Monday Spoiler Alert — 17th October 2016

Romance is going to return in YHM. Raman and Ishita have a romantic moment. Raman gets a Gajra for Ishita and fixes it in her hair. They hug and are happy to remarry. Ruhi comes and breaks their moment. Ishita gets embarrassed. Ruhi is glad to see Raman and Ishita spending happy time. Ruhi and Aaliya dress in the south Indian sarees. Raman and ishita compliment the girls for their desi look. Even Pihu wears the short saree, and look cute in south Indian avatar. Aaliya’s Dadi keeps the puja. Everyone comes there to attend the puja.


Raina keeps Karwachauth and waits for Rishabh. Ghar aaja pardesi….plays…….. Raina has got Rishabh’s name on mehendi and heart. Her mehendi design get spoiled, it means there is big drama in the Karwachauth. Puja starts and Raina’s heart starts sinking. Bua Dadi asks her not to worry, Rishabh will come. Rishabh does not come home and it gets late. Raina’s worry gets increased and she fears something bad happened with Rishabh.

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  1. Tpk spoiler????

    1. Joylin

      its there in spoilers link 2

  2. Sally_V

    Waiting for kaira’s moments glad to know that gayu will soon know the truth .. hope someone else is there for gayu

  3. U never give Swaragini spoilers TU?

    1. Debarati

      Its there in spoiler link 2

  4. wanted ishqbaaz……

  5. Naika

    Need ishqbaaz spoilers……

  6. Ishqbaaz spoiler please fast

  7. Ishqbaaz please

  8. Add ishqbaaz spoiler

  9. yar ishqbaaz spoiler pls fast

  10. Avishi

    soooo nice spoilers of kasam and yrkkh

    1. Avishi

      and ishqbazz too

  11. Tvfan1

    See the naamkaran spoiler

  12. TPK plissssss…………….

    1. Joylin

      its there in spoiler link2

  13. QueenB

    Ishqbaaz spoilers had me smiling and tearing up 🙂

  14. Shreya Shandilya

    Swaragini: Ragini to bring Swara and Sanskar together at Uttara’s wedding!

    Bollywood Life 17 Oct. 2016 16:30
    Swaragini: Get set for an exciting love-hate romantic drama between Swara and Sanskar on the show!

    Swaragini is all set to bring some romantic drama for its loyal fans. In the coming weeks, we will see Uttara’s marriage being fixed. It will be in a Marwari household. The groom’s mother-in-law would give the wedding planning contract to Swara (Helly Shah) and Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayagankar). However, the mother would trust Ragini more as she is a Marwari. Later, they would discover that it is Uttara’s (Khyati Mangla) marriage. Swara would see Sanskar (Varun Kapoor) there and walk off. However, Ragini would take up the job using it as a pretext to get SwaSan to reconcile. Will the two co-operate?

    Viewers will get to see a lot of Tashan in the upcoming episodes. Varun Kapoor said that Sanskar hates Swara as much as he loved her before. There will also be a sequence where Swara is about to fall. He goes there and catches her in his arms only to drop her the next minute. Needless to say, the new romance cum hate track is getting fabulous response with the core audience.

    Varun is also looking different with the bearded serious look. His wardrobe is also more formal now. The actors seem to be enjoying shooting for the hate sequences. Also, there will be a revelation that Parineeta and Adarsh (Tarun Singh) have kept Lakshya (Namish Taneja) in captivity. The exciting part is the angry and imperfect Sanskar Maheshwari on screen. We are damn kicked out seeing VK in this role. Do you feel he is better when he’s fierce and a little angry?

    Well just now I read it and m damn excited…

  15. Nothing for RagLak.. only swasan track.. partial show swaragini sucks..!

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