Mom Her Name is.. Swara…. (Part 16) secrets of Dark’s


Mom Her name is Swara… Secret’s of Dark

White color is something he always like it. It means peace but she hated this color, she thinks peace meant to be death! She is always create a crazy logic in every sane words and for that he.. He needed her in his life. She never know but he always find himself helpless when it comes to her. She is his breath to live and she needed to be breath for him. She can’t leave him because she is his piece. Pieces never left their part by themselves it only happened when someone tries to break them. And that made Sanskar to raise his head and look straight at the door of ICU room where his piece is kept he walk towards the door and look through small glass oval window where she is operated by many doctors one of doctor her brother and another one is his friend but he didn’t trust them. No he wouldn’t be trusting them no matter what he will only trust when she breath with him. He wanted to talk to her he came to her to talk about why she felt jealous when he tried to close with Ragini?? She didn’t love him! Then it doesn’t matter to her. She came back to destroy him and give his everything to her boyfriend. She love her boyfriend then why she lost when he comes close to her? Why she agreed to his dad name whom tried to sold her before him. Not infront of her boyfriend! Why it matters to her that he is still living with the same person who destroyed his life after making him to spend three nights in Ahmadabad jail with thugs and criminal. And why she didn’t feels devasted when he have her without her will! He raped her that is what she said infront of whole college according to her and her boyfriend planned. But Will she ever know that What happened on graduation night?

He don’t need anything ! Nor any reason why he have to go through! Why he can never get her! Why can’t he ever live with his happiness! He is lost! When she tried to kill herself he lost himself again that Sanskar who thought to fight for himself and for her sake. Is again lost after eight years! And this it is only she who killed him again! She.. She tried to kill herself to be away from him! From her side it is clear that she never loved him and can never will! He can’t force her to be with him. He will set her free! Make everything according to her so that she get whatever she wants.but he is waiting for her just one breath then he will make everything better for her! He didn’t care for anyone accept her! He knew his Mom will be hurted, his Dad will be hurted, his ex wife will be hurted, his friends will be hurted because of his one decesion but he still don’t care! She is his biggest weakness and he knew this the very moment he held her hand for his friendship. …he is waiting for one glimpse.. He is waiting for her to say something..

Annapurna is crying on Dp shoulder while Shekhar GADODIA is just stood at one corner with sad face, Devyani Raizada and Anuradha Khurana is trying hard to control the both crying Anjali and Ragini. Maan was talking to police while Arnav was standing with RK but the one person who is gazing at Sanskar is Laksh. Which was noticed by RK, Arnav and Pia.

Misha and Shekhar khan walk inside the hospital corridors looking at whole scene and then their gaze shift on Sanskar who is stood motionless. Staring in ICU room. His whole cloths are drenched with blood and his face covered with sweats.
Misha smirk and walk towards him. Arnav and RK were now totally confused with all this but still observing.
Misha said slowly to Sanskar but looking inside ICU – so she tried to kill herself?
Sanskar stood motionless like he never listen her.
Misha – you know I never thought she hated you that much! That being your wife one day will make her this much disgusting after all you were rapist of her. Whom she felt disgusting and ugly to even look at you!
Sanskar stiffened hard but still silent.
Shekhar khan come and stand beside Misha saying – you know Misha baby you are wasting time by telling him all this! You know he is bad – omen this is why whom he go near those person always go through hell! Look our friend swara is fighting with life.
Saying this they both left from his side and stand near Anjali who hugged them .
But Sanskar was never felt that being a true friend would make his life destroyed he look at left to find Laksh gazing him he knew what that means.
Sanskar goes outside of hospital he knew LAKSH is behind him after coming to speculated space he turned.
Laksh walk towards him and stand infront of him slowly but whispered -” She would be fine.
Sanskar smile bitterly and little louder – I know she have to be because she is would be Mrs Laksh Maheshwari.
Laksh didn’t react but he simply said – she is still your wife!
Sanskar – I want one days I beg you. Then tommorow she would be yours.
Laksh was practically taken aback by this but composing himself – I don’t care!
Sanskar nodded and said – I will sign every papers which you wanted the Maheshwari family bussissnes is your and Mom dad is your… Sho- Swara would be yours like always she wanted but it still takes few days for paper work I want five days just one day and I will left from your life.
Laksh wipe his lone tears – Why are you doing this Bhai ? I thought you wanted to know why I destroyed you ! Why I made you helpless that you raped my girlfriend ! Why I still have the courage to come infront of you to made you always reminds of your past! Why I made your ex wife to fallen in love with me and going to marry infront of you! Why I didn’t say a word when you forcefully married to my girlfriend! Why now you don’t want to know!
Sanskar look at him painfully – because she is my weakness and she loves you more than her own life and I needed her to be alive to live! If it happens only she become yours then I don’t care . But I want permission for one day from her future husband.
Laksh stood speechless at his brother and then he realized what he did with his brother but it was too late and he still knows that he can’t trust his brother – I will give you permission of today until then no body should know about anything and then he left leaving Sanskar smile a little.

But they both missed three pairs of eyes two are widened in shocked and one was fuming in anger!!
Yes the two pairs of eyes which are shocked is Durga Prasad Maheshwari and Annapurna Maheshwari and The angered filled eyes were of Ragini who came there to take Ap and Dp to home because Ap state is not good and she needed rest but what they listen make them to frozen on the spot.
Ragini clench her fist but controlling herself she said – Mom and dad please if you trust me a little don’t say them anything!!
Dp totally in shock – but why?
Ragini – because they both need to understand something which they never understand in their sacrifice, love, need, revenge, destruction!! That they are family and now I know what I have to do please you both go back to mansion and it’s your daughter request not to react please.
Ap close her eyes because now she have only hope Ragini – let’s go.

She got conscious after eight hours everybody met her tried to cheer up. Scold her for this nasty decesion. Sighing helpless she still gazing at ward door in a hope of once he come and meet her, shout out on her, tell her to that she is not allowed to go anywhere!! She is his wife!! She literally that how in one day she is used of his new way of yelling on her, scolding her!! Showing concerns on her!! She close her eyes as a tears started brimming a sound of whispers escape from her lips “I love you Sanky ”

Kise poochu..
Hai aisa kyu?
Bejubaan saa ye jahaan hai

He didn’t know what he saw on her face that made him taken aback by the mixed emotions on her face! He know that she is missing Laksh but because of his pleading to have her for today all for himself made him to ask Laksh leave. Laksh left reluctantly .and now she is missing Laksh having tears for him! How fool SANSKAR MAHESHWARI she hated you and your shadow!!!! She didn’t want you!!! She wanted her love which is in Laksh like always! !! But then a soft painful whispers come out of him “but.. I still.. I still need her! Just for one day! ”

Khushi ke pal
Kahaan dhoondu?
Benishaan sa waqt bhi yahaan hai

She felt him near her like he is gazing her trying to hold her soul ,snapping she opens her eyes only to clash with his craving eyes she thought her hitched at look of his eyes he is still at his place but she wanted to know that he is real!! Not hallucination !! He seems to understand her wish like a broken man he walk towards but stopped she didn’t understand why he stopped! What made him stop to come to her like she got some unknown feeling that stop him NOW and she did it “please ”

Jaane kitne labon pe gile hain

He look shockingly at her plea! He don’t know what he thinks of this plea!!! Her eyes are showing him to come to her kiss her senselessly but her voice made him to think that she is scared of him! And his presence. She don’t want him to be here. But he once wanted to listed her breath just once! So he said in determination “NO ”

Zindagi se kayi faasle hain

She didn’t understand what he meant nor wanted to as he come close to her bed and sat beside her on bed and then he come close to her to much close that his nose touching her, his head touching her she didn’t know when she stopped taking breath but she heard him “BREATHE SHONA “it was not any plea or beg. It was his plain order his dominant which she was missing to her core few hours as he said she didn’t know when she started breathing heavily but when his heavy breathing mix with her breathing. She can’t control no more .”I.. I love.. “he cut off with his palm knowing she was going to tell him that she never loved him it was always Laksh!! It’s Damm hurting.

Paseejte hai sapne kyun aankhon mein
Lakeere jab chhoote inn haathon se yun bewajah

Swara look at him surprise by his actions but he said slowly “I KNOW “Swara look at him with tears in eyes which are twinkling in happiness which he mistook as a happiness of getting back her love. He tried not to cry or break down infront of her but her next action froze him on spot, she kissed him on his palm. He didn’t understand what she is doing but when he removed his palm she said with smile “THANK YOU “she thanked him for accepting her love and forgiveness !she finally can get her Sanskar back but he misinterpret as she happy because he would set her free after knowing it.

Jo bheji thi dua
Woh jaake aasmaan se yun takra gayi
Ki aa gayi hai laut ke sadaa (x2)

Sanskar knew that this was coming if he would have known her unconditionally love for Laksh before eight years ago that how for Laksh revenge against him ,she betrayed her ten years old friendship just the love of two months how changed everything! If he would have said his feelings before then he would have not be in this condition! Laksh has successfully taken his hatred on him by snatching most precious thing of his life! His Shona! He was angry with her how easily she started lying him in pretence of meeting Laksh! He was shocked when he saw her with Laksh but then that pregnancy report in her room made his life fall in hell ! How he heard everything of their plan to make his life and career destroyed but he still thought to trusting his Shona but she never was his! She is LAKSH girlfriend! How easily she said the he raped her! How easily she left him behind but also break up with Laksh because she took her complain back he then thought that he got her back and for that he gone to New York to meet her but what he saw made him to left any hope! Laksh coming out of her house with a smile and then Laksh continous travelling to New York from last seven years but it stopped when he got married and their again Laksh snatch his wife! Whom he genuinely thought to start relationship but what he got divorced paper! And then when Dad open his will Laksh again played Bringing Swara back in his life with a child drama. To make Swara have all shares of him and then he can have Swara but in all Swara was always his pawn! And here she is wanting to get back to her Laksh!! He truly felt like he never made for happiness! Laksh have taken everything !!wiping his moist eyes he look up at Swara who was also in tears and sparkling with happiness.

Saanson ne kahaan rukh mod liya
Koi raah nazar mein naa aaye
Dhadkan ne kahaan dil chhod diya
Kahaan chhode in jismon ne saaye

Swara look confused when he removed his palm from her cheek but she thought he is angry as he thinks she tried to take her life! So she was about to say when she heard his polite voice which she last listen eight years before ” Doctor told me that you are still not fine and blah blah!! But Shona he don’t know that you are superwoman!! Who don’t like bed and mostly white color so we are going back to mansion!! “she smiled but played with him ” stop teasing me Sanky and now I want to be out of this place so help!! “He smile faintly at her antics ” sure with pleasure ” but he knows it is just for one day and he live this day fullest being her old friend!!

Yehi baar baar sochta hoon tanha main yahaan
Mere saath-saath chal raha hai yaadon ka dhuaan

Swara look at road but seeing wrong road she ask ” We are not going to mansion? ”
Sanskar smile – No Shona we are going for shopping, movie and dinner then going to do fun in my farmhouse!! ”
Swara jump at the idea clapping her hands in excitement but then pain again take place of her wrist .Sanskar notice it ” you OK? ‘Swara smile and nodded leaning on his shoulder it made him somewhere to stop thinking about anyone and become selfish stole her from everyone and take her away but if she wanted! He closed his eyes in pain.
Jo bheji thi duaa
Woh jaake aasmaan se yun takra gayi
Ki aa gayi hai laut ke sadaa
Laksh walk inside only to be stopped by Ragini who is standing infront of him with red eyes and clenching fist tightly.
Laksh concerned – Ragini why are you looking upset!? Oh! Swara would be fine Ragini don’t worry. We are with her.

To be continued

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