Mom Her Name is.. Swara…. (Part 5) secrets of Dark’s


Guys I am disappointed by your low response!!! PART 5
In shopping mall…
Khushi – so guys let’s go buy rings then any other work!! Said exciting
Madhu – yes I totally agree with Khushi let’s go..

Sanskar, Arnav and RK was standing closely..
Arnav whisper to RK – look one crazy is agreeing with another crazy..
RK – but one thing it’s just a ring why they are excited like its their engagement!!
Both chuckle Sanskar smile and said – let’s go then ring shop is there!!
All nodded and started moving..
Arnav grab the hand of Khushi…

Khushi look at him with wide eyes – what??
Arnav – hey it’s two months still you are angry… My crazy woman..
Khushi angry – yes!! You go and talk with your first wife why are you wasting your time on this poor gf!!
Arnav closely – because I can’t lose my gf she is more precious than my first wife!!
Khushi bit her lower lip and said – but… Then.. Why.. Didn’t.. You.. Show.. Your face.. For two months ..this I am not going to talk saying she pushed him but Arnav held her wrist and pulled her towards again she crashed on his hard chest..
Arnav whisper – I am sorry Khushi!
Khushi was shocked and look at him with amused expression..

Arnav – Now still you are angry with your laad governer!!
Khushi hugs him tightly and said – I had already forgiven you how can’t I be angry with you…
Arnav hugs her back..
Khushi breaking the hug and said – Today is remarkable day after all ASR has said that word ‘”SORRY ‘” which didn’t consider in his dictionary!! Saying teasingly..
Arnav held her waist pulling towards him and said baby for you it’s just Arnav and this can do anything for.. But tell me you miss me!!
Khushi – let me think.. Immmmm….. A big NO.. And pushing him this time run from there…
Arnav smile and uttered pagal… But I love my pagal..

Sanskar was standing there behind them taking one office phone call.. But he listened whole talk about them.. And smile..
Arnav turned only to caught Sanskar staring at him..

Arnav – so you are spying on me …
Sanskar – no no I was just attending the call from office..
Arnav – relax dude..
They both started moving inside..
Sanskar look at him who was smiling – you change alot ASR…
Arnav – from when you started calling me ASR??
Sanskar – I was always calling you that only but after Khushi came into your life you started listening everyone.. Impressive!!
Arnav – it’s just three months she came into my life like tornado and then change everything in me.. She was light of my life she had absorbed my whole darkness inside her ,she is Angel of my life which my Mom has send… Saying happily..
Sanskar – your love story is amazing after all…
Arnav smirk – I know..
They both came inside the jewelry shop everyone was busy looking for ring..
Laksh and Aadarsh was sitting beside each other..
Aadarsh – look Laksh I have selected five rings but I am confused which ring Anji will wear!!
Laksh look at him amused – you are really excited for wedding !! Well but I didn’t choose any..
Aadarsh taking five rings goes to Anjali….
Laksh to shopkeeper – can bring some simple and classy design..
Shopkeeper nodded and goes inside..

Maan comes to Laksh – so you chosen any ring..
Laksh – neah.. But Aadarsh has chosen five rings..
Maan – he is quite become mad for his wedding..
Laksh – yeah..
Aadarsh also comes there.. And said – Anjali didn’t like any ring..
Just then shopkeeper comes with rings of New design which Laksh has demanded..
Laksh eyes got one silver platinum ring with diamond heart stone looking mermerizing.. Before he took Aadarsh taken that..
Laksh – Aadarsh give me that ring!!
Aadarsh – but I have choose it you can choose it any other!! Saying this he kept that in his pocket and started looking another rings…
Laksh was irritated then one idea came to his mind and he smirk..
Laksh goes to shop counter..
saleman – sir how I help you??
Laksh with innocent face – uncle don’t call me sir I am like your son actually that person (pointing to Aadarsh) has taken your diamond ring and kept in his pocket I have seen him..
Salesman was fuming in anger – thank you beta.. Goes towards Aadarsh..
Aadarsh was looking for Anjali then she was moving outside of the shop so he goes towards her but stopped by anyone hand !!
Aadarsh turned only to witness fuming old man..
Salesman – sir can we check your pocket!!

Aadarsh -What!!
Salesman man gesture his man’s to check it..
RK, Maan, Arnav, Sanskar, Khushi, Madhu, Pia, Ragini and Anjali was looking at this horrible seen where as Laksh was laughing from inside..
Salesman founded that ring from his pocket and said how dare you stealing this ring!!
Aadarsh – no no no no! !! I was taking it to show my fiance!!
Salesman – we are looking fools to you!!

Aadarsh look at Laksh and said – Laksh tell then that I was not stealing this ring you know n!!
Laksh comes to them and said – Aadarsh I didn’t thought you will do like this very shame!!
Salesman – infact he(laksh) is the only person who tell us..!!
Laksh smirk and said – uncle if you don’t mind can I take this ring!
Salesman smile – offcource son.. Then turning to Aadarsh call the police!!
Aadarsh was in total fear..
Laksh chuckle and said – don’t sir he is My Sala means brother in law my wife would be sad on engagement.. Winking at Ragini whose face color was already lost
Salesman – then he have to pay the fine Rs 20,000

Aadarsh – but I don’t have that much money now..
Laksh – then you can give your debit card saying this he moved towards counter taking his ring goes outside the shop where as Aadarsh was giving the fine and scolded by that old man!!
All come out of the shop..
Sanskar shook his head and moved towards another…
Remaining all of them burst into laughter where as Aadarsh was fuming in anger and Laksh was showing his perfect 32 to him..
In Men shop..

Maan was looking at some traditional Sherwani where as Arnav was not most interest in this attire but for Khushi he was choosing, Laksh and Ragini was choosing for Laksh… Anjali was choosing happily for Aadarsh and he was drooling over on Anjali…. Madhu was looking at RK with anger because he have rejected her 6th selected Sherwani.. Pia was looking at Maan then moved to Sanskar..
Pia – you will not choosing for you??
Sanskar – I have one suite I will wear that..
Pia – you will come with me for coffee then..
Sanskar look at everyone busy then nodded moved outside the shop..

Restaurant connected in mall..
Sanskar and Pia was taking coffee..
Pia – I want your help!!
Sanskar – what?? ……any problem

Pia said sadly – I love him but he never showed any interest in me!!
Sanskar -RK.. But you know n that he loves Madhu still he didn’t understand and Show but they both love each other..
Pia sternly – I am not talking about RK sir..
Sanskar – then..
Pia – Maan sir.. I love him and it’s genuine I accept it RK sir was my crush but Maan sir I respect him and I know he is the only whom I wanted to live but he still think I am teenage girl!! Saying annoying..
Sanskar placed his hand on her and said – if you love him then show him..
Pia – what you mean??

Sanskar – I can’t give any advice but I am telling you if you love him then show him and you are in love then you will get to know..
Pia nodded and said – you never fall in love?? Looking into his eyes..
Sanskar – let’s move everyone would be waiting for us..
Pia – I will wait when you my friend decided to tell me about your heart but Sanskar was already left to pay the bills..

Maan who was standing their silently one tear drop comes into his eyes -I thought you love me Pia but I was wrong.. Still I love you and I only wanted your happiness… He left from there
In women shop..
Sanskar and Pia join every one to ladies section..
Maan already left from there giving excuses for work..
Madhu – Rishabh look n this blue color will be nice I want this lehnga..
RK – please Madhu it’s typically blue look this dark pink will be awesome..
Madhu – but..
RK taken the duppta of pink lehnga and place her on head.. And whisper – you are looking awesome..
Madhu smile shyly..

RK – but your nose are not perfect match for this color…said smirking at her..
Madhu was fuming in anger.. – you lawyer I hate you..
RK – Ahan then who said love me you know I love when you hate me.. Said making her blush..
Sanskar smile looking at them just then one blue duppta comes on his face…
‘” why you always choose blue dress for me in party..?? Said ? Swara..
Sanky smile on her said because my Shona looks terrible in another color!! Laughing at her…
Swara ????but this time I will wear my favorite color black!!
Black seriously Swara said Misha coming towards both with three cups of coffee..
Sanskar comes to Misha and hugs her saying -???look at least I get one sensible friend.. You tell me Misha black color is so annoying..

Misha – and Swara your dressing sense are always ugly atleast Sanskar bring something decent otherwise dad and me are so much irritating with your trouser, short top and half jacket looks like you are going in any war!! ?????
Swara throws pillows on them ???you both will never leave my dress right go to hell..
Sanskar ? where you are Shona it’s hell only!!
Swara – Sanky you.. One day you will think your self black is good.. Saying this she left from there taking her coffee ???
Misha and Sanskar ????
Sanskar – but stil Misha why you annoyed her on her dress she is comfortable with them..
Misha – I know but I want that she also do like other girls wear suit, modern clothes, become normal girl.. But after her mom left her dad have only one dream that Swara live like another normal girl and I want that!!
Sanskar hugs tightly – I know Mishu… But black is yuck.. And they both started laughing…

Sanskar look at salesman who was asking sorry for disturbed by blue duppta.. Sanskar nodded and moved towards counter every shopping was finished so he directly moved towards office….

In office cabin after attending back to back nine meeting Sanskar was resting on his leaghter chair it was showing 9pm a exhausting day office hours was done everyone was already gone.. Just then his intercom rings..
On intercom..
Sanskar – yes..
Receptionist – sir one parcel has came from any Miss Misha Khan
Sanskar eyes open in spot – send it.. Saying he threw his intercom..
One employee who was there came and give that parcel and left..
Sanskar was looking at parcel tears were continuously coming in his eyes.. He opened that parcel.. One black gown was there with label ‘”to Swara ‘” from your dear friend Misha ‘”~~~~Happy Birthday darling ~~~~~~

Sanskar cover that parcel and there was one letter.. Sanskar opened that letter..
It’s Misha dear..
I am sorry Swara what ever happened before eight years was a mistake but we can’t clear it today when ever my child ask me about my friend then only you come into my mind because of you I got good life I know you are living with your full speed without looking at us, enjoying your dreams not bothering us after that night we three didnt meet but I am sure you will be happy forever and yes Happy Birthday darling from me,my husband and my beautiful baby girl Trisha..
Bye Swara..

Sanskar eyes was moist he silently goes to his office top floor where he have his penthouse he goes to his room and kept that parcel with another 50parcel …and locked that cupboard….. He left from there…
Coming inside mansion at midnight ever one may be slept.. Sanskar was moving towards his room when one hand stopped him he turned Anjali was standing with anger..
Sanskar – di any problem??
Anjali – you creep just come with me.. Saying this she take him to the dining table.. And settled him.. Started serving him dinner and sit beside him..
Anjali – Marriage date is finalized after two months and engagement after two days and until the marriage my family, Aadarsh family and Maan family is going to be here..
Sanskar nodded.. And said – Di I am not hungry..
Anjali in Stern – even I am not hungry and still didn’t taken dinner..
Sanskar take one morel gesture her to eat and started feeding her..
Anjali – fist you also eat..
After taking dinner..
Anjali – Misha sended the packet for Swara but I have sent to your office..
Sanskar – I got it..
Anjali – I don’t understand whatever happens in all this only Misha life has settled even she didn’t hates you then why you are giving your self punishment..
Sanskar – I am worth of it…. You know one thing that day was my worst day in my life I have lost my two friends and..

Anjali kept her on his shoulder and said – just forgot it..
Sanskar nodded and left to the room..
Anjali also left from there..

Sanskar was lying on bed when door knocked.. He opened the door Annupurna was standing with glass of milk.. Sanskar silently moved towards his closet Taking his track and shirt moved towards bathroom to change… After coming he takes his milk finished it and laid on Annapurna lap.. Annapurna was stroking his hair..
Annapurna – you know beta I am so happy that Laksh is going to settle in his life with Ragini..
Sanskar uttered – Haa maa..
Annapurna smile – how was your day?? You enjoy shopping right..
Sanskar – yes Mom my day was fine…
Annapurna – but why didn’t you bring new cloths for you even Maan and Arnav had bring.. Then what about you..
Sanskar smile – mom I have my black torso I will wear it..

Annapurna – why you always wear black color.. In your closet there more than 20 black torso, cloths I wonder from where my Sanskar loves this color you know today I got to know that Khushi and Arnav loves each other they were romansing in kitchen and when I asked Arnav said auntie please come after ten minutes close the curtains of kitchen so that another audience don’t enjoy total shameless creatures but I am so happy finally he got his Khushi and Maan he was looking upset and you know about him he never share his pain with every one.. I want he also get a good partner.. RK was saying he have said that girl Sneha she will come tomorrow here for meeting you because you are not going for two days.. Actually no body is going its our elders order and.. But she stopped looking at sanskar who slept in her lap peacefully placing his on pillow she left from there closing the door..

Credit to: Twinkle

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