monsoon rain os (ragsan)

The sky seems gloomy. It would rain for sure hope I reach home soon
I looked out through bus window the wind was blowing too wild I leaned back of my seat and closed my eyes the bus was stuck in traffic
Soon the pitter pattar sound caught my attention
The rain poured down over the city with a roar. people running from one place to other trying to find a shelter
Among the crowd what seemed eye catching was a angle in white dress Drops of rain beat against her youthful skin like hammers and she trying to save herself She ran through a maze of buildings . The sky rumbled, and heavy rain bounced off the cobblestone her irritated face cursing this stupid weather that was spoiling her day. Her dainty shoes were soggy with mud, and the storm had battered her black long hair She ran across the slippery path, her posture weakened by the weight of her soaked clothes she found a shelter soon he couldn’t take his eyes off her minutes seemed as ages her trembling lips her shivering with cold
No sound as if reached his ears his eyes were glued to her
But the moment lasted for no longer the bus started moving and he tried to capture her every sight
What was that he tried to control his pumping heart that seemed out of control he placed his hand on heart and tried to clam his mind but her face was continuously disturbing him
The time flew like a flawless bird but that white dress in rain was not going out of his mind
He named her the rain princess his angle whom he saw in rain but he did wonder will ever he meet her and they would be together
Love doesn’t happen by asking ur permission it just happens u don’t realise it
He was in love and he himself had zero knowledge about it
Her life was a big puzzle and she felt tried trying to solve it
She looked out of window this rain urghh for some reason she hated it
And for her reason he started loving it
Rain is a special treat in the desert.
he reached his place
“hello ma” “yeah all good” “hmm just had dinner and leaving for airport” “hmm the flight is in some time so gonna leave for airport”
He spoke with his mom for some time and looked out
It had stopped raining a long back and it was almost a week of that incident where he saw his girl but its just that he is sad as he have to leave this place
He was at Udupi for his business practical exam purpose he was sad that he was unable to know anything about his rain princess
Destiny some times does something which we get confused about but its with some hidden intention
‘Mumbai aiport’ as he walked out of airport wearing sunglass he looked up toward the sky he was no longer found of this light as he loved darkness and relish of rain
He had completed his studies and was handling his dad’s business
Years passed but something that didn’t seem to pass was that moment in rain
“yep I have reached Mumbai” she spoke over to her friend as she came out of airport
“yeah tomorrow I need to join for internship talk to u later” she hanged the call and walked along with her other crew members they reached hotel
She fell on bed being tried but something new was stored in future
The next day she reached the office with her other colleagues
‘Maheswari constructions’ she entered the huge office building and was soon assigned her job
He walked inside his cabin
“MD Sanskar Maheswari” people called him SM he didn’t like other calling him by his name other than his beloved once , heir of maheswari group of companies
“ragini” called her boss she turned her head and walked up to him
“this file u need to take to main branch office” she seemed confused
“actually tomorrow is annual meet of company and this file need to reach their today at any cost and no one is free so u need to go” she nodded her head taking the file
“is everything ready for tomorrow” he asked his PA
“yes sir just a small addition apart from that everything is done”
“I had said I need everything perfect”he roared he was too professional no comprise with work
“sorry sir its about our construction group it’ll be done soon”
“hope so otherwise find a new job for urself” saying he left
He was walking out of office but remembered that he left his phone in he walked in back
She entered the office and was talking to receptionist the lady their explained her way and she walked
The lift seemed busy and she thought to walk by stairs to second floor
He thought to have a last check and walked toward control department and second floor
She huffed and took a deep breath and walked
He felt something strange but didn’t think what was that
“excuse me” he heard a feminine voice and turned his head he found a girl talking to one of his employee
He ignored it and walked towards his destination
He reached parking and she was walking out of building she too reached parking area
He was about to entered a message popped he looked at it
All of sudden wind started blowing hard
‘it may rain’ he thought and a smile crept his lips as he remembered his rain princess
He turned for some unknown reason and was froze at his place
She was walking towards parking her hairs were flying in air her face had beautiful glow her pink lips her eyes
He felt as if it was dream he closed his eyes and tried to calm himself
“Mam this way” said driver to her and she walked when he opened his eyes he didn’t find her may be dream he thought shrugging his thought
‘U are becoming mad’ he cursed himself
She was confused for a moment she felt too strange an unknown happiness
He was busy with his business delicates
The party was in full swing
She walked inside venue with her friends
She was in pink gown hairs tied in side braid with minimal makeup looking pretty and beautiful
He looked towards entrance and as she entered his mind stopped working she was real or dream
She smiled and walked in
‘she is real she is present here but how why oh god am I dreaming’
“sanskar” called his mom he walked to her
“she is kavya I want u to know her” her mom said but his mind was occupied by some one throughout all his gaze was on her , her smile made his heart flicker
The light went dim and couples started dancing

Everytime I see your face it makes me want to sing
and everytime I think about your love
it drives me crazy
He smiles seeing her
And she was completely unaware about his gaze
It was chance or his luck that he got a chance to hold her in arms they danced it was by chance and she noticed him his eyes they were enchanting her she herself didn’t know how she was lost in those dark orbs
He found every detail about her and he was eager to meet her again but was confused how would he he’s her boss owner of the company where she works as a intern
He cursed his fate from past five years he was troubled by her thoughts and know when she was in front of him close to him he couldn’t act
Every one were confused the arrogant sanskar maheswari was spotted smiling most often he would be lost in thoughts and his visit to his construction branch had increased more he had never been so much interested in this business but know he was taking interest in real estate
How to approach her what would she think of me these thoughts always troubled him
She had started noticing him he was handsome hot no doubt and what she heard about him made her confuse about his behaviour but she shrug her thoughts saying his personal life but she do noticed his gaze she was confused was he actually looking at her or it mere her wild imagination because she had developed some sort of attraction towards him
She was full of life
Her smile her pranks she was a talkative a chatter box couldn’t stay quite for even second
He was her secret admirer and she his nightingale
It was monsoon rain was most often
She was standing near corner of road waiting for rickshaw but it seemed her fate was too bad
It may rain in no time and here she was stuck in office and it was too late
Sanskar passed by same route and he stopped spoting her
She was lost in thoughts when car stopped in front of her
She looked puzzled
“may I drop u” he asked
She was about to protest but it started drizzling and she had to agree with no other option
She got in car and she drove
The whole journey was quite she shivered when she felt cold
He closed car windows
‘pit pat pit pat’ was the sound of rain
He didn’t knew what to speak
“hmm thank u sir” she said breaking his trance of thought
“you are always welcome”
Slowly the conversation started between them they didn’t speak much but they were quite normal with each other
“ragini” he called her she stopped in her all had left conference hall
“any plan tonight”
She was confused
“hmm no” she said
“ok be ready at 8pm I’ll pick u” he said and before words could register her he left
She was ready in pink crop top and white jean minimal makeup looking pretty
He reached the place and picked her
“where are we heading sir” she asked and he didn’t answer
“I would prefer u call me sanskar we are not in office so no need to be formal”
She was confused as she heard that he don’t like any one calling him by his name and here he himself asking her to call him by his name
“but sirrrr— sanskar where are we going” he smiled and didn’t reply she was angry seeing his ignorance soon they reached their destination
He forwarded his hand to her and she kept her hand in his
He led her towards topmost floor of hotel it was open
He pulled chair for her
“what would u like to order”
“can I know why we are here” she asked but again he didn’t react
“what they say when two lovers are for dinner”
She said and realised what he meant
“what” she screamed standing in her place
She took her seat
“ragini I would not keep any puzzle in front of you so coming straight to point I like u may be more than like I don’t know when why how but I feel some connection with u from first time I saw u everything seems different u may question how can I love u when I know nothing about you but truth is I myself don’t know how why but I am sure the feeling I have for u is love the first time I saw u in rain something that caught my sight was ur smile”
“sanskar” she interrupted
“take your own time don’t say no”
“u are not understanding”
“I understand and I know everything”
“u know nothing u heard what others said” she stood up and started leaving
“I’ll drop u after dinner” he said and she had to take seat
She didn’t know how to react it was mere her attraction towards him and he here loves her
“sanskar”she called when he had dropped her near hostel he turned smiling
“can u answer me where did u see me first in rain”
He smiled at her
“its a long story may I tell on our next day” saying he winked at her and she was lost
Some time back she met him he was her boss he liked her or in his words loved her she had no idea about what next but was sure of something that they have a long way to go
Something was their unsaid and unread between them may be that’s why they are here
Making ragini open to himself was not that easy task he tried hard to get her friendship and know when they are friends for past 4 months he feel
Is this girl or what a complete chatterbox prankster she enjoyed irritating him she used her liberty of being his friend a lot and he used to feel angry but it used to just vanish seeing her smile
It was one of monthly meet he was explain presentation ragini was too sitting their
She was continuously disturbing him by winking at him by passing teasing smile
And he was getting distracted
Once the meet was over he pulled her
“ahh”she stopped seeing him
“What were u trying to do” she put her hands around his neck
“irritating u see” he pulled her by waist
They didn’t realise their position that how close they were
They jerked by some sound and came out of their la la land
Sleep was far from both
Ragini was tensed the way their relation was heading she was uncertain about everything and she didn’t want all probably that’s what her mind said but her heart wanted to be with him
They were back travelling from pune she was with him in his car
It was night and he was driving
He stopped his car and she jerked opened her eyes
“have we reached” she asked
“no but yes” he said coming out of car and opening the other door for her
She came out and was shocked to see the scence before her
They were at some beach probably it was totally out of city
“this is my favourite place away from city hustle bustle u won’t find much people here its prone to floods during heavy rain and this place” he walked towards a big rock
“I come here most often and seat here for some time my dadaji used to get me here its always been close to my heart no one knows about this not even my best friend ” he said
She walked to him and sat near him
“u are confused about life” he asked and this was not new for her he had some mind reading tricks this is what she believed as he could easily read her mind
“yeah I am”
Their was silence between them
“mom loved dad alot” she started speaking
He looked towards her and then back towards sea
“but dad didn’t their marriage was by force mom tried hard to mend their relation but nothing worked people advised her have kids may be then he change mom tried but dad was against this he used to beat her alot harrss her in every way and out of where he decided to have kids on his mother’s insistence I was born he was more furious as a girl child was born know he got a license to beat my mom as she gave birth to a girl child” she was stammering unable to complete her sentence tears rolled down her cheek and she wiped it he kept looking at her behind that naughty face their hided thousands of pain
He held her hand and she continued
“time passed but things were turning worsen mom didn’t want my future to be spoiled so she decided to divorcee dad it was not easy for her she tried hard and finally was able to get free from that cage but god as if didn’t want my happiness so he snatched her from me it was during heavy rain fall that she met accident with a truck and was found dead I was left all alone in this world I was taken to orphanage their I met veer my best friend my hamdard my everything”
Jealous occupied his eyes listening of a boy’s name from her his grip tightened and she didn’t understand
“it was him who helped me in every way he supported me made me smile again helped me get motivated that my mom wanted my better future she sacrificed her life for that and I shouldn’t waste her sacrifice”
“your mom was definitely a brave women” she looked towards him
“and lucky that she has a awesome daughter who is best of all” he looked straight in her eyes and she could clearly see so much of love for her
But their moment got disturbed by rain pour
“ohh fish”she cursed and ran towards near by shelter
“sanskar please come this way”she said but he didn’t mind her words
He looked up and closed his eyes the rain pouring over him
“experience this rain ragini, each drop, together and apart, same and different droplets soaking just let yourself free” he said and she kept on looking at him
‘Rain falls like God’s own poetry; each drop is a single letter in a song that takes eons to sing. It has always been music, always called to me in ways I cannot explain. When the patter of the drops tumbles from grey skies the melody brings serenity no matter the chaos in my life. Rain. Blessed rain’
He walked to her and pulled her in rain she was all wet with him he smiled seeing her and she smiled back
He pulled her close and started singing
It is the springtime of my loving
The second season I am to know
You are the sunlight in my growing
So little warmth I’ve felt before
It isn’t hard to feel me glowing

They were slowly moving in musical rhythm of rain and love

I watched the fire that grew so low, oh
It is the summer of my smiles
Flee from me, keepers of the gloom
Speak to me only with your eyes
It is to you I give this tune
Ain’t so hard to recognize, oh
These things are clear to all from time to time, ooh
Oh, oh
Oh, oh
Talk talk, talk, talk
Hey, I felt the coldness of my winter
I never thought it would ever go
I cursed the gloom that set upon us, ‘pon us, ‘pon us, ‘pon us
But I know that I love you so
Oh, but I know
That I love you so
These are the seasons of emotion
And like the wind, they rise and fall
This is the wonder of devotion
I see the torch
We all must hold
This is the mystery of the quotient, quotient
Upon us all, upon us all a little rain must fall
Just a little rain, oh
Ooh, yeah-yeah-yeah
The rain silenced a bit their was complete silence and they were standing wet close to each other

The sound of emptiness was disrupted by the loud gregarious boom of thunder
And she hugged him tight and he hugged her back a new emotion a rush was going in their bodies the environment was cold but the heat of love was too much
They broke the hug and looked towards each other he slowly moved his hand towards her face and removed those strings of hair she closed her eyes feeling his touch
Her trembling and shivering lips were so attractive to him he moved his thumb finger at corner of her lips she opened her eyes
“sanskar” she tried to say something he silenced her
“shhh” let me complete
“ragini I understand ur insecurities but every relation is not same I know u hate relation love marriage and all but I want to spend my every moment with u, be with u in ur all times love u so much that u forget the world” she kept looking towards him
This guy changed her world so much in these few months he meant something more to her
“so will u give me honour to call u mine will u spend ur life with me will u be mother of my children will u share each happiness and sorrow in my life will u marry me ragini” she was more confused
Some time back she poured her heart to him and he’s proposing her she had no answer yeah no answer because she was unsure , unsure about many things he lifted her chin
“I know what u are thinking but I said what I wanted to say from many days decision is yours I just want you to be with me and I promise I won’t let any reason of tears come near you I promise to love u like this always and forever”
She had tears of happiness yeah she was happy because this guy was loving her so much she craved for love and he loves her seeing in his eyes all her worried and insecurities come to an end
And she nodded he smiled and leaned close to her soon their lips met
The rain had got two lovers together it made them two bodies one heart one soul it witnessed everything and like nothing just flowed and joined see
The journey of rain is really tough from becoming vapour from surface of sea to moving towards sky becoming cloud then coming back and nourishing all beings and meeting back to its originator if u think hard u’ll find a love story of rain its journey to become rain and face hurdles to meet sea
Everything seems beautiful if u think so be positive and happy always

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