Mom Her Name is.. Swara…. (Part 15 death is your destiny ) secrets of Dark’s


Sanskar absorb her face and ask this time in furry – Who tried to SALE you??

Swara gulped hard now knowing that she didn’t only whispered her thoughts but also open the old grave wounds.

Swara stammered – nothing..

Sanskar know her habit of lying when she stammered he close the gap as now his breath mixing with her his nose is touching her.
Sanskar said in deep voice – Swara who tried to sold you? I want name not any lie!
Swara close her eyes and whisper – Dad!
Disbelief and disgusted was all written on Sanskar Maheshwari face in that moment.
Sanskar trying to suppress his anger – One things you have to keep in your head, if I ever saw you talking or even standing with Mr Shekhar GADODIA then you Mrs Swara Maheshwari only face hell!
Pushing her aside Sanskar left from there while Swara was only trying to think what just he mean her whole body is trembling with fear.
After getting change Swara sat on recliner at pool side trying hard to stop those tears. But a moment comeback as a wind..

“What the hell Misha!! Are you out of your mind that you and Shekhar is asking me to betray Sanskar!!! “Swara was fanning in anger

Misha and Shekhar smile evilly!!

Misha – listen swara it would be just a prank!
Swara retorted – I am not kid Misha that you are telling me it’s prank!! It’s a blo*dy crime that you both are telling me to trap Sanky in rape case!!!

Shekhar – Yes it’s a crime and you have to do this! You don’t have choices!
Swara – What do you mean? I am not do any shit!! And now I will tell Sanky your every planning !

” if you don’t want that world know who was your real Mom identity! Then you can go after all you are craving for your Mom name also from the age of seven years Swara! “came a voice.

Swara turned to face shocked “YOU!! ”

OUCH!! Swara come out of her thoughts and down where her toe is injured because of her careless and now blood is oozing and heavy rain is clashing the injured toe making her hissed in pain!
Swara look around only to found herself drenched in rain and not even blink!
Swara look at her injured toe and smile -“What I did with Sanskar this nothing in compare to that! He only ask me one thing from our friendship ” don’t cheat me ever! ” this is the words from where he come forward to be my friend and I promise him that I will be honest but I broken that promise and his trust !
Wiping her tears she shivered in rain but still gazing at water.. She turned only to be rooted at spot.

In cafe..

Madhu – What!
RK – yes we have doubts about Cherry being Sanskar son so we need your help!
Madhu look both at RK and Pia.
Madhu – but you know it’s thinking as Swara charactless!
RK – I don’t care Madhu because now for me my friend Sanskar is important more than that woman!
Pia – Madhu please help us yaar! It’s very much complicated thing and if our doubt is true then Sanskar need to know!
Madhu thinks then say – OK I will help you but please before that no one will knew about all this!
RK – then we should start up! With their DNA report and Piya book our flight Ahmadabad!
Madhu confused – Ahmadabad??
RK – it’s the same place where every thing started!! TGE college!!
Pia – yes it’s college of Sanskar.
Khurana construction..
Maan was going through some files when Sanskar come inside.
Maan – hey! You here?
Sanskar – Yaa.. Just wanting to finalise the deal of our company Merger!
Maan nodded and call the secretary to come with file.
Sanskar – any progress on your love life?
Maan smile – Pia is still hanging on Maan sir and great lawyer Rishabh kundra is not leaving any chance make Pia busy! I don’t know he is my brother or rival!
Sanskar smile – he is teasing you
Maan – yes he is!!! Let it be now you tell me about your state as you have got flirty wife!
Sanskar smile vanished – you notice!
Maan – come on Sanskar I am not a little kid who don’t understand the gestures of women and next thing she is trying to jealous you!
Sanskar chuckle – What but why?
Maan – because you were giving more attention to Ragini and sitting beside her when your wife badly wanted to be with her.
Sanskar – oh!
Secretary come inside with file after few hours their discussion is over then Sanskar left but still thinking about Maan words.
Raizada mansion
Arnav get inside the mansion talking with Khushi about her flight and other things. When he saw Anjali Di happily being cozy with Aadarsh and talking with Ragini and Laksh who were there for some discussion as he felt.
Arnav – Anything serious? Ask talking his seat beside Laksh.
Aadarsh – Yes we were talking about plans about Sanskar and Swara! Did you forget it!
Arnav was trying hard to control himself for not lashing out that Sanskar is upto something in which he made Khushi to left for London but why!!!
Arnav – yeah.
Laksh – I am excited that now we would be engage finally.
Ragini smile.
After some random talks Devyani Raizada come inside the mansion when she saw everyone having a good talk she silently walk upstairs but stopped and turned to Ragini
Devyani Raizada – Ragini if you don’t mind I want you and Aadarsh to talk something important.
All look confused while Arnav now confirmed that nothing is good.!
Ragini and Aadarsh look on then make their ways following Devyani Raizada.
Inside the room..
Aadarsh – Dadi is everything okay?
Devyani Raizada – I wanted to know about Swara! Aadarsh you are going to be my Anjali husband and our families will be one. I trust you son but why your family never talk about Swara before!
Aadarsh didn’t thought it would be coming thinking “damm you Swara! ”
Ragini step forward and replied – Dadi Swara and Dad are never in good terms after Mom going to coma so because of that Swara left for boarding school and never come for vacation but we have talk sometime on phones that’s all.
Devyani Raizada nodded understanding but she ask – What’s the problem?
This time Aadarsh said – We don’t know Dadi..niether nor Swara said a word. And we step backed to not involved.
Devyani Raizada nodded – OK you both go and don’t worry I just ask because when I talk Swara about her Mom and dad she didn’t seem comforting.
Aadarsh and Ragini didn’t say. Aadarsh left the room when Ragini was about to left Devyani Raizada stopped her.
Devyani Raizada – Ragini you never told us the reason of your divorce with Sanskar.
Ragini turned pale but immediately masked with smiles – nothing Dadi we were never made for each other.
Devyani Raizada – you are taking wise decision Ragini or not. Because somewhere I see you lost when it comes to your wedding. Take a wise decision.
Ragini nodded and left the place only to be collided by Arnav who heard everything.
Arnav – Laksh got a call for photoshoot and he left.
Ragini didn’t seem sad just plainly replied – that’s OK.
Arnav – if you don’t mind joining me on drink. I will drop you.
Ragini think and then nodded.
It’s late night Sanskar come inside his room he scanned around not find Swara he moved inside only to be scared to death Swara is lying on pool of blood her left wrist is cut and other hand is holding knife. He didn’t seem to say or react anything he slapped himself to wake up but it didn’t happen. He walk towards her and bend she is moving. She is not shouting. She is not smiling. She is not calling. She is not fearing. She is seducing.she is not laughing. She is not crying. She is motionless. She is lying. She is quite. She is not moving.
Sanskar choked “… ” his breathing fast he look up to her face which is not reacting when he called her. Why she is not reacting!!! “Shona.. Shona ”

“SWARA!!!!! ” Sanskar didn’t heard someone screaming because his eyes were still trying to make Swara react .
Annapurna walk inside her son room with smiles knowing well that she have to give him surprise about that his brother engagement is in two days but what she saw made her scream out of lungs!!! Her daughter in law is in blood and her son is staring her insanely caressing her face.
Annapurna Maheshwari is horrified to death clutching her mobile she called her husband with heavy breath.

Sanskar was still staring her face lovingly his breath is finding her breath wanting to mix with his like few hours before. He wanted to her to mix her breath with his but why she is not doing it!!!!!!! Why he is feeling like a piece of his again going to snatch from him. Why his eyes are moist and hands are trembling??? He know that she is in his arms never going to leave him alone then why he is scaring he should be happy after knowing she is his. He wants her to confirm him by breathing in same air where he is breathing harshly. Why he again surrounded by darkness? Why only his fate is written with darkness?
PRECAP – ” playing with fire! “

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