Mom Her Name is.. Swara…. Part 11 relationship secrets of Dark’s


Sanskar drag Swara to the guest room.
Sanskar – you rest here. (was about to go but stopped by Swara hand)
Swara ask in disbelief – you and Ragini???
Sanskar said casually – yes I and Ragini have arrange marriage but we divorce after one year by mutual understanding and now we are friends!

Swara frown – how could you just be like this that it was nothing forhavensake you were my step sister ex husband and now my husband!! Why the hell you said that you waited for me??? Wherever you here simply having a enjoying life being married then divorce!! Please tell me Mr Sanskar when you would have enough of me you will also leave me alone like you left my sister!!!
Sanskar look at her HURTED and dissapointed but composing himself he said – I think you need rest and now my room is messy so you sleep here and when Siddharth would be here, I will inform you.
Swara didn’t like his ignorance but mading up her decision she said – I will be living in this room with cherry until I took some sensible decesion about this marriage.
And Sanskar left without uttering a word to her making her vulnerable.


Sanskar walk down all elders were still having a disscussion ..
Sanskar – Mom..
Ap look at him while all elders now give him attention still angry on his stunt.
Sanskar continue avoiding those glare – Mom if you and Dad want.. I and Swara will be quiet about our marriage until Laksh and Anjali Di marriage and about leaving this mansion I and Swara will shift to London after this marriage..

Ap look amused by her son understanding towards their point of view while Dp, Shekhar GADODIA, DEVYANI Raizada, Hasina Raichand, Anuradha Khurana were totally stunned by Sanskar suggestion.

Hasina Raichand thought and said – you suggest good Sanskar but we have some relatives in this house and many places in pre wedding times and you will be with Swara in your room they will suspecious .

Sanskar – no Hasina aunty it would be easy as Swara will stay in one of guest room with our son.

Anuradha Khurana – but still Sanskar what we will say about Siddharth whom we will relate him?

Sanskar – it would be fine as Siddharth would be with me or Swara and if it cause anyone doubt then I will told the truth because I will not make compromise about my son reputations. ….it was fatherly love and determination which made everyone silence but didn’t protest..

Dp – we don’t have any problem with your decision Sanskar but it doesn’t mean you get forgiveness because firstly your divorce with Ragini and now having sudden marriage..

Sanskar but his eyes were on his Mom who look at him concerned face..

Sanskar turned shouted – Robin Robin!!!
Robin, servant came there with high speed..
Sanskar – go and clean the mess in my room!!
Robin nodded and left

Ap said angry – What you did in your room Sanskar?
Sanskar said simply – flower vase broken down !
Ap panicking – you are OK my son???

Sanskar smile – yes Mom and now I should sleep have good night everyone and left the place.
Ap walk towards the kitchen taking Sanskar milk she goes to her son room like always. Because she still feels that she didn’t got her son back he was still in his shell and after marriage he give that looks which he showed when Ragini came as a wife for him but he never give chance to their marriage but what now her son marriage to his love of life and have a son. But her son is still the same as he was nothing changed in him. Wiping her tears she comes inside her son room.. He look lost watching pool water.

“Sanskar?? ” Annapurna called him making him to come out from his thoughts.
Sanskar walk to his Mom taking his milk he gulped it then he thought his Mom will left but it turned out to be his Mom is still here as he look up to see what’s wrong when he knows she is mad on him!!!

Ap smile – came and sleep.. Beta..
Sanskar silently laid down on bed keeping his head on his mother lap he take comfort of his Mom.. Silently
Taking a deep breath annapurna ask – Why you married Swara?
Sanskar whisper silently -” she is having my son who don’t have his father name so I have to marry her.. Actually..
Flashback before four hours..
Sanskar come outside shockingly presence of Swara in his room, in his mansion as he silently walk to his car and lean on it waiting for her. As a second later his phone started ringing making him out of thought he looked at screen “private number “taking the call,
Sanskar – hello??

Sanskar confused – Who is this?? Hello??

“Dad… ”

Sanskar stunned hearding Voice but didn’t say anything..

Siddharth(cherry) spoke with shaky voice – Dad I know you are my dad Mr Sanskar Maheshwari never met me Dad but I always knew you by Swara mom ,she always talked about and said that you are busy so you can’t come to us but I know she lied to me you both have some fight but Dad please don’t be angry, I love you Dad and I miss you so much, my school friends tease me that I don’t have Dad but I always say that I have best Dad because I know you are too busy to make mine and mom future secure. Mom strictly said me not to call you but Dad I am in India and I wanted to meet you… That’s why… Dad.. Dad??

Sanskar was shocked he didn’t know when he fallen on his knees.. Getting his voice back he said – where are you my champ?

Siddharth(cherry) excited said – dad I am in Nanu house.. You will come..?
Sanskar wipe his tears – yeah I have to but this time to take you with me forever. It’s your Dad promise!!
Siddharth(cherry)- WOW dad means you, me and Mom forever???
Sanskar took a deep breath said with determination – FOREVER!!
Siddharth(cherry)- Dad I love you. I will talk to you in some time this uncle mobile is having low battery!!

Sanskar smile – OK champ but next time you will be with your dad..
Ending the call.
Sanskar close his eyes.. His anger have no bonds and then Swara came only to make it more worst..
Annapurna wipe her tears.. – so that’s why you married Swara urgently..
Sanskar closing his eyes said – yes Mom.. This marriage is only for my champ my Siddharth
Ap – but what about Swara?? You love her right!!

Sanskar chuckle painly – Mom love word didn’t like me.. And now I don’t have that feeling those love feeling now. For me she is my son mother who upbringing my son that’s it.
Ap worriedly- and what about her being your wife Sanskar!! You can’t snatch her right on you ..
Sanskar sat beside Ap – Mom I am snatching any right from her and I respect Swara as my wife and my son mother and always do. Always give her what she wanted as a wife and mother but Mom I don’t think that I will ever give her love she thinks from me and this relationship.
Ap look at her son concerned about all this but decided not to ask much because he opens up without any hesitation to her and that’s all she always want. Patting his head slightly Ap make Sanskar sleep on her lap after some time putting pillow under his head, she walk out from his room closing the door behind. Then she walk towards another side of guest room.

PRECAP – same

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  1. Superb but poor swara sanksar don’t love swara

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    omg…so the reason behind their sudden marriage was……
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    Wow you back again….but..why San behaving like this…..he didn’t feel sorry about swara and rape

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