Mom Her Name is.. Swara…. (Part 17) secrets of Dark’s

Part 16

Mom Her name is Swara..part 17.. Secrets of Dark

Laksh walk inside only to be stopped by Ragini who is standing infront of him with red eyes and clenching fist tightly.
Laksh concerned – Ragini why are you looking upset!? Oh! Swara would be fine Ragini don’t worry. We are with her.
Ragini replied back angrily -No Mr Laksh Maheshwari I am not upset and I am also not in worried because of Swara as somewhere she is herself a big fool to be in love with you and playing nasty games with Sanskar! Right Mr Laksh Maheshwari!
Laksh was literally taken aback by shock but then one look of Ragini face and he knew that she knew everything as his gaze averted from Ragini he look around where all are present and gazing him with anger!
Dp – Why you did this Son he is your elder brother?
Laksh close his trying to suppress his furry and then said looking straight at his father eyes – because of you! He is everything for you and I am nothing not from Now but from the years.
Ap – but LAKSH you were the most who respect SANSKAR then how can you be jealous of him!
Laksh – you are saying this Mom! When you always sing song of appreciation on your elder son What about me! Yes I played with Bhai life and will be doing this until he don’t be destroyed.but …..(there was something about Laksh silence which made Dp, Ap and Ragini to confuse,) …… I can’t do this anymore. I can’t do this anymore Ragini Gadodia.
Laksh break down infront of whole family as Arnav, Maan, RK, Madhu, Aadarsh, Anjali, Pia also reached there when they heard Laksh confess but all are shocked listening Ragini name and when they saw her Ragini Gadodia was looking blank.
It was Ap who spoke – What are you saying Laksh?
Laksh directly look at Ragini and said – still you silent Ragini!  If I am the most worst brother of Sanskar then what about you RAGINI you are also the worst sister anyone could ever have!
It made everyone filled with shocked.
Ragini – What are you talking?

As Sanskar brought Swara to his farmhouse after doing lots of shopping and watching movie. Swara was in top of world!! Feeling bless as they settled in living area no body in all this talk about their future or anything as Swara was in her loveland so she just wanted live all the moment not caring about anything where as sanskar was totally wanted to stop time and make everything possible to make Swara his forever but then he know Swara can never be his. Just one day and everything would be over.

Swara said smiling – Sanskar let’s get drink its so much time!
Sanskar look at her mermerize but just nodded and walk towards the kitchen to get one shampine with two glasses.

Sanskar don’t why but he ask Swara which he never thought – Swara why you never consider me to be your boyfriend in college time. ??
Swara look on starlted but then said      with frown – because you were more busy trying to impress our college cheer leader Misha!
Sanskar poured the drink and give it to her and then ask – if this was the reason then you should have confronted me. Because somewhere you and your ignorance about “relationships” made me to look you just best friends.
Swara don’t know why all this coming again! Because now when they are again together then what it is past!
Swara – What you mean?
Sanskar lost his cool and shouted – that I am no one for you!!! If you ever saw me then as best friend that friend whom you can betray and destroy with the help of his brother who is your boyfriend and more than that you disgust that friend this much you try to kill yourself not wanting to be the wife of that friend and that proves how much you can go to extend for your boyfriend Laksh Maheshwari!!! Just once you have said me that you disgust even looking at me I have left your life like I I did eight years ago.
Swara was totally shocked and stamble back not knowing what to say! What she did which made her love to accuse her this much her one mistake took over her love .and she can see he is going out of himself. Tears flowed freely not able to react.

Sanskar angrily jerked her hands off and turned away said – You are free Swara and their is documents of divorce papers and property papers which you just have to sign and then you are free to be with your love of your life for whom you can even sacrifice your life.
Swara whisper – but you are everything to me.
Sanskar jerking off turning back he look up to see her face pale face and red eyes did you say!
He didn’t believe what he listened.
Swara look up and said – everything for me. Yes everything Mr Sanskar Maheshwari this Swara gadodia who is no more GADODIA think everything you as everything for her. In front of you your wife is standing here Mrs Swara Sanskar Maheshwari who don’t anything about past and future but know one thing that this woman life start from you and ends for you.

As Sanskar look at her stunned. Swara finally took step towards him and high up on his level placing her hands on his shoulders and said – I will do anything for you but now I just want you like always. Our first time has separated US but if being with you again I can live with you then I am ready to go to any extent.
Sanskar look at her determined eyes with unknown feeling but he said – I need you to live but I never love you Swara.
She knew him that he don’t believe in love and she never believe in commitment but not now. She will be with him if he need her then she will be his need because for her he is EVERYTHING. And Swara is only of Sanskar.
Swara said smiling – I know and I am ready to be your need and be with you as WIFE.
She didn’t confess, no she don’t want this love confessions because for both of them love never did anything. If they are standing infront of each other holding each other is only because of his hatred and her repentance. His doubts and her betrayal. This relationship can only on the base of friendship which made them always with each other and now this desire and attraction.
Sanskar look at her keenly but said pulling her waist possessivly – I will not tolerate your any ex boyfriend if you be my wife.

Swara didn’t flinch or hurt because in this relationship they both have to struggle so she said – I will take care of it but I too don’t want to live in Maheshwari Mansion and more than that I don’t want to see your ex wife.
Sanskar knew she now hate her step sister Ragini but he really does not care because for him if she is needed then he will do anything.
Sanskar – fine. Go and rest upstairs in MY bedroom. I have to make arrangements to leave MM .
Swara turned and started going she didn’t told him truth nor she confesses because she didn’t want to if living with him cost her self respect than she is prepared.
Sanskar look at the retreating figure speechless.she is ready to be his wife he got it that she didn’t have feelings for Laksh but he don’t trust her and knowing that she don’t have any source to live as her whole money and luxury came from him and Laksh don’t look too much care about her which she understands so being with Laksh is her loss and being with him is her profit then he is perfectly fine with it. Whatever reason she have to stay now he really don’t care as hell. Because now she is his wife and he knows how to make her behave as Swara Sanskar Maheshwari. Grabbing his car keys he call his friend ACP to arrange bodyguards around his new commited wife.

Ragini – what do you mean?
Laksh laugh hollow laugh making her taken aback – What an actress you are RAGINI GADODIA.
Aadarsh who was silently listened now come forward shouted – Stay away from my sister!!!
Laksh ignore him and look at Arnav said – Arnav Singh Raizada how was your evening with my fiance and my elder brother ex wife “The RAGINI GADODIA “.
Ragini and Arnav look at Laksh shockingly while others were rooted at the spot. Maan and RK totally stunned at the happenings.

Piya shouted angrily – Laksh one more word against my friend and my sister would be husband. I will take care of you to throw you inside bars.
Laksh chuckle and said – Mom what you thought that trapping Sanskar Bhai was that much easier for me without any help this woman who is shouting at me to destroying my Bhai life what she did with her sisters!!!! This blo*dy b*t*h slept with Arnav Singh Raizada yesterday evening and most importantly she even slept with Sanskar Maheshwari did you all even know why!!!!!
Aadarsh understand it. What Laksh wanted his whole world stumped at few minutes .like father like daughter, yes RAGINI made this true not able to stand anymore with totally ashamed he walk out of the mansion where Anjali was still there. Don’t even make move to go behind Aadarsh.
Ragini raised her hand to slap Laksh but stopped by Madhu aa Madhu is closed friend of Laksh and she still don’t believe that Laksh did something against Sanskar!
Madhu angry pushed her hand and said – Hands down Miss GADODIA! Otherwise we know how to slapped.
Ragini hatred eyes lingered on Madhu but then Laksh make Madhu to step back shaking his.

Laksh – Hasina Raichand has extra marital affair with Shekhar GADODIA before twenty five years after death of Ram Raichand and then Khushi and Pia born as a step sister of Ragini and Aadarsh while Swara who was daughter of Raina MALIK who once time work as employee in Shekhar GADODIA office get betrayed by him. As the time pass no body open their mouths about this matter before twelve years Swara mom who were having cancer passed away but Swara leaving Swara on Shekhar GADODIA mercy and thus Ragini and Aadarsh came to know about Swara. And after one year hearding the conversation between Hasina Raichand and Shekhar GADODIA… Ragini came to know about Pia and Khushi. So Ragini anger changes in hatred for her father. And thinking about revenge she made trap for Swara and for that she uses my insecurities towards Bhai and I like fool don’t even think before being her pawn. Ragini set up plan of Swara rape against Sanskar and then according to plan both life destroyed. And when Ragini came to know about Swara approach to wards sanskar she married sanskar by manipulated plan and yesterday evening she slept with Arnav and again destroyed Khushi life and only one person is left.
All look towards RAGINI who was standing with furry and rage throwing hate daggers towards Laksh but in next extent she fall on ground by hard slapped as she look up to see Annapurna Maheshwari.
Dp take a deep breath and said – Madhu call Mr Gadodia and others elder we have to take some decesion and Laksh go back to your room. And everyone I don’t want to listen anything.


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