Mom Her Name is.. Swara…. (Part 14 first step of darkness from past ) secrets of Dark’s


Mom.. Her name is.. Swara.. DARK’S secret
( Hate is not something which come alone because for hate we have to love. And when there is love then how much hate can last)

Swara Sanskar Maheshwari is beyond shocked after the encounter with her newly husband Sanskar Maheshwari and then his eyes showing something which she didn’t notice before. How could everything can be spoiled by this easily! Her planning and every trap was perfect no one can actually think about doubting her. She made everything ready according to her and finally when she is here in the bedroom of Sanskar Maheshwari as his wife and wanted to get what she ever desire everything is finished just in one moment. Furry and anger took over her she walk infront of Mirror catching of herself looking at her reflection from head to toe she is ready in yellow net designers Saree and adorned in diamond necklace with heavy bangles in each wrist and her hair fall open curly her face is glowing . This is what she ever wanted then How could everything can be finished and then she heard his footsteps. She can feel him coming towards room like always after making the shopping to Cherry he is now coming as she turned to face him.

Sanskar silently walk inside his room after having a good time with the small kid and then going some conference call but what he saw made him froze on the spot standing infront of him Swara totally made his breathe away.

Sanskar took a deep breath trying not to get over on desire.
Sanskar said sternly – What are you trying to do?
Swara look at equal with determined face – trying to seduce you!
Sanskar stern face was now convert into smirk – You still have the audacity to get me. I am impressed with you.
Swara shrugged off his sarcasm and said – you know very well Mr Maheshwari from when and what I wanted.
Sanskar smirking close the door behind and lock it.
Sanskar come towards her taking a slow step – you know Swara we both were opposite of each other from the time we made each other as best friends and you and Me we both know from where this friendship started.
Swara look at him with bathed breathe.
Sanskar chuckle – it was based on both of us need. And now same thing happening again. But this time it is you not me. How idiotic.?
Swara shivered but getting the courage she ask – I want to know what was my mistake that you didn’t give me chance to come back to you . Last eight years you made everything possible that I didn’t reach you and when I am here it is still like dream but I don’t understand why you made everything possible for me now to come here? What happened suddenly after eight years that you stopped making any attempt so that I easily infront of you!! As I know you hate me that much that it is suffocating you to look my face making your soul hurt! I know this much Sanskar that you have known about me coming here and making drama with cherry! You marrying me totally made all the things out of blue! Why you married me when you always hate my one glimpse.

Sanskar look at her amused and then he said – you are right Swara I still hate you too much but you are here for other purposes which I will tell you soon but for now listened me carefully I will allow you to be here with cherry but I don’t want any disturbance and be a good daughter in law!
Swara – How you know that I don’t have any baby?
Sanskar shook his head and said with devilish smile – you know you have done this before eight years! Making me fool by giving the fake file of your pregnancy before three days of graduation party! Because you knew if I know about your pregnancy then I will disgust of you.
Swara turned pale.
Sanskar smirk – you are really good in acting as much as I like that you tried to give me hint of coming storm. You failed to save yourself in that. You knew that on graduation day this rape planning is decided to make me suffer but when you, Shekhar and Misha tried to spike my drink I prevented myself. I don’t even take any drugs on that day.
Swara stamble back – Why you raped me?
Sanskar stiffened hard and said – you should sleep and yes never again try to seduce me if you want to be in this mansion. As much I have idea your father despise you. It is your solely sister Ragini who think you as family member. Saying this he walk to closet.
Swara look at him astonished by whole things but then something struck in her mind and she ask – You know who made the plan to trap you and betray you.? You knew it.

Sanskar look at her painful eyes and said in whisper – I know Swara I know who did it but I still want to know why and for that I am waiting for it last eight years and I still wait. And you should also stop talking about culprits when you yourself involved with Shekhar and Misha. And the masterplanner.
Swara didn’t say a word against it. And nor Sanskar expected he hate her and always will hate her.

In Kundra lawyer forum.
RK was going through some cases when Piya walk inside with confusion face holding one file in his cabin.
RK look at her and ask – Any problem?
Piya nodded and sat opposite of him – Sir this Alia Singh is too much complicated! !
RK take the file in his hand and ask – What complicated it’s a simple fake rape accusations case where she is complaining against her husband friend!
Piya – but Sir but how you are sure it’s fake!!
RK smirk – it’s simple Pia Alia Singh is two months pregnant and she accused her husband friend when she was one month pregnant and then blame him as a child father and for the record she said he raped her once and then how could she be pregnant.
Pia look amused – WOAH you are great!!

RK smirk – I know
…and then something struck in his mind and he blurted out – if this is the case then how Swara can be pregnant after the rape.
And Piya also give same shocking look at him.
Piya – RK what you think?
RK just take his mobile and call Madhu.
Madhu took the call – Dr Raizada here..
RK – Madhu it’s me RK and if you are any where near Aadarsh just get away and meet me near coffee cafe
Madhu sense his tone to much serious.- coming!

Call ended.
Pia – but RK why you stopped Madhu saying anything to Aadarsh Bhai?
RK – listen Pia we have to make our doubt clear but for that we can’t involve everyone Madhu is doctor and we have to be needed her help. It’s about Sanskar Maheshwari and you know Sanskar reputation is too much at risk with this.
Pia nodded.
RK – let’s leave.

Raichand resorts..
Hasina Raichand cabin. Khushi enter in her cabin for some important discussion
Hasina – Khushi it’s a big problem for us our London resorts and hotel chain have gotten some fraud. There is something going. As I can’t go because of Bagalore deal. You have to go there.
Khushi look at her Mom understanding – OK Mom I’ll just inform Arnav about it.
Hasina smile – go but also tell him that you are going for one week.
Khushi nodded but upset with the things.
When Khushi left the cabin Hasina take the mobile and call it.
Hasina- Khushi is going for London and now tell me Sanskar why you requested me to do this?
Sanskar signed in relief and said – Hasina auntie it’s nothing just I thought that Khushi need a break from here.
Hasina – Sanskar I don’t know what but something is going on but I just tell you that no harm should be happen!
Sanskar close his – I promise.

And call ended.
Hasina Raichand look at the mobile and think ” Sanskar is going to do something and it is involved my daughter!! Well I trust Sanskar but that doesn’t mean I trust him blindly I have to talk with someone…. Hmm Arnav would be good. He seems like knew Sanskar more than anyone ”
And then Hasina inform everything to Arnav!
Annapurna happily walk with tray of snacks with some servants and keep it on table after taking sit beside Dp joining Devyani Raizada, Anuradha Khurana .

Devyani Raizada – I have talk with preast about another engagement date and it would be in two days.
Anuradha Khurana said – finally we can make this engagement party after last stunt of Sanskar I just hope nothing happened in this.

Annapurna – yeah.. And I am preying that engagement goes in smooth way this time.

Dp – don’t worry you all as we have to be calm because our children are too much great making us panic! So it would be good if we be calm!

Anuradha said thoughtfully – I am thinking why don’t we tie knots of Arnav, Maan, and RK! These three are still left out!

Devyani smile – don’t! These are more than any bully headed animals type!! We have to think lot about making them agree!

Dp chuckle – you woman’s and your planning! Can’t wait to see!!

All laugh just then Swara comes there with tea tray. Keeping it on table.
Swara smile – good evening everyone.
Ap nodded.
Dp frown a little but said – Good evening Swara.
Anuradha Khurana – why don’t you sit with us.
Swara look at Ap who nodded then Swara sit beside Devyani Raizada.
Devyani Raizada – Swara we don’t know you that much but like to know why you left your family before fifteen years?
Swara stiffened hard and said in slow voice – my family was my Mom and after her no one is my family !
Anuradha Khurana – we know Swara.. That Sharmistha is still in coma but you shouldn’t have to left The house leaving your father, brother and sister alone.
Swara look stunned and then realization hit her hard thought passed ” they don’t know my Mom and thinking Ragini mother is my Mom! ” trying hard to not be rudly she said to Ap – Mom I remember that Sanskar want coffee. Saying this she left that hanging questions.


” Mr Shekhar GADODIA never told anyone about my real mother not even Annapurna Maa tell anyone why???? They all think I am Sharmistha auntie daughter!!! But the truth is more ugly!!! I having a fake identity!!! In all those years and I never tried to think about it? How could I??? Why Mom you left me alone with that Man who claims to be my father but nothingless then a Pervert!!! You ask me to be with that man, respect him and what I got this betrayal!! I hate him!!! And I am only yours daughter Mom only yours!! I promise you mom I an not going to give damm to do whatever for making you exist even it cost Mr Shekhar GADODIA reputation!! I will make sure everyone know that you are his first wife!! And I am your daughter!! “Swara whisper in all these she didn’t know when she walk up to bathroom silently on the shower too much cold water splashing on her but she didn’t flinch finally falling on her knees she screamed cried out loud while Sanskar Maheshwari who is leaning on bathroom door look at her with a wicked smile and devil gesture.

Sanskar was already in room but when he saw Swara coming inside totally lost he didn’t try to disturb her just observed her every move silently he saw her going inside the bathroom he close his laptop where he was still in middle of billion dollars deal conference meeting he didnt care for a second and walk beside her he saw her opening the shower and fall on her knees with crying out loud whispering her determination which he has heard clearly and then in next moment he knew his first move is done! And the scene of crying Swara is his first victory!
He turned and left the place knowing that it would take her whole time to digest this new revelation! And he don’t even mind! Not at all! He turned to go when he heard her next words which make him stop at the track and he frozen on the dead rooted.

” he tried to sale me for his business!! Mom but I kept silent because of you!!! And your promise Mom!! Why “whispering Swara still crying hard but the next moment she was grabbed by her arms harshly and slammed on wall making her to come back to reality ,she winced in pain and when she saw Sanskar looking at her with furry and anger filled eyes while his whole face was burning in rage!! She shivered in fear to hell. Not knowing what happened!

Sanskar greeted his teeth said in anger – What did you say at last?

Swara look at him confused still not knowing what she did!

Sanskar absorb her face and ask this time in furry – Who tried to SALE you??

Swara gulped hard now knowing that she didn’t only whispered her thoughts but also open the old grave wounds.

PRECAP – my piece! A much awaited past is now going to come slowly slowly.

Secret’s of dark where we were going to know about first darkness of past which made the present moment to only shattered!

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