The Moon Is Our Sign Of Love (Intro of Aara, Sidni, Thahaan and Twinj) Promo 2

The Moon Is Our Sign Of Love (Introduction of Aara, Sidni, Thahaan and Twinj)
Hey guys Nusz and Fatarajo x are here who write many Fan-Fictions if you search our names up. We both planned to write two Fan-Fictions together and our ideas are combined. This is the first Fan-Fiction and today we’re giving you promos today of the storyline. I hope you guys will enjoy and make us happy by your comments. So guys I hope you enjoyed the promos of episode 2 and 3. Also I want to let you guys that we both should be treated well and fairly because Fatarajo and Nusz’s ideas are combined together. Anyways we both love you guys and enjoy for now aha xx.

Episode 2 promos
Promo#1: Aradhya cries after looking at her reports… Thapki worries about Aradhya and also cries along… Aradhya tells Thapki that she wants to fall in love before this happens…

Promo#2: Twinkle goes to DD’s store to buy a jewelry necklace and sees Kunj there…They both star fighting while Nani watches them and smiles

Promo#3: Sid and Roshni have to meet for a business meeting and don’t know they’re meeting again… Roshni reaches the construction side and was about to fall but Siddharth catches her and both share and eye lock. Roshni blames Siddharth for her condition.

Promo#4: Thapki is crying at the Temple because of her sister and knows she is hiding something… Bihaan enters the place and rings the bell… The wind blows… He sees her crying and gives her a tissue and they share an eye lock but start fighting after.

Promo#5: Aradhya is walking through the streets thinking about the moments she shared with her family and won’t be meeting her prince charming… She’s crying while walking on the road… Aryan’s car comes there and is honking at her… But she doesn’t listen… he then stops and comes out and she was about to faint when Aryan catches and realizes it’s the same girl he met at the NGO… He then carries her to his car…

Promo#6: A woman and man talk about their plan… They said their secret will be revealed.

Promos for Episode 3
Jamai Raja – Roshni decides to take revenge from Sid. Roshni comes to Sid’s office and they both get locked in a room. Sid irritates Roshni and their nok-Jhok starts. Later, Roshni gets to know about Sid’s wealth and she decides to trap him so she can buy all wealth and marry Aryan at the same time.

Krishnadasi – The doctor speaks to Aryan and Aradhya gestures the doctor not to tell about her illness. Aryan humiliates Aradhya, which shatters her more and later Aryan pushes Aradhya against the wall and warns her to stay away from him.

Tashan – E – Ishq – Twinkle and Kunj continue to fight where Twinkle make plans to humiliate Kunj. Kunj goes out of market and the alarm rings. Twinkle thinks her plan is successful later she is shocked to know Kunj is owner of the shop and Kunj winks at Twinkle at her failure.

Thapki Pyaar Ki – Thapki comes to the NGO and sees Bihaan teaching the kids wrong things. Thapki and Bihaan get into a fight over a teddy bear later, which makes the kid shock, and they challenge themselves to play musical chairs. They play musical chairs.

So guys I hope you enjoyed the promos of the storyline. Fatarajo and Nusz just finished writing their story for you guys. Please do comment and tells us if you like Episode 1 then you will like the upcoming ones too. Trust me you guys will enjoy the romance between the couples. Also I want to let you guys know that we both should be treated equally because Nusz and Fatarajo both worked on this together. Anyways love you guys and keep smiling aha xx.


  1. Aribah

    Awwwwwwsomeeeeeeeeee promos Fatarajo and Nuszz😍😍❤️❤️😘😘…….eagerlyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy waiting for the next part plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz post the next part asap…….love you both and your ff😊😊……..fabulousssssssss going dear keep it up👌🏻👌🏻👍🏻👍🏻

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