Mom Her Name is.. Swara…. Part 9 secrets of Dark’s


part 9
two days passed in this two days sanskar ignored everyone except his mom who comes to him at night to make him sleep peacefully… he was in guilt.. more than that in hatred.. he wanted to be alone.. but he also don’t know what fate has decided for him ….engagement night has arrived……

sanskar was in his way to mansion as he came out for some work ..he was thinking in his mind -“from the morning why the hell i am feeling restless.. i know whenever i felt only when she is near me… but i have confirmed it she is in manhattan that how!!!???? you are thinking too much sanskar maheshwari.. she is your that’s why… let it be.. i should go fast otherwise.. mom will be upset. “‘
after some time he returned to mansion… everyone has left to gadodia mansion for engagement.. only he is there.. he took a deep breath and moves towards his room.. but then he heard a beautiful voice which he forgot to his whole life.. that voice which changes his life completely.. he was taking steps to his room and when he opened he was freeze… dumbfounded… dumbstruck.. shocked… spot at rooted… shattered… what not…

“offo ragini i am coming n don’t worry i will not leave your eangagement even i have to see who is my soon to be jiju… actually i am stuck here.. there is no one and lastly i found one room i thought to change here its self then i will headed to wards gadodia mansion… ragini i know according to you it is my house but for me not.. i just came back from america only to attend your and aadarsh bhai engagement and marriage not to meet with …dad… whatever.. i don’t care and don’t forget you promise me not to argue on past bye.. i will be there in half an hour “‘…..
sanskar whisper – swara…
swara turned back only to get the biggest shocked of her life……
moment was frozen for them they were seeing each other after eight damm years… they were looking at each other eyes… for how much time they don’t know just wanted to believe that they are here face to face.. just then sanskar mobile ranged halted them back to reality.. all the memories of their come in front of them…

sanskar look at her with naked eyes… where swara was eyes reflected each and every emotion… love, care, guilty, concern, trust, sacrifice what not!!!
sanskar phone was ringing continously… he can’t able to move his eyes from her….. he then read her eyes which was showing love for him trust for him longingness for him… and swara was broken completely when she saw his eyes showing empiteness… only empiteness nothing else.. not any hatred this time not any guilt.. not any warm of best friends… love which was even not exist in his eyes only empiteness.. she don’t know why she feeling regret… guilty.. hatred for herself.. she don’t know why… she wanted to kill herself …only looking this horrible feeling in his eyes…
sanskar phone again ringed.. he looked at the id.. it was his mom.. he takes the call with shaking hands.. where his eyes was not able to blink for.. once..
on phone
sanskar accept the call..
sanskar -hello ..

ap – beta where were you i was calling for many times ok listen.. there is one guest of ragini.. please bring her beta to gadodia mansion.. she don’t know the route of mumbai.. and ragini is also tensed.. she in house only gone for ready.. for engagement….. ok someone is calling i will talk to you later.. and i love you..
sanskar – i love you mom!! call ended…
swara was looking at him silently.. didn’t understand what to do.. nothing was coming in her mind…
sanskar takes a deep breath and said – when you become ready… come down i will be there in few minutes.. saying this he left from there to laksh room…
swara didn’t get anything.. thinks -“he didn’t ask me anything.. where i was.. what i am doing here… he didn’t get angry… is that he forgotten me… his heart don’t have any feelings.. you deserve it swara whatever you have done you deserve… let’s don’t make it difficult for me… be strong “but only she knows that she totally broken… her eyes didn’t get teary but her heart was bleeding..
on the other sanskar was in shocked… but he don’t want to react don’t.. he silently be ready for engagement in laksh room.. then he headed towards his white suv and waiting for her…
swara came there after five minutes and silently sitting at passengers seat…. sanskar started driving.. it was long way they will reach there in one hour.. nearly half hour was passed in silence… swara was now frustrated with this silent… she shouted – stop the car dammit!!!!!!!!!
sanskar stop the car at sudden break and look at her..

swara turned to him and asked – why the hell you raped me!!!!!! screamed at her top voice
sanskar was looking at her with anger which was in his life in these eight years..
swara shouted again – why the hell you jerk didn’t slapped me… didn’t rapes me again for leaving you… before eight years… why… why!!!!!
sanskar said slowly – we are getting late!! saying this he started his car again…
swara was now fuming in anger frustration with this behavior of sanskar… which just showing reflection of her how she was before eight years…
swara started crying… she don’t know why but she was crying badly which she didn’t done in this eight years… sanskar turned to her looking at her state he stopped the car aside.. and give her hankershief… swara took it silently.. but her tears were not stopping… sanskar was now look at her keenly observing..
swara was not able to stop her sobbing uncontrollably tears were not stopping their way… sanskar was not doing anything other than staring at her…. his phone started making him distracted from her.. he takes the call it was from laksh.. he say he was in way and cut the call.. but his eyes was on her.. her eyes was become swallowed.. and red her cheeks become red her whole make up was become worst… sanskar was now can’t take it anymore he started his car so fast… but swara was not bit stopped for crying.. and now sanskar knows what he have to do… after sometime his car stopped in front of temple. of devi mayya.. he came out and then turned to her side and pulled her out harshly and holding her wrist he started moving inside the temple which he didn’t done in this eight years… he threw her inside the temple in front of devimayya idol.. swara looking at him now her crying was stopping but she didn’t get why he take her here..
swara – sanskar. …

sanskar – marry me!!!
swara was now understatement of shocked… looking at him…
sanskar call laksh and ask him to bring everyone to the temple now… in shouting… after that he call shekhar to panditji and come with misha.. lastly he called rk for coming with marriage register papers now!!!
swara was not able to react… what had happened in few minutes… sanskar was just staring at her with no emotion……
after two hours every one came there finding swara and sanskar staring at each other… ragini, aadarsh and shekhar gadodia was moved towards swara asking what’s wrong but she was no where to answer… where as shekhar khan, misha khan, anjali was shocked… annapurna and durga prasad was surprised and remains don’t know what is wrong…
annapurna comes to sanskar – beta.. what happened…??
sanskar was staring at swara and said – i am going to marry her (pointing to swara) if anyone interrupted in this decesion of mine then in next moment i will dead!!!
that’s it everyone was shocked by this… no speak a word swara was not reacting anything…
sanskar shouted- panditji start the ritual… panditji was scared but after listening his voice he was shivering he directly sit beside havana worn a fire in havan kund…

shekhar panicking – what’s wrong with you sanskar you are not going to marry this girl… sanskar listen we all are back from here right now and started taking his but the next moment his cheek was burning.. yes sanskar slapped him.. shekhar didnt say anything…
shekhar gadodia – swara just come with me why are you standing like this.. your dad is here.. you don’t have to marry with this person..
swara stare at him blankly.. didn’t say anything..
panditji ask – please bride and groom sit beside eachother in front hawan..
sanskar moves towards swara held her hand tightly removed her dad hands and move towards in front of havan…and sitted..
annapurna was looking at her son with mum.. durga prasad was feeling helpless after listening sanskar words of death. he can’t he knows his son.., laksh arnav rk maan was not able to move from there places and aadarsh was not able to react… but ragini have enough of this nonsense.. she moves towards them and hold swara’s hand and pulled up…

ragini angry – swara we are leaving from here enough of nonsense of your and sanskar…. and sanskar are you lost it.. swara is my sister..and you are marrying my sister without knowing her… i respect you sanskar as my friend and laksh brother but didn’t mean you will do anything… swara don’t worry let’s go…
swara was not listening any word of ragini only staring at sanskar who was silently sitting.. swara pushed ragini hand and sit beside him…
madhu grabbed ragini before she fall…
arnav, rk and maan after listening the name can easily get who is this swara.. but what sanskar was doing no body knows.. he hate her then what is he doing??
arnav look at maan… and maan also understand his gestures..
rk moved towards sanskar – sanskar look just stop all this.. why are you not looking you are getting.. with the girls you hate her.. i want you to think for some time then do anything…
sanskar look at him -lawyer rishabh kundra bring marriage register papers as soon as possible !!!
rk was taken aback by this tone of sanskar which he never used in all these years he was not hurt because he get it that sanskar was doing something which was hurting him to the core of heart…
rk look at pia – pia arrange marriage register papers in half and if want call asthana!!
pia look at him disbelief but knowing well she just nodded ….

arnav – dadi.., hasina auntie, anuradha dadi …you all go and arrange the welcome for new couple.. driver would be there…
maan…- madhu, khushi and ragini you three with them for help..
they all are looking at them disbelief..
panditji – now bride father come for kanyadaan…
aadarsh – dad go…
shekhar gadodia moves towards them but stopped by panditji..
panditji – your wife..??
shekhar g – she is in coma!
panditji – but this ritual only full fill by pair..
aadarsh comes forward with anjali.. – panditji we are here aa swara’s bhai and bhabhi we can do this ritual..
panditji nodded..
anjali look at him shockingly.. but then moved with him for complete the ritual… one by one every ritual finish they declared husband and wife… pia also came with marriage register papers.. sanskar sign them and swara just staring at him then she also sign the papers…
no body talked any things they all moved towards mansion.. after welcoming them.. sanskar directly moves to his room without uttering any words.. swara was there at the center looking at him just then she felt on his knees
all are looking at her..

annapurna comes to her and hugged her… swara started crying..
swara choking – annapurna ma.. woh… ma…
annapurna had tears in her eyes – shh swara meri bachhi….
durga prasad turned towards shekhar gadodia holding his hand – i am sorry.. i could not stoped sanskar..
shekhar gadodia hugged his friend and said – no.. you are not at fault we all know sanskar has threatened all of us.. on the name of death…
ragini – but why he done this he didn’t know swara!!
laksh – you are wrong ragini.. how you forget that swara is the same girl.. who was past of bhai!!
ragini was now shocked ..and… elders didn’t know what laksh is talking but pia, khushi, madhu now realize.. what he was saying…
anjali wiping her tears moved swara and annapurna..
anjali hold swara – come with me shona…
swara whisper -di..
misha and shekhar khan also come there..
misha – let’s go swara… sanskar would be waiting for you..
shekhar khan – yeah..
swara look at her friends.. with happiness…..
swara was now looking at every faces and said – di don’t worry i know his room.. i will be alright.. annapurna maa.. dad.. durga uncle.. please i am sorry for him whatever he did he was in anger with him don’t be rude pleaded..
all look at her surprise..
ragini – but swara …
swara- ragini i know what i have to do… you don’t worry i know sanskar… saying this left towards sanskar’s room..

sanskar was in his room throwing all the things here and there.. sanskar to himself – what was wrong with me.. why the hell.. i have done with her!!! dammit.. how could i married with her just like in my anger…!!
swara comes inside the room looking at the mess she silently lock the door..
sanskar look at her..
sanskar- you can rest.. saying this he started going but stopped by swara..
swara look at his – do you hate me?
sanskar was now in anger and frustration he pinned her to the wall and said – yes.. yes swara sanskar maheshwari i hate you… do you get that.. and about marriage… i didn’t give damm to this marriage i was in anger and i have all the mess… why the hell you came back… make sure that any happiness is left in my life or not… you know what i hate you… and about that raped matters.. i am guilty.. and always will be.. if you have ask me why i raped you before leaving me i would have glad.. i should have explained you beg… but no after all these years you asked me this.. right.. after that i was blind in anger.. so that i married you.. if you want you leave me i don’t care.. get this in your mind!!!
swara started at him and whisper – i had not left you…

sanskar laugh in pain – whatt..
swara said looking at his eyes – i never wanted to left you i was blackmail by misha.. she… she… has..made.. my bathroom video.. i was scared.. i was not able to take all this things any more first you have raped then at the same misha send me that video.. and ask to accuse for my rape and then leave you forever.. after leaving you i went back misha she deleted my video.. i left you.. but after two weeks.. i came to know that i was pregnant.. i know you hate me but i wanted to tell when i came back i saw misha consoling you ,hugging you i can’t take that anymore.. so i left.. i didn’t care to tell aadarsh bhai, ragini and dad.. i just left…
sanskar was shocked he loosen his grip and said -am sorry swara.. i know whatever happens i can’t change it neither you if you want you can leave me or can be here choice is yours whatever i will accept it.. he left to pool side..
swara look at him painly and goes behind him – you didn’t ask about the child??
sanskar look at her – swara you one think i am sick of loving you…
swara taken aback.. – you don’t.. love.. sanskar..

sanskar – i didn’t say i don’t love you but i am tired of loving like nothing past eight years.. you were happy without me… but having our symbols of lust right.. but what about.. me.. i have only empiteness which you left behind.. you killed that sanskar on that only i know you are not at mistakes.. so again sorry.
swara comes close to him – i had misscarage sanskar..
sanskar was froze at the moment..
swara was looking at his eyes – i was in guilt because nighter you came to know about our child nor misscarage i met with an accident i was in coma for two weeks…
sanskar don’t know what to say few minutes before he was happily that she was with his child but now… sanskar sit on the recliner with thud…
swara bend on her knees and placed her head on his lap.. and cried..
sanskar said calmly – you are not going anywhere swara you are going to live with me forever and i am not giving any option… saying this he strokes her hair.. sanskar eyes was moist he was also in tears how could he react when his child not in this world..
swara – it was twins sanskar.. and.. i have one child…..and i can never be mother again..
sanskar was shocked again -say it clearly swara??
swara look at him – in that misscarage our one child dead but another was safe but doctor said me that my womb was week and i was in coma so they put our child to another woman womb.. after eight months i got our siddharth..

sanskar – our siddharth is enough for us… for loving us…
swara noded happily…
sanskar – where is he??
swara – he is with dad.. he was tired so slept in gadodia mansion…
sanskar nodded.. then ask – he knows me..
swara – yeah..
sanskar – i want to ask one thing

Credit to: Twinkle

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