The moon of true heart (episode-1)

Hi guys I am back with ep 1.
If any of you want to leave that part can leave it
Let’s start
1- shravan and summan are best friend and sumo is a lawyer and shravo is also a lawyer both love each other and today shravan will confess his love and spend some time with sumo

2-somya and rudra study in the same class and somya is more intelligent than rudra and in the first day she
Befriends him

3-shivaay is a business tycoon and when he goes to his office , he learns that he has to organise a party as he has won a deal,so he asks a event manager and caterer to manage the which turns out to be Anika.

4- a big house is shown and a girl with a silver locket goes out to teach dance ,she is ishana

Present episode

Shravan-today I will propose to sumo
Suman-why am I feeling that something is wrong she say in her mind
Suman was wearing a backlace top with a long scarf and shorts
Shravan was wearing black suit
Both were standing in a garden discussing work
They suddenly shravan took suman hand and made her sit in the car
And drove of to hotel
Receptionist-sir your room is ready
Shravan -thank you
Suman-what is happening
Shravan- close your eyes
Suman -ok
While they were in the lift shravan went to press the button and unknowingly came close to suman as she was standing in front of the button and eyes closed
Suman- what is he doing ,he shouldn’t know that my heartbeat are raising
Shravan could feel it and so he decides to go and propose her
Shravan-sumo open your eyes
Sumo – ok
She opens and sees a room filled with rose petals and candles
Sumo-ok now tell me what happen
Shravan – sumo I love you
Sumo was Dumbstruck and said really
Shravan- yes you editor and tell fast my knees are paining.
Sumo- I also love you with teary eyes
And both hug each other
Sumo removers herself from the hug and runs fast to the door as she was blushing like a tomato
When suddenly shravan pins her to the wall she blushes and her heart beat raises and again she runs but shravan hold her hand and puts her in a back embrace and
Shravan-so my would be wife is bushing huh and enjoying
Then he suddenly k****s her in the neck and she closes her eyes and enjoys the moment
Then shravan turns her and places his l**s on to hers and both share slipping for 6 mins and back of when there is lack of oxygen . Then suman blushing tomato hugs him and goes back to his car and closes her eyes and enjoys the flashback when shravan comes and kisses on her cheeks
and drives of and drops her home and
Shravan – bye miss Oberoi
And drives of to his home

In college
Person 1-have you seen that girl she is very studious and is also very rich
Person2- yes she is somya and I bet she will outsmart rudra
Rurda arrives in farrari and says. Who will outsmart me huh I am the best . When suddenly he sees a frog on his shoulder and starts crying
Somya had made already new friends and came to rudra and
Somya- hey cry baby what happened scared of a nonliving frog huh
Rudra- I am rudra Singh Oberon
Somya-I am somya tiwari
Rudra was shocked and said -will you be my friend?
Somya-ok now I have got 400 friends and my status has 7080 likes
Saying those she goes away.

In canteen
Anika -pooja thora hath chala ,Mr.oberoi ne sample mangaya Hein
Pooja.-ani you go and change we will handle
Anika goes to change and after an hour she came out looking magnificent wearing a long white and golden anarkali with light makeup and was looking stunning
She went to Mr oberois office who is shivaay Singh oberio to talk about the food and the arrangements .
As she enters she sees him and he sees her and gets mesmerized by her beauty
Suddenly she slip over a banana peel and shivaay holds her and both share a eyelock . When
Sid enters
And Anika sits up straight and talks about word with Sid and shivaay unknowing that both love her

In dance room
Kid1- di why are you crying what happened
Ishana -nothing dear go and practice,I will come
Ishana-di I miss you I hope we meet
And guys in my ff on know ishana and ishana knows om both like each other but don’t have the gut to say so
On-ishu come let’s eat then you practice
Ishana -okie
Anika pases by and bumps into ishana

PRECAP-Dev and mallika divorce and sona enters .Will Anika come to know that ishana Is her sister?

Ok guys bye and pls comment and do say if its boring

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  1. Nice concept

    1. Thanks shall I continue?

  2. Shaza

    Yep ..pls continue…..

  3. Akshaya

    Keep rocking

  4. Goms

    Nice omisha… Keep going…

  5. Sorry to say but u really mixed it a lot.
    5 love stories for now its fine coz it is just starting but after some time it will create problem.
    This is just my suggestion if you don’t like it then ignore it. Keep going

    1. Omisha

      Its okay di but soon it will be one story.soryy

  6. ??omish Dr plz continue..
    And some what I agree chetna becoz it will be difficult in the few more episodes all love stories together but if your fine with it I am also fine…
    Not at all boring but interesting Dr..
    Go ahead

    1. Omisha

      Yes di i am fine. And also i can entertain you with more episodes



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