Monica Sehgal – An Episode – Kavya or Radhika

Hiii friends…This is your Renu…Dont think Renu comes again just to disappear…You all may be confused at this time cox I din come here to update Missing pieces or Tale of Hatred into love…Then what I gonna do…Wait…you will get answer after reading this thread till the end…(only who have strong heart can take this risk…Lol…)

I categorized this article under Episodic analysis but ,I dinn write anything about Manmarziyan here…Then,What’s the purpose of this article…Any wild guess…I all are more intelligent than this poor Renu…Ok…I’m stopping my blabbering right here and coming straight to the point…This one I’m dedicating to our cute angel Monica Sehgal as Radhika Mishra of our Mmz…

This is all about Monica sehgal’s Single Episodic show telecasted in Bindaas channel on May 15 (Yeh Hai aashiqui) and few words about her…

Before going into the episode…I wanna share sth about Monica…I used to follow Monica on Twitter…So,I came to know about her upcoming projects…I was impressed by her tweets…She is more like Radhika in her Real life too…May be that’s y,I think Pushkar sir and Saurab tiwari sir selected her for Radhika role in MMz…Ok…What I saw there is a tweet of her upcoming web series project…This is the first web series in India “Starting up”…Monica is the female lead and Male lead is new to us…I wondered about moni’s different avatars in her career within a short span…She is so focused in her career…May god bless her and fulfill all her wishes…First Jugaad in youtube…Then her debut in a Daily soap MMz as Radhika,then in Mythological show as Rani Bahmani(though short lived character..she showed some variation in her acting)…Then Single Episode show in Yeh hai Aashiqui as Kavya and now we gonna see her in first Web series “starting up” as Vasudha…In all these including her real character…I can sense some Radhika here and there…

And another thing…Moni looks gorgeous in her latest projects…(But missing her long hair)…One thing which fret Renu is why we cant see these gorgeous looks in MMz as Radhika yaar…Seriously Arjun’s stare and wooing will have no bounds then…Ok…see what to do yaar…I came here talking about Monica but blabbering about Radhika…I cant differentiate these two yaar…Couldnt help myself guys…Still some ardhika hangover is left on…They are iconic couple…No one can replace them…

Ok…Now about Moni’s single episode…

YEh hai AAshiqui:

After a long time,Renu is writing an episode analysis, but not so deep(it was more like comparison),… I hope you all like it…(I imagined Arjun in few places…Sorry for the male lead…He was good…But its my fault to do so…Hope you guys wont do that mistake while watching it…If not…Go and give it a try…)

Written Update of that Episode:

There is no WU of this Episode available online…So,Renu was forced to write WU before writing a brief comparison with ardhika…I feel MMz in many places in this Episode…So,will write in what places it makes me to remember MMz after this WU…

Main characters:

Male Lead:Yuvaraj(Mrinal DUtt- I think so)

Female Lead:Kavya (Monica sehgal)

Other characters:Yuvaraj’s Father,Driver and Kavya’s mom(she was not shown till end)

Episode starts with yuvaraj discussing with his father about upcoming election.They were seated near a swimming pool.He was the Electoral candidate.His father is a politician and did all arrangements to make yuvaraj win.Right then,Yuvaraj’s PA intimate him about a youth magazine Reporter Kavya’s interview.Yuvaraj’s father encourages him to attend as it will help him to connect to the youth.

Now Kavya entered with nervousness and by mistake fell into the pool grasped yuvaraj’s attention.He gave her a shawl to dry and a coffee to make her feel warm.Kavya requested to switch off the AC and yuvaraj asked his servant to do so.Sensing her Nervousness still,He asked her to postpone the interview. Instead KAvya informed him that she wants to cover him completely by knowing about his demeanor , his Political life and she goes on talking about the things she wanna cover about him in her magazine.But yuvaraj was so busy in wooing her and he stopped her in mid by replying that he was already convinced by her arguments.So she can come tomorrow.

Next day,yuvaraj was too busy and one old lady thanked him for his service.Kavya was impressed and yuvaraj apologized kavya that he cant give her interview as he was busy.If she feel ok,she can accompany him during his works this week and can ask question while traveling.KAvya was so glad to accept this offer.while talking as usual kavya slipped and yuvaraj caught her.Both had a eyelock.Kavya asked sorry again.

Next at night In car,Kavya asked few questions to yuvaraj like how he travelling without bureaucrats. Yuvaraj answered that bureaucrats will stop him from meeting common people as he wants to connect with them directly.Right then a girl was chased by two guys and they tried to misbehave with that girl.Kavya saw them and stopped the car and started beating those guys.Seeing her in action,yuvaraj beats those guys black and blue and people gathered there and they assured that they will send that girl safely to her house.Still kavya was not convinced but yuvaraj takes her with him.

In car,yuvaraj sensed kavya’s deep restlessness. Kavya said that dunno why but she cant see any girl in this world suffering like this. Yuvaraj changed her mood by praising her as lady dabbang…while speaking she checked her ear ring and yuvaraj too searched for it.But they cant find it.Finally kavya asked him to leave as it might be fell on the road while fighting.

Right then,Car was stopped in the mid.yuvaraj asked reason from his driver…For that, his driver replied that he thinks he needs a mechanic to repair and it was 2 km away from that place.He hesitated that how he leave him alone here cox of safety measures.Yuvaraj assured him that kavya,lady dabaang is with him..So no pblm will arise.He can go without any worries.

After driver left,yuvaraj feels odd…so he asked her whether she feels thirsty and he offers to take water from car.But there’s no water and kavya found yuvaraj’s wound on his hand due to the fight.She took the first aid kit and tied bandage on his hand.while doing so,yuvaraj adjusted kavya’s hair strands and both had a eyelock.Then,KAvya feels cold and yuvaraj gave his coat. Yuvaraj wished for a Tea and kavya mocked him that how he will get tea at this hour and at this place.But immediately a cycle man with tea passes them and both bought tea from him.While drinking, kavya asked him to say his next wish.Yuvaraj said that he had everything with him and he don’t need any.Both spend some quality time together.

And next day,Kavya while taking notes about him,she stared him for a long and yuvaraj noticed this.Both had a smile.When he was working at late night,He felt so tired and kavya offered him coffee.

Next day morning Kavya was impressed by yuvaraj’s policy for girl’s empowerment and after the meeting she again puts all her things down by mistake. Yuvaraj helped her and he tried to come closer to her and both had eyelock.Right then,yuvaraj’s father came and he saw everything.He informed about his important meeting and he don’t like kavya being close with yuvaraj.

During dinner,Kavya said that tomorrow was her last day of her stay with yuvaraj.And she asked sorry for troubling him all these days.He corrected her that he infact was happy and he gave her a surprise gift.Kavya opened it and found a pretty diamond Ear ring.She returned the gift to him stating its expense as the reason.Yuvaraj try to convince her that she shouldn’t see its price instead she should see the intention behind that gift.

But kavya explained him that her ma taught her that she shouldn’t get any things from others which she cannot afford in return.So,yuvaraj accepted his gift back and gave his pen which was lucky for him as it was gifted by his mom.kavya accepted the gift.

It was last day,Yuvaraj saw kavya packing her things and asked her whether she din left any.And confessed her that there is something more btw them and he wants her for his whole life…He proposed her’I love you’…KAvya was helpless and told him that he dunno anything about her back ground and he is talking sth which never gonna happen and not possible at all.But yuvaraj replied again that he wants to marry her.Right then yuvaraj’s father come there and started insulting kavya.

HE asked her to tell her dad’s name and kavya started crying hearing this.yuvaraj tried to stop his dad.Then his dad revealed that her mom is a pr*stitute and she herself dunno which customer’s daughter she is…And further yuvaraj’s father offered kavya some huge money to be with yuvaraj as he likes her.Hearing this,kavya was broken and she left that place.

Yuvaraj argued with his father that what’s kavya’s mistake in all these as her mom brought up her even in this situation by giving her proper education n all..His dad warned him that she might be sent by their rival party to make him fall for her beauty and in Politics,marriage should happen for political reason not for love.And its good for her,if he maintains distance from her.

Yuvaraj tried to forget kavya but he cant do any work as her memories haunt him continuously.His driver gave him Kavya’s ear ring and next day he received a parcel from kavya.she returned his gift back to him with a letter(they din show what she wrote).

That night,In kavya’s house,she was crying while typing some article in her lap.She heard some knocking sound and misunderstood that it was her mom and asked her to go as she has to complete that article.When she found it was yuvaraj,she was tensed and asked him to go soon as if someone saw him with her,then it will be a big pblm.But yuvaraj coolly replied it was his pblm,why she was worrying…She again told him that it will affect his political career and he will lose this election…He again replied that its also his pblm…And she continued his dad wont accept this relation…so pleased him to go…He answered her that even its also his pblm..y she was worrying…For that she confessed him that she loves him so much and don’t want to see his career ruin cox of her…yuvaraj was happy hearing this and said that he came here to listen this only from her and hugged her back…

Next day morning in press meet,Yuvaraj’s father was supposed to announce yuvaraj as electoral candidate…Right then yuvaraj came there with kavya in wedding attire and informed his dad that it’s his personal life and politics is his professional life and took blessing from his dad.Finally the episode ends with yuvaraj and kavya holding their hands before media ppl.

A short comparison with ardhika:

Kavya was more like Radhika…I couldn’t find much difference…And yuvaraj was not like Arjun…He was entirely different but same in some way.Male lead was good in acting but if it was aham,then we might have enjoyed it to the core by arjun’s deadly stares and holding…just a wish from a ardhika fan…Not offending the male lead and it was superb on the whole…

Where I remembered mmz…

1.kavya’s entry scene and falling in pool…Ardhika’s swimming pool scene…

2.Kavya calling yuvaraj sir’ and yuvaraj corrected her to call him as yuvaraj not sir.Here kavya called him yuvaraj next minute…But when our Arjun was longed to hear his name from Radhika…Even after his repeated trials…She din call him Arjun till their last confession…

3.kavya’s nonstop talk to convince yuvaraj for interview…Ardhika sangeet rehearsal scene before payal scene,In lonovla trip, Ardhika flower vase scene before lift scene…

4.Kavya slipping backwards and yuvaraj caught her holding her back…Ardhika first moongfali scene after sam asked radhika to leave the office cox of boni’s trap before lonovla trip…

5.yuvaraj adjusting kavya’s hair strands in air…Ardhika jilabi scene in sam’s sangeet ceremony…

6.yuvaraj confessing I love you to kavya…Arjun confessing I love you’ to Radhika in last episode…

7.Kavya thinking it was her mom when yuvaraj knocked the door…Radhika thinking it was her ma when Arjun entered her room in last episode in hrishikesh…

8.Final hug(Though it was not intense like our ardhika…I remembered our Ardhika’s final hug…)

Infact it was not a complete analysis as I din write more about kavya and yuvaraj…But here we can see kavya’s point of love too even in a single episode unlike MMZ…Where we cant see more of Radhika’s loving stare for Arjun till end cox of sam…Which, we all longed to see…But feeling content as we saw atleast more and more intense draggers,glares,wooing from Arjun’s point of love…

When kavya caught by yuvaraj while she staring him for long…Here Renu’s imaginative brain went wild and gave birth to a new idea not developed though…I want to write this in any of my story but it cant b possible as both are at different levels…May be in missing pieces Part 2,I will try to write this…Or else I will try to write it as one shot in my free time…Hope you all like it…

Now coming to my FFs…Just 3 or 4 more updates pending in Missing pieces Part 1…And Tale of hatred into love has more updates to reach its end as I din reveal the main flashback itself …So,It has long journey to travel…

And I saw a promising promo of Monica’s Web series…Instead of watching daily soap, If it is good, we can give it a try and watch it at any time as per our convenience…

I hope you all are fine…And friends I will try to find some time to come online once or twice in a month to update my FFs and write sth like this only if you ppl like it..So,let me know what you feel in your comments…Don’t say it for my sake…Cox I don’t want to waste my time and all your time as well…Bye friends…Miss you all…Take care…Hug

P.s.:I din read it once too…So,Please ignore my grammatical mistakes here and there…

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  1. Anythin frm u dear… Tht pic of monica omg damn awesome… And this part is superb…. Hw r u? Bye bit busy

    1. fine da…How ru?…Hope you r

  2. Hey renu πŸ™‚ i watched this at the time it aired first…… i also though about these similarities and there was one more i think u missed……. it was the bandage scene…… kavya wrapping bandage in yuvraj’s hand just like ardhika bandage scene……. n after watching that i thought that monica will now be expert in this…. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
    I waited for this yeh hai aashiqui episode to watch monica….. she is a phenomenal actress……. one thing i thought was that during mmz her acting was more raw and now have refined and so it was a pleasure to watch her……. as always!!!!!!
    This was just my thoughts……….
    Wish monica all the best n a fantastic acting career
    P S……. i also wanted to watch ahem as yuvraj even though mrunal was amazing in it……

    1. yes….I missed that one amy and you filled that piece na….and you are right…Her acting skill improved a lot….

  3. i am still un spell bound of aradhika donnu when will i come out of aradhika worlk m literally obssesd with them…intensity of their scenes.way of starring of arjun iz just mindblowing…i havnt seen such perfect chem of any onscreen couple even in bollwood film…i just love them to bits…my hobby iz to just watch epis of mmz again n again…n renu could u plz tell me the title of that episode or any link so i can watch

    1. Not ly you many were feeling the same yaar….I posted the link below

      I hope Our common wish of seeing this iconic couple again onscreen will happen sooner or later….

  4. renu please see moni tweets few minutes a go she thanking you.

    1. tq nilushi…saw monica’s tweet….It made me speechless yaar….she thanked me…Even I felt I dinn do anything great to receive her precious thanks but it made me feel warm till now…

  5. Awesome update πŸ™‚ could you please post the link for starting up. πŸ™‚

  6. It is super Renu……..loved the comparison of Kavya n Rads……plzzz do give more of it…..its nt boring at all and I’m eager to read mote if it……..if you don’t mind can you tell me the epi num in wich Rads came and in wich channel too ??????? plzzz do tell in which other show Monica is going to make an entry………..plzzzz update ” hatred to love……” and after that missing pieces…………love u…..TC…..

    1. tqsm yaar…

      sure will try to update asap


      This is the link to the promo of new web series…… starting up

      Monica looks all time best in this……

  7. Hi renu,i also felt same similarities in these two shows..whatever she is doing,even it is actingor jugaad or her culinary skills,she is just awesome. Carries a hood personality .now she will cherish vasudha too .also miss her long hairs.thankyou for this nice analysis.

  8. Wow..monica herself thanked you
    ..congrats dear..

    1. thanks ammu

  9. thank you friends

    @nilushu:Is it true….Omg…Renu was in cloud nine….Hurrying to login my twitter account…..

    And friends…

    Here’s the link

  10. Anything from you..anything about monica …i never been fan of any celebrity but I adore her for her generosity n humble bess…more over she is multi talented n studios which impress me…u know u can rarely found those qualities in some celebs…u r right she tried new things n versatile…that was another reason I like her…don’t know if mmz actors have such bond in real life or not…but if yes then it would be good…??

    1. thanks dear….even i was never been a fan for any celebrity but today I felt I became fan for moni cox of radhika…I still love radhika’s character a lot…sometimes I used to think what radhika will do,if she supposed to meet any odd circumstances like I face in my real life….and you know It helped me a lot to overcome it….

  11. Hey dear through im a silent reader bt here im to say that tis was amazing nd u said right our monica luks great as vasudha..waiting for it god bless u dear…nd plez cm soon wid your ff’s..

    1. thanks Krity…

      Sure….Will update next part in ff sooner….Now stuck with hectic schedule ma…

  12. Renu i like to read since our mmz days..i m always die to read ur episodic analysis always…n missed u whn u got disappear aftr mmz r amazing analyser.. actually i too follow moni on twitter n instagram…n feel the same that she is vety similar to radhika..i watched yeh hai aashiqui moni’s epi 3-4 times.n just for too missed ahem there. excited for web yo read ur analysis on it..i too compare mmz n yha…love you..come soon with ur ff’s update

    1. tqsm dipika…..

      Sure…Will update missing pieces soon….

      And agree with all what you said….Misss you too

  13. Renu…… Epi Analysis panradhula Queen nee. Thank u so much. Nee sonna pola nerya idadhla mmz niyabagam vandhadhu. YHA one day seriala illa weekly serila?
    I don know about ahams nxt project. Pls renu tell me what is his next project? I wish aham again pair with Monica sehgal.

  14. Renu…… Epi Analysis panradhula Queen nee. Thank u so much. Nee sonna pola nerya idadhla mmz niyabagam vandhadhu. YHA one day seriala illa weekly serila? & i saw ‘Starting Up’ promo radhu ohhh sorry monica looks gorgeous.
    I don know about ahams nxt project. Pls renu tell me what is his next project? I wish aham again pair with Monica sehgal.

    1. Naomi….Dont make me feel shy deary…

      Anyways tqsm dear….

      And I dont know anything about aham dear…Heard his movie Arunachal got released….That’s it ma …

      Me too wanna see aham and monica pair onscreen again…Hope it will happen one day….

  15. Hi renu Glad to c u here. It’s been long since I saw u here. Few times I saw u in comment section yaar. Missed u truly. Thanks a ton for describing the single episode of yeh hai aashiqui. I badly wanted to c it. But I live in Singapore and d episode was not featured in the YouTube no matter how many times I tried to get the links for it. So am so happy to have read ur pm in India forums. Though I couldn’t comment for ur ff thr I will b commenting here. Hope u wouldn’t mind.
    Renu wat happened y aren’t u coming online now? U were so active before now u come only once or twice a month. Hope to c u pretty frequently . Now coming to tale of hatred to love. It was a fantastic episode. I cherished this one after waiting for a Long time. U write such amazing stuff tat left me wanting for more. I loved d way ansh reacted to arjun. Now ansh knows everything I guess. Nandini’s plan is gud. I hope she managed to know wat exactly happened. Will rads ever forgive arjun?will he ever ask her a sorry? Will Ansh call arjun papa? as he requested? Will rads were allow ansh to call him tat? Do let me know.
    By d way renu when will u b updating missing pieces? I hope u will b doing tat soon. I am missing it yaar. Saral has made an entry. Will Nandini b coming in too? U said missing pieces part 1 will b getting over within 2 to 3 episodes. Will u b starting missing pieces part 2 ? Pls tell me renu… I really hope u will dear.. Am so Glad u r writing it . Pls do give us a mmz story (your version ) in full. I desperately hope u will.
    Renu any comments I give I mean it from my heart. I really enjoyed wat u have written so far and surely will cherish wat u r willing to write. I enjoyed this episodic analysis btw rads and kavya. As few of us couldn’t watch it was wonderful to read. Thank also to know abt d new web series of Monica. U were d first person to give me d news. Though my most cherished wish is to c aham and Monica together as pairs go by. Am not giving any of the comments just for d sake of giving it, but truly cherish each and every comment I write. If i want to give a Long comment I take my time abt it. If it’s a short one I give it immediately. So I dearly hope u don’t mind my delay in giving d comment.

    Missing u renu , pls come back with missing pieces. Pls tell me when will u update missing pieces and also wether there will b part 2. Pls don’t feel pestering u. I love all ur stories. Take care. Stay blessedly happy. Smile always. Bye for now. Sorry for d typos.

    1. Ramya….How are you?….Missed you a lot buddy….

      And I dinn comment anywhere…May be you saw in ‘tale of hatred into love update’…And Ramya…cox of my uncle’s demise,We were stuck in tough phase of our life….My exams were ok….And started studying for the next exam da…That day I felt,I came online and found monica’s single episode show being telecased in bindaas channel…So,I watched it for monica and felt relaxed after watching and it tempted me to share what I feel here..That’s it…

      Y these formalities…You can comment anywhere at any page…U knew na,…Renu never take these on a serious note..What matter for me is your valuable comment…

      In ‘against all the odds”…you get all your answers slowly one by one not immediately…You missed NEil in all these…He also will play a major role in Ardhika-Ansh life…And regarding flashback…I will reveal it sooner….

      Just now started writing missing pieces Ramya…I decided to atleast spend 30 min for writing updates daily as my routine work…SO that I can update it regularly….At least will give updates twice or thrice in a month…

      And now I cant say any about missing pieces part 2 ramya…But will let you know about it in the last piece of Missing pieces part 1 dear….

      Hey hello…Why you saying big words n all like pestering me…And whatever you say it from your heart..bla..bla…I think,I knew my friend so well…Whatever she say its from her heart and Y in this thread, i said ‘dont say it for my sake’ is I doubted while writing this article as I dinn check it once and also It was not about Monica fully and not about ardhika too…Its about Moni’s single episode and a superficial comparison….That’s the reason which forced me to say such things Ramya….

      Miss you too….

  16. Awesome πŸ™‚

  17. renu yeh toh dhamaal ho gaya. monica sehgal herself is thanking u! yaar im on cloud nine that monica has thanked my frd renu. i just now saw in twitter. r u on twitter? and r u following monica sehgal?

    and yaa… i too saw promo of starting up. its much more promising than tv serials. actually i think in upcoming few years webseries will take up the position of present tv serials. and its ranking will be depend on its views. in fact i think web series is a better solution. in tv we face problem of timing. we dont get time to see our fav serials on tv due to timing. but in web series u can see epi when u get time. for tv serials if u missed the epi then u can see it on internet. but for all its not possible to see it on internet. for example for star plus shows u cant see full episodes on youtube. u have to see on hotstar. but sometimes hotstar doesnt work good. but for webseries u just have to choose youtube. because nowadays every webseries is airing on its own production channal as well as on youtube.

    renu so sorry in all above my lecture i forgot to ask how r u? i too dont come to tu regularly but seeing ur article im so happy.

    1. thanks NAtasha….How are you yaar?

      What a pleasant surprise for me to see your comment here…..And sure I’m also excited to watch moni’s web series and where can we discuss about this web series yaar…

      Dont be sorry n all yaar….Hmmm….I dinn find your comments after MMz i think so…Miss u too buddy

      1. i think mmz desi tv fan pg. we can discuss web series. btw i forgot when it will start to air?

  18. thank u renu …….its awesome………..

    1. tq subha

  19. hey renu di… u r really making me mad coz of missing pieces…..but u know somethng…monica sehgal posted tis post of urs in her twitter page owing thanks to u…. but to tell the truth…i like monica sehgal’s character….its good and is rarely found among other actors….i never like talking about actors but i feel good whn we talk of monica sehgal and shravan reddy….anyhow…its a good post…update missing pieces fast…………

    1. SOrry feby…Will update Misssing pieces sooner….

      I agree with all what you have said about monica…No celebrity will do such things for their fan…Moni is too unique and positive person…That’s y I’m talking more about moni than others…..

  20. i loved ur analysis di…..was actually missing itafter ur epi analysis on dym… i just love monica as radhika…her positivity….her cute and bubbly smile….wow…but di do u know anything about aham currently… his next work…i am just too desperate to see both of them on screen…together then tooooo good

    1. tq sreee….

      No sree…dunno anything about aham except the fact that his movie arunachal got released

  21. Wowwww renuuuuuu…it’s really superbbbb analysis n I loved to the coreeeee…I’m really very glad as you wrote about this….I got to know about Monica’s show yeh Hai aashiqui…but haven’t get chance to watch it or read WU….I’m missing you soooooooo muchhhhhh. …your article gave me so much happiness. …it’s my birthday may 29th…..but now only I could read it… n you wrote this lovely article on monica…my fav actress from mmz….the best gift ever….love you soooooooo muchhhhhh. ….about the article. …it’s mind blowing episode I can analysis n then comparison to mmz…I wish they had ahem in this show as well coz I just love their chemistry, although mmz was moni’s first show but the way she acted was really awesome …..n with ahem, this jodi is perfect….my ardhika fever never be over…lol….I wish we see them together again in some show in near future….aameen…..

    I loved Monica’s image with this article, she is really gorgeous. ….muaaaaahhhhhh. …thx a lotttttttttt renuuuuuuu my sweeeeeetheart for this lovely article. …plzzzz keep doing the favors like this whenever possible….I really appreciate the time and energy you’re putting into it just for us….my lovely Renu thank you so muchhhhhh. … hearty wishes to you….may Allah bless you with lots of success and happiness in the life…..aameen. …eagerly waiting for the your stories updates. …keep it up honeyyy. you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘ πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

    1. belated happy bday

    2. Roma…Roma…Roma….

      Belated Birthday wishes baby…..

      And Thank youuuuuuuuuu soooooooo much deary….Hope you celebrated your birthday well….May this year all your dreams will be full filled and God’s blessings will be with you and I hopeYOu will enjoy this year with health and prosperity sweetheart…

      1. Thxxxxxx a lotttttttttt my dear friend renuuuuuuu n Natasha. …your lovely wishes cheered me…I’m on cloud 9 ..noooo…on moooon…love you loads. .bear hugssss…muaaaaahhhhhh. πŸ˜€

  22. After a long time,I replied to all your comments friends…

    Bye…Miss you all buddy….Tc…

    Will meet you soon with Missing pieces part 1 update

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