Mohobattan Sachiyane #new ff teaser #by TRISHA

Hello guys trisha here !
First of all there is an important message for you guys


From AnahitaANNIE ;

” Hi people!!! I know many readers will be sad at the decision but I have to do this. I won’t be able to continue my #kaanchi ff due to too much busy schedule. ”

“But I promise I will keep posting OS’s and one is coming up really soon!!! I am so sorry”


I have decided to Continue another ff as it’s high time I was doing with OS’s so here is the teaser !



Scene 1

A middle aged women moving towards dining in a large mansion ….”I am getting old atleast now marry” !

“Don’t worry maa I will ; that too soon ” her son kept consoling her arranging the chair…!

“God knows when will you do so ” she kept on her tantrums !

Scene 2

She was getting ready fast when two of her besties entered the room nd trio started gossiping along with getting ready !

Pragya- kasam se today we r definitely gonna late do some magic pls god !

Saachi- idea ? ! Isha call ur delhi wala bf … nd break his one leg we will act as if we got late helping him !

Isha rolls her eyes over her !

Saachi- what ? If he can try sandils for u then …

Isha- flop idea !

Scene 3

Riya- thanku so much papa ! I will also go with u to kusum aunty’s house for …

Anand- for asking for kabeers hand !

Riya- awww that’s so sweet of you Papa thanku so much !

Scene 4

First day joining the SDCH ;

She mistakenly calls him nd ;
“One veg special pizza two coke two butter mousse cakes four veg parcels one pack French fries on another twenty minutes ” !

He cut the call !

After 25 minutes !

Saachi- seems pizza guy got late today !

A nurse comes from behind “dr Anand Malhotra is calling u in his cabin ” !

Saachi- what did I did ?

The end

So this was it guys !
Pls pls drop a comment if u like this guys nd pls tell me should I continue this one or not ?

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  1. Awwww,,like it sooo sooo much.. Now,,i can’t wait now plz update sooon.. :-]

    1. Trisha139

      Thanku so much dear

  2. Awwww,,just amazing epsd it was.. Can’t wait now update soooon.. :-]

  3. Excellent epsd.. Just lv it sooo much.. Eagerly waiting 4 next update..#

  4. Yaashi23

    Go ahead .seems kuch bohot interesting hone wala hai.eagerly waiting …

    1. Yaashi23

      And yes i loved the title”mohabbataan sachiyane”..

      1. Trisha139

        Glad u liked it yaashi

    2. Trisha139

      Thanku yaashi

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  6. Dhruti

    superb teaser go ahead trishu….i’m waiting for next one update soon….

    1. Trisha139

      Thanku nd sure

  7. Triple congratulations trishu di!!! 1st 4 completing 100 posts, 2nd 4 shagun ki post, 3rd for starting new ff….i know i m late but sry i was very busy…..i m ur silent reader but i promise i will try 2 comment on every ff…..

    1. Trisha139

      Thanku dhruvi

  8. Nice episode

  9. Khamoshi

    Amazing teaser trisha dear.. it was funny as well as full of suspense. Waiting for the 1st episode dear. Post soon

    1. Trisha139

      Thanku mital nd sure dear

  10. Nice promo…… Update soon

    1. Trisha139

      Thanku amnaa

  11. Go ahead…liked it…cute one…

    1. Trisha139

      Thanku Sanyukta

  12. Aafiya

    The teaser was superb..
    Post next update soon

    1. Trisha139

      Thanku nd sure aafia

  13. Neha7873

    Interesting teaser . Full on perfect and awesome ..update soon

    1. Trisha139

      Thanku neha and sure

  14. Anonymousaa

    It was superb ???suppper se upppppar Trishi dea!!!
    Plz plz plz post the epi ASAP.
    It seems to be full of nok jhoks, jealousy, romance,humour and dhamakaaaa.
    By the way what does the title”Mohabbat sachiyane” mean? I am not Indian so I couldn’t understand.Can u plz help me in this?

    1. Trisha139

      Awwww thankyou so much anonymous
      Nd title means “love is true ”
      I will try to mention the English version too sweetie hope u don’t mind !

  15. Amazing Superbbbbb can’t wait for ur another update

    1. Trisha139

      Thanku alia

  16. Hey trishu its superb yaar…. Bohat bohat bekrar hai tumhare iss ff ke liye… Nayi story ke saat hume guarantee hai ke tum phir se humara wakt aur chain choraogi….. Amazing plot yaar post it soon I m very eager…. Love u loads ??

    1. Trisha139

      Awwww thankyou so much vrushti that’s sos west of you dear love uh too

    2. Trisha139

      Awwww thankyou so much niyati nd sure

  17. Niyati

    Amazing teaser di…..Glad that u start a new ff… can’t wait …..update soon.

    1. Trisha139

      Tysm niyati

  18. Negisanyukta

    Awesome teaser.???
    Eagerly waiting for ur ff.And,dii i wanna rectify u that the above commented girl is Sanjukta nd i m Sanyukta.Sorry,dii if i hurt u.
    Keep writing dear.

    1. Trisha139

      Ofcourse not sweetie thanku for clearing my misunderstanding dear ! Thanku so much
      Nd sure

  19. Anuradha123

    OMG Trisha killer teaser… First main hi 440 volt ka jhatka de diya… Story agar itni mind-blowing ho then I m ready to get more and more shocks… Love u yaar… U r the most most most amazing author… Baade writers K saamne hamesha ghutne tek kar sar niche karke baat karni chahiye….

    1. Trisha139

      Awwwww so sweet nd I totally agree with u ap jese writers comment kre to smjhlo ap shi raaste pe ho ??
      Thanku so much sweetie

  20. Niyaaa

    Awsome mindblowing superb promo thank god u start a new ff post nxt

    1. Trisha139

      Thanku and take care

  21. Awesome super fabulous fantastic mind blowing os super

  22. Jessicca

    Brilliant… Fantastic… Superb… Fabulous… Amazing… Outstanding… Marvelous… Loved it… ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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