Mom Her Name is.. Swara…. Part 13 secrets of Dark’s (Sunshine have its own darkness )


Swara – Cherry finally you show up!!
Cherry look at his Mom and then Dad – Sammie I was with Dad.
“Sammie? “ask Anjali knowing very well!!!
Swara and Sanskar look uncomfortable.
Cherry – yes I call my mom Sammie!! I love to call her!!
Sanskar – let’s go champ we have to breakfast.
Cherry nodded and sat beside his Sammie that’s when Sanskar saw where Swara was sitting not reacting too much he silently sat beside Ragini who give him small smile and he acknowledged her but they failed to notice Swara burning gaze on them.
Khushi – oh Arnav I am thinking that why don’t you design few dresses for Swara too for the wedding!
Swara – no it’s OK Khushi!

Arnav – what OK Mrs Maheshwari Khushi is right everyone is going to wear AR design so you should not this and besides your husband is one of board members of AR INDUSTRY.
Swara smile and nodded while Sanskar just silent ate his breakfast.
Piya teased Arnav – looking like Arnav sir is too much romantic type that he don’t even think once agreeing with Khushi Di term.
Sanskar smile – love is in the air.
Ragini heard him and said it aloud – love is indeed in the Air.

Sanskar shook his head while Swara become more grumpy!!
Swara thought ” but what about this unromantic Sanskar!! :
Anjali look at silence and give a meschivous smile breaking it – Cherry you didn’t tell us who is Sammie?

That things made Swara to choke on her food while Sanskar just pass a glare at Anjali Di.
Cherry innocently blurted out – oh I just call my Mom as Sammie it is cool you know!
Swara look embarrassed while others are surprised by this.
Anjali grinned – very much after all your Dad always teases your Mom by calling her Sammie only!
And Sanskar knew that now every eyes are on him but he just simply stated – “it’s all past Anjali Di! ”
Nobody gave any reaction as they know that he would never cherish any past memories but who can tell this Swara.
Swara snapped him by saying – oh come on it is not our commercial project that you are simply saying “it is past Anjali Di! “because you Mr stubborn Sanskar always left no stone to tease through out the hell!

Sanskar who loss his last string of patient retorted back – as if you always a innocent girl who don’t know how to get back Sammie!!! And – but he stopped realizing what he was doing mumbling “Mom I am done “he walk out dining hall not even sparing glance on stunned faces of family members.
Ap wipe her moist having a small smile knowing somewhere her Sanskar is coming back like this in pieces. And sane was with Anjali who couldn’t help just prey to god for giving Swara!!! And now after eight she saw her Sanky glimpse which was nothing but shocked.
And while others Arnav, Maan, RK, Laksh, Khushi, Madhu, Ragini, PIya ,Aadarsh were more than shocked nothing else.

But Swara was fuming in anger.
Cherry – Sammie why Dad left so soon!
Swara – having work! (but she knew what he was trying to say!)

Splashing again the water on his face SANSKAR MAHESHWARI look up to his reflection where his eyes are red and moist, his hands are shivering like he gone through hell. He indeed!! He known very well what he have gotten into just like one of cold memories come into his mind…

“what are doing Sanky? “ask Swara coming from bathroom after having a long shower
Sanskar smile and said ” nothing just going through your any secrets! “but he noticed a flinch on her face which gone in few seconds.
“What! You know everything about me Sanky. My every crush even my Pms dates so stop being childish!! “said giggling Swara sating beside him.

“hmm OK but still anything you wanted to share with me? “ask Sanskar genuinely
” please stop it sanskar like I said I am alright and I don’t have any secrets! “said happily Swara and continue ” hey three days after there is graduation day what you thinking ! Any date? ”
Sanskar shrugged off ” yeah I ask Misha.! And you? ”
Swara look dissapointed but covered with smiling face “oh.. I just thinking to ask Shekhar! ”
Sanskar nodded ” OK then gotta go bye! ”
Swara happily wave him bye closing the door. While Sanskar stood outside of door with anger and hatred eyes which were fallen on his mobile snap shot which he clicked before Swara come out of bathroom ” pregnancy report..Swara G. Malik -POSITIVE.. two week pregnant! ” he clutch his mobile tightly stormed out of her place!

Sanskar come back to sense hearding Cherry voice “Dad Dad!! ”
Sanskar open the door with smile – hey buddy what’s up? ”
Cherry nodded -Dad I am feeling bored!!
Sanskar signed before taking cherry in his embrace – so what about I will take you for shopping and playing zone!
Cherry exclaimed – YEPPPIII!!!!!
Sanskar felt satisfied after looking at happiness on Cherry face. Just then Swara walk inside the room with glass milk.

Swara – you still didn’t over with your milk! Come and sip quickly.
Cherry frown but silently obey her mother making Sanskar amused again.
After drinking milk Cherry look up at his Dad- we are getting late Dad!
Swara look on confusion both father -son

Sanskar – Cherry you go downstairs I am coming!
Cherry nodded and left to downstairs leaving Swara and Sanskar alone.
Sanskar walk to the drawer to take his car keys when he felt Swara hugging from behind, he stiffened but didn’t shoved off he ask faintly – you want anything Swara?

Sanskar turned around making Swara to take back her hand but she said – I am sorry Sanskar for yesterday I should have tried to understand your POV about being married and divorced with Ragini. But what I did react like a jerk. I know when you feel comfortable you will share with me anything until then I will wait for you. And don’t be pressurized by all this I know you want time to settle down with things like me and the decision of not wanting to disclose the marriage before everyone is something I understand Sanskar and I respect it.
Sanskar look at her little surprised but ask in cold voice -anything else. ?
Swara felt like someone slapped her hard but she immediately composed herself with smile and step back – no that’s it. You should go Cherry must be waiting for you.

Sanskar took a step towards the door when he turned and grabbed Swara wrist making her to colide her soft body completly on his masculine form, He pulled her shamelessly closed grabbing her waist ,…Swara look shocked and taken aback by this gesture of him she stammered – what are you doing Sanskar?
Sanskar comes dangerously close to her causing her breath to hitched when he place a light peck on her lips causing her to left wanting more while his fingers digs the nails on her waist painfully and pleasurable he ordered – look at me!

Swara immediatly look at him with panting breath
Sanskar smirk and said – Next time if I saw you flirting with any men either it is Maan or RK.. You should be then ready for your punishment my wife!

Swara look on shocked and numb whatever he is saying making her whole body shiver heavily.
Sanskar smirk at the effect and the fear in her eyes then he said – listen to me once and all I won’t like to be repeat first thing you will stop behaving this much innocent woman infront of me because your husband knows you more than anything second you are going to stop your assault of being jealous seeing me and RAGINI interaction get this! And you will behave as like behaving from morning a good daughter -in – law infront of my whole family and most importantly call your friend Emily Shah who is owner of acting school to take back cherry who is here acting like happy son of us! I am not going to tolerate this more as Cherry is living with you from past two years as a responsbility .so I am making arrangements for cherry to back to acting school to his own parents! You are just her nanny and yes my wife tell everyone that you and I decided to send Cherry to boarding school for his future! That’s it. Finishing his words Sanskar was satisfied by the shocking face of Swara.
Swara utter – How?

Sanskar smirk caressing her cheek with his thumb slightly making her week on her knees he said – you should have listened from everyone that Sanskar Maheshwari is changed but you know you are lucky to get actual practical how much I am changed!
Swara whole body was shivering in damm fear sweats are formed causing Sanskar to wipe it still holding her – you know how much I want you but not now my wife first I just go and get to shopping of our temporary son who is soon leaving us. Pushing her hard on bed and Sanskar look at her cold glare and left.
Swara was still shivering muttering herself – What I have gotten into it! How could I messed with this Man!!! He is known all about her…. That means.. He knows all the secrets but what he is trying to do! What he is planning!!! Oh shit I have terribly mess up this time!!!

PRECAP – Swara walk up to bathroom silently on the shower too much cold water splashing on her but she didn’t flinch finally falling on her knees she screamed cried out loud while Sanskar Maheshwari who is leaning on bathroom door look at her with a wicked smile and devil gesture.

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    Awesome…. Its very shocking…. Cherry is not swasan son??? Oh no i dont want sanskar to torture swara pls….

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    Yr what is dis now??
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