Mom Her Name is.. Swara…. (Part 2) secrets of Dark’s


Recap – sanskar comes to take over his new office then he grabbed the deal for which that office was about to shut in loss then he says about his devorce

Sanskar was driving his white SUV fastly.. In twenty minutes he reached out side of Court stopped his car and come outside looking at the Court room closes his eyes leaning over the car
‘”what the hell Sanky!!?? You again spoiled my room!! ??? said Swara looking at her room
Sanskar smile sheepily -actually shona my notebook was missing and I thought!! You understand.. It’s exam time..
Swara look at him ? – so you think that you’re waste note boke would be here!!
Sanskar pouted – don’t call my note book waste its very much hard to write in one day…
Swara – ya ya you and your so called hard work I know you this time also didn’t write your notes and here you are stealing my notes but for your bad luck I know already about this..
Sanskar comes to her in pleading tone -shona shona please you know me please give your notes otherwise I will be failed.. I just wanted passing.. Here you are topper but me…
Swara ???you never change stop buttering me and wait here.. After some time she give him notes..
Sanskar hugs her tightly – thank you shona you are my angel!!
Swara – I know ???but don’t take worry for returning me I have made extra notes for you only so go and study..
Sanskar- thank you shona!!
Swara held his hand and said – first helped me in Cleaning the room then ???
Sanskar ???shona I remember Misha had call me I will come in few minutes..
Swara ???you and your so called Misha I wonder what your wife will doing in future for your mess!!
Sanskar ????then you are there for me…
Swara -no way!!!

SIR SIR… Said one of lawyer..
Sanskar open his eyes and look at him…
Lawyer – Sir Rishabh sir is waiting for you..
Sanskar – let’s go..
Inside courtroom..
Lady was wearing designer Saree of white her hairs were falling till her waist with blackish eyes and charming smile..
Sanskar hugs her friendly..
‘” finally you came from your boring bussiness ‘”said Ragini Gadodia… In teasing tone..
Sanskar smile – after all today I will got my freedom from you!!
Ragini frown – what!!
Sanskar smirk – truth always bitter!!
Ragini pouted – today here we are getting devorce and you are teasing me how rude!!
Sanskar smile – you look quiet wifey!!
Ragini laugh – you are adorable Sanskar we were living with each from past one year and today you get time to compliment me!! Not bad.. Hubby..
Sanskar- why I am wondering you are not interested to take divorce with me!! Said helding his hand in her..
Ragini – joke of the year… Don’t you dare to say it ..why I am wondering because of you my boyfriend will break up with me!!
Sanskar – yeah I know.. But don’t worry your loves you so much he can’t…. When he coming back from London!!
Ragini – in two days..
Sanskar – finally your Prince Charming is back…
Sanskar look at back hearing some voices.. And smile..
Sanskar whisper in RAGINI ears – look Mr lawyer had came with his charm..
Ragini chuckle..

A hot and dashing young man was coming from the corridor of court towards Sanskar and Ragini wearing goggles and his black lawyer court with ten junior lawyers giving killers smile moving fast..
Assitent lawyer – sir this case will be end in one hour then you have to Delhi for Delhi as member of lawyer forum your jet is ready and sir your new girlfriend Maya Dixit had given you this letter and with Rose bouquet..
‘” Stop.. What she send me Rose.. Oh shit man what’s the idiot!! ‘”said Rishabh Kundra taking out his goggles and looking angrily at his assistant lawyer..
Assistant lawyer – sir it’s 2 Dec..
Rishabh – you insane idiots today was her birthday yesterday I have made her divorce with his husband and today she wanted to celebrate with me.. This is so much important and you!!!
Sanskar and Ragini give look at each other some -person -never -change
Ragini – RK why don’t you make a list of your gfs!!
RK – excuse me!!
Ragini – you are not excuse…
RK barged – you idiots go and call Piayali only she can understand me go!!!!
All lawyer runs from there…
Sanskar- I don’t know why Piayali don’t leave your job after all she is famous singer…
RK – so what?? I don’t like singing and whatever she had crushed on me Mr Maheshwari..
Sanskar -so you are taking profit from that innocent soul…
RK – she’s not innocent infact she’s the most crazy woman…
Sanskar – about you Mr Rishabh Kundra…
Ragini – can we move..?? Because today is my divorce and I don’t want to be late…
Sanskar- ya I also have meeting in one hour so do it quickly Rishabh and then we have to move to my office..
Rishabh – I must your couple was most precious couple ….today is your divorce and you two are acting like its a marriage!! Ahan I am impressed..
Ragini – can you do it immediately I have to go to AR office..
Rishabh – OK you two go in court room I will come with filled..
Saying this he dialed his assistant number..
Sanskar and Ragini moved inside..
After some time inside the court room only there were sanskar, Ragini, Rishabh and his lawyers with judge..
Judge – Can you people tell me why this divorce??
RK – Sir… This their mutual decision because they get to know in one year that they didn’t comfort with each and also their was no physical relations between them in this one year so I would request you to accept their divorce..
Sanskar look at Ragini where her eyes was sticking on judge face but Sanskar was in each second looking at his mobile..
Judge – if they don’t have any relationship then why they didn’t apply after six months and also what are the problems…
RK – thier thinking and their priorities are different they have their own goal and this was arranged marriage so if sir your daughts are clears then can you accept their divorce!! Said in calm tone..
Where Ragini and Sanskar were appreciated the Rishabh for his understanding to their relationship.. Which no lawyer can..

Outside the court Sanskar and Ragini hugs each other.. Ragini hugs Rishabh and thanks him..
Ragini – guys I am leaving to AR industry thanks you so much RK bye.. Saying this she left in her BMW…
Sanskar – you are coming or not??
RK – well yes lets go…
They both left in Sanskar’s car…
On the way..
RK – I didn’t understand one you and Ragini were elope with each other and when you both came then declared you both had married.. In court then after one year you both comes to me before one week and tell me that you both wanted divorce..
Sanskar smile faintly – it was just deal for both of us my Mom was totally behind for marriage same goes to Ragini… We met in AR party after that we started meeting and one day decided to marry but with a hopes that one day we will fall in love or start caring each other but nothing happened in this Ragini fall in love with his Prince Charming and then one day we decided to divorce and rest you know…
Rishabh – yaa but what you going to tell auntie..??
Sanskar – she knows infact our both families know and respect our decision..
Rishabh – that’s good why not let’s go for boy’s night out??!!
Sanskar – I have meeting then I have to meet with ASR and MSR..
RK – OK then you should directly say it that I also have to join you three boring meeting…
Sanskar smirk – how cool you got it.. Let’s go first to meet them they are already waiting for us..
RK – let’s go…

After thirty minutes car stopped in front of Khurana office..
Sanskar and RK moved towards the conference hall leaving fainting girls on their charms and fear man’s after coming them in bussiness industrial they four are known to be shark..
A Man was standing near glass windows looking outside with his chocolaty brown eyes clenched his fist wearing his grey Armani suit his perfect gel hairs with dashing face gritted his teeth in anger if his look can having power then the person would be in ashes from his anger looking here we say barking at his Pa Aman mathur
‘”what the!! Aman dammit I have ask you to bring that file immediately.. In ten minutes you have gave me wrong file you insane just bring it otherwise you are fired!!!'” said ASR in short but name has its own effect Arnav Singh Raizada throw his mobile on table banging his hand on table…
Where another Man who was silently sitting doing his work with concentration having angry man look wear his formal brown suit perfectly gel hair with handsome and hot face..
‘” Arnav control your anger at least in my office other wise my employees will think ASR is fighting with their boss ‘”said Maan Singh Khurana (MSR) with little smile..
Rishabh and Sanskar comes inside..
Sanskar – I agree with Maan.. Your anger is like volcanic eruption..
Arnav comes to him and smirk – so happy divorce day Sanskar Maheshwari!!
Sanskar smile – so you gotten news yaa ofcource Ragini..
Maan – here comes my brother Mr lawyer congrats winning your 201 divorce case..!!
RK comes and hugs him saying – I don’t know Maan you are too much given me important in your life is that my assistant also don’t know this counting!!
Arnav – I am saying Maan where will be this lawyer divorce is final of that couple!!
RK – why you three are too much behind my profession??
Sanskar – not behind your profession and today I am happy so don’t worry I am not going to say anything deal with them…
RK – yaa sure.. If you all are finished then give me which I have to sign then I have to go to my new gfs…
Arnav – new gfs??
Maan – exactly yesterday you have broken up with one girl name Sia then!!
Sanskar – after his break up in that restaurant he also made one couple divorce then yesterday only their divorce happened in few hours and after that today that husband ‘s ex wife is calling him it is her birthday !!
Arnav smirked – you will never change??
RK – I don’t want to be !!
After some time their conference got over with their problems..
Sanskar – OK guys I am leaving…
Arnav – sanskar!
Sanskar – what??
Arnav – today evening there is fashion show at Raichand hotel so you are coming right!!
Sanskar – I will see saying this he left from there.. Leaving three of them confuse..
Arnav – what the!!
RK – he is not coming..
Maan – I don’t know what is his problem? He always be aloof most of the time in meetings and parties he never showed his face..
RK – it’s difficult for me too he is became a puzzle.. Which no one can’t solve..
Arnav – we were strict, having anger because we don’t get love of mom and dad but he is having everything then what??
Maan – even Laksh don’t anything.. Something is happened which changes his life because he never laughed from his heart even smile is only for formality…
RK – Ragini was never with him she say everything about their marriage it was just like they are roommates he never showed his face or talk if there is not any emergency even he many times didn’t come home at nites …..

Guys Swara intro will come later but swasan seen will come in every part and comment please

Credit to: Twinkle

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