“The Moon Is Our Sign Of Love” (Intro of Krishnadasi, Jamai Raja, TPK and TEI)

“The Moon Is Our Sign Of Love” (Introduction of Krishnadasi, Jamai Raja, Thapki Pyaar Ki and Tashan-e-Ishq) (Aara, Sidni, Thahaan and Twinj)
Hey guys Nusz and Fatarajo x are here who write many Fan-Fictions if you search our names up. We both planned to write two Fan-Fictions together and our ideas are combined. This is the first Fan-Fiction and today we’re giving you a Character Sketch and the Introduction of the storyline. I hope you guys will enjoy and make us happy by your comments. So guys I hope you enjoyed the 16 promos of episode 1 and 2. Also I want to let you guys that we both should be treated well and fairly because Fatarajo and Nusz’s ideas are combined together. Anyways we both love you guys and enjoy for now aha xx.

Character Sketch
(Krishnadasi Cast)
Aryan Rao (25 years old) – A big business man who is selfish, ignorant, only caring about power and he doesn’t care about love. Aryan lives with his father Shashwat, Pavitra and sister Gayrati. Aryan hates middle class people so much. He is arriving from England to India. Currently Aryan is engaged with Roshni Patel. But many things change when he meets a girl…
Aradhya Chaturvedi (23 years old) – She’s a part time teacher at school. She loves helping little kids and always makes them smile with treats. Aradhya shares such a cute bond with her half sister Thapki. Thapki was adopted into the Chaturvedi family. But Aradhya would always treat Thapki has her own sister. Aradhya and Thapki would always help each other with everything and Aradhya is Thapki’s strength. Aradhya believes in true love and is waiting for her prince. She’s an idol daughter for the family.
Pavitra Rao – She is Aryan’s mother and loves him dearly. Pavitra is an idol mother and would do anything for Gayrati and Aryan. She also loves her husband a lot too.
Shashwat Rao – Shashwat is a very kind father who would always support Gayrati and Aryan whenever they’re going through problems and he also loves his wife a lot.
Gayrati Rao (26 years old) – Gayrati loves her younger brother Aryan a lot. They share such a cute bond together and would tell each other about their problems. Gayrati would do anything for her family.
Tulsi Chaturvedi – Is the mother of Aradhya and Thapki. She loves her children both equally and would do anything for them. Tulsi never judged her children because she knows they wouldn’t do anything wrong at all. Tulsi also loves her husband too.
Mahant Chaturvedi – Mahant priest of the temple and very stubborn sometimes… Mahant is a caring father but sometimes get angry at his children because they listen to him but Mahant always supporting his kids.
Krishnadasi Kumudini (Main Antagonist) – She’s a killer and really funny… Her character will be revealed later on… She has a past with some people..

(Jamai Raja Cast)
Siddharth Khurana (25 years old) – Siddharth is a big business man in India for the Khuranas. Siddharth is the funniest guy you would ever meet. Every time he meets someone who is rude and selfish he would always make fun of them. Siddharth likes to see kind hearted people always around him. Twinkle and Siddharth are siblings and they share such a cute bond. Siddharth would do anything for his family. His dad and he are always making fun of his mother which annoys her. But Siddharth is an idea son.
Roshni Patel (24 years old) – Roshni is selfish and annoying. Roshni is also coming back from Singapore from her business meeting. She wants everything on time or she will fire you to hell ha-ha. Roshni hates annoying people and would try to get them away from her. She wants to marry Aryan so her name could grow bigger…. Roshni doesn’t care about love because she’s like a negative type of person until she meets a guy who annoys Roshni a lot. Also Roshni is a business woman who works with her mother DD (Durga Devi). Roshni loves her brother Kunj a lot but Kunj hates her so much. They don’t get along at all.
Simran Khurana – Simran is the mother of Siddharth and Twinkle and loves them both dearly. She’s a Punjabi style woman and always teaches her children about it. Simran and her Raj (Her husband) share such a sweet bond together.
Raj Khurana – Raj is the father of Siddharth and Twinkle and loves them both equally. Raj is the funniest dad you would ever have. He always makes Twinkle play tricks on Siddharth and their family would always stay happy. Raj and Simran share such a cute bond together.
Durga Devi Patel – DD is also selfish like her daughter. She owns a big company of jewelry and wants Roshni to marry Aryan Rao who is the biggest business man known all around the world. Durga loves her daughter but has a past that bothers her sometimes. Durga and Kunj fight every single day but Roshni tries to stop them but the fight becomes even bigger.
Alaknanda Patel (Nani Maa) – She’s the mother of DD and her granddaughter is Roshni. She always tries her to best to change DD but fails to do so… Kunj and Nani always share a cute bond together.

(Thapki Pyaar Ki Cast)
Bihaan Pandey (23 years old) – Bihaan is adopted into the Pandey family. Bihaan dropped out of school at a very young age and loves boxing a lot. Bihaan has never lost a boxing match ever. Dhruv and Bihaan share a great brother bond. Bihaan loves his father so much that he could do anything for him. Vasu sometimes hate Bihaan but he tries to win her heart. Bihaan hates the word love so much. Lastly Bihaan and Kunj are childhood friends and always trust each other.
Thapki Chaturvedi (23 years old) – Thapki is a confident girl whenever she’s around her sister Aradhya. People would always make fun of her because she always stammers whenever she speaks a word out. But her sister Aradhya would always teach them a lesson. Thapki promises to her sister that she will become a reporter (They also share a sweet bond together). Thapki is adopted but everyone loves her much that it feels like her own family. Thapki believes that no one will ever love her but her sister Aradhya tells her someone is always made for you.
Dhruv Pandey (24 years old) – Dhruv owns his own business about reporting and newspapers. Dhruv loves his mother a lot but doesn’t get along with his father much. Dhruv would always support Bihaan whenever he is in a problem.
Balvinder Pandey – Balvinder is a great father who loves Bihaan a lot. Balvinder loves Dhruv too but never said to him after what happened between them. Bihaan and Balvinder share a great father and son relationship. Also Vasu and Balvinder are a great couple.
Vasundhara Pandey – She’s a great mother and loves her son Dhruv a lot. She doesn’t like Bihaan much but tries her best too. Vasu also loves her husband a lot.

(Tashan – E – Ishq Cast)
Kunj Patel (23 years old) – Kunj is a big flirt and is a big soccer player. He loves soccer so much and doesn’t care about business. On the other hand he shares a great bond with Nani but doesn’t get along with DD and Roshni. He hates DD because she’s selfish and cares about money. Kunj always tries to change his older sister Roshni but fails to do so. Kunj also loves his best friend Bihaan and comes to stay at their house sometimes because of the family problems his facing… He wants to fall for someone who would always love him.
Twinkle Khurana (22 years old) – She’s bubbly and funny. Twinkle loves to dance and sing 24/7 which annoys her brother Siddharth. Twinkle and Siddharth share such a cute bond together. Twinkle also loves her family a lot and always wants them to be happy. She also hates annoying and flirts so much. Twinkle believes in true love a lot.
Yuvraj Luthra (24 years old)- Yuvraj is a spoilt brat here. He goes to college and bullies girl and flirts with them. He is a goon and he keeps on loitering and bully others too. He thinks he is very dominating. But later, he will fall for Twinkle and will try to change himself to get her.
Bebe – She’s a sweet woman who loves Bihaan and Kunj so much. She leaves with the Pandey family but has a huge relationship with Kunj like a mother and son. She always wants Bihaan and Kunj to always be happy in life. Also she is a doctor.
Introduction of the storyline (Episode 1 and 2)
Promo No. for shows:
Krishnadasi: 1, 2,6,10,11,15,16
Thapki Pyaar Ki: 2, 3,8,10,11,14,16
Tashan-e-Ishq: 3, 4, 9,10,12,16
Jamai Raja: 4, 5, 7,10,13,16

Promo #1 (Krishnadasi): Aryan is finally landing in India and calls his people to send his car. He then finally reaches home and is happy to see his family. Aryan is back to India for his business and fame.
Promo#2 (Krishnadasi and Thapki Pyaar Ki): Aradhya and Thapki are enjoying some time together. Thapki is getting made fun of by people and Aradhya defends her. Aradhya tells Thapki to stand up and fight for herself. Tulsi and Mahant see the love between the sisters and get happy.
Promo#3 (Thapki Pyaar Ki and Tashan-e-Ishq): Bihaan is getting ready for his boxing match and Kunj is cheering for him. Bihaan gets hurt and Kunj gets shocked. Bihaan then punches the guy and wins the match. Kunj is proud of his best friend and they go to a club to party.
Promo#4(Tashan-e-Ishq and Jamai Raja): Twinkle and Siddharth are fighting over something. Raj and Simran see this and joins their fight. Twinkle and Siddharth laugh seeing them fight. They both say Happy Anniversary and all celebrate together.
Promo#5 (Jamai Raja): Roshni is finally back to India and meets her mother. Roshni wants her business to become a hit and she knows that her name will become bigger if she marries Aryan. Nani tries talking to Roshni but she doesn’t really care.
Promo#6 (Krishnadasi): Aryan wants the NGO broken down where Aradhya teaches. Aradhya gets angry and goes to meet Aryan. They both fight so much. Aradhya was about to slip because she dropped water on the floor so Aryan can fall… But he catches her and they share an eye lock while (Kyun Tum Hi tho meri Jaan plays)
Promo#7 (Jamai Raja): Roshni was going for a meeting and her car breaks down. There a guy sees her screaming at her driver and he comes there. The guy is Siddharth. Siddharth tells Roshni it’s his fault and Roshni tells him to mind his own business. Siddharth says you should be nice to others and Roshni gets annoying because he starts singing a song to annoy her. They both fight in the middle of the road.
Promo#8 (Thapki Pyaar Ki): Thapki was on her way to meet Aradhya where she sees a guy who is making fun of animals. Thapki comes there and tells the guy that’s not nice. The guy is Bihaan. Bihaan realizes Thapki stammers and calls her Chuk Chuk Gadi which makes her angry. Bihaan annoys Thapki and she takes her sandal off to hit him… She starts chasing Bihaan and trips on a rock and holds Bihaan’s shirt and they both fall on the ground and has an eye lock….
Promo#9 (Tashan-e-Ishq): Kunj and Twinkle meet at the party. They both entered the party to have food. Kunj sees Twinkle stealing food and so does she… They both see their favorite and one was left. They both race there to grab it and Kunj takes it first… Twinkle asks Kunj to give her some and he tells her No. They both start fighting nonstop.
Promo#10 (All): A woman is planning something big and she smirks.
Promo#11 (Krishnadasi and Thapki Pyaar Ki): Aradhya cries after looking at her reports… Thapki worries about Aradhya and also cries along… Aradhya tells Thapki that she wants to fall in love before this happens…
Promo#12 (Tashan-e-Ishq): Twinkle goes to DD’s store to buy a jewelry necklace and sees Kunj there…They both star fighting while Nani watches them and smiles
Promo#13(Jamai Raja): Sid and Roshni have to meet for a business meeting and don’t know they’re meeting again… Roshni reaches the construction side and was about to fall but Siddharth catches her and both share and eye lock. Roshni blames Siddharth for her condition.
Promo#14 (Thapki Pyaar Ki): Thapki is crying at the Temple because of her sister and knows she is hiding something… Bihaan enters the place and rings the bell… The wind blows… He sees her crying and gives her a tissue and they share an eye lock but start fighting after.
Promo#15 (Krishnadasi): Aradhya is walking through the streets thinking about the moments she shared with her family and won’t be meeting her prince charming… She’s crying while walking on the road… Aryan’s car comes there and is honking at her… But she doesn’t listen… he then stops and comes out and she was about to faint when Aryan catches and realizes it’s the same girl he met at the NGO… He then carries her to his car…
Promo#16 (All): A woman and man talk about their plan… They said their secret will be revealed.
So guys I hope you enjoyed this Character Sketch and Introduction of the storyline. Fatarajo and Nusz just finished writing their story for you guys. Please do comment and tells us if you like the Introduction of Episode 1. Trust me you guys will enjoy the romance between the couples. Also I want to let you guys know that we both should be treated equally because Nusz and Fatarajo both worked on this together. Anyways love you guys and keep smiling aha xx.


  1. Rebba

    Ooohhh…Woww….Am a dead fan f Aarra..And the way u both Fatarajo n Nuszz, created the whole drama z xtreamly amaizingg…The connection between the lead roles f characters.. i ❤it..Itz fantastic..U guyz, had a great job..ofcourse, i agree with u both…
    And so own…Plzz..update the next part Asap…bcz itzz too difficult to remembr dz all connectionzz??

    • Hey Rebbaa!!! I am so happy you enjoyed this Fan-Fiction aha.

      Oh god I am a huge fan of Aara haha.

      I also love Shravan Reddy big fan of him xx.

      I am very happy you loved the way we both wrote our stories.

      We will be starting to write our Fan-Fictions this Saturday.

      Don’t worry we will remind every time!!

      Anyways keep smiling like always xx.

      ~Nusz xx

    • Hey rebba thanks for commenting happy u liked it and dont worry we will make sure none of u will get confused which is character is from which family that we will mention in the first epi itself
      From FTRajo

    • Hey Ayushi, thank you for such kind words aha.

      I am happy you enjoyed this Fan-Fiction by us xx.

      We will start writing the first episode this Saturday.

      Anyways keep smiling like always xx.

      ~Nusz xx

  2. rafay don kon

    Wao introduction ma he itna maza agaya promo 8 aur 14 boht acha ta.aur 2 best writter queens 1sath amazing??

  3. tori

    Another yaaaar you two are mast but nusz I have read all your stories before and they are awesome and fatarajo i have read the loving pat so good yaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrr love you guys so much for adding sidni and thahaan and also aara maybe twinj toooo love you guys yaaaaaaaaaar 🙂

    • Thank you Tori but trust me we both are really proud of your comments aha.

      I am happy you enjoyed the couples in this Fan-Fiction aha.

      Haha you’re very nice xx.

      Anyways keep smiling like always

      ~Nusz xx

    • Hey tori thanks for commenting happy u liked it and nusz her stories r too good and happy u liked loving pat a lot that ff was from my bottom of my heart so it means a lot to me and yeah I love thahaan and twinj a lot, aara is so cute and jamai raja track is so irritating now, I want to see sidni romance I miss it
      From FTRajo

  4. Truelove

    |Registered Member

    u started working together. that’s really nice. i love all the promos. i started working on my second ff. but i’m facing some story line problem. i’ll short out it soon. best of luck for this new ff.

    • Thank you Sweta I am very happy you enjoyed it aha.

      I can’t wait for your second Fan-Fiction it’s gonna be a hit.

      If you need any help please do ask me!! I will always like to help out a close friend of mines :))

      Anyways keep smiling like always.

      ~Nusz xx

    • Hey sweta yes we started to work together hehe and happy u liked the promo n I can’t wait for ur second FF is awesome n I m sure u will get a great storyline soon as I also faced this problem all the best n thanks once again dear
      From FTRajo

    • Thank you so much Erica, for such a lovely comment.

      But we’re not that talented aha, but you’re such a sweetheart.

      Anyways keep smiling like always

      ~Nusz xx

    • Hey Erica thanks for commenting nusz yes I agree she is one of the best writer of TU me no way haha I m happy that I got to work on 2ffs with one of the best TU ff writers 🙂
      From FTRajo

  5. razia

    Nusz my baeeee you’re slayyyyying and awesome fatarajo you’re slayinggggg also 😉

  6. Aribah

    Mind blowing introduction Fatarajo and Nuszz♥♥♥……….and just fabbbbbbbbbbbbb promos♥♥♥♥…….lovely keep it up like this

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