Monsoon: An unusual love story Arshi SS (Prologue and Part 1)

Monsoon:An unusual love story Prologue

Arnav and Khushi met in the rain.
They confessed their love to the each other in the rain.
They got engaged in the rain.
Their wedding took place in the rain.
Their wedding night was with rain.
Rain was the witness to their love.
They may be the only couple whose love story was completely a Monsoon love story.

Monsoon:An unusual love story Part 1

What he viewed from the gazebo was beautiful.Rain drops were dipping.But what made the rain drops beautiful is the Angel who was covered by the rain.Her lustrous eyes were evident though the rain tried hard to cover them.Her bouncy hair though wet was dancing to the enchanting tunes of rain.Sweet smile was produced by her wet lips.The rain drops on her milky skin looked like pearls.She stretched her hands to feel the rain,to go more closer to rain.She swayed to the music of her heart;the song which her heart sang to describe the happiness of being in the rain.

vinnodu maela chatham enna..
mannodu chinna thooral enna..
engethaan sentrayo ippothu vanththayo
sollaamal vanthathu pol nillamal povaayo
thappamal meendum santhipaayo…paayo..

nee varum poothu naan maraivenaa
nee varum poothu naan maraivenaa…
tharikidda tharikidda thaa….(Mazhai). (Watch this song and imagine Khushi dancing in Shreya’s place:

He was so immersed in her dance that he could not control himself from going down to see the Angel from near.His smile which was caused by her made him look pleasant.But the moment she saw him,she became numb,her body stopped moving rhythmically.She was embarrassed.His smile made her shy.
“Why did you stop dancing?It was very graceful”.
His words made her shy.
She opened her umbrella.

“I thought you preferred to be wet in the rain.But now you are opening the umbrella.By the way you are already drenched in the rain.So now what is the need of opening the umbrella?”.
She did not know what to say.

He continued talking,

“Is it because I am watching you?You thought I will find you crazy if you walk in the rain without holding an umbrella?Then don’t worry.I won’t think that about you.Even if I find you crazy never mind.Because I like crazy people”.
Both of them burst into laughter.
“What is your name?”He asked.

“Khushi”,she replied.
“O!I thought your name must be Angel.Because you looked like an Angel in the rain”.
She blushed.He smiled seeing her blush.
“But this name also suits you.Because it means happiness and to be frank when I saw you itself I felt an unknown happiness.I don’t know what to name that unknown happiness”.
She blushed.
“You did’nt tell your name”.

“Sorry.I forgot to introduce myself.I am Arnav”.
She smiled.
“Bye”,he smiled.
Though she went away,he did’nt feel sad as he was sure that they were destined to meet again.

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  1. Riana

    Beautiful Start…???…Wajting for the nxt updt…???

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    Nice start. Loved it dea!

  3. Krkavita

    Arshi rain scenes are very much romantic. Love at first sight.

  4. Honey

    welcome backk dear….so nice

  5. kushi’s intro wid vinnodu maela chatham enna bg was nice . it was such a nice start , i loved it. arshi’s conversation was so cute . so it is love at first site for arnav . the intro part was so good , such an unusual love story , eagerly waiting for next epi . btw ishq forever is updated

  6. Super pls update first episode dear

    1. Jasminerahul

      This was the 1st episode.
      thx 4 commenting

  7. Arni

    Nice loved it and to be honest its different as every happened in rain ?

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      thx a lot.never thought that u read arshi ffs

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