Mom Her Name is.. Swara…. Part 7 secrets of Dark’s


PART 7….

Here is the appointment letter of Miss Sneha Kundra you have to sign it ‘said Shekhar.. Sanskar Pa coming inside the room of Sanskar..
Sanskar look at him and said – keep it.. ..but Sanskar look at his face which was showing anger in his eyes and frown in his face..
Sanskar – spit out Shekhar.. Said looking at him keenly absorbing his move..
Shekhar stammered – who -who is this.. Sneha..??
Sanskar – any sister of RK.. Any problem??
Shekhar immediate – no no actually you never kept anyone at job without inquiry so that’s why..!!
Sanskar signed – listen Shekhar.. RK was telling me that she is good in her job and she was secretary of his clint but unfortunately his clint got bankrupt and his company shut it …then only RK ask her that he will help her because she have a surname Kundra.. It’s quite weird but we all know RK and it’s totally amazing that RK made somebody sister other than bedmate..!!
Shekhar face was flushed well Sanskar was expecting this look after all RK was not in the people who do charity especially in girls case and if he do then something is good in that girl which make Rishabh Kundra to asking her if she needs any help… So that’s why Sanskar agree with you any fuss about this Sneha Kundra..
Sanskar – so you can leave Shekhar otherwise your wife will kill you… Said smirking at him..
Shekhar looking at him annoyed – you know SIR my life became table tennis in office you make me hell by giving pile of work and in home she makes me feel hell by saying I didn’t give her time..!! Said stretching the word ‘SIR ‘ which Sanskar don’t like a bit when shekhar was with him without any one.. He feels friendly in Shekhar present he and his wife never back off by making me feel good..
Sanskar – Now go shekhar ..
After Shekhar left Sanskar smile remembering his words..

‘” Here you go Swara if you have guts then do it!! Said smirking Shekhar..
‘” Shona no way you are not going to do anything!! Said pleading Sanskar..
Swara look at shekhar angry and whole college who crowded at canteen enjoying the fight between college topper Swara and popular flirting Shekhar….
Swara – what’s the challenge!! Said arrogantly looking at Shekhar eyes sharply..
Sanskar – Shona and Shekhar stop it guys and don’t be serious it was just a bet…!!
Swara and Shekhar together -Stay out!!! Sanky..
And all college feel pity at college handsome hunk Sanskar Maheshwari who was pissed off with his two friends..
Anjali and Misha came there running…
Anjali -what is happening here?? Said whispering to Sanskar..
Shekhar -Are you ready Topper (Swara) it’s going to be naughty challenge for you my dear..
Swara – Swara never back off but if I won this challenge then you have to do something which is basically new experience for you creep (shekhar)
Shekhar – we will see!!
Swara – bring it on!!
Shekhar shouted at Waitor and bring one plate red chilli..
Shekhar placed the plate in front of Swara and Said- so look topper it is your dare you have to eat six red chilli and if you lose then you have to complete my halfvsamester note!! Said smirking at her..
Sanskar angry -are you insane Shekhar!! It’s red chilli dude…
Misha – don’t be Shekhar!!!
Shekhar looking at Swara – are you ready miss topper..
Swara smirking – if I won then you have to clear my six months canteens Bill.. Deal??
Shekhar – deal..
Anjali shouted – nothing is going to happen no deal you two just moved to class..
Swara -stay out Anji!!
Swara smirking at shekhar eat one chilli.. Then another.. Third one a tear comes to her corner eyes.. Fourth… Fifth..
Everyone was shocked to see all this Shekhar was literally sweating..
Sanskar worried -shona stop this!!
Swara completed her last red chilli and said smirking – Shekhar Now pay the bills of six months.. I am going meet you soon..

Everyone was amused by Swara guts and having red chilli.. Sanskar goes behind her to check out she is okay or not..
Swara was literally jumping on washroom shouting and third bottle of water in her hand and crying… Continue Sanskar runs to her..
Sanskar shouted -Shona Shona!! Are you okay..
Swara sticking out her tongue – Paani Paani!! Sanky water…
Sanskar look around water was no where Swara condition was becoming worse after getting one idea he just placed his lips to her Swara had stopped her panicking when she felt his lips on her he was smooching her open mouth he bit her lower lip.. Swara gasp and parted her lips and taking the chance Sanskar entered his tongue in to her mouth tasting the sweet nectar and chilli taste deepening the kiss his hand was holding her waist tightly and another checking out her every curves but Swara was in shocked state she just numb but Sanskar was tasting her every inch of her mouth with his tongue then nimbling his teeth on her upper lip he bit them and same with lower lip he was passionatly kissing her for two minutes after tasting her mouth with his tongue lastly he parted and kept his forehead on her and breathing heavily where Swara knees was becoming so week like jelly that if Sanskar has didn’t hold her be waist then she was in ground in next second..
Sanskar breathing heavily saying -you are OK now..??
Swara look at him shockingly -huh??!!
Sanskar smile and said – your mouth was burning right because of chilli is it Okay!!
Swara just nodded
Sanskar parted himself from her and said -Shona don’t mad at me for kissing I was worried.. And please don’t think to much about it if you want you can throw me or slapped me but don’t stop talking at me..
Swara -you kiss me because of chill.. She didn’t complete her words just then Misha comes behind him and hugs him tightly..
Misha whisper something which make chuckle sanskar..
Sanskar whisper -I love you too Mishu…!!
Swara left from there giving them space…

Sanskar trance broke by continously knocking on his door…
Sanskar opened the door it was his servant who came calling him for dinner… I watch the time 10pm Sanskar nodded and close the door behind..
Sanskar look at himself then touches the lips with his finger and think ‘ ONLY I KNOW HOW DIFFICULT FOR ME TO CONTROL MY FEELING BUT IN THAT KISS I POUR MY HEART SHONA ‘” his eyes got moist but then he moved to downstairs….

‘ Beta everyone is in Terrance having dinner as they all decided and elders will be eating here so go and join them said Ap smiling Sanskar from there to Terrance looking the arrangement and everyone was eating and laughing, romanceing and teasing..
””Bhai come join us ‘”said Laksh with excitement
Sanskar moved towards them and settled beside Arnav..
Khushi looking at sanskar – it was amazing Sanskar!!! Hats off..
Sanskar – for what???
Pia – your pool side party.. Man it was marvelous how could think this much!!!
Arnav – it was nice Sanskar!!
RK – Well I was not knowing that behind this bussiness guy there is biggest party freek is exist!!
Sanskar hardened his face and said harshly – it was Shekhar arrangements.. I have to make calls I will see you all later.. Saying he started leaving but Anjali grabbed his hand looking into his eyes ….
Sanskar look at her – Di I am coming said sternly..
Anjali – you can make calls later have dinner with us your friends your family…!! Said authorities conveying the message that they all are his family and he can’t runaway everytime and it was noticed by all..
For lightning the situation Madhu said – hey Sanky come sit with me other wise this MR Lawyer will again started his any story of his cases…

RK – excuse me madhubala..
Madhu – you are not excused!!
Everybody laugh at him Sanskar helplessly sit with them!! :::
Ragini – I am so excited for engagement!!
Pia – well we can see it!!
Arnav – Ragini and Di your engagement dress is coming from AR collection …
RK – hey I forgot I brought for you both the couple..
Everyone look at him where he was taking out two packet and give them…
Anjali while opening the packet said – you can gift US on engagement day!! Rishu…
Ragini looking at photos frame in her hand same with Anjali..
Ragini – photo frame??
RK – it’s a special photo frame!!
Maan – but it’s looking simple photo frame…
Arnav – what is special in it!!
RK shook his head and taking one photo frame from Anjali said – look when one day you both get into fight and think about divorce then first thing which will be broken is photo frame so it is a spiting photo frame look (he show them system how both frame split) and then you both without braking frame can take your photo with your own!!!
Sanskar smile at him and said – you will never change Mr lawyer!!
Where everyone was looking at RK with open mouth… …..
Raglak and Aaan (Aadarsh and Anjali) together shouted – RK!!!! How dare you!!!!!
Arnav ,Madhu, Khushi,pia and Maan laugh at them and RK astonished gift!!
RK – whatt.. U people should be thankful for my gift..
Aadarsh sarcasm – yaa where your one gift it’s self show how eager you are making divorse of people.. (looking at anjali) I don’t know Anji but you people should think Madhu future with lawyer!!! Don’t how many he will take divorce and marriage!!!
RK snapped – Madhu don’t you dare to think of leaving me because of your soon to be so called jijaji said greeten teeth with anger voice..
Maan – cool down lawyer (RK) and doctor (Aadarsh) you are too much. !!!!
Sanskar – I think dinner is over so bed time..
Khushi – I agree with Anji why you always Runaway from this fun and loving situation!! I am just fed with your this much cold attitude …looking at Sanskar accusingly!!
Pia whisper – Di calm down..
Khushi retorted – no it’s not like something is terrible with him !! Listen carefully to me Mr Sanskar Maheshwari I know you from five years and you are destroying your life with this attitude nothing still wrong just try to enjoy your life Sanskar it’s amazing to live…..!!!
Sanskar whisper – I know.. Khushi.. His head was down looking his fingers…
Arnav – Khushi just stop it…
Khushi angry – No not this time I don’t know what’s wrong with this Man he have all the things which we all are cravings for our life in all if us he and Laksh have his Mom and dad both support and showering their… We all can Laksh always will be happy with his but what about him… I am your friend Sanskar I am not going to see this nonsense any more…..!!!

Anjali tried to cool down Khushi – relax Khushi it’s just nothing.. Sanskar is stressing himself because of work…
Khushi again angrily said – We all do work Anjali he is any exceptions.. I have chain of hotels to take care,, Arnav has big industry which needed his whole time,,, Maan construction is in high peek… Laksh also is in top in photographing Career.. Madhu and Aadarsh always have their hectic operating patients… RK and Pia are lawyers of top lawyer forum cases are revolving around them… Ragini is in always busy in her modeling and you also do this much work in AR.. we all do work but we know to live I don’t have Dad but I live for My mom but what about him… What’s the problem!!! Is he hate his life.. He have any idea how much Ap auntie cry in night for him I have seen with my eyes how Dp uncle eyes are moist because of this Man… It’s a outburst in from five years I am try to do everything so that he live his life happily we all are trying…!!!
Sanskar slowly comes to the Khushi hold her arms and said – I am happy Khushi you are getting anger unnecessarily look Arnav and Pia are concerned about you stop angry on this foolish topic…
RK shouted angrily -It’s not funny Sanskar… It’s high time I agree with Khushi.. You are just getting on our nerves!! What is the problem!!!!
Laksh also gets anger when Sanskar said Khushi is angry on useless topic and said – why the hell Bhai you are becoming ruthless…!!!! What is the past that you are getting nightmares… You know what bhai you are making fun of our feelings Mom dad me everyone is a puppet for you right!!
Anjali shouted – JUST SHUT Up!!! Sanskar you go and take rest…
Sanskar – Di calm down …..and guys I appologise for ruining your dinner… Just then he turned only to get Shocked… SHEKHAR KHAN was standing with his wife MISHA KHAN and both are fuming in anger..
Sanskar – hey Shekhar you here it’s good surprise…
But Shekhar didn’t look at him and marched toward Khushi.. Misha was looking at Laksh…
Anjali – Shekhar just come with me…
Shekhar looking at Khushi angry -What did you say!!!
Arnav comes to Shekhar – Shekhar she was concerned ….take it easy…
Khushi angry – I said he is playing with our feelings…
Misha comes to her – because he don’t get the power to live life again…
RK -and you both know right… And like Anjali di you both also not going to say anything…
Misha -what you wanted to listen!!!
Sanskar shouted -Misha!!!!
Misha shouted back – not this Sanskar they should what is suffering you….
Anjali uttered -Misha please…
Shekhar – not this time Di…!! And you know What I am also fed looking at him like this daily every minute guilt is only surrounded him nothing as because of that ****!!!
Sanskar angry shouted – don’t you dare!!!
Misha – No not at all Sankar what ever you did because you were drunk and… That was mistake…because you think it was crime you had made…

Sanskar -oh just that crap!! I am warning you two don’t utter a single word and get lost.. Before I lose my temper!!
Anjali – No!! They are not going anywhere…!!
Sanskar comes to them and shouted -What you want di you know everything and you are supporting… Which I don’t deserve!!
Aadarsh was in his temper – Anjali spit out everything about him!!! NOW!!!
Sanskar shouted – no!!! It is My life and you all just stay away don’t cross your limits!!!
Madhu- not this time Sanskar because without crossing our limits we can’t make you live your life!!
Ragini angry – Sanskar just say it what is wrong with you that you are living like smug!!! And what guilt huh!!!
Sanskar closes his eyes in anger…
Maan hold his shoulder – just say it what you have done that making your life guilty!!!
Pia – what will be that guilt Sanskar you are living like death people!!!
Arnav -spit it out Sanskar!!!
Sanskar was listening their continues questions which was now making him hell angry he clenched his fist tightly greething his teeth and shouted at his high peak – I SAID STAY OUT OF MY LIFE!!!!
Misha turned his face and shouted -Nooooooo!!!
Sanskar grabbed her arms greething his teeth said angrily – you are not my girlfriend anymore Mrs Misha Shekhar Khan it will be better be in your limits and I don’t love you anymore…!!!!
All are shocked by this information which was shaking then core.. Except Shekhar and Anjali..
Misha shouted back – Now I agree with my husband… That f**k was a bad omen in our life which makes you separate from me!!!

Sanskar pushed her roughly and before she fall on ground Shekhar held in her arms… Sanskar gulped his anger and started leaving from there but stopped at few steps when Misha shouted – she was s*l*u*t, a butch, who makes your life divasted and you still love that bastard woman who accuse you!!!
Sanskar turned back without looking any things he slapped her hard on her face…. And shouted – it was not Accuse… I RAPED SWARA RAINA!!!!! That night it was truth!!! Which you all thing a big lie it was true I RAPED HER!!!!
All were rooted at the spot no one was moving from there place only breathe was echoing IN terrace no body doesn’t know how to react… All just looking at sanskar with numb expressionless face…
Sanskar fell on his and whisper continously – I raped Swara I raped her she was screaming I was beast but I hate her and only two feelings I have for her Hate and guilt nothing else…
RK moved to Sanskar and asked Arnav – let’s go to his room he needs rest..
Arnav nodded and look at Maan, Laksh and Aadarsh to come with them they all left the terrace…
Ragini look at Anjali – he can’t do this it’s impossible he never tried to touch me then how can he rape any girl!! I don’t trust him…
Khushi sit shattered – Ragini is right it was pure lie he can’t rape any girl he is lying…!!!
Pia stammered – yes yes he can’t do this… That girl should have accuse him….. I don’t believe it what he said..
Madhu grabbed the Shekhar arms and shouted – Who the blo*dy hell was that girl who makes Sanskar life a pure guilt… I know he never can do this speak up dammit!!!
Shekhar look at her and said – yes Sanskar is lying he never can do this it is what we are saying him from past 8 years that Swara Raina has accused him!! He was in love with Misha and that Swara was jealous with her and Then graduation day she drugged him and kept drugs packet in Misha purse because of her Misha was gone in jail and next Swara accuses Sanskar in front of whole college and we make bail of Misha and Sanskar… After that day nobody had found her mouth Misha until didn’t believe that Swara had done all so she always send gifts on her every birthday which Sanskar get!! Sanskar force Misha to marry me and then we have to start our life… He made anjali di to get out of there but he… His career was if our principle didn’t have believed in Sanskar his four years of college life was over!! After that Sanskar soul was dead!!
Misha – we have moved on but what about him he believes that he raped her…
Anjali – on that Swara birthday… Misha birthday also there but she never celebrated her birthday after that!!!
Arnav who came back to check on them witness the seen but his was on particular person and then he returned back to Sanskar room….

‘IS he alright?? Ask Maan to Aadarsh in worried tone..
Aadarsh nodded ..
Sanskar opened his eyes slowly and look at them with guilty eyes…
RK – stop it Sanskar.. And please start your story in which you raped one girl named Swara Raina… Right!! Now spit it out..
Sanskar look down and utter – you all can ask Di she knew everything and can I rest for sometime alone!
Arnav comes beside him and said – You are brave Sanskar !! But if you are guilty then why didn’t you try to talk to her…
Sanskar look at him instantly said – I hate her… Mostly I hate.. I am guiltily but I hate her…
Laksh – because she accused you or made your ex girlfriend out of the college !
Aadarsh – tell us Sanskar!!
Sanskar took a deep breath and said – I hate her because She loved me!!

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Credit to: Twinkle

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