Mom Her Name is.. Swara…. (Part 3) secrets of Dark’s


Part 3…….
It was midnight Sanskar was going back to mansion when his eyes caught something he stopped his car and rushed outside where one old woman was struggling with some goons who are snatching her purse…
Sanskar shouted – hey you stop!!! Said running to them looking him goons pushed that old lady and ran from there but old lady head hit by stone…
Sanskar comes to her – are you OK hell these goons!! Saying this he lifted that old lady putting her inside car rushed to the Malik hospital immediately…
After some time that lady was inside the operation theartre because of hitting her head by stone she got the head injury…
Sanskar was sitting on bench taking his coat on hands where blood marks was in his face and shirt… Thinking…
‘” Sanky look at them they are misbehaving with that woman Lets go safe her ‘”said rushing to other side of road where two goons were misbehaving with one young lady..
Sanskar grabbed Swara hands pulling towards him ‘”are you mad shona there are many people who can help them then why you are straining yourself let’s go from here before conditions become more worst said Sanskar calmed
But Swara pushed him and rushed to them and Sanskar also runs towards her..
Swara held that lady hand – stop you both How dare you misbehaving with a girl?? Is that what your mom taught you!!
Goon – just shut you otherwise you will also come with us to give pleasure to our boss…
Swara slapped him hard – u know whom you are talking!!!
Second goon – who are you any Commisionar daughter??!!
Swara make that lady stand and said – not me he is Commisionar son who is going to call his dad said pointing to Sanskar..
Sanskar jaw dropped and eyes popped out by listening her white lie where Swara winked at him..
Goon first – you girl are we looking fool you that we believe in your story and how dare you to slap me!!! Said coming closer to her but Sanskar comes between him and her…
Sanskar – listen brother you don’t know about her… She is mentally discarded and look how she’s behaving..
Goons – what???

Sanskar – yes even she is that much mad that she can bite or do anything look how she’s saying I am Commisionar son although I am her fiance but it’s my faith today doctor said me to make her walk around in real world.. But.. ?????
Goons together hugs Sanskar – we understand brother our prayers is for you..don’t worry she will be fine they look at Swara who was fuming in anger ??????
Goons ????sorry sister saying this they leaves from there..
That lady who have taken Swara support also started running from there..
Swara shouted for her – listen mam listen.. Rushing towards that lady was about to come infront of car but Swara pushed her and hit by the car..
Sanskar shouted – Shona!!!!!
But Swara just get small scratch in her hand and toe..
Sanskar comes to her panicking – u idiot stupid what the hell are you thinking your self a super woman or what!!! How dare you to harm your self..
Sanskar was scolding.. Just then Swara started crying..
Sanskar – oh shit controlling his anger.. I am sorry Shona don’t cry!!
Swara – u idiot I was crying because you are just scolding me not taking me to doctor for bandages!!
Sanskar – oops sorry.. Let’s go..
Sanskar helps her to stand but leg get sprain so he lifted her in his arms..
Swara – woah Sanky I don’t know you are that much stronger.. Sanskar ???
Sanskar ???you will never change let’s go to hospital..!!
Swara – but that lady..!!
Sanskar turned and see that lady is gone..

Sanskar jerk from his sleep – huh!!
A lady was standing in chudidar suit her hair was in pony tail and looking angel with beautiful rosy lips..
‘” that patient is alright and shifted to another ward you want to meet her ‘”said Madhubala Malik in calm tone..
Sanskar – No Madhu I am just going and ya whatever bill is on her send me to the office.. Saying this he started leaving..
Madhubala stopped him – so finally you are divorced..!!
Sanskar – you came to know.. Oh offcource your brother ASR!!
Madhu smile – yaa why you don’t come to fashion show it was successful and Ragini was show stopper!! Looking gorgeous as always..
Sanskar smirk – after all whose ex wife!!
Madhu laugh – offcource your!!
Sanskar – you are alone this time!!
Madhu said in low tone – yes Mr Maheshwari you wanted to do anything!!
Sanskar smile – Madhu no no I don’t dare to see at any reserved property!!
Madhu – oye I am not reserved!!
Sanskar comes closer to her and said in her ear -Ask your heart only one name will be beat RK RK!!
Madhu smile and blush – don’t sanskar..
Sanskar – someone is blushing!!
‘”why are you making my soon to be sister in law blush ‘”said a handsome hunk and charming gesture Aadarsh gadodia…
Sanskar hugs him..
Sanskar – so when you propose anjali di I didn’t know about it??
Aadarsh – I will very soon.. Well now I am upset you are now my ex jijaji..
Sanskar smirk – so what you will get your jijaji soon.. After all your sister has got her Prince Charming…
Aadarsh – yaa but you are also not bad!!
Madhu – Aadarsh please don’t make him feel guilty that he loss your sister..
Sanskar – if I waited here for more minutes you both make me fall for My ex wife saying this he left from there..
Aadarsh – I wish he smiled from his heart..
Madhu – yeah he never allowed anyone to come close to him no one..
Aadarsh – when your sister is coming back with that idiot Laksh!!
Madhu – in two days anjali di have informed me to tell you..
Aadarsh smile dreams – soon I will make her mine!!
Madhu – I am also looking that only..
Sanskar was driving back to his mansion after coming out of his car he rushed to his room and open it it was big room with attachment swimming pool and king size bed with glasses window everywhere and many wind chains.. He had came here after six months because he can’t tolerate to be with Ragini in one room he was uncomfortable and don’t wanted that Ragini think weird about him so he always tried to go on bussiness trip at morning he came back from Cape Town.. He close his door and throw his coat on recliner and throw himself On his bed…. Closing his eyes..
‘” Shona look their its beautiful rite ‘”said Sanskar looking at stars twinkling..
Swara – what in this Sanky they are just a star and please stop reading that romantic novels otherwise you will be mad!! ????
Sanskar – please I don’t want to be like you okay I am chocolaty hero and you are unromantic devil!! ????
Swara – you how dare you call me devil you beast!!! ????
Sanskar – hey Shona look shooting star!! Let’s do one wish!!
Swara – please don’t!!
Sanskar – just shut saying this he close her and close his..
Sanskar thinks ‘” I wish I get my true love soon ‘”
Swara was struggling in his hand.. – Sanky move your hand.. You know what I wish I could never see you again so you can don’t disturb me.. Hey your hands stinks.. Sanky but Sanskar makes to smell his hand…

Sanskar opened his eyes wiping his tears he goes to open his door..
Annapurna smile carresing his face lovingly – how was your day..
Sanskar and Aanapurna comes inside and sitted on bed..
Sanskar keeping his head on her lap
Sanskar – it was fine Mom!!
Ap smile stroking his hair – beta go and change your dress and come I will bring your milk..
Sanskar nodded and goes to the closet taking his track and t shirt and goes towards bathroom..
After some time..
Sanskar drank his milk and give glass to Annapurna..and lay on her lap..
Annapurna stroke his hair -you know me and your dad gone to Arnav beta fashion show it was really good Ragini was looking gorgeous and then they introduced her as new face of brand of AR dress it was super I was very proud and then Laksh has call me to tell that he is coming tomorrow I am so happy after that I came to know that you have bought new company and got a big deal your dad told.. I met with Ragini she was saying that she’s happy with her love and also said that you was the one who encourage her to leave all hesitant and yaa you also done merger of your, Maan beta and Arnav beta company it was big news for me and your dad and Laksh too he was very happy you know I also get to know that you help Khushi beta in fashion show arranging by giving many workers argently she was very thankful… And just then her eyes fell on her sleeping son she smiled keeping his head on pillows she makes him sleep and goes out closing the door…

Annarpurna comes to her husband..
Dp – so you got the time from your son said in fake anger..
Ap smile – what can I do my son is total replica of his dad..
Dp – no body can win you from argument.. He slept peacefully ..right?? Said with little tension..
Annapurna squeqed his hand in assurance..
Dp – don’t know when he will get his life partner today RAGINI also goes out from his life and get her love in form Laksh our second son I am happy for them but what about my elder son his smile never touched his eyes..
Ap tears form in her eyes – I want my son to be happy but his nightmares and his aloofness is making him suffocating.. He forget to live his life..
Dp – not he said anything not he tried to forget anything I don’t know how I help my son???
Ap tears laid in her husband arms..

‘”Sanskar Sanskar no please Sanskar nooooooo ….Sanskarrrr ‘”
Sanskar – shona!!! Sanskar opened his eyes in jurk from his sleep he look at watch indicating 3am he was sweating continously he stood up and moved towards pool side sliding glass door he sat on recliner which is kept beside pool he laid on that and staring at stars…
Sanskar whisper – Happy Birthday Shona… Close his eyes in pain two drops tears comes to his …..
Just then he gets messages beap sound he slide his mobile..
[ bhai Laksh here I am coming in morning at 10am don’t you dare to come I want my darling to receive me means your ex wife.. And congrats for your divorce you know I am the most happiest person in the world and yaa I want you ask dad and mom to conduct my engagement and give me surprised so they will be happy and I will be happiest…. Love you Bhai.. And please whatever your past was forget it I know you are not slept again you get your nightmare please don’t be in pain move on ] Sanskar smile faintly and delete the messages then look at stars.

Next morning..
Sun rays fall on his face disturbing him from his sleep his eyes got disturbed slowly he opened his eyes he found himself on pool side.. Then he remembers late nite incident..
Sanskar quickly wore his track suit taking his bluthtooth for jogging in park… After one hour of continously running he rested on one bench.. Just then his eyes fall on two kids fighting for Rose… He smiled..
‘” Woah I don’t know that machines also smiled ‘” said a beautiful lady with Hazel eyes wearing her track suits giving millions Dollie smile.. Khushi Raichand..
Sanskar gesture her to sit.. After sitting…
Khushi – tell me why were you smiling Mr Machine!!
Sanskar – just like that you tell me how was last night show…
Khushi shouted – superb machine!! Wait a second you are changing topics because where I know then Ap auntie had told you everything!! First answer it why were you smiling because it was just nine wonder!!
Sanskar – nine wonder?? Who is that eight wonders!!
Khushi – who else that laad governor I mean my best friend Arnav because yesterday that person has spent whole evening after fashion show without any topic of work!!
Sanskar – amazing… You both like each other!!
Khushi – I don’t know…
Sanskar – soon you will know!!
Khushi – but still didn’t answer my question why you were smiling?? Said pouting…
Sanskar – look at that rose Khushi both kids were fighting over it that’s why!!
‘”what the!! ‘”
They both turned behind to look at faces of Arnav, Madhu, Piayali
Sanskar – what??
Arnav – what’s wrong with you?? How can you smile in that nonsense if we said any jokes u never tried to smile here you are smiling on that silly things…
Sanskar – let it be.. Hey Pia how are you..
Side hugging Sanskar with Pia
Pia – I am fine and congrats for your divorce… And congrats for your soon to be brother’s marriage..
Sanskar – Thanks.. OK guys I am leaving meet u soon bye…
Sanskar was going when his eyes fell on that red rose which was lying on Garden for that both kids were fighting…
‘” haww Sanky you are so much irritating you know n I have allergies with Rose still you decorate my whole room with Rose for birthday!! ‘”said Swara continuously sneezing her whole face become red!!
Sanskar makes puppy face – I am sorry Shona actually I don’t made the decorations it was Misha I just asked her help because I have to go for subbmitting assignment. ????
Swara ????because of u and ur so called Misha I gotta allergy you fool and now on my birthday I standing outside the doctor cabins for celebrating my birthday!!!
Sanskar – please I am sorry Shona I will not repeat this mistake please please… Sorry!!
Swara ???hmm I am not going to forgive you and today is my birthday so first give me any gift then I will think!!
Sanskar immediatly brings out one rose…
Swara ????what the hell Sanskar Now only you were asking sorry and again stay away from me otherwise I will again get started sneezing!!
Sanskar laugh oh Shona this artificial Rose so that you can never be upset for not having Rose!!
Swara ☺ thank you Sanky saying this she hugs him tightly…

Sanskar turned – huh?? What happened Arnav..
Arnav kept his hand on his shoulder and ask – are you OK??
Sanskar immediate nodded and left from there…

Credit to: Twinkle

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