Sona moves away from dev and runs away to his room(as it was near)
Now dev babu got his chance and said to his children that he will come back in a mins who also understood what their father wanted to do.
Dev enter when sona tries to exit
When dev moves towards her while she goes back and suddenly hit the wall
Sona-sir whAt··
Dev goes near her ear and
Dev- sona Bose would would be sona rana
Sona- what !I need time
Dev has tears and moves the other side to hide it
When suddenly a hug come and
Sona- yes Mr obhodro
Dev turn and reciprocated the hug . Then
Sona blushes and moves to the door when dev come from behind and hugs her and
K*** es on her neck then back
When he turns her around and has a l***ock for 9mins and move with the lack of oxygen and here sona is blushing so much you can’t imagine . But dev dint want to leave her so he pushes her onto the bed and he was on her and removed a portion of her sari in the belly side and k***ed her belly and also bit her and she was living it and it was hurting too when he made her stand and bent Down and made her wear a jewel in the belly. And k**es her on the lips again and she runs to her house blushing where dev comes out seeing his kids and
Dev-kids welcome your new mom

Both somya and rudra Had become good friends
Rudra helped somya in her fitness
And somya in him studies
Somya from70 had gone to 50
And dude from 60 got 95%

Rudy-somya do fast miss Will ask for homework
Somya -rudy I won’t do
But rudra knew how to make her finish so he took a pratha and placed it in front of her nose somya- give plsssss
Rudy – do homework then take
When a car enters .

Shivaay-panika have you done the arrangements
Anika- yes billu ji I have done it and both hi five
Shivaay and Anika go to their own houses

Anika- suman pain to la de
Suman – ha do lo
And di wanted to tell you something
Anika nodes her head
Suman- do I want to marry
Anika -spits out th water And tells what
Mera Kay hoga
Suman-you can stay with us
Anika-then it is fine
Suman Lao to usse jisne iss ediot ko choose kiya hei n
Now guys shravo knows that she s a tiwari
Shravan enters
Anika stands and say-you
Shravan- you
Screen freezes with the shocked faces of both and sums happy face

Precap-Sharman marriage and flashback of school days

So guys I hope you like it
And sorry for not giving shivika scene it will come in the next episode and next one will be lengthier . So byes to all.

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  1. Ariana

    The devakshi part was…..ahem ahem…idky I found a sweet chemistry between Anika n Shravan but still ShraMan forever!!! Post next part soon. I’m waiting!! The precap is killing me
    Loads of love honey

    1. Sorry for that. Actually I don’t know what happened. But the episode was great. Waiting for next one

      1. Omisha

        I will post soon

  2. Hi it’s was awesome episode…you r very small but your way of writing was so so good..continue ur ff. I am big fan of ur writing… all pairs Are so cute….. waiting for ur next episode sister…

    1. Omisha

      Thank you di.sure i will try to updates soon

  3. nice going,waiting for more parts..hope u post soon

  4. Alekhika20

    Lovely update

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