Mood Swings short 5

Shot 6

Flashback continue.

Swara returns back to home.

Swara: “Baba, U love me a lot.”

Shomi: “Y are asking Swara? U know how much Shekhar loves u.”

Swara: “But let baba answer.”

Shekhar: “Yes I am but u?”

Swara (hugs him): “Me too baba. Baba I want to tell u something. (She blushes?.) Baba I love someone.”

Shekhar: “That Sanky.”

Swara: “Yes baba, u know him. Baba I want to marry him.”

Shekhar: “That spoiled boy huh?. It’s better u remain unmarried then to marry him.”

Shomi: “Y are u saying this Shekhar? U don’t believe Swara.”

Shekhar: “My Swara is too innocent, Shona that Sanskar is a cheater first he trapped Kavita then U.”

Swara: “No baba it’s not like this.”

Shekhar: “Swara I have seen more world than u.”

Shomi: “Shekhar, u r not understanding her…”

Shekhar: “Really!!! Swara u too think like this. U also want to go against me. He became more important for u.”

Swara: “Baba… U will always be most important to me.”

Shekhar: “So, I’m not ready for this relation. If u want then I’ll think u don’t love ur baba.”

Swara: “I love him, Baba. I’ll not go against u. But except Sanskar I’ll not marry any guy.”

She goes inside the room and locks it.

Shomi: “Shekhar, who told u this?”

Shekhar: “Ragini, and Mishthi u know she is Swara’s friend. Now I don’t want to talk about that Sanky. Now, I’ll say yes to my friend.”

He leaves.

Next day.

Sanskar is waiting for Swara to come.

Sanskar: “Kiddo, where r u? (He make faces?.) I’m waiting for u.”

Just then someone closes his eyes.

Sanskar: “Kiddo, I know it’s u.”

He pulls her forward.

Sanskar: “Kavita u. I mean mam.”

Kavita: “Waiting for Swara.”

Sanskar: “Mam anything important.”

Kavita pulls his cheeks.

Kavita: “What’s in her, that u rejected me?”

Sanskar: “I already told u, I don’t love u.”

Kavita: “But there was a time when we were in love.”

Sanskar: “Kavita please don’t start again. I closed everything a long back.”

Kavita: “But it was u who proposed me before whole college.”

Sanskar: “But Kavita that…”

Kavita: “That was truth, yes or no.”

Sanskar: “Yes I proposed then what??.”

Sanskar hears, weeping sound. He turns and see Swara, her eyes filled with water. Sanskar comes near her.

Swara: “I wasn’t ur first choice.”

Sanskar: “No Kiddo I only love u.”

Swara: “But u said u proposed Kavita, u love her, and I don’t want to come in ur way.”

Sanskar cups her face.

Sanskar: “Kiddo, look into my eyes, u know how much I love u.”

Swara jerks his hand and runs from there.

Kavita: “Sorry Sanskar I don’t know she is also here!”

Sanskar: “What u said to her Ragini?”

Ragini: “Nothing, I just said u r Sanskar’s 2nd choice. Like Kavita he too leaves u.”

Sanskar: “And she believed?”

Ragini: “No, then I said her that Sanskar hide the truth that he loved Kavita and he hide this truth. She is hurt because u hide the truth.”

Sanskar: “Enough of ur games Ragini. U both trapped me in ur words, I never loved u Kavita.”

He too leaves. He see Swara crying looking outside from balcony. He hugs from back.

Sanskar: “Kiddo, I love u.”

Swara: “No, u don’t. U hide truth from me. U were in relation with…”

Sanskar: “No Kiddo…”

Swara jerks him: “Now I’m not ur Kiddo. Don’t talk to me.”

Sanskar forcefully pulls her and holds her in his grip.

Swara: “Leave me.”

Sanskar: “No I’ll not.”

Swara hits on his chest with her little hand.

Swara: “Leave me bad man… Leave.”

Sanskar holds her hand and kisses her. Sanskar holds his ears.

Swara: “u r bad?. I’ll never talk to u.”

She runs from there.

Sanskar: “This Ragini and Kavita is too much.”

After office.

Swara comes down. Sanskar holds her hand.

Swara: “What happened now?”

Sanskar forcefully takes her inside the car… Swara beats him.

Swara: “Leave me.”

Sanskar: “Not so soon.”

Swara: “Huh? idiot. I’ll not come in ur words so easily. I’ll not easily forgive U.”

Sanskar: “So, u r sure u will forgive me… I mean not soon.”

Swara turns her face: “In ur dreams.”

Sanskar is driving his car so fast speed that he even didn’t noticed that the muddy water on the road splashes on someone face. He is none other than Shekhar.

Shekhar: “What the??!!! He noticed the car number.”

Shekhar whole dress even his face got spoiled. Meantime, Ragini passes from there.

Ragini: “Oh God uncle who did this.”

Shekhar: “I was coming to take Swara but some idiot fellow did this, I didn’t saw him but I noticed his car number BW209.”

Ragini: “Uncle it’s Sanky’s car. Look uncle I told u…”

Shekhar: “This Sanky will die withy hands.?????.”

Pie institute of Technology.

Sanskar’s stops his car.

Swara: “Why u took me here?”

Sanskar: “First, come out Kiddo. (She comes out and finds its a college.) It’s my college Kiddo, where I proposed Kavita.”

Swara: “Huh?, so bring ur cavity here. Y bring me?”

Sanskar: “U don’t want to see the place where I got Kavita. My first love.”

Swara: “No. Why would I?”

A man comes there.

Man: “Sanskar, u r here?”

Sanskar: “Good Evening sir. Actually my wife… (Swara glares him.) I mean my future wife wants to see my college can I?”

Man: “OK, u can. After sometime college will close so do it fast.”

Sanskar(smiles?): “Sure sir.”

Sanskar keeps his hand on Swara’s waist.

Sanskar: “Kiddo say hi to sir.”

Swara: “Hello sir.”

Man: “Sir is very talented boy. I’m happy for u both.”

He leaves.

Sanskar naughtly smirks and cares Swara waist. She jerks him.

Swara: “Don’t be so romantic.”

Sanskar: “Sometime I feel like pulling ur cheeks and pecks on ur pout.”

They go inside the college. They rome throughout the college. He shows her his labs, canteen. At last he stops near a class. Class is empty.

Sanskar: “This is my first class Kiddo, look that bench I used to sit there.”

Swara: “Y near window?”

Sanskar takes her near the window and hugs her from back.

Sanskar: “Look outside.”

Swara: “Sun set looks too beautiful from here.”

Sanskar wishpers in her ears.

Sanskar: “Now close ur eyes… And feel the breeze. (She does.) How’s u feeling now.”

Swara: “Happy, and relax.”

Sanskar: “Kiddo…”

Swara: “Yes…”

Sanskar: “I love u Kiddo…”

Swara: “I love…”

Just then Bell rings… Swara comes in reality. She opens her eyes and move aside.

Swara: “It’s too late I need to go.”

She is about to leave but Sanskar holds her hand.

Sanskar: “Don’t u want to see the place where I proposed Kavita.”

Swara: “No.”

Sanskar: “Jealous, that’s mean u love me?. Am I right?”

Swara: “No, I’m not I’ll see that place too.”

Sanskar smiles seeing her cute antics. Finally they go to the destination spot. But as soon as she reaches there her eyes becomes wide, seeing the whole decoration. There written in big letters Will U Marry Me Kiddo? Sanskar bends down on his knees.

Sanskar: “I love u Kiddo. U r my first and last love, it’s not like that I can’t live without, it’s because I don’t want. I’m proposing u before whole college WILL U MARRY ME SWARA GADODIA!!!”

Swara becomes liver happy and notices whole college is around them. All are cheering her to say yes…

Swara (blushes): “Yes…”

And hugs Sanskar. All starts whistling…

Boy: “Sir ur girlfriend is too cute.”

Another girl slaps on his head.

Girl: “Am I not cute?”

Boy: “No I mean both of them are cute.”

Girl: “Yes sir u both look too cute together, ur girlfriend looks like cute kid. Can I pull her cheeks.”

Swara hides her face in Sanskar’s chest.

Sanskar: “Sorry, I can’t let u. Because only I have right Am I right Kiddo?”

She nodes yes… After that they leaves in cars…

Swara: “When u arrange this much.”

Sanskar: “U were not talking to me, so what will I do?”

Swara: “All because of u. If loved that cavity then why u hide. That is ur past I won’t be angry on U. But u hide and that’s make me angry.”

Sanskar Stops his car.?.

Sanskar: “Do u really think, I loved Kavita?”

Swara: “But u said u proposed her?”

She makes pout?.

Sanskar: “That’s was because of ragging. My senior ragged me and told me to proposed her. And after that, I even told her sorry but she took it little seriously. (He holds her hand.) Kiddo I never loved any girl except u. I love u a lot.”

Swara: “Me too, next time if that Cavity will try to come near u. I’ll kill her.”

Sanskar (smiles): “Sure u can.”

He moves forward and kisses her her. He gently tastes her lips. She is blushing and hugs him.

Swara: “Sorry for being rude.”

Sanskar: “I love this angry Kiddo too.”

Swara moves towards Sanskar and sits on his lap keeping her head on his chest.

Sanskar: “Kiddo, u r not getting late?”

Swara: “No, I want to be with you…”

They lost in their world, Swara sleeps in his arms?. Shekhar calls her.

Shekhar: “Where are u Swara?”

Swara: “Baba, sorry… I…”

Shekhar: “Did u saw the time? Or u r with that Sanky?”

Swara: “Baba, please understand. U always fullfill my all wishes.”

Shekhar: “That Sanky is not right for u. Come home fast… And yes tomorrow my friend’s son is coming to see u. And u have to agree to marry him.”

Before Swara could answer him, Shekhar disconnects her call.

Sanskar: “What happened to my Kiddo?”

Swara: “I don’t want to marry him. Baba, don’t likes u. I don’t want to go against him because I can’t be happy after making him cry. But I also want to live with u. What to do??”

Sanskar: “Marry that guy.”

Swara: “What?!!!”

Sanskar: “Don’t make ur baba unhappy. U can get many Sanskaar but Baba is only one. Trust me Kiddo if ur dad chose him then he must be perfect for u.”

Swara: “U r vet bad.”

Sanskar: “Look now u too agree I’m not suitable for u.”

She beats him with her little hand. Sanskar holds her hand and kisses in her cheek.

Sanskar: “Cool my Kiddo.”

He takes her back to her home.

Next day.

Shomi makes Swara ready.

Swara: “Ma, tell Baba I don’t want to marry him?.”

Shomi: “What can I say him? It’s ur destiny.”

Shekhar knocks the door.

Shekhar: “Swara, come out they came.”

With sad face Swara comes out, she doesn’t even want to look at groom and his family.

Shekhar: “He is Ram my friend.”

Swara(without looking at him): “Namestey? uncle.”

Shekhar: “She is Sujata, ur mother in law.”

Swara(still looking at floor): “Namestey?.”

Shekhar: “And he is ur life partner, Sanskaar…”

As soon Shekhar announces his name, Swara immediately looks towards him. He is there before her.

Shekhar: “She is my only daughter Swara.”

Sujata: “Shekhar, from my side it’s yes. I’m very excited to make her my DIL.”

Shekhar: “Before we fixed this relation I want to tell something Ram.”

Ram: “Say Shekhar.”

Shekhar: “Swara, loves a spoiled boy some Sanky. But trust me after marriage she will be loyal to her husband. My daughter is innocent to judge the people.”

Ram: “I don’t have problem. Let them stay alone, I mean they have to spend life together.”

Shekhar: “Sure. Swara take him to ur room.”

As soon as SwaSan enters inside the room. Swara hugs him.

Swara: “I love u soo soo much. How u did this?”

Sanskar: “Yesterday I came to know about that ur father and my dad is good friend. So thought to tell u about this, then all cavity mess happened.”

Swara: “But Baba didn’t recognized u?”

Sanskar: “It’s because ur Dada never saw me. Now Kiddo we will tell him truth after marriage okie.”

Swara: “No, we will not tell him. Sanskar, that Ragini said ill about u to Baba and don’t want loose u because of her.”

Sanskar: “OK my Kiddo.”

They come out.

Sanskar: “I am ready.”

Shomi: “And u Swara.”

Swara: “Yes, I’m happy Baba chose Sanskar for me.”

Ram keeps his hand on Swara’s head.

Ram: “God bless u.”

Sujata: “As we all happy let’s change the ring now.”

Shekhar: “Okie, but I didn’t arranged anything.”

Sanskar: “Baba, no need to do any formalities.”

SwaSan changes the ring.?.

After a month both of them gets married.

On marriage day.

Ragini: “I never understand who changes Shekhar uncle’s mind.”

Kavita: “Don’t know. My heart broken down into thousands of pieces.”

It is morning bidai time. Swara is crying hugging her Baba and ma.

Shekhar: “Keep her happy Sanskar.”

Sanskar: “Now she is my responsibility Baba.”

But when they reaches near the car. Shekhar notices the car number he reminds how Sanky splashes muddy water on his face. Then he realises how easily Swara said yes for marriage. Swara is about to sit inside the car but, Shekhar holds her hand.

Shomi: “Let her go Shekhar.”

Shekhar: “No, I’ll not.”

Sanskar comes near him.

Sanskar: “Baba, u don’t worry. I’ll take care of Swara. Now she is mine.”

He is about to take her but Shekhar Slaps him?. All becomes shocked.

Ram(shouts) : “Shekhar…??. What is this, who behaves like this with his son in law.”

Shomi: “What is this Shekhar? Sanskar is Swara’s husband u slapped him.”

Sanskar: “Baba, what I did?”

Shekhar: “Stay away from me, Sanky… Yes I know u r that Sanky.”

Swara: “Baba, it was not his mistake. I told him not to tell u truth. He is nice boy. That Ragini lied Baba.”

Ragini and Kavita becomes happy seeing the drama.

Shekhar: “U know, this Sanskar splashed muddy water on my face. He insulted me.”

Sanskar: “No baba, I never…”

Shekhar: “Remember, day before u came to see my daughter. U were going in very fats speed the u did this. I’ll not forgive U because of u all people’s laugh at me.”

Swara: “Baba, it was because…”

Shekhar: “U r my daughter but for him u lied to me. This guy who insulted ur farther and u r taking his side. He became more important for u.”

Sanskar bends down on his knees and joins his hand??

Sanskar: “I’m sorry Baba. I did insult u but not intensionally, I’m ready to bear any punishment.”

Shekhar: “Ur punishment is to stay away from my daughter.”

Shomi: “Shekhar stop behaving like kid. He is our son in law. Have some shame.”

Sanskar holds his ears.

Sanskar: “Baba, Swara is my life don’t do this… Please???.”

Ram: “No, need to beg Sanskar. U did everything bymistake. Shekhar if u love ur pride more than ur daughter’s happiness that’s OK but I can’t see my son begging. Sanskar get up.”

Sanskar: “But Dad Kiddo. I want my Kiddo.”

Sujata: “Come Sanskaar, don’t cry. We can’t force Swara, She is a daughter first then ur wife.”

Sanskar: “No, I’ll not go without my Kiddo.”

Swara bends down on her knees and holds her ears.

Swara: “Baba, u love ur Swara too much. Can’t u give me my love. Baba, this life is given by u I can’t disobey ur decision but I’m begging my love please baba, forget ur anger and accept my love.”

All request Shekhar, he see his daughter crying and begging. Sujata cries and hugs Ram.

Sujata: “What is happening Ram ji.”

Swara: “Baba, I’m nothing less than a dead body without Sanskar…”

Sanskar hugs Swara: “Don’t cry Kiddo.”

Her words pinches in his heart.

Shekhar (thinks): “What are u doing Shekhar? After so many prayers u got Swara and u are making her cry. By doing this u are becoming evil for ur daughter and this Sanskar is becoming hero. No I can’t let this happen. I’ll see this Sanskar afterward, he us really very cleverly fooled my innocent daughter.”

Shekhar: “OK, u can go Swara. Ur Baba loves u too much more than anything.”

Swara hugs him.

Swara: “Love u Baba.”

Sanskar: “Thanks Baba.”

Shekhar(uninterestingly): “Hmm?.”

After lots of drama SwaSan goes to their new world.

Flashback ends…

Sanskar looks towards Swara who is peacefully sleeping in his arms.

Sanskar: “Don’t know when Shekhar Gadodia will accept me.”

Next Morning Swara wakes up and finds herself in Sanskar’s arms.

Swara: “I slept with ma baba then how came here?.”

Swara: “Sanskar get up, tell me who bring me here.”

Sanskar more tightly hugs her.

Sanskar: “Kissi??. I want good morning kissi??.”

Swara: “No, I’ll not give u first tell me.”

Sanskaar rolls over her and takes her beneath.

Sanskar: “If u will not give them I’ll steal?. (He kisses her.)”

Swara: “Stealing is a sin.”

Sanskar: “But I can steal what’s mine??.”

Swara: “OK, but tell me who bring me here? U?”

Sanskar: “Why would I? Ur Hitler Dada would kill me. U forgot u yourself came here. After all u can’t sleep without me.”

Swara: “Really??. I stated walking in sleep.”

Sanskar: “Impact of my love.”

Swara: “Now get up today Baba is going back.”

Sanskar(mummers): “Thank God ?.”

Swara: “U sad something…”

Sanskar: “No Kiddo… U go ur Baba will see u here then will rip me in parts…”

Swara: “Don’t say like this he us very nice.”

Sanskar: “Yes I know…”

After sometime.

Shekhar: “Take care Shona, if this Sanskar trouble u then call me.”

Shomi: “Shekhar…”

Swara: “Ma, Baba u don’t worry… Sujata ma said me that she will soon come to meet us, if ur son in law trouble me then I’ll complain her.”

Shomi: “Sanskaar if this Swara trouble u then say to me. Ur ma is in ur side.”

Sanskar: “Thanks ma…”

They left.

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