A moment for lifetime……..A Shivika Os

Hi guys I am new here so I hope you like it so here it is..
She was ordering everyone here nd there like a boss. She was totally engrossed in her work. Wanting everything perfectly done as it was the Bagad Billa’s wedding. She was being as kind as possible to the workers. All liked Anika very much nd they never wanted to displease her as she was the sweetest person ever. She gave tea nd break during their work. Spoke wid dem, laughed wid dem. She looked after them very well. Payed them correctly. Everyone in the Oberoi Mansion were already very fond of her. Unknown to her a pair of eyes was watching her most of the time. He had even praised her for the amount of effort she has put on her work. She felt happy when he said something gud about her. He was so much impressed wid this stupid girl even after all the odds of hers.

He thought she was a puri pagal. She talks to her chameli nd rides her champa evrywhere. A bit weak in her calculations, but being wid dadi she had improved a lot. Thinking of all this made him smile..her thoughts made way for a smile on his lips. That was the effect she had on him. Not one night passed widout her memories. Yesterday when she slipped he had held her protectively nd the curtain had covered them. He had been drowning in those doe shaped eyes of hers day by day. Om nd Rudra even made fun of him. But Om understood hw much his bro was getting effected bcuz of her. Dadi liked her so much. She even took care of his dadi. Never once Tia did all those.

His bros Om nd especially Rudra loved her company. They spent half of their time laughing nd cracking insane jokes wid her. They made fun of him a.k.a. bagad billa. Nd after a few days Sahil joined them. As he was having holidays at his school. He used to come wid her in the morning and left wid her in the evening. He came to know that she was an orphan through Sahil. He felt really bad for her. More than him Rudra felt bad. Rudra had emotionaly got attached to his Anika di. She was always there for him. She had soughted the problem between Rudra nd Soumya.

Once when Shivaay nd Rudra fought she was there to console him nd made him understand that he was wrong some where. Rudra loved his Anika di. Om loved her as his bestie. They shared their darker sides of their life. She was there for him when he cried nd so was he. Shivaay liked the way she bonded wid everyone. Even jhanvi aunty stopped drinking. He always wondered hw can someone be soo strong after the life had poured all its evils on her. She learned to smile..to smile for the ones she loved nd cared.

I ve been soo badly effected by her. She too seemed to have been effected by his presence. He loved when she fought wid him nd felt wierd nd awkward when she didnt. Even if she didn’t he wanted her to fight nd fought wid her purposely. He used to admire at her..at every single expression of hers. She amused him wid every stupid act of hers. He just couldnt fail to admit that he had fallen for her. But he was SSO nd he wouldnt say it nd he hid his feelings. But Om knew it all. Om even asked him to think about his marriage wid Tia once again.

Now he was staring at her again. He was soo in love wid her. She was looking beautiful today. She wore a red suit wid a low back nd her hair tied. Actually he liked her wid open hairs. He could just drool at her the whole day. Some men came to deliver a few things when he saw a man staring at her back. His blood boiled at the sight. He just wanted to pull those eyes off those sockets.

He noticed that her dori was undone. He moved to wards her nd stood right at the back of her. She felt his presence. She was about to turn when he put his hand around her waist from preventing to turn. Her eyes went wide nd she felt good at his touch. “Dont turn. Ab aage jao.” She was abt to ask something when ” Poocho mat kyun. Just do as i say.” She had no other option than to listen to him. She moved forward nd he took her to a corner where no one was there. He was standing so close to her. He looked at her nd she looked at him from sideways.
“Tum koi bhi kaam theek se nahi karsakthi ho?” He asked enraged. “That blo*dy bas***d tumhe goor raha tha.”

“Matlab?” She asked confused.
“Tumhari dori khula hua hai.” She suddenly tried to cover her back. He held her shoulders. He slowly took both the threads nd tied it. She felt goosebumps under his touch. He slowly turned her aound to face him. They were so close. He looked into her eyes. He took of the clip that was holding her hairs. They fell down covering her exposed skin.

“Agar tumhe koi aisa dekhe..mein uska jaan lelunga.”
“Kyun? Kyun aap dekh nahi sakthe?” She questioned him looking at him. She needed answers this tym.
“Kyunki tumhe dekhne ka haqq sirf aur sirf mera hai.” He said making her shocked to the core.
“Aapko koi haqq nahi hai mujhe dekhne keliye. Aapki shaadi hone waali hai, aur aap ye sab kehrahe hai” she said sternly. He saw her. She yearned for him. His care, his love. Her eyes moistened. He closed the distance between them nd placed his lips on her. She closed her eyes. He kissed her softly nd passionately. He poured all his love in the kiss. He slowly moved back. Looked into her eyes nd said “Tum sirf meri ho. Do u get that?”

“Phir kyun Tia se shaadi kar rahe hai.”
“Kyunki mujhe pyaar ka matlab hi nahi pata tha. Meine bohot koshish ki tumhare baare mein naa sochu. Par mujhse nahi hua. Ab mein tumse kehta hun ki I Love You Anika. I Love You. Mana ki maine tumhe bohoth hurt kiya. Hosake to mujhe maaf kardena.” She hugged him instantly. She just held him so close to her. Clutched his coat. He too hugged her back wid all his love.

After a few days it was Billu’s shaadi. He was gonna become someone else’s billu. The board held the most beautiful couple’s name…

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