Monsoon: An unusual love story Arnav Khushi FS Epilogue

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Monsoon:An unusual love story Epilogue

New year…
Hearing the sound made by the alarm Arnav and Khushi woke up from the sleep.
They wished each other:Happy new year…
Khushi opened the window and looked out.Her face faded.
K:Today is new year.The stating of a new year…this moment marks new year.Very special.But still there is no rain.

A:Khushi…be practical.It’s January.How can we expect rain?It’s not monsoon.
He kept his arms on her shoulders.
A:That’s why I am telling you that for us,new year is Monsoon when the rain falls for the first time in this year.
K:No Arnavji…Rain has always been our companion.It was always there with us in the most imporant moments of our journey.So definitely there will be rain now.Because it knows that this is the first new year after our union.
Arnav smiled:I also wish for that.
K:Wait Arnav…definitely rain will hear our mind’s wish.

A:I hope so.
Suddenly they heard a whisper and looked out.They could see tiny drops of rain falling.
They became very happy and smiled at each other with excitement.
K:Rain can’t leave us alone.
A:You are right Khushi.
Slowly slowly the rain became heavier.

A:Rain has always been with us.Then why don’t we give it a company?
K:Why not?
A:Then what are we waiting for?Let’s go out.
They ran out to feel the rain drops.
Unknowingly their eyes drowned in each other.Their eyes poured love on each other.

‘Boondon ke motiyon mein ghulke ehsaas aaya
Waqt se nikal ke lamha dil ke paas aaya
Chhoo ke guzra tha par dil ko na mehsoos hua
Ab jo dekha to wo lamha dil ko raas aaya

Yoon.. kehte.. kal na paaun re
Dil ki baat mai hawa ke zariye pohchaun re
Ya khud hawa pe chalke aaun re
Tumse pyar hai ye khulke.. jinme keh paaun re
Lafz wo kahan se laaun re…(Wake up Sid).

They swayed themselves melting in each other’s arms.Because they knew that the rain was singing to show each other how much they love each other.

The end

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  1. nice epilogue . its cute how kushi wants rain in jaunary . clouds hear kushi’s wish and it starts raining to give company to arshi , beautiful . arshi’s rain dance was romantic and too good . this was such a cute and beautiful fs , loved it from the beginning to the end . arshi’s meeting , their confession , their marriage , each and everything was too good and just too amazing and beautiful , i am really going to miss this beautiful ff . some stories make us read it madly , again and again . this is one such story , how much ever times i read this story i wont get bored

    1. Jasminerahul

      i’m overwhelmed.thanks a lot

  2. Honey

    nice dr jst love it……………….

  3. It was super I love u all ff dear

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