Monday Spoilers — 15th February 2016


Sanskaar and Ragini meet Swara in jail. Swara cries. Sanskaar consoles Swara. Swara is going to get shifted to central jail. She cries hugging Ragini and Sanskaar. Swara says I m framed and I m getting shifted to jail. Sanskaar promises that he will free her. Ragini says they made plan to get Swara out. Sanskaar wants to get proof to prove Swara innocent without marrying Kavita.


Gopi is given electric shocks in the mental hospital. Premlata has sent Gopi and put her in this state. Premlata wants Gopi to get really mad, after knowing Gopi was acting to be mad. Meera, Vidya and Urmila find Gopi everywhere in the hospital, and then find Gopi finally seeing the chunri in the ward window. Meera tries to save Gopi and ward boy sends Meera out.

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Tough times get never ending for Pragya in KB

Kunj and Yuvraj’s action fight next in Tashan E Ishq

Ram-Sita’s new Adhyay starts in Ayodhya in SKR


  1. nayantara

    Saath Nibhaya Saathiya; the show is giving bad signals to its viewers with this Premlata episode giving her daughter in law shocks and trying to prove her mental disability and thereby coercing her admission in a mental hospital. One one hand we talk of woman empowerment equal status, where does this track fit in….. .

    • Ranaji

      Yes yaar I also think why ghosts choose bharaddwaj house all time mohi also choose their house and always simar only pls concentrate on roli also

  2. Serial is getting worse say by day what is the director trying to do is this show safe for ppl n young kids to watch this bakwass drama I would say end the show the worst show so far and does anyone read our complaints because if they did it wouldn’t drag so much

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