Mom Her Name is.. Swara…. Part 12 secrets of Dark’s

Part 11

Swara made cherry sleep after so much struggle knowing his dad is here, he was not at all ready to leave him but she has to make him understand. So promising cherry that he will meet his dad next morning, she made him sleep but herself can’t be sleep because of what happened between her and Sanskar… Shedding tears she was hiccuping silently.
Ap walk inside only to see her new daughter in law is crying. Sitting beside her on bed, she wipe her tears.
Swara – Annapurna maa.. Woh.
Ap – sshh come here my daughter
And then Swara hugged Ap tightly crying in her embrace. After some time getting a grip she look up at Ap.
Ap – What happened?

Swara – Woh.. I don’t know what to do Maa, after knowing his and Ragini relationship… I thought he will give me explaination or anything but make me feel that it doesn’t matter to him what I think. He changed Maa.
Ap sadly – yes he change Swara but now you are here to make him realize that with you.he have to give his justification and even tell all things related to him. You are his wife and you have to take your right yourself not waiting for him to say because this Sanskar is not own to give any explanation to anyone well you see my son forget to live the life. And about Ragini marriage with Sanskar.. Here I am not anyone to say it’s Sanskar place and he will only tell you but you have to take one thing in you which is patient. We elders thought that you and Sanskar get some alone time to be like before but seeing youngers stubborn look to have you and Sanskar in marriage we can’t able to do anything but now Sanskar suggest that he will not disclose his marriage before Laksh and Anjali marriage. So you have time to get your Sanskar back… Swara.
Swara smile widely and hugged Ap – thank you Maa thank you so much!!!

In Laksh room..
Arnav, Maan, RK, Aadarsh and Laksh were sitting infront of Dp, Shekhar GADODIA and both DADII”S..(Anuradha Khurana and Devyani Raizada).

Dp – you all spoil the plan !!why? Ask in anger
Laksh, Aadarsh, Maan and Arnav look at RK.. And now Rishabh kundra know that he is only sole owner of this case!!!

Anuradha Dadii – we are waiting..!!
RK – Dadii woh ..actually you all elders plan was wrong.

Devyani Dadii – okay then what you five have in your bussissnes mind!! We would be owner to know for spoiling our plan.

RK gulped and glare at four of them – Badi Dadii in your plans Sanskar and Swara would only have taken care of cherry but in all this they both never said each other and knowing Sanskar, he would never taken step forward so we thought Sanskar and Swara should be here and until marriage ceremony we all make SANSKAR and SWARA as a Swasan..

Shekhar GADODIA confused – Swasan???

RK – yes Shekhar uncle it’s a mission Swasan!!

Anuradha Khurana thought for sometime and said – okay but if it didn’t happen then you five will have best punishment from us.

Now it’s time for five Mans to gulp in fear seeing the meschivous glare of their elders.

Arnav finally said in ASR tone – fine. We are ready.dadii
Elders left from there glaring them last time.
RK turn and give punch to Laksh – you all are rascal who made me go through this elders torture!!! And I have said what came in my mind but the real reason was to stop Sanskar because our prestigious Laksh Maheshwari don’t want his marriage without his Bhai!!??
Laksh rubbed his cheek because of punch.
Aadarsh – but what we do now?? Making Sanskar and Swara as a couple is like climbing MT Everest!!!
Maan – but we have to plan.

Arnav – why don’t we involve girls in this, it would make our plan easier and they have too much brain in this romance department!!
RK – Hey it would be great let’s talk to them and they are also in partner of crime!!
Maan – OK then let’s go.
In garden..
Khushi – Piya what are you doing stop plucking the flower.
Piya huffed and silently sat beside her – Khushi Di what you think about this marriage?
Madhu and Anjali look confused while Ragini was already tense.
Khushi – what do you mean?
Piya – simple Di they both have married but knowing Sanskar sir behavior it would be diffcult for Swara to start this relationship.
MADHU – I agree with PIya. We should do something for them.
Anjali look at Ragini – you OK?
Ragini smile -yeah it’s just what will Swara think about my and Sanskar relationship.
Anjali- don’t worry Sanskar will make Swara understand.
Ragini – hmm.. I guess.

Khushi -stop over thinking Ragini.
Madhu -and why fear when we are here
Ragini smile as they were involved in deep thought for marriage preparation now then boys make their entry with sulk face!!
Laksh sat beside Ragini, Arnav beside Khushi, Aadarsh peck on Anjali cheek making his way beside her and RK silently sat beside Piya much to displeasure of Maan and Madhu who fail to caught meschivous smile. So Maan beside Madhu.
Aadarsh – what’s going on?
Anjali – nothing just talking about marriage stuff.
Arnav shook his head and said – let’s don’t waste time we are here for a deal.
All look at him amused while Maan agreed happily with Arnav.
Maan – Yaa it’s about making Sanskar and Swara as couple.
All look at them with jaw dropped.

Anjali – Chotte and Maan what are you both??? It’s not some deal!!! It’s about their relationship in which you should ask us help not offering your deal!! Don’t know what will I do both of you!!
Laksh – Anju Di you are totally right these bussissnes brains can never be work in relationships!!
Khushi – Hey lucky stop!! Arnav didn’t mean like that!!
RK give a sarcastic comment “possessive girlfriend!! “making Khushi cheeks go red while Arnav smirk
Piya – OK now back to earth guys!! So what’s the plan?

Aadarsh- we don’t have nothing about it that’s why we are here and now you girls have to come with ideas which we can approve!
Madhu – so you people don’t have plans!! Not even our great lawyer.
RK look at her and said – “OUR “..this much love darling.
Madhu – love my foot!!
RK grinned and said – I have a simple plan make them drunk and leave alone to one single room and after that if anyone wants to know then make sure you get your demo.
All look stunned at his casual vulgar idea!!
Piya – Ridhabh sir this was same thing of our one of divorce Case!!
RK – Piyali!!!
Ragini – yuck!! RK you are getting these ideas from your cases!!
Arnav – Maan your brother is drunk??????
Maan – I think same!!
RK look them stupified – What??
Anjali – you need check up RK otherwise in few days you will having a dreams of your cases .
Madhu – he really needed check up!
Aadarsh- but his idea is great!
Laksh – What!! It was flop a great flop idea!!
Khushi – I get one! What about Musical theme marriage!!
And now it’s time for everyone look at her with confusion.

Khushi – listen it would be a marriage where we can have theme dance parties and there we all have to dance and for that we will hire choreographers and they will train US but in all that Swara and Sanskar would be having sensual dance theme as per my plan and with they will start coming close!!
And them came a kiss for Khushi from ASR and praises from everyone?!
Cherry was looking around when he bumbed with someone “oh sorry ”
But Sanskar was just looking at his son with bathed breathe “it’s OK champ! ”
And then Cherry look up only to be jumped and hugged his father tightly.
Cherry – Dad I was looking for you only!!
Sanskar smile – I know champ and now would you mind going out with your Dad!
Cherry nodded but then said – Dad Sammie is still sleeping!! Why don’t we take her and then go!!
Sanskar look open mouth at his son who is having a nick name for his mother the same which he gave her and she always disliked!!
Sanskar – Why you call your mom with that name?
Cherry – actually I don’t know when but I started her calling Sammie and she is more kid then my Mom so what to do.
And Sanskar did what he never did in years laugh, hard laugh at the explanation of his big champ -” I think you are Sammie is a lazy bumb!! ”
Cherry – then give a hifi dad.
Sanskar smile and give hifi to his boy and walk downstairs beside him and make way out but didn’t glance sideways where everyone on dining table is still shocked after witnessing Sanskar laugh which they hardly ever listen. .
Swara come downstairs tried to look around but failed to find Cherry but everyone look at her with wide eyes well she don’t know.
Actually the reason is simple Our Mrs Swara Maheshwari came down wearing jeans and blouse with shrug with high heels totally western women but also with red vermalliain and black thread that”s it.
Swara greet everyone with smile – Good morning
Ap- come beta sit.
Swara nodded and took unknowningly Sanskar place. Whereas everyone look at her wide eyes!!
RK whisper Maan – bro ek din bhi nhi hua aur issne apne pati ki jagah leli!!
Maan look at him in disbelief – you can never change!!

Arnav who heard it just muttered “unbelievable ”
Madhu – uhh.. Swara hi
Swara look at her smile – sorry I just never ask you all name but I can guess Aadarsh Bhai always told me about you all.
Aadarsh nodded.
Swara (pointing to Madhu) – you are Dr Madhubala Raizada glad to meet you.
Madhu smile – you can call me Madhu.. Swara Now we are family right.
Swara nodded and then pointed towards Khushi and Piya – you are Miss KHUSHI Raichand bussissnes woman and you are lawyer Piyali Raichand .
Piya – Hii Swara.. You should call me Piya.
Swara – oh.. Sure and Miss Khushi?
Khushi – and you only call me Khushi.

Swara laugh – offcource Khushi!!
Khushi – that’s great.
Swara turned towards (Maan) – Mr Maan Singh Khurana glad to meet a big industrialist.
Maan nodded and smiled genuinely – and I think you should call me Maan.
Swara – with pleasure Maan!!

Madhu whisper Piya -“totally flirting woman!! Careful Piya! ”
Piya nodded in anger

Swara Now look at RK – The great lawyer Rishabh Kundra famous for criminal and divorce lawyer, happy to meet you.
RK smirk – sure Mrs Swara Maheshwari but you know I hate formalities in family so call me RK.
Swara smile – then call me Swara RK.
RK nodded.

Swara Now look up to see last and least Mr Arnav Singh Raizada .

Swara – Nice to meet you again ASR.
ASR – pleasure mine Mrs Maheshwari. Actually Mrs Maheshwari and I have met in one of marriage functions of my colleagues so I met her there.
All look stunned knowing SWARA and Arnav know each other .
Laksh – I should introduce myself to you Swara.. I am Laksh we have talk sometime on phone!!
Swara – yes I remember.
Khushi – then Swara you should told us about yourself?
Swara – I am wedding planner in NYC.
Anjali excited – WHATTTT!!!!! so you are gonna organized my and Ragini wedding!!
Swara – No how can I Anju Di.
Ragini – but Swara its your both siblings marriage and you have to!!!!Agree na!!
Aadarsh – Yes swara you have to agree!!
Swara finally said – OK but if Dad and others elder don’t bother?
Shekhar GADODIA – we don’t have any problem SWARA.

Just then Sanskar come inside with Cherry smiling.

Swara – Cherry finally you show up!!
Cherry look at his Mom and then Dad – Sammie I was with Dad.
“Sammie? “ask Anjali knowing very well!!!
Swara and Sanskar look uncomfortable.
Cherry – yes I call my mom Sammie!! I love to call her!!
Sanskar – let’s go champ we have to breakfast.



  1. jjjjjj

    nyc but y swasan and raglak separation.swara & ragini married another persons.swara didn’t think about cherry.i hope u will post on daily.will u post?

    • Jiya

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      Eh? Swara didn’t think about cherry!?
      And how is so young lady? I am just asking . don’t mind Missy!

  2. Mica

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    welcome back to this beautiful life Sanskar !
    btw, what’s the meaning of “bro ek din bhi nhi hua aur issne apne pati ki jagah leli!!”
    luv it soo very much Vaishna, tytyty

  3. Jiya

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    I’m loving cherry! *hugs him and pulls his cheeks* sooo cute!
    Sammie! x’D all youngsters are super cool
    Waiting for next one Missy ♥♥

      • Jiya

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        And yah! This Sunday is bestest ever as I gotta read ur posts after this week which was nothing but a wreck. Thanks for the treat Abee;)

  4. Arshi

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    Supwrb…. business minded arnav and maan.. omg… also when piya’s anger .. when swara talked with maan.. super cool

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