Mom Her Name is.. Swara…. Part 10 secrets of Dark’s (continued)


Guys as all the request I have again continue this ff but if the response would be positive then I will make it continued or just put it end and many of you all are confused because of last part 10 episode so I have removed it!! Just neglect that part I will continue it with part 9.and I have given the links of previous post!!

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swara look at him – in that misscarage our one child dead but another was safe but doctor said me that my womb was week and i was in coma so they put our child to another woman womb.. after eight months i got our siddharth..

sanskar – our siddharth is enough for us… for loving us…
swara noded happily…
sanskar – where is he??
swara – he is with dad.. he was tired so slept in gadodia mansion…
sanskar nodded.. then ask – he knows me..
swara – yeah..
sanskar – i want to ask one thing do you ever love me? Please say it honestly Swara I am tired of your feelings and running away from me!
Swara whisper – I just.. Woh.. I..
Sanskar put his finger on her lips -sssshh I will give you your space Mrs Swara Sanskar Maheshwari! I will wait for you like I have waited for these eight years! Now go and relax it was tired day for you!
Swara silently nodded but didn’t move.
Sanskar – what?
Swara smile – you know Sanskar you changed!
Sanskar smile little – oh! I know! Just then he gets the call from “I am outside! “saying this he left from there
Swara frown thinking “why he is behaving like this!!! My best friend Sanky and this Sanskar are totally sky and water!! Oh Swara hold on Madam, it’s just some hours you met him!! Well I should talk to cherry and tell him about his mother unpredictably marriage with his father!! He will be really shocked and mostly say me a crazy but what can he do his mother is in love with his father and about telling him it will be soon but in very special way by Sammie way!!!! “giggling herself Swara walk inside the room.

After cutting the call Sanskar look at everyone who were sitting in living area with anger face.

Sanskar walk towards his Mom – Mom.. Her name is Swara..

Annapurna said sternly – I know anything else!

Sanskar was expecting this so he just calm down and said – I know I have done mistakes by threatening you all and marrying Swara but I don’t regret because she is having my Son Siddharth Maheshwari “Cherry ” and she is the same woman whom I love from past eight years.

ANNAPURNA, Durga Prasad, Shekhar GADODIA, Hasina Raichand, Anuradha Khurana and DEVYANI Raizada were shockingly looking at Sanskar with anger face

Dp raise his voice angrily – SANSKAR How dare you to speak like this first thing you have child without marriage and then suddenly marrying Swara by threatening us on your life and now you are saying you love her!! What nonsense is this!!! Is it something left for you! I thought you were responsible son of mine (Laksh stiffened listening this knowing where it is going but didn’t say) and now looking at your anger and mistakes I am disgusted saying you as my son.

Sanskar look at him dumpfounded.

Devyani Raizada – you have done a grave mistake Sanskar even you thought we are living in society!

Arnav and ANJALI were about to stop their Nani but one glare from her Anjali back away but not ASR.

Arnav – Nani and Dp uncle Sanskar love Swara and what is problem if he married it doesn’t mean he eloped with her!! He married Swara infront of you all eyes!!! It’s not big deal!
Devyani Raizada shouted – Arnav!!
Arnav -Nani please whatever happens we should accept it and move on, he didn’t done any crimes!
Shekhar GADODIA – you youngster never think once about society or elders!!! First Sanskar and Ragini married like a game and then divorce in one year because RAGINI and LAKSH started loving each other and now I am getting to know that my second daughter Swara having seven years son whose father is her sister ex husband!!! You all made joke of our reputation in society! If we didn’t say anything it doesn’t mean you all disrespect our morals and values!!
Ragini and Laksh were looking shocked at outburst of her dad like this!
“Dad!!! ”
All look at stairs where Swara was standing with teary eyes her gaze fell on Sanskar who was giving expressionless face.
Swara – Dad What are you saying!!! Ragini and Sanskar!!!???
Shekhar GADODIA – it’s true Swara your newly husband is your sister ex husband!!

Swara was totally shaken by this information.

Maan ,RK, PIya, Madhu, Khushi, Arnav were looking at Laksh, Ragini, Swara and Sanskar with concern face.

Sanskar finally spoke – Now What all you elders want?

Hasina Raichand look at everyone then seeing nod of Dp, Shekhar, Ap, Anuradha Khurana and Devyani Raizada she said – We want Sanskar and Swara to shift from India with thier son for few years until we announced Ragini and Laksh marriage easily and ANJALI and Aadarsh!

All youngers were taken aback by this bomb!!! It was unbelievable!!

Sanskar gaze towards his Mom saying softly -Mom you..

Ap – no SANSKAR it’s our decesion after whatever you did we have decided this and you have no choice !

Laksh – mom how could you and dad punished Bhai like this!!! It was just a mistake!!! Forgod sake!!

Dp – Laksh we are not making him out of the property!! He is still have his share but not that relationship!!!

Maan – you all are being emotional because of some reputation!!! What’s wrong with you all and Dadii (Anuradha Khurana) how can you make this impulsive decesion!!!

Arnav – What the hell!!! Listen Dp uncle Sanskar and Swara are adults and being married is not any crimes against this society!!!

Anuradha Khurana – No Arnav not being marriage but doing this urgent marriage and having a seven year Son!!! Is crime!!!

RK – Dadii really!! I am lawyer and I know what this society is made up of some orthodox people!!! It never leaves any chance of mocking on anyone!!! Then what will be new!!!

Khushi – Mom (Hasina Raichand) society means nothing it was never with us when Dad passed away then why now we are Caring about society!!!

Piya – yes Mom Khushi Di is right society never cared about us then why we!!!!

But no elders were ready to listen them.

Aadarsh and ANJALI look at each other then said – we will only marry in presence of Sanskar and Swara!!!

And there was a pin drop silence.

Elders were looking shocked at them.

Finally Sanskar said – Mom I am sleepy please come with my milk and give some of your dress to your new daughter in law.. And Shekhar uncle please ask your driver to come with my son saying this he left dragging Swara from there.

Where else Maan, Arnav, RK and LAKSH smirk and Khushi, Madhu Piya, Ragini giggle but ANJALI and Aadarsh were laughing and then they all left the elders stunned face.

PRECAP – love is in the air said SANSKAR smiling
Swara gaze him thinking ” but why you are not romantic???? Humph!!! Sanky is totally changed!!! “

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