Mom Her Name is.. Swara…. (Part 18 last part of happiness) secrets of Dark’s

Mom Her name is Swara… Secret of DARK’S

All look towards RAGINI who was standing with furry and rage throwing hate daggers towards Laksh but in next extent she fall on ground by hard slapped as she look up to see Annapurna Maheshwari.

Dp take a deep breath and said – Madhu call Mr Gadodia and others elder we have to take some decesion and Laksh go back to your room. And everyone I don’t want to listen anything.

   5hours later… At MAHESHWARI mansion..

Hasina Raichand was standing still with hard not to be emotional wreck because her past again return infront of her that 25years past which she have hide is now came out with disaster. Society would say it’s her mistake but what can a immature 20years woman can when her husband death and her husband try to give her support but in all these when she crossed her limits she didn’t know and knowing his wife is in coma then she is not alone mistaken Shekhar GADODIA is also equal responsible so she didn’t care about anything now.

Shekhar GADODIA is ashamed but more than that he is can’t believe that his Ragini have done this. He have to be responsible here.

Dp, Ap, Shekhar GADODIA, Hasina Raichand, Devyani Raizada and Anuradha Khurana are sitting in living area where as all youngsters are in garden)

Devyani Raizada said calmly – Hasina and Shekhar I am not going to blame or say anything on your past but what Ragini did is not going to meld and I am not saying that Arnav is not responsible. So I am not going to spoil Khushi life by making her marry to Arnav. And now I want Ragini to be married in Raizada family. This is what I decided.

Hasina and Shekhar look on starlted but still they have to make their daughters life settled.

Hasina said helpless – it’s Yes from me.
Shekhar – I agree.
Dp – then we should call all of them.
(when they were taking decesion then here in garden)

Arnav, Ragini, Laksh are totally ashamed are siting with RK, Maan, Pia, Khushi, Madhu.
Sanskar and Swara are siting aloof with them..

Khushi – Arnav I.. It’s over.
Arnav knew it was coming what he did he is ashamed of himself but this cost his love and heart break.
Arnav said bitterly with moist eyes – I know.
Khushi – Ragini I thought you as friends but being step sister you made me clear that you always will be that and if you ever thought me as friend then never come to me for forgiveness. Saying this she left.
Pia – you know Mr Raizada thanks for showing my sister life is not fairy tale. And RAGINI I disgust you woman. Saying this she left with Khushi.

Anjali and Madhu look Arnav their brother but they can’t give any sympathy or console him because he can never get forgiveness.

Laksh look at Swara direction and walk towards Sanskar who don’t even want to listen any their nonsense was about to go when he felt tug on his hand he turned to see Swara hand holding him tightly.

Swara – it’s not good to left your wife with other Men.
Sanskar look amused he don’t even expect this but somewhere he felt warm by her this step. He nodded and again Sat beside her.
Laksh look at their hands then at them and said – I am sorry Bhai but I wanted to confess something Swara and I.. Were not in love not now and not before.
Sanskar look shockingly!
Laksh smile sadly – Yes Bhai it was my plan to destroy you and somewhere I made Swara as use because….
“because I want to destroy Swara “came a broken voice of Ragini who sat beside Laksh.
Sanskar was totally taken aback but when he look up to see Swara face their was no emotion like she always know all this.

Ragini – I made plans to destroy Swara and she did what I wanted make statement against you for Rape!  As Swara never have done this if I have not blackmail on name of her Mom and her identity. I was jealous and Laksh was insecure.
Laksh – your forgiveness we can’t get but Bhai I want to say something that I respect you and always will but I can’t free my insecurities towards you Bhai and Swara what we did with you it’s totally ashamed I am not going to ask any forgiveness from you but still for sake of friendship just once forgive me. Last thing you both love each other like eternity being vellain in your love story I am truly sorry. Saying this he left.

Ragini – Swara your Mom was a employee of GADODIA law forum one of best lawyer Raina MALIK and Swara that graduation nigh.. You were not raped. It was our trapped because I have drugged you so you never remember anything but just I have said you that you raped by Sanskar you thought it was truth but truth you can know by Sanskar who I don’t know why never told you anything and taken wrong blame. Sorry for being disaster in your life’s. Saying this she also left.
Swara who was shocked turn towards Sanskar who was also shocked.
Swara stammered in disbelief – y..ou never raped me then why?
Sanskar look on starlted – you were never Laksh girlfriend!!

Both together said -NOOO!!!

Swara finally hovered over him kissing on his face mumbling “I am sorry “hundred times but Sanskar just hugging her more closely feeling bless finally.

Anjali who was standing silently wiped her tears because finally her bestie Sanky and Shona are together as clouds of DARK’S secret removed she prey her god to not separate them in anyway. And then she turned to move towards Arnav who was standing at pond side area looking at stars. Madhu who was also going towards them they both stand beside him.

Madhu said calmly – Arnav bhaiyya you know some Mistakes can never get forgiveness but..

Arnav ‘attention turned towards his sisters.

Anjali – but if we repent those mistakes then we can get forgiveness and I just wanted to say whatever Dadii took decesion please Bhai don’t move back.

Arnav said sadly – Di and Madhu one thing is clear that Khushi can never be mine and now what damage more I can get. Let’s go.

Madhu – Bhai.. I am with you in every decision.

Anjali – me too Chotey.
Arnav felt overwhelm he hugged his both sister his insides turmoil is totally shaking him.

RK and Maan who don’t even interfere any of them. Finally look at each other with moist eyes.

Maan – brother you know I love you and always will do.
RK – I know because you have to!!
Both smiled.
RK – What you thought this elder department decided?
Maan – something which don’t involve US. You have proposed MADHU?
RK – I will do it but not now and what about you and your Pia?
Maan – I will do it soon because leaving all this on time will cause me more!

As Laksh and Ragini stood in Laksh room balcony silently.
Ragini said – I am b*t*h and betrayal!
Laksh – and I am asshol! Coming between Bhai and Swara was my biggest mistake !
Ragini – I thought your biggest mistake would be meeting me!
Laksh – I don’t think but tell me is in anyway you were involved in Swara suicide?
Ragini took deep breath and confess – Yes!
Laksh didn’t shock but said calmly – so you wanted to kill her for taking your place in Bhai life!
Ragini laugh and said – No I was just gone to tell her that she can naver going to know her real Mom but I don’t know she will take this step and I am like fool gone Raizada mansion!
Laksh Now look straight in her eyes – you really enjoyed with Arnav?
Ragini smirk – Why I feeling someone burning!
Laksh grabbed her arms and said intensely – I want answers because yes I am jealous!
Ragini – LAKSH whatever are we it doesn’t we can never think being together.!  So this didn’t make different for us.
Laksh push her and said – Yeah now you will decide for us right!  And why I am seeing you really like Arnav because you never slept with Sanskar Bhai nor with me! But why with Arnav!!!
Ragini – because somewhere I lost Laksh! I lost my control and I can’t think more than anything. And I am sorry.
Laksh smile sadly – I love you!
Ragini hugged him – and I like you but can’t love you.
Laksh hugged her back tightly his eyes are moist – still we can.. Just..
Ragini whisper – no Laksh we will regret again and I can’t regret more than this just forget this love!  You will be OK but with me you can never get happiness!
Laksh lastly said – my love is enough for us.. Please I.. I can’t..
Ragini lastly kiss on his cheek and said – no Laksh..

Again at Garden…
Sanskar finally broke hug but then his eyes caught Laksh and Ragini hugging making him shocked.
Swara look at his direction which made her smile.
Sanskar- what you think!
Swara smirk – that Sanky making us separate they both come together .
Sanskar – but Ragini was never interested in Laksh. I think only Laksh!
Swara – I agree. But.. Mr MAHESHWARI tommorow you are going to tell me about graduation night after all what happened!!
Sanskar smirk – well I don’t remember ask to Laksh!
Swara teases – OK I will ask with my ex boyfriend!
Sanskar – I don’t have any problem!
Swara jaw dropped. YOUUU!!!

When all resembles..
Sanskar said – I want to say something.. Mom and everyone.
Dp – Sanskar you can say but after listening our decesion!
Sanskar helplessly came beside Swara who was just staring at Shekhar GADODIA with hatred eyes.
Devyani Raizada – as everyone knows what ever happened but I wanted to know Anjali decesion that she is still ready to marry Aadarsh?

Anjali gaze at Aadarsh who not even looking her but she said – Dadi No.. I mean I am not ready now and not Aadarsh.

But no one except this but nothing can say!

Aadarsh – I agree I want time.

All elders nodded understanding.

Dp – Laksh whatever you did and Ragini did we don’t even have to say but still you both marriage ..what you both have decided we wanted to know! Because Devyani Ji have thought to make RAGINI as ARNAV wife!

Well it was explosive bomb!!! For all youngsters!!

Khushi wipe her alone tear whereas Arnav look at his both sisters who just nodded so he knows in once his life he have to agree with Dadii decesion.

Laksh look down – I.. I.. Just.. I.. am.. I.. Ragini..
Can’t able to say his words choke on making everyone rooted at the spot. Sanskar hurriedly run beside his brother who fall on his knees totally broke down. Ragini stamble back but still she knows that she can’t spoil Laksh life.
Sanskar hugged Laksh tightly who was weeping hardly annapurna was wiping his tears.
Laksh look at his brother and his Mom and then his worried dad face and lastly Ragini who was looking away.
Laksh said strongly – Dad from my side it’s No for marriage and Dad I want to go London.
Sanskar – What Laksh..
Laksh – no Bhai I just can’t be here …Dad.. Tommorow I am going to London.
Dp nodded .Ap sobbed seeing her family breaking but still she knows that it was needed. Some space!!
Devyani Raizada – Arnav and Ragini what you both decesion!
Arnav said in his ASR tone – Dadi I am ready whatever you decesion you take!
Ragini whisper weekly – Yes..
Khushi totally broken from inside but her sister Pia is there who was handling her.

Swara finally said – I want to leave to go back to America.
Shekhar -What!
Sanskar- yes Mr Gadodia we are moving and Mom Dad I was just wanted to tell this.

New Year eve.. 2016


Hotel Sunshine.. Room no 206

“umm will you stop it Mr Raizada we are getting late for New Year party “said Mrs Raizada to ARNAV Singh RAIZADA who is busy making love to her belly button and pinching her waist getting painful and pleasure moan from his wife. Mumbling “shut up and kiss me back baby!” said coming to her level.
Arnav took her lips hungrily in his sensual kiss after like eternity he broke and say – you are beautiful Rags!
Ragini smile and kiss him saying – but once you will see your first love in tonight party your wife will be no more beautiful! Said teasingly!
But Arnav take seriously and his eyes become moist – I am sorry Rags.
Ragini smile vanished and concern took over her cupping his face inbetween her palm – Hey I was joking Arnie!

Arnav kiss her forhead and said – no Ragini I still can’t believe that initial days of our marriage how I behave with you but you still never left me and now when I see back I only see that I never love Khushi this much that how much I love you my wifey .and only you will be everything for me.
Ragini hugged him tightly and said – you know Arnie if I see past then I think what would happen if I and you have never crossed limits then..
Arnav – I don’t want to listen those past now because now I want Mrs ASR to kiss ASR.
Ragini laugh – come here my ASR.
And then who is stopping Mr ASR and Mrs ASR making passionate love.

Terrace of hotel..
“Sanskar will you tell me where are you taking me!! I have to get ready for new year party!!! And also make that Cherry to get ready!! Please open this blind fold Sanky! “said Swara holding her husband Sanskar hands tightly who is mermerize by his Shona cute angry face. Coming close to her making Swara breath hitched he whispered kissing her earlobes ” Shona would you like to be my Date for tonight! “he took out her blind fold as Swara open her only to get stunned.
One piano beautifully decorated written ” for most beautiful woman “and surrounded by blue lilies a simple date which she always wanted from childhood as she turned to give her husband kiss..
Their memories came to them..

Twelve years of Swara was writing something in her diary when fourteen years of Sanskar snatch her diary..
“Sanky you mad give back my diary! “shouted Swara.
“Shona what you are writing always in this small diary let me see “said SANSKAR running away from Swara.
As Sanskar come distance away from Swara he read and then burst out laughing… Swara come behind breathing heavily. And snatch her diary from Sanskar.
Sanskar still laughing – Shona what rediculous you are dreaming !!
Swara said angrily – Why what is wrong with this!  I mean I just write my one of date would be like a fairytale!
Sanskar – but Shona girls date are like going for dinner or coffee or dancing but playing piano is so odd!
Swara stubborn – I don’t care but I wanted my date like this only Sanky I want my date under the sunset in open with my date playing piano and we are surrounded by blue lilies my favorite and most importantly on New Year!!! It’s so exciting!!
Sanskar shrugged off – whatever!!
Flash back end..

Swara said – I totally forgotten about this honey!
Sanskar pulled her towards him closer – but I can’t forget because my Shona every wish is everything for me.
Swara – then I want my honey to play piano.
“and what about me Sammie!! “came a voice of Siddharth “cherry ”
Sanskar whisper – here comes Dad enemy !
Swara laugh – Cherry you are my first love!!!
Siddharth give devil grin to his dad
Sanskar jaw dropped but composing himself – you both really team me against me but wait when my princess come to his Dad in four months!! Said kissing Swara baby bump of five months !!
Siddhartha said in low voice – then Dad you will not love me?
Sanskar look shockingly but grabbed Cherry in daddy hug and said – you will always come first my champ!!  And I know when your siblings will come you would be most responsible brother like your Dad!
Cherry smile and nodded.
Swara look at them then said – me too!!!
A beautiful family hug!!!
Party Hall..
” Khushi stop it see every thing is ready baby you need to take rest “ask her husband as Khushi turn around glare at him “Can’t you see Mr!!! I am working!! ”
Helplessly he look around many workers were preparing and it was almost done gazing at his beautiful wife he suddenly pick up her in his making her scream out of lungs “LAKSH!!!!!!!!! ” as Laksh smirk and said “well Mrs Maheshwari you shouldn’t have challenged your husband knowing his ego! ” Khushi struggle but knowing his grip she stopped after all in their two years of marriage she came to know that Laksh is more than stubborn than her as she thought about past how four years before her trust break down on love then it was Laksh who gone same but more than her as somewhere she got her family support but him.. He don’t even contact with his family for two years. And that’s when she met him before three years in London being friends and moving on with past which they both were trying to do but never succeed until when they both started spending time with each other and in one year when she became his and he become hers never know! Her thoughts broken when they reached their room as he threw her on couch and come top of her caressing her cheek he ask ” you would be OK baby tonight ! I mean.. Arnav.. ” KHUSHI put her finger on his lips caressing slowly ” I have moved on Laksh as we both have and for me you are more important than anything I wanted to ask you that you would be fine today.. ” Laksh hugged her ” hey Khush I love you I think we both are moving on slowly and in these three years I have forgotten about that love for Ragini .and I have never said this but now seeing back at past I am glad I disagree for the marriage Ragini was right she and I would never be happy!  And now look at us! ” Khushi eyes are emotional ” you know you are best husband ” Laksh smile ” finally I am successful in one relationship! ”
Khushi kiss him saying ” today evening everyone would be here and more than they were changed like us so just stop being thinking about that past my hubby! “Laksh nodded and whisper ” you are angel Khushi! ”
Pool side area..
” Maan that’s enough you both are totally drunk and RK one more glass and I will tell this to Madhu!! ” said Pia Khurana
Both Maan and RK who was taking their third drink stopped at the track.
Maan – Pia jaan It was just third drink!
Pia – oh shut up Maan I know your third now just come with me and get ready for evening party!
RK whisper – Maan tell me do you need divorce?

Both Maan and Pia look at him carelessly when MADHU come into the picture.
Madhu – RK you would never going to change!!  Do you need divorce!! From me!!
Before anyone could say RK grabbed Madhu and make her sit on his lap as Pia take Maan from there.
RK smirk – Biwi you are now trapped with this lawyer and for seven lives so never think divorce!
Madhu smile – Yaa right
RK – wait a sec my doctor MADHUbala kundra can never agree with me easily!!  Spit it out Biwi!
Madhu blush but coming to his ear she said – someone is coming to share me with you!
Well RK first look at her clueless but when he get the meaning he said – Are you.. Serious.. I mean..
Madhu shouted – Yes Mr Rishabh kundra you are going to be Dad!!!!
And then who is stopping RK to kiss his wife publicly !!!with so much happiness and love!!!!
Oh their three years of marriage and finally their symbols of love!!!

As Maan cornered recorded his brother expression face *before the kiss guys * and move away with Pia who are smiling..
Pia – I so happy for them Maan!!
Maan – Yaa my brother is totally shameless but I know he is going to be great dad.
Pia – and in future you ?
Maan – well for that we have to do some hard work Pia.
Pia laugh and said – Khurana brothers are shameless!!!
Maan pinned her on wall and whisper – then let me show how much I am shameless Mrs Khurana!
Pia – with pleasure!
Evening.. Party area..
Anjali Gadodia is standing beside her husband Aadarsh Gadodia who is playing with their four month daughter “Anadi” at one corner when she moved her gaze she look at Ap auntie who is standing with Hasina auntie but somewhere missing Dp uncle well he passed away one year before with peace knowing that Sanskar and Laksh are with their Mom. Now Ap auntie live with Sanskar in NYC because of Swara pregnancy and Sanskar has totally set up the Maheshwari bussissnes in NYC. While Laksh is living in Laksh London with Khushi and Hasina auntie. As Khushi and Hasina auntie are looking for their resorts bussissnes while Laksh is taking care of MAHESHWARI bussissnes in London and India with also doing his passion in photography!
Then Anjali look at Shekhar DAd yes for her he is now dad well he is totally smiling as he is playing with his granddaughter. But she is thinking about her Dadii Devyani Raizada who is now no more but then Anuradha Dadi is always there for then as she look at Khurana family she laughed but how Maan and RK totally pulled their wife’s leg Pia and Madhu.her sister Madhu is totally bless with her family like her!

And where her Chotte!! Must be romancing with Ragini!! Well she still can’t believe that Chotte and RAGINI are in so much in love when they married nothing was right but slowly slowly they came close and now they can’t live without each other!!
Well it was her idea to celebrate New Year eve in Goa!! And here they all are!!
After some time all couples are now present in hall..
ASR come with his glory and arrogant and besides him his beautiful wife Ragini.
Arnav locate Maan and RK who are waving him asking him to come to bar so he turned to Ragini – Rags you would be alright I mean..
Ragini kiss his cheek and said – I am here with Anjali bhabhi and Aadarsh Bhai.
Arnav nodded and left towards RK and Maan then he saw Laksh too.
Arnav smile – Laksh congrats for your wedding.
Laksh look at him with smile – you too MAN!
RK – Hey guys we are too here! And look at us Married!!

Maan – he still can’t believe that he is married to Madhu!
Laksh – well get  drunk yet then believe Mr lawyer!

Well RK and Maan easily felt the uncomfortable zone between LAKSH and ARNAV so then they both shouted for Sanskar.
Sanskar comes to them – Hey guys so How you are doing?
And then some extent they all cane in comfort zone!!

Ragini who was walking bumb to Khushi -“I am sorry. ”
Khushi smile – Hey it’s OK.. I mean..
Ragini – hi.. How are you.. I mean long time !
Khushi – yupp long time I am fine.
Ragini finally spoke – I am sorry..
Khushi step forward and hugged Ragini – whatever happens we can’t change it nor we now wanted to change let’s forget all these Ragini. I am happy and you are too happy so just forget it!
Ragini smile and nodded.
As everyone settled beside each other Ragini sat beside Laksh.
Laksh – so how is your life?
Ragini – fantastic and your?
Laksh – happiness!!  Thanks Ragini!
Ragini confused – for what?
Laksh – you were right we can never have made good future!
Ragini – let’s forget it Laksh and now we are happy!!

As Khushi was not able to get glasses from counter suddenly one hand help her as she turned to look at Arnav who was standing smiling.
Khushi – thanks.
Arnav – your welcome Khushi. And I am sorry.
Khushi look shockingly then composed herself – let’s forget it Arnav I don’t want to think about it nor you and we are now no body to each other!
Arnav nodded but said – Khushi before all this we were friends.. Can’t we..
Khushi – no Arnav we can never be friends and I am not blaming you but it is truth and we are uncomfortable with each other. So being civil and professional is enough for us. I should go LAKSH is alone.
Arnav nodded and then moved out. But Swara who heard everything comes to him.
Swara – ASR don’t be grumpy it’s New Year eve!
Arnav shook his head – nothing but I can’t believe that Khushi can never be my friend!
Swara – Hey you know what leave her because she is somewhat right when your both relationships broken she was betrayed by you so somewhere being with you make her feel betray Laksh so don’t force her and I don’t think you would able to happy with Ragini so don’t confuse yourself.
Arnav nodded – you are right our relationships are now over and digging the past only cause us confusion !I should go.. Ragini would be alone.

Swara nodded and left after finding Ap and cherry she tried to find her husband .Swara look at all of them standing with cherry and Ap.
Sanskar look at her face then thought something and towards stage taking Mike he said – Hey everyone.. Happy New Year  ..I am here to say something to my Mom.
Ap look surprised as well as all of them.!
Sanskar – Mom you know I never ask you properly but still today infront of everyone I wanted to say this which you always wanted to listen.. Mom ..I love you and I love her.. I can’t say whom I love most but whenever I saw her.. I see your glimpse in her. I don’t how but I never know that I love her this much that I will see your existence in her and now she is going to be mother of my child.. And I am happy with her Mom truly you were right I will get my happiness one day and today I am living with happiness and… MOM.. HER..NAME IS SWARA..!

As everyone clapped Sanskar cones to them hugging his Mom and wife. He make everyone eyes are moist.
Arnav hugged Ragini “I love you rags ”
Ragini hugged him back ” love you too Arnie! ”

Laksh ” love you Khush! ”
Khushi peck his lips – me too Laksh always!!

Maan hugged Pia – I love you my children would be mother!
Pia jaw dropped!! Smacking his arms she ” love you too my baby would be dad! ”

Madhu – Are you not going to tell me ” I love you “!
RK smirk “I thought to let you see in our room how much I love you both!!
Madhu hugged him – I love you!!!
RK -” I know.. But I love you too!!

Aadarsh look at everyone and said – this is all started with our marriage Anju!! And now we are cane so much far!
Anjali – oh shut up and I love you!!
Aadarsh laugh – I love you but with like this saying he kissed her.

As Swara and Sanskar come out of crowd..
Swara said – you know what!
Sanskar – what?
Swara – I love you!
Sanskar was totally shocked after all they never said this to each other.
Sanskar – Swara..
Swara – and I need you in my life forever!
Sanskar comes close to her – forever?
Swara shouted – FOREVER!!!!
Sanskar took her lips kissing her making their moments more special being with each other.. After breaking the kiss ” Happy New Year love! ”
Swara hugged him!! ” you too love! ”
Guys this is the ends of my this ff but I wanted to say if you love someone then say don’t be late like Sanskar and Swara. They got another chance but life is not greatful to everyone!!


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