Moments of our love (episode 1)


Hii guys, first time I am posting on telly. Hope you will love it.
Sanskaar Maheshwari – kind hearted and cute looking guy. Currently 25 and he got selected in a MNC company. He likes to do fun either by flirting with girls or  with camera. He loves to capture moments which impressed him or made him smile 🙂

Swara Bose – bubbly and beautiful girl. Currently 22 studying final year in IIM clg. loves to bunk the classes and to watch movies. 


After work sanskaar was tired and he went to a restaurant with his colleagues to celebrate his friend’s birthday. They were talking and laughing whole heartedly. The waiter approached them soon with a Black Forest cake and his friend cut the cake and the celebrations of smashing the cake on their faces went on without disturbing the other persons in the restaurant.

Sanskaar’s friends were checking out the persons in the restaurant., especially  the girls, complimenting on their looks and whom they found more attractive. Sanskaar suddenly glanced at the mentioning of a clr blue and he glanced to look at the girl but his eyes captured the clr of rose who is sitting opposite to the blue dress girl. His eyes found her sooo gorgeous, cute and the clr rose suited her most. The faces she made while talking to her friend was looking cute and his hands ached to capture the moments in her camera. He quickly took the camera from his backpack, switched off the flash and quickly captured her.

The two girls got up from the table and went out of the restaurant after paying the bill, sanskaar noticed that while paying the bill the girls smiled at the waiter and talked with him for 10minutes. His brain quickly accessed the face of waiter in his memory to store it for future purpose. 

After the mini restaurant party sanskaar directly went to his home where he lives with his brother and mom. He quickly dismissed the conversation with his brother and went to his room to develop the photos he captured just before 3 hrs. He developed the pics and it was all looking damn good. Sanskaar was in a dilemma whether the girl in the pic is making the pic awesome or his photographic skills and nature.

But after looking at the pics thoroughly he found himself as an ‘stalker’. He decided that he will return the pics to the girl at the restaurant if she will be present or he will handover it to that waiter after at least knowing about her basic details. One thing was sure that he was falling for her by simply looking at her pics, at the same time he wished that her feelings to be mutual.

The next day after the office, sanskaar went to the restaurant and he ordered a coffee, while sipping the coffee he was thinking how to start a conversation decently with the waiter without getting him at his wrong side. His thoughts got broke when he heard voices of smiling and he looked at the direction there stood the rose clr girl smiling but the difference is that today she was wearing green dress. A idea quickly popped in his mind and he took an empty envelope from his bag and kept the pics inside and at the front.,he wrote –

“Hi 🙂 I think you should stop smiling bcz it can kill many people’s heart if you won’t say yes to their proposals. But again I love your smile which took my heart. I wish that your smile should not fade away in any circumstance. It must grew bigger and wider. Now by looking at your pics don’t think that am any creepy stalker I just found you mischievous so I captured your moments and handed it to you”.

He send the envelope to her with the help of another waiter by bribing him. The waiter was impressed by the money and he quickly took the envelope and handed it to her. The girl took the envelope Sanskaar’s heart was beating rapidly, he noticed that a slight blush appeared at her cheek and she was trying hard to cover. Her friends are pulling her legs and she quickly opened the pics and looked at it as awe………..
By seeing her reactions sanskaar felt good and happy. He was observing her all the time suddenly the girl turned and looked at her surroundings. He quickly dipped his head in the magazine which he was holding upto then.

The girl went from their quickly and sanskaar too retired to his home. At night he completed his works and was just going to sleep his phone started ringing indicating a problem from his boss. He quickly answered the call and his boss informed him that he has to promote his company’s new software at an IIM College. Sanskaar agreed to that and slept off not knowing that what will happen tomorrow.

Sanskaar went to the clg, met the principle and he went to the first batch of the class which he was allotted, when he entered in the class many students thought that he was also a student and some of girls tried to get his attention until he introduced himself as an guest lecture for introducing a new software.

Still students said that he is not their professor and all, they can atleast have some flirting which he smilingly agreed and the boys were jealous of him but he maintained a friendly environment within 15mins. Suddenly a girl appeared who captured him at the restaurant saying that she was late and he can excuse her for today. 

Sanskaar stood dumbstruck fighting the feelings of shock, happiness bubbling in him. He quickly composed himself and quickly asked about her details which she answered her name as Swara and he dismissed her by giving a warning of not to get late the next 2weeks for his class.

Swara obeyed quickly and took her seat at the last bench, while sanskaar was annoyed that he can’t see her totally the others are blocking the way of looking at her. He sighed and started the class everyone got immersed and many of the students asked the doubts and he cleared it and made a good impression for the software.

Days passed Swara found sanskaar extremely handsome and cute, she was falling for him by his sweet gestures towards everyone in the class. The way he approached when anyone is in problem and before that she noticed him in the restaurant. But her mind was totally in a trap to find out who took her pics so amazing. At the same time her heart wished that sanskaar should be the one.

Last day of the programme, sanskaar felt that he was losing something very precious in his life. He knows that what he is losing but he knows that Swara is a kind of girl who wants her parents opinion in accepting a boy. So he thought to approach her parents first and check his luck.

Sanskaar went to her home with his family when Swara went to clg and her parents quickly accepted him and they told that they will inform the answer later.

Swara went to home feeling lost that she can’t see sanskaar now afterwards. When she returned home her parents informed her about the proposal and handed a pic of him.

Sanskaar dialled Swara’s father to know about her answer but her father informed that she didn’t touched the pic and she took it to her clg.

Swara reached the clg on time and she quickly went to her bench and sat with her friends, she quickly opened the pic of guy’s photo and she was shocked to see sanskaar pic.

Sanskaar reached the clg of Swara to not lose her. He was well determined to have her in his life. He went to the class and he went straight to Swara ignoring the greetings of other people. 

Swara shocked and got up from the seat by seeing sanskaar before her. Before she can utter a word, sanskaar held her hand, took her outside of the clg. All the while she was following him without a word.

They reached outside of the building and sanskaar cornered Swara, told her about his feelings. Swara quickly hugged him by knowing that he was the guy who took her pics and heart too. 

Sanskaar was shocked by her sudden action and he quickly reciprocated it by hugging tightly.

Sanskaar and Swara got married after two years And their journey has just begun 🙂 

Sanskaar’s p.o.v:

      Am happy that love find its way to me. No one is so lucky to get love in their life or to be loved by others. Am lucky that my eyes captured her and I took her pics and thanq to my boss without him I couldn’t get an opportunity to make her fall in love with me. Am fortunated that her parents agreed to our marriage. The most important thing is that Swara reciprocated my feelings. Am a lucky person to have her in my life. I can say that “our moments of love” are always my favourite.


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