Mom Her Name is.. Swara…. Part 8 secrets of Dark’s

Part 8..
Sanskar – I hate her because she loves me…
No one understands anything it was not getting in their mind…
Maan still in shocked -what do you mean?? She loves you and that’s why you hate her!!
Sanskar stood up and move to closet and bring out one album.. Gesture them to sit on bed and settled with them
Sanskar opened the album… It first page written “I Love You SaNsKaR “‘
All look at it..
Sanskar – it is the last of her I have before 8years this album I have found in her college locker… It contains my photos and another side her feelings…. She loves me when I met first time and I hate her when she confessed her love…

Everyone face was hung giving looks of What The Hell!!!
Aadarsh frustrated – if she loves you then why she accused you…!!!
Sanskar – I have Raped whatever happens whatever she have feelings for me she is a bold girl… If she wanted then she had made me in jail for… Immmm…
RK -15 years for rape…!!
Sanskar – yes but she wanted me to feel guilty I was drunk whatever I have done she send me jail then next she it’s taken the complain…..
Arnav – so she wanted you to feel guilty not to destroy your life and in all that she her life by saying lastly that you are innocent and she was doing in jealousy with Misha…!!
Sanskar – I can make it that you deserve to be ASR.. You are bussiness minded…
Arnav – I know then…
Sanskar – then she left!
Maan – you are again hiding some facts…
Sanskar – I must say I stuck here!!!
Laksh – don’t waste Bhai you already wasted 8 years!!!
Sanskar look at them – I tried to Sucide!!
All look at him disbelief..
Sanskar – Her plan got successful in that whole night behind the bars I was feeling guilty that much that I went to my life so I gone to Cliff to end my life but to much surprise she was already there and like hell she knows me better than anyone !!!! Then..

~~~~~~~~~FLASHBACK ~~~~~~~~~
Sanskar guilty look down and stammered – what… Are.. You.. Doing.. Here??
Swara said sarcastic – waiting for you when you will jumb from here to kill yourself…
Sanskar look at her with shocked..
Swara mock – shocked huh!! Don’t be… Because I know you more than you know your self… But I had came to clear something… I was always jealous with Misha.. But I never tried to harm her… I don’t know from where that drugs came into her locker… And lastly I love you!!!
Sanskar dumbfounded…
Swara – don’t think too much …..I hav sent you jail to show you I am not any Juliet who cry out and hurt my self respect no… I wanted you feel guilty that’s why I send you to jail… And I also know you were not supposed to rape me but.. Shekhar makes you drunk around 4bottles which is something that makes one man into Animal.. You was animal.. And last not least it was planning of your so called lover Misha and best friend Shekhar…
Sanskar – What are you saying!!
Swara – what are you supposed to listen it was their planning to break you from me I was hurdle for Misha ….she was always interested in your money but you never care and Shekhar… He loves Misha.. So that’s why they planned it but their plan backfired when you raped me it was supposed to kill me or injured me so that you go into your depression and Misha use her emotions drama.. Now… I want to say one last thing I don’t want you to harm your self in any way.. I love you and if respect my feelings then don’t dare to hurt you.. And good bye Mr Maheshwari… She started leaving from there..
Sanskar screaming – and I hate you Swara Raina for loving me…!!
Swara stopped at her and turned to see Sanskar painful dry laugh..
Sanskar – whatt!! You heard it right I hate you to love and always do it you love me right that’s why you make me out of jail after what I have done so just listen to me I hate ur love for me!!! And from now on this Sanskar is dead from whom you love because I hate this Sanskar which makes you love me after whatever I have done I will live in guilt I respect your feelings my foot Swara Raina… I hate your feelings I hate it!!! Yes I hate you and now from this place new Sanskar will be taking birth who will just survived in PAIN !!!I hate you..
Swara eyes was teary and she walk away!!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~flashback ends ~~~~~~~~

Sanskar whisper – I hate her… Then he look at everyone… Where they were shocked..
Aadarsh- But what was Swara mistake..
Sanskar – to love me!!
RK – Are you lost it!!! You know what actually you dare to love her bit you were making your self belief that you hate her!!
Sanskar -No!!
Arnav – Can you explain why you hate??.. Is it because she still loves after knowing whatever happens you were not mistaken just one mistake was there of your and for that she already punished you…!! But you started loving her when she left you making you feel that at what extent she loves you… She did!! She makes you insane about her you always lost in her thoughts in her.. Your eyes just wanted to see her you have longingness for you love her this much that you think you don’t deserve her and not her love deserves you that’s why you hate her love!!
All look at Arnav.. With too much pride..
Sanskar – I know all this Arnav!!

Maan – We are looking that basically you are pushing your self in hell… You are not angry on her.. You are angry on your self for not understanding her love at correct time and always think about best friend boundaries!!
Laksh – but why you leave Shekhar and Misha for all this!!
Sanskar – because it was all my fault it was me who after knowing Swara’s warning I had loved her actually it was attraction… And Shekhar he was just a pawn.. And it was my mistake that I raped her…!! In this Misha and Shekhar was just a excuse …!!
Aadarsh – you mean to say..
Sanskar – they are not the real reason for which my anger came to this extent they never was the reason but still I never tell that time nor Di know about it!!
RK – What you saying… What was the reason Sanskar that you raped her!!
Sanskar took a deep breath and said – before this incident two days before I was going back to flat as di was gone to her friends home for night.. So I was basically free minded and I don’t have worry for running to flat so that day I have chosen another road.. It was mid night… On that road some s*l*u*t was their asking for night…!! And their I saw her in black miniskirt long heals taking secrets and leaning on wall.. It was dark so didn’t look at me but I saw her then I catch the man who was selling the girls for night.. And I ask about her.. I gave him money.. He told me that it was her first time she came wanted money for college fee.. Around 30000….so doing this job and still no one has touched her she is pure vergin.. He was telling me all this because I thought I wanted to f**k with her!!! I just call dad’s manager and ask him to come with 10lakh to that road.. Manager came i signed him to go to her and then that Man ask her to go with my manager and my manager gives her bag and leave her in hotel room alone.. After that manager gives his number to her telling that if she wanted to money or any help contact with him as a daughter because he don’t have don’t dare to do this job again…!! Then she accepted Money ….I was mad on her that how easily she can go for this job and do f**k with any man that was the reason I raped her she wanted f**k right so I did that!!!
All look at him dumbstruck one word was not coming from their mouth…
RK gulped and said – so Swara gonna for s*l*u*t job and you become mad on her like her boyfriend… You were not loving her that time right!!

Sanskar – because before that I didn’t realize but that moment I realized her that how it disgusted me if any man touch her… I felt that protectiveness and possession for her.. I had avoided her for another two damm days only to find out my feelings but when I came to know about drugs I was mad on her I thought she started taking drugs also… That was it!! For My patience.. And I have done that which I not supposed to do!!
Laksh – so you know right where she’s!!
Sanskar – yes I know.. She is in Manhattan enjoying her life a wedding planner…!
Maan- but how you know!!??
Sanskar – after that road incident she whenever wanted money I transfer her I never try how she was.. Having any relationship or still single but I just kept one thing in my mind that she don’t get any problem related with money.. I always send 10lakh on her account each month even some time more.. And just kept one information that she’s doing what job.. Nothing else..!!

RK – so you are doing her care after she left and you didn’t tell her right thing right reasons you mad on her!!!
Sanskar – I didn’t want to see her guilt face infront of me I can’t bear it!!
Arnav – but Sanskar if you know she’s living her life and move on then why not you dammit!!
Sanskar – because that Sanskar has died on that place ……now if you all are satisfied with my past can I get rest…
Aadarsh – there is everyone fault and tell me one Anji know about all this!!
Sanskar – no she only knows about Shekhar and Misha innocent and Swara as culprits and I don’t want her to know because then she will break the bones of Misha because she loves Swara so much!! But not more than me!!
Sanskar – I wanted rest!!
All left from there closing the door..

Laksh – guys if that Shekhar didn’t make Sanskar drink and Misha had not done drama then…
Aadarsh – then would have together…
RK – And I think what you all think time had come Swara re entry and make love bird once together and make life hell of Mr and Mrs khan (shekhar and Misha)
All look at him with evil smile and nodded..
Maan – we are not going to tell all these to any girl!!
Arnav – but why??
Maan – you will understand just use your harward brain!!
Arnav -yeah I get it!!
Laksh – let’s move to my room for making first move!!
They left to Laksh room…

St Patricks Church…..
A beautiful woman was running from here to there making things ready for celebrating the wedding instructing her staff…
Staff member – Mam it’s emergency!!!
Woman worried – what??? Said breathing heavy because of running..
Staff stammered – Mam… Party singers met with an accident so there is no singer available!!
Woman shocked – What???!!!!!!
Staff- Mam guest has arrived…!! And Mr John had asked to start the show!!
Woman put her hand on her heart breathing heavily – you go and see caterars I will do something!!
Staff member gone from there..
Woman muttering herself keeping her palm on her heart taking long breath – Relax shona relax shona…. No worries be confident you are Sanskar’s Shona be confident …think if Sanskar would be here what he have done!!! Think think!!!… (she closes her eyes and Sanskar face comes in that darkness) Idea!!!!! I get the ideas!!!! I love you sanskar whenever I am in problems you are the only solution so Shona get ready for dhammal!!!!

Party hall was beating the word beautiful there were arranged so many tables and chairs and one special table for bride and groom… Guest has arrived…. Bride and Groom also settled with family they were continuously appreciating the work of Manhattan best Wedding Planer!!!
Just then light goes and they heard guitar sounds from the stage and then spot light moves towards where a beautiful woman in white gown lose curly hair and a beautiful eyes like dear and moon like face and a cute smile was sitted holding guitar and there was Mike in front of her…
Woman – so ladies and gentlemen today’s is the day of love. And I am going to sing for this beautiful couple who is going to spend their life with each other love…. To live the life.. Then she started playing the guitar..
Chali re, chali re
Junoon ko liye
Katra, katra lamho ko diye
Pinjre se uda dil ka shikra
Khudi se maine ishq kiya re
She kept that guitar and comes to centre of hall started dancing making everyone to rock the beat…
Jiya jiya re jiya re
Jiya jiya re jiya re
Jiya jiya re jiya re jiya oh (x2)
Everyone was dancing then woman signal one of staff something then she moved from there Rose petals were started showring all of them and they all have bright smile and then woman started singing coming to the stage..
Chali re, chali re
Junoon ko liye
Pinjre se uda dil ka shikra
Khudi se maine ishq kiyaaa re
Jiya jiya re jiya re…

Make the way for Akira..
Pop it up, move aside she is here
Hey get up everybody wanna be her
Wanna see her, she is Akira
Woman closing the eyes thinking of Sanskar sings……………
Chhote chhote lamho ko teetli jaise pakdo toh
Haathon mein rang reh jaata hai
Pankho se jab chhodo toh
Waqt chalta hai
Waqt ka magar rang utarta hai Akira
Udte udte phir ek lamha maine pakad liya re

Jiya jiya re jiya re
Jiya jiya re jiya re
Jiya jiya re jiya re jiya oh ho(x2)

Make the way for Akira…

Then she comes to bride and groom joining their hands… Sing..
Halke halke pardo mein
Muskurana achha lagta hai
Roshni jo deta ho toh
Dil jalana achha lagta hai
Ek pal sahi, umr bhar isey sath rakhna Akira
Zindagi se phir ek waada maine kar liya re
Then everyone started singing along with her…
Jiya jiya re jiya re
Jiya jiya re jiya re
Jiya jiya re jiya re jiya oh ho (x2)

Chali re, chali re Junoon ko liye
Pinjre se uda dil ka shikra
Khudi se maine ishq kiya re

Jiya jiya re jiya re
Jiya jiya re jiya re
Jiya jiya re jiya re jiya oh ho (x2
All clapping for the woman where staff was cheering – Swara Swara Swara Nnnnnnnn!!!!! Listening the name everyone’s cheer for her…

After some time party was over.. Swara was moving towards her car just then she gets the call looking the ID she smiles..
Swara – I love you Cherry!!!!!
Cherry – shona gets another hit wedding!!! I love you shona!!!
Swara attitude -I know!!
Cherry – stop your attitude shona… I am waiting for you when you are going to come it’s dinner time!!
Swara – oops I am sorry Cherry coming in five minutes baby!!
Cherry shouted – no… You come with slow speed!! Get it
Swara take a deep breath – OK my cherry..
Call ended..
Swara laugh and move towards her car…. Swara started the when she stopped at the signal she look at her left side where one boy was cracking jokes with girl.. Swara smile.. Think..

Flashback on Swara point of view…!!
‘”Sanskar Maheshwari! Come back here this instant! ‘” I placed my hand on my hips, indignantly, my blackish eyes told him otherwise .

Though I was desperate to have my assignment back I can never be angry on my bestie.
”come here and get it ‘” Sanskar chided
He was 7feet from me now holding up my assignment high in the air now, grinned widely. His deep brown eyes that made girls drool sparkled and his tall lanky figure was tensed, ready to escape at moment notice. I signed loudly trying to fight myself.
”Come on sanskar will be late for the class ‘” Sanskar chuckled …..
‘”Exactly come on and get it! ‘” I glanced around. Everyone was looking at us some with curious expression, some with knowing, small smile on their faces while Sanskar was the most popular guy in the college.. I was just a normal girl who hung out with popular flock because I was Sanskar’s best friend. I didn’t like attention like to sit alone in library, but he always insisted me spending time with him.
He was handsome, intelligent and multitalented but down to earth. Being a quarterback of the basketball team and coming from well to do family didn’t matter to him either. He was modest and kind. He crave for an equal space in society next to me… Sanskar and I had been best friends ever could I remember. Our parents were friends.. Dad said to me.. Well I, Sanskar and Anjali were send to Delhi for studies …I was not knowing about that Our parents are friends… His siblings was -Laksh I don’t know him nor see him.. I was not interested in him but he treats Anjali as her elder sister, were close to me.. We three went to same school and we were inseparable..
‘” act proper 19 year old boy. What would Annapurna autie say if she saw how you are acting right now? ‘”Annapurna aunty Sanskar’s mother she is such lovely lady I had always talked with her on Skype I really miss my mom whenever Sanskar and her bonding show.. I have my step mom.. And she loves me and because of her I forgot that my mom dead.. But….
‘”You wouldn’t tell her Shona. You would never tell on me I know you. He winked
Normal it would all the girls college in swoon but I was exceptional as he think but only I know how much I that gesture…
‘” it wouldn’t work on me so stop with the seduction. ‘”I said making cold face. ‘”give it back to me .we are getting late ””
He laughed again. “”Right, I can talk to Jyoti Miss out of making us late. You know that very well. ‘”
Yea, I know that “I said coldly and he pouted. I rolled my eyes.
‘”come on Sanskar, everyone are staring. “I smiled dryly at couple who passed us. The whole college knew about our friendship. Some thought we were couples but our friends knew better and I know that Sanskar hate that girls who always drool over him.. And I was also not going to risk my life catching Sanskar attention and getting on the popular girls bad book.
“don’t mind us”sanskar said passing students. “just having fun ”
The students laugh at and one them called “go get him Swara “I shook my head I can recognize his voice anywhere.
“go to your class .Shekhar “his familiar laughter filled the hallway and we continued on the other way, him walking backwards and me walking forward..
“please Sanskar “I pleaded ” let’s not cause any trouble in literature class. It was embarrassment yesterday. You know how much I hate attention “.
“I was just having fun. “Sanskar said “it’s not my mistake you are so clumsy that I had to catch you in front of whole class. ”
I crossed my arms and frowned “it’s not my mistake OK .if you don’t have stolen my bag and made me chase after you, I wouldn’t tripped.”
“OH, that’s a good excuse huh. “he said “Shona you can’t tripped on that flat floor. Thanks me I always save you before you hit the floor, ”
The hall was almost clear now, everyone might have entered their classes. A few students ran past us. Bell rang. “We are late. Sanskar! “I gave up and ran after him. As if he was waiting for that, he whirled around and ran even more faster, laughing loudly. I knew I was going to trip somewhere. argghh..
“Sanskar ”
Flashback ends…
Signal was clear Swara run his fast even more… Faster… And in some time she was standing out side her house…
Swara runs inside the house with her full speed and bang the door.. Which was already open and tripped on floor.. But this time there was no one to save her..
Swara cried out in pain -“ahhh “rubbing her hips…
Cherry comes there looking at the anger rose in his nose and shouted – why the hell shona don’t you careful!!! You know you are so clumsy!!
Swara cried – a ahhh… Help me cherry!!! Please baby!!
Cherry shook his head and help her.. And makes her sit on sofa… And goes from there in few minutes he was back with painkillers… And water..
Cherry – take it Shona!! Said worrying..
Swara smile – thank you baby!! I love you!! Taking medicine and water..
Cherry attitude – I know!!
Swara laugh – you are so copycat!!
Cherry – shut up Shona let’s go dinner is ready!!
Swara smile and salute him -yes boss!!

They both settled on dinner table.. Enjoy dinner and then movie.. After that they both slept in their room!! After Cherry left in his room for sleep.. Swara stands goes to balcony… And look at moon…..
Swara to herself – you know sanskar my day was so much fun loving… Look today also because of my clumsy nature I fell down you were right but you know n Cherry he loves me so much.. He always take care of me like you.. I know your day would be rocking why not after all you were the person by whom I learn to live life… I know whatever happens you hate me and my love but you know what I love your hate Sanky… I miss you so much…. I know you would had married to Misha having cute child.. Like you very naughty and kind!! And you would be like always irresponsible… I know your room like always messy and you like always lazy… I am sure Misha would be fed off!! I wish I have never loved you so that I can move on but what can I do you have changed me alot I am totally like you, think like you and only cherry Is here who cares me like you!!!I became talkative like you… OK good morning for you and good night for me Sanky!!!

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