Mom Her Name is.. Swara…. Part 6 secrets of Dark’s


Part 6
‘” I don’t know Shona why you always annoy with Misha she’s also friends of us!! ????said sanskar sternly..
Swara – please Sanskar she’s your friend not mine I don’t like her attitude and that’s it..
Sanskar – Shona she cares for you! ???
Swara -and you cares for her more than me how could you Sanky I bring her with in my house so that she lead happy life but I didn’t know she will snatch my everything you, dad, Anjali di, my college place, my top rank everything and you always praise her ????
Sanskar smile and said – Shona why are you saying like we all love you.. You are my best friend like Misha is also my friend then why are you jealous with her even you are her Angel Shona more than me she loves you, trust you..
Swara ???I don’t care saying this she stamped her foot and goes from there..
Sanskar look at her and said – Now how will I said that I love Misha if you Shona came to know then you will again become angry with Misha…

Sanskar opened his looking at surrounding he was laying on pool side again he goes to open door…
Sanskar – yes Laksh??
Laksh – bhai how can you sleep this much look at the time 10am ……
Sanskar look at his watch and then at Laksh.. – it’s 5am Laksh your watch is running fast like you…
Laksh then look at his then he remembers last his watch stopped at 10pm ..
Laksh smile sheepily and said – Voh bhai excitement… You can understand right!!
Sanskar – no.. Anything else..
Laksh – bhai can we go for jogging its long time I mean when we were in 12th that was last time we have gone for jogging.. So what say please.. Making puppy face..
Sanskar shook his head and said wait I am coming..

After some time sanskar and Laksh were sitting on bench after completing five rounds..
Laksh – Bhai what happened that you changed.. A lot!??
Sanskar look at him but remains silent..
Laksh – you know Bhai whatever I am doing in my career was totally because of you from you I have learned how to live ,how to tackle your fear but now that brother was lost in this Sanskar Maheshwari bussiness tycoon…
Sanskar slowly uttered – everyone have to change Laksh..
Laksh – but my Bhai was not everyone my bhai can make laugh to stone my bhai was gem he loves his life and his favorite game was his life he never care about its result.. His only motto was enjoying and now this person who sitting beside me reserved person suffocated and workholic… What changed you this much bhai..
Sanskar smile faintly – let’s go Laksh mom would be waiting saying he staarted moving out..
Laksh tears comes into his eyes painly he said – something big happened Bhai which changes you this much you are living a lifeless but why bhai please god do something makes my brother like before..

Maan sir Maan sir!! Said Pia running behind Maan who was going to his room in Maheshwari mansion. …
Maan stopped and look at her..
Maan – Good Morning Pia..
Pia said breathing heavy – good morning sir.. Voh sir actually I..
Maan – say it Pia I have some work.. Said curtly..
Pia was taken aback by his curt voice he never speak like this with her but composing herself..
Pia – Sir actually RK sir, Arnav sir and sanskar is not going to office,, so Laksh Bhai had made the plan for picnic..
Maan was fuming in anger thinking ‘” so now I am Maan sir but Sanskar.. He is also like sir to her but Maan wait they love each other you should compressed your feelings for Pia and Sanskar ‘
Maan – I am not coming in harsh tone he left inside room closing door infront of face..
Pia was hurt by his actions then thought he will be angry because of any incomplete office work and moved from there..

‘Khushi let me sleep please baby you also sleep ‘ said Arnav cuddling on his pillow dreaming about Khushi… At one point he fell from his bed and open his eyes with jerk.. And smile – what the!! Khushi you are making me crazy..
Arnav look at the time showing 8am then he remembers last night he was talking to Khushi till 2am and then after making her sleep he came back to his room..
Just then he hears knock he opened the door..
Anjali come inside – Chote you woke up late…
Arnav – what’s the big deal di and still I was busy with Khushi but you were busy in feeding food to your Sanskar…
Anjali smirk – any one is jealous here!!
Arnav hold her hand and said – never di I can’t jealous with Sanskar because of him I met with Khushi.. And I know he only listen you and Ap auntie in case of food otherwise he will skip it..
Anjali smile – thank you Chote for understanding me… But don’t think your di is gone far from you.. She is always there for you.. So chillax..
Arnav laugh – you and your chillax di never change…
Anjali winks him – I know now come be ready…

Sanskar was in conference meeting his meeting has finished just ten minutes only he knows how it was difficult to escape from the family picnic and he directly grab his car keys rushed to office making an excuse which annoys everyone but he has become ruthless some here but not in front of her Mom… So he males her understand..
His pa Shekhar came inside the cabin..
Sanskar – what next?? Said without looking at him staring at his file of one deal… But few seconds silence and he raised his head giving looks of anything serious??
Shekhar – Sir.. Ap mam had call two minutes before for giving you medicine..
Sanskar nodded and taken the medicine with glass of water..
Shekhar – Sir if you don’t mind can I talk with my college friend Sanky for five minutes..
Sanskar smile and nodded..
Shekhar shouted – are you lost it!!! What the hell huh?? You have not taken your medicine again and if auntie didn’t call me then you should have fainted or it can be worst!!! And he continues his scolding for more 15minutes ..
Sanskar lastly said – breathe Shekhar otherwise your wife will file case against me for your murder!!
Shekhar – Why can’t you forget everything!! It’s your life Sanskar and you are wasting what ever happen it was just a anger and you are regretting it and you it was her mistake then why you?? What ever happened you were just forget that girl please I am dieing for My Sanky past eight years!!
Sanskar stand and started leaving but uttered before leaving -‘”YOU DONT KNOW Everything Shekhar!! And left from there leaving his college friend in tears…
Shekhar whisper – I wish Swara you never came in my buddy life.. In our life.. I wish!! Said angrily..

All were Happy after a long they were going for picnic elders didn’t came because of some discussion about engagement all Youngsters were in fun and romantic mood two cars were going towards farmhouse their favorite spot outskirts of Mumbai and they were enjoying the journey… In one car Laksh -Ragini, Anjali -Aadarsh were there and in another car Arnav -Khushi, RK -Madhu were there Maan didn’t came because of his emotional estate so Pia came and sitting with RK and Madhu but with upset mood…
After some time they reached farmhouse…
Laksh -so finally we are going to have fun!! Said excited..
Anjali pouted – but I miss Sanskar and Maan!! With dissapointed…
RK – Anjali Di you know Sanskar it’s impossible for him to come to do some fun so let it and Maan I don’t know from where he also getting this quality!!
Arnav – impact of wrong company like Sanskar!! Said smirking..
Pia – yaa but Maan sir should have come..?? Said with sadness..
Khushi – OK we have talked very much now it’s party time let’s go… Said running inside..
Madhu also run behind her shouting – wait Khushi!!!
Arnav and RK look at each other and said – pagal!!!!?
Aadarsh – Anji don’t be upset otherwise Sanskar and Maan will also don’t like..
Ragini – yes bhai.. Anjali di don’t be upset now let’s go!!
All moved towards but then they heard screaming sound of Khushi and Madhu ‘”aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh'”together..
Arnav and RK runs to them with fast speed and other also rushed… After locking at the spit they are dumbstruck..
Arnav uttered – What the.. !!
RK – Mashalaallah…
Laksh – awesome..
Aadarsh – Woah..
But girls were didn’t utter a word.. It swimming pool side place which was decorated with roses and candles with large music system full on pool side party theme with bar and many playing balls were on pools side in short it was breathe taking seen…!!!
‘Sir this letter is for you ‘said one of Waitor to Laksh giving the letter he left to pool side… Laksh read the letter and broad smile comes to his face…
Ragini asked curiously – Whom letter was for you!!???
Laksh – it’s from Shekhar he have made all arrangements or in shot you can say bhai have made all possible arrangements for us in few hours.. He is amazing !! He was very happy he knows after morning emotional talk they didn’t utter a word and Laksh thought he was angry on him but now he had made mental note to thank his Bhai by giving a tight hug!!
Arnav smile – impressive…
Khushi look at him with wide eyes..
Arnav – what??
Khushi – you laad governor it’s amazing!! Said jumping in happiness..
Madhu – Why are we wasting our time let’s go party !!!!!

Lyrics of Party On My Mind song / Party On My Mind Lyrics
Madhu was wearing a jump suit sleeveless goes towards music floor and started dancing on bit and singing with song….
Maine pehne party shoes
Gonna let my body loose
Aur lee hai thodhi booze,
Let’s party on my mind
Khushi comes to her joining her steps and wearing a designer white miniskirt matching her bit
Hai hobby hobby ride
Cause saturday hai night
Aur music bhi hai right
Let’s party on my mind mind mind…
Arnav after looking at Khushi can’t resist himself and he also join making Khushi lift in her arms and singing with background song …
Yun karte party-sharty.. Ye o aa ae
Jaise ho pehli bari.. Ye o aa ae
Aadarsh whose cones to the bar taking a bear bottle open in one snap and showered on them and making his beat on dance floor…
Saanse thak jaayen jo kehle chal ghar let go
Chilla chilla kehdo ae o aa ae ai
Anjali was enjoying looking at them but gasp when RK lifted her and throw in pool and himself jump init…
Masti ki kholo khidki.. Ye o aa ae
Jaise parwaah na kal ki.. Ye o aa ae
Laksh who started dancing with Ragini started swinging in her pink frock… But meschivously Ragini push him in pool and
Kadmo ko khidki lo haathon ko upar lo
Aankhein do band karlo.. Ye o aa ae
Pia was upset but after looking her close ones enjoying she can’t make them upset by her behavior so she also join them and then we can say Piayali Raichand is back in her party shoes she runs to pool throwing her and pulling RAGINI she also started singing along with them
Maine pehne party shoes
Gonna let my body loose
Aur lee hai thodhi booze,
Let’s party on my mind
Anjali also join Pia and they both together waving their hands shaking their heads mix with the bit… Continue. .
Hai hobby hobby ride
Cause saturday hai night
Aur music bhi hai right
Let’s party on my mind
Khushi was happy looking Pia she somehow know that Pia is not in mood but now looking at her enjoying she become but not so before Laksh grabbed her hand pulled her in pool whereas Arnav and Aadarsh was laughing at her starlted look which was quite… Funny… Laksh making her and Ragini in his arms twisting them rap the part of song..
[Honey Singh Rap] Pa pa party aaj ki raat
Soni soni kudiyan mere saath
Daru manga lo mere yaaron banegi baat
Saari raat karenge booze
Gonna take you on my cruze
Pehen le apne party shoes
Bolenge u can’t refuse
RK also grabbed Madhu hand making her threw inside party and joining Laksh with his rap part..
Aaj raat ko teri aur meri
Mulaqaat meri na honeki
Thoda jhukkar thoda rukkar,
Maar tequila thodi thodi,
Disco me hai kudi kanwari
Gat gat daaru pee gayi saari
Sar pe chadh gayi ho gayi load
Come come baby let’s go thodi
Anjali cones out of of pool and move to Aadarsh snaking her arms around his neck and closing her face with feelings his hot breath on her face walk back side and seeing lost in her she pushed him in side pool and winked at him meschivously, well actually teasing him and dancing continue the song..
Meri aankhon me hai blink
Aur dil ko lag gayi wing
Baby i’m just gonna sing
Let’s party on my mind
Aadarsh was enjoying his fiance lovely torcher and combing his wet hair with his finger he pouted.. Other side RK pulled Madhu holding her waist and Madhu blush feeling his teasing gaze and smack his playfully while joining with anjali on the song…
Karti hai humko tease
Ye halki halki breeze
Baby going to yourself to ease
Let’s party on my mind
Arnav also come inside the pool seeing Khushi whole wet but controlling his feelings he join RK.. Started singing…
Phir apni hogi yaari.. Ye o aa ae
Kadmo me duniya saari.. Ye o aa ae
Tujhko nachaun jo duniya bhulaaun toh
Kehte hai dil me jo.. Ye o aa ae
Laksh and Aadarsh also joined them with their love and shouting in fun and mastiii…
Pagalpanthi ho baby.. Ye o aa ae
Apni hi chhede dhunki.. Ye o aa ae
Spinnin’ around you phir chakkar aane do
Baahon me kho bhi lo.. Ye o aa ae
All girls together sing and dance continues song… While boys were driving crazy because of s*xy look… In water..
Maine pehne party shoes
Gonna let my body loose
Aur lee hai thodhi booze,
Let’s party on my mind

Hai hobby hobby ride
Cause saturday hai night
Aur music bhi hai right
Let’s party on my mind…
Waiter comes with bear bottles and glasses……
[ party on my mind lyrics ]

‘So you didn’t gone with them’ Sanskar said looking at Maan working on laptop.. Maan didn’t react just utter ‘No ‘..again back to his lappy…
Sanskar shook his head and taken sit beside him… After some time of silence..
Maan asked without looking at him – You Love Pia?! It was statement rather than questions..
Sanskar whisper – No..
Maan look at him somewhere he was happily dancing in his heart..
Sanskar looking at his lips which is showing a little smile and then understand and said – Laksh has brought.. Matheuslah.. It is quite famous u wanna try..
Sanskar didn’t wait for his agreement and moved towards the little bar which is made by his dad on terrace and brings out wine bottle with two glasses..
Maan taking his glass – it tasted nice..
Sanskar – After all it’s Laksh taste..
Maan – hmm so I am.. I am..
Sanskar smile – let it be Maan… Taking a sip ….you should have shouted on me or beating me to look at your girl..
Maan give apologetic look – I thought you like her and she also giving you that look in mall..
Sanskar – So you predict.. I didn’t thought Maan Singh Khurana didn’t use his business brain ones time..
Maan defense himself said – that coffee seen was not looking good any one would guess the same in my place..
Sanskar smirk – but you are not anyone Maan.. And I can expect these things from you.. Obieo you and Arnav are thick headed in terms of love life..
Maan give don’t think look – but what she was asking from you.. I just heard that she loves anyone..
Sanskar – yeah Pia love anyone and that anyone is you..And she was asking me that to confess you or not because you never show any care about her other than work… So simply she was confused..
Maan curiously – What did you say..??
Sanskar – that it’s between you and her.. And it will be good if she hints you about her feelings.. Look my glass is over and our talk isn’t..!! But I think you should not do this mistake again Maan by misunderstanding and without listening your business mind after all we have god graze gifted bussiness mind saying this Sanskar left from the place..
Please comment guys!!!!!!!!!!! And yes I want to know which pair you wanted.. RK -madhubala….. Or Maan Singh Khurana – Madhubala…. Or RK – Piayali Raichand…. Or Maan Singh Khurana -Piayali Raichand… I have already mentioned whom rolled whose is playing in my first…

Credit to: Twinkle

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