RABUL part I
So I am on my way to pick up my Alpha and best friend’s mates sister. WOW I actually can’t believe Abhi found his mate, I saw all the frustration he went through and then the giving up and actually think of settling with that b*t*h Tanu. Honestly I may even be gladder than he is for finding his mate because I cannot think of having Tanu as my alpha b*t*h. I would have just killed her. But Pragya, Abhi’s mate, is amazing, I will gladly let her be my Alpha b*t*h and as long as she is human, I will gladly lay down my life for her.
As for finding my own mate, I actually don’t really care if I find one right now, Abhi hates all the female attention being an alpha gives him, me on the other side, I love it!! I am one womanizing Son of a b*t*h and I love it. Me being beta to the greatest pack in the middle and Far East, actually may be even the whole world, let’s just say women come running to me. I love the attention, I don’t have to chase them to get laid. All I do is enter the bar and BAM!! A flock of she wolves is on me like bees on a flower, it doesn’t help matters that I am handsome and I know it!!

Don’t get me wrong though, if I ever mate, it will be with my true mate!! Only and only my true mate and no one else and if I never find her, I will gladly spend the rest of my years unmated. I am one of those men who don’t settle for second best, and with my position as beta, it’s not hereditary and I don’t need to bear heirs to succeed like Abhi needs to, my place in the pack is fought for, the second strongest wolf in the pack is beta!!
Any way that is what the she wolves who keep throwing them selves my way don’t know or have refused to know, they all think sleeping with me is the best way to get me to mate them, I can’t describe the frustration, tantrums b*t*hiness and down right aggression I face every single time they find out that I won’t be mating them. I swear if not for our accelerated healing and almost inability to scar, I would be the most scarred wolf that ever lived! all these b*t*hes just claw my face with their claws the moment they find out it was just a one night thing not a forever mated to the beta thing!! Any way I am sure I am not about to meet my mate and truth be told I would love another 200 years of womanizing then Kanha can send me my mate when I am 500yrs
as I am driving, at a very high speed…doesn’t also help that I hate driving, I prefer wolf form…anyway as I am driving I speed past a girl…a very angry girl! she is dialing her phone, dragging a suitcase and she is stomping around MAD!! I stop and I just have to look again I slowly reverse and stop at a reasonable distance and watch her through my side mirror and boyyy is she PISCED!! I feel sorry for whom ever she is angry at because that is some grade ten anger right there….
Girl is stomping, puffing and huffing and dragging around a huge suitcase! She is trying to call but she must not be getting what she wants as she puts the phone away from her ear and growls…its actually funny watching a woman growl….but she does it and then she kicks the suitcase and then kicks some stones and she is still growling and then kicks the air around about 10 times al the while screaming Idiot! Idiot! Idiot!…ok who ever she is angry at is one dead person…..i step on the gas and head off, as funny and as intriguing as she is to watch, I have a future in law to pick up!!

I reach the address I was given and I knock on the door, no answer. I know for about 15 more minutes and still no answer! ok where is she? She should be here? I pull out my phone to call her only to realize my phone is off am actually not bothered because it tends to do that, so I switch it and the first thing that gleams at me is the time…. IAM LATE! An hour late!! SHIT! SHIT! SHIT!
Are you ..fu..kidding me right now!! I am pisced really pisced. I mean I even almost said a swear word..and I never say those never ever! But if I am almost saying them now then I am so damn pisced!! See another swear word. Ok when this is done, and I have finished giving this Purab dude a piece of my mind, I will have my sister too for teaching me the damn word.. oh DAMN IT.
You see I was called by this Abhi, guy, who sounded really hot, and I was supposed to meet my sister. And this Purab guy was supposed to pick me up, well he didn’t if he is still planning to then he is a hour and fifteen minutes late. A f**king hour! I would say I have been duped but I spoke to Purab and we agreed so I know he was on his way, then thirty minutes passed and then his damn phone was not on and now I am in the middle of the high way dragging a heavy suitcase which to be more precise I am actually sitting on it now.
I don’t know how I got this brilliant idea of walking and I would meet him in the way…seriously, how was I going to tell who he was if I have never met him and also when his damn phone is off!! DAMN IT! The sun is super hot and I am sweating profusely, that is when a car pulls up, a man steps out, I have to say he is sooo hot he should be illegal, but am too pisced for that, he comes to me and with a very charming smile on his face
“could you by any chance be Bulbul? Pragya’s sister?”
I see red! This is Purab, the idiot who can’t keep time and can’t switch on his phone? I place a very nice smile on my face, stand up forward my hand for a handshake, he is too busy thinking about a handshake, he doesn’t see me raise my foot and the next minute he has landed himself a kick in the shins!!
He doubles over in pain, I just look at him with the same smile and I stomp to the car dragging my suitcase….

I am soo on edge right now, I am walking up and down up and down up and down, ok they should be here by now, why are they not, they should have come an hour ago, why are they not here!! I am freaking out, what if Purab killed her, what if…uhh they got attacked by doggie? Where is doggie by the way?
Anyway I am on edge and that’s when a very pisced Bulbul stomps in dragging a suitcase and a very very very angry Purab hot on her heels, I take in the situation and all I can think is ok what is wrong? That is when Abhi zooms past me and stands infront of Purab, Abhi tells him to calm down, Purab doesn’t, he is still seething. Bulbul on the other hand has thrown the suitcase down and is standing Arms Akimbo facing Purab. I can tell her teeth are tightly clenched together from the way her jaws are firmed out!
Purab makes a step in the direction of Bulbul but Abhi holds him before he makes a second step, he turns to Abhi and bares his fangs at him
Abhi goes stiff, shoves Purab away and looks him down. Abhi is a bit taller than Purab so looking him down is easy, Abhi has bared his fangs too and is prowling slowly in Purab’s direction, Purab begins to whimper slowly and by the time Abhi reaches him, Purab is in clear Pain…ok I don’t know how wolf power works but I know don’t disrespect or directly disobey the matter who you are, and Purab just disrespected the wolf king and I don’t know what Abhi is doing but Purab is in pain and I have nothing to do about it because I don’t know what to do.
I am still looking at Purab and that’s when I hear it, a whimper from behind me, I turn to see Aaliya kneeling down too and holding her middle, she is in pain too, same to Dadi and Dasi, and Raj who was walking down the stairs and is now bent over the rail biting his jaws soo hard and trying to fight the pain. I don’t know what is going on but I am sure Abhi is doing it, as I turn around, Bulbul leans heavily on me too, I look at her
BULBUL! Bulbul what is going on. she just points at herself and she begins to fan her self every where, she is in pain, every where, she hurts…OK I am confused, why is every one around me in pain and not me. I look at Abhi who is still growling at Purab and doing what ever it is he is doing. I gently lay my sister down and I rush to Abhi, touch his shoulder gently “Abhi…”
When I hear her voice all my anger washes away, her voice and her touch calm me immediately, I turn around and I hug her, and that’s when I see them, my sister, my dadis and raj..alll recovering from the pain, pain I caused them. When Purab came in stomping after Bulbul, he headed in her direction mad, problem was she was standing next to my Pragya, and with Purab’s anger, she risked harm to my Pragya and I couldn’t have that, when I stopped him and he instead snarled at me, I saw red. All I could think was you risk my mate and you snarl at me, I was mad!! So I released my Alpha power on him, all I meant to do was calm him down but I guess I was more angry than I thought! Another problem is any wolf in the area where the power is released is affected, and today I caused my family unnecessary pain which could have been avoided!

Pragya must sense my distress because she hugs me harder. I close my eyes from the guilt and I hug her tighter too. I let her closeness sooth me and calm me. when I open my eyes they are on a crawling Purab, I wonder what he is doing and only to follow his eyes and see where they are looking with such pain. The alpha power I realized was meant for him meaning even if other wolves were affected by being around, Purab got the heaviest share! It will take him some time to actually heal the pain. Alpha power doesn’t hurt you physically. It hurts you on the inside. Like a fire burning you inside out and to whomever it directed pays the biggest price! I know how much pain Purab is in now so to see him pull himself through all that pain I have to see why, I follow his eyes and he is looking at Bulbul, who is on the floor writhing in pain!
I am shocked, alpha power never affects humans, NEVER, kanha made sure of that! so when I see Bulbul I wonder why. I look at Purab again who is trying despite the pain he is in to get to Bulbul and then it hits me, Purab’s anger at bulbul when she came in, his insistence to go near her, his snarl at me when I stopped him from going near her, bulbul’s pain and Purab’s insistence to go to her even now despite his own pain.
The only reason Bulbul would feel pain is because her mate was in pain. If I hurt right now, Pragya would feel it like it was her pain, and the only reason Bulbul has for writhing in pain is because Purab is in too much of it! The only reason Purab would brave that much pain to go to a girl he barely knows is because his wolf knows her and recognizes her as his mate! HOLY SHIT! BULBUL AND PURAB ARE MATES!!!

Precap. Every time I go further away from the house, the discomfort in my stomach gets worse….now it is a hot sharp pain…

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    1. By the moon is divided into all couples….Aaliya and Purvi will get couples too. But the story needs to flow…Rabul met in the story of Abhigya. So and some of their story spills into this one. So I had to post it today. Tommorrow we shall continue with Part 5 of Abhigya story and when we done then we go to Rabul. But it was mistake…it was supposed to be RABUL INTRO not episode 1….I was dozing….????

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