Mohi Review: ‘Weakness turned strength’ conceptualized by ample innocence and determination


Mohi is the story of the tribal girl who has a dream which looks impossible. She dreams to migrate to city and become a doctor. She stays in a small village Bhuvana where sunlight does not reach directly. The village is at low altitude and covered with tall mountains. Bhuvana mostly stays dark. Mohi impresses everyone in her village by getting sunlight refracted by mirrors to her village temple. Her family recognizes her talent and sharpness. They fear to lose Mohi and stop her from thinking about city.


Mohi is a go getter and does not stop by anything. She goes miles away to reach the small school. She scores well and is a scholar. She is fearless and determined to pursue her dreams. She prefers to be called Dr. Mohi. Her life will be turning around when she goes to the city to become a doctor. Ayush and Anusha stay in Pune and want to turn their lovely relation into marriage. Ayush goes to Bhuvana on his work assignment and meets Mohi.

Main Characters:

Mohi:mohi3Mohi is a smart, go getter, intellectual girl. She resides in the tribal village of Bhuvana. She is a happy soul who is positive in her life. She helps her mother Mahua in the household chores and also gets training from her grandfather to learn Ayurveda. She has big dreams to migrate to city. Mahua stops her from thinking to study ahead in city. Mohi dreams to become a doctor. She is the best student in the tribal school. She impresses the villagers by her sharp talents and lovely nature.

Ayush Gokhale:mohi9 Ayush is a junior journalist residing in Pune. He is a struggler and wants to make it big in his career by having any rocking story to his credit. He wants to record Satyakam’s life at Bhuvana by suspecting Satyakam is hiding out in the village on pretext of his death. Ayush takes permission from his boss. He gets the chance to go on this live adventure to catch Satyakam’s truth and expose him to get a career boost. Ayush stays in a joint family and holds good values. He has his lady love Anusha to support him in his big step to work sincerely.

Anusha Dixit:mohi32Anusha is Ayush’s love. She is a practicing doctor by profession. She works in her dad’s hospital and bonds with the patients well. Her magical touch and lovely talk heals her patients well. She is very rich and does not boast about her status. She is humble, down to earth and a lively girl. She is ready to adjust in Ayush’s middle class joint family. She finds her best support in her dad Vinay. She stays in nuclear family with just her parents. Anusha is complete opposite of Ayush. Even then they both find each other perfect life partners.

Vinay Dixit:mohi20Vinay is Anusha’s dad. He is a humble man and Anusha’s biggest support. He likes Ayush for his sincerity towards his work. He is also a doctor by profession. He agrees to Ayush and Anusha’s proposal and goes against his wife Rekha. Vinay is proud of Anusha’s choice and talks to Ayush’s family to finalize the proposal. Vinay does not have sweet equations with his wife and believes any marriage should have love in it. He wants Anusha to marry her love and not be in loveless marriage like her parents.

Rekha Dixit:mohi65 Rekha is a practical woman who does not believe in love marriages. She believes in status and equality to make any relation. She does not like Ayush and Gokhale family. She is against Anusha and Ayush’s relation. She loves Anusha like just Vinay does, but is more concerned for Anusha’s future. She wants Anusha to marry a rich guy of their status. Rekha is a socialite and wants to keep her name high. She agrees to meet Ayush’s family on Anusha’s insistence. Rekha and Vinay do not look like soul mates. They just stay together and she believes that’s the required love needed by any couple.

Mohi’s Family:mohi16 Mohi has her mother Mahua and her Nana ji. Mahua is a tribal woman who works around in the village. They have barter system in the village market. Nana ji is a Ayurvedic doctor known in the village. He is respected by everyone. Mahua had her bitter past. Her life got ruined by a city dweller. She keeps Mohi away from her dreams of going to city. Nana ji is Mohi’s best friend. Mahua and Nana ji have a proud moment when Mohi gets sunlight in her dark village by arranging mirrors and refracting lights. They are simple people and keep Mohi protected from the tribal thugs.


Vinita Joshi as Mohi
Karan Sharma as Ayush Gokhale
Rishma Rochlani as Anusha Dixit
Shishir Sharma as Vinay Dixit
Gauri Tonk as Rekha Dixit
Nivedita Bhattacharya as Mahua
Nikhil Pandey as Pratap
Pramod Moutho as Mohi’s grandfather
Suneel Sinha as Dadda
Shubhangi Latkar as Ayush’s aunt

Story So Far:

mohi18Mohi is introduced in the village Bhuvana. It is a small village where light is obstructed by big mountains. Mohi works hard to arrange the mirrors and refract the sunlight to her village temple. She seeks help from her friend Dhallu. She succeeds in bringing light to her village and makes it a special memorable moment for everyone. Mohi brings good name to her mother Mahua and Nana ji. Her Nana is a well known Vaid in Bhuvana. He treats the people in the village for immediate cure.

mohi30 Anusha is an intern working in a hospital in Pune. She works with her dad Vinay. Vinay asks her about her marriage and shows few profiles. He asks her about her love Ayush. Anusha gives her nod to marriage seeing Ayush’s photo. Ayush is a struggling journalist in Pune. He waits for a big break that can lift his career. He wants to reach new heights and chooses a tough task. He gets information about Bhuvana and terror aide Satyakam hiding there, though the police believes Satyakam is dead. Ayush wants to expose Satyakam and get famous by this breaking news. Ayush loves Anusha and wants to marry her. Anusha convinces her family to meet Ayush’s family. Anusha’s dad Vinay supports her. Her mother Rekha is against Ayush being a loser in life and non achiever till date. Vinay supports Ayush seeing his sincerity towards work and his good family. Vinay arranges a meeting with Ayush’s family to fix Ayush and Anusha’s proposal. Ayush gets permission from his boss to take the work assignment of finding Satyakam. His boss reminds him the risk of the naxalites in Bhuvana. Ayush is ready to take the risk and confides with Anusha. Anusha supports him in his work and wins more respect from Ayush.

mohi37Ayush’s family is shown. His mother is his big support. Gokhale’s are a joint family united with love and respect. Ayush’s cousin sister Deepa comes back home after fighting with her husband Sunil. Her stay is not liked by her Chachi and she gets into an argument with her. Ayush’s father Madhur is against Anusha. He knows Dixit family is high in status and does not want to lose their hard earned respect to them. Mohi gathers honey and sells it for money by requesting the man in the market. She saves some money and keeps in the temple to secure her dreams.

mohi5A naxalite Pratap shuts Mohi’s school and misbehaves with her. Mohi argues with him and goes to complain to Pratap’s leader Baba. Pratap tells him that he wants to marry Mohi. Baba slaps Pratap and asks him to be away from Mohi. Ayush hides his real identity and lands in Bhuvana. Later, Baba comes to meet Mohi and her family. He tells her that he will get all required things of higher education for Mohi in he village. He tells Mohi that her school is reopened and she can go tomorrow. Mohi gets glad. Ayush lands in a trap and Mohi helps him. He gets to know she is Bhuvana’s resident and takes her help to meet the villagers. He thinks Mohi can tell him about Satyakam. Rekha agrees to meet Ayush’s family for Anusha’s happiness. Mohi and Ayush are on the way to her village.

Our Take:

mohi653Mohi is a show based on the dream conception and fulfillment. Good detailing of the leads and their distinct family backgrounds. There are many parallel tracks and well justified. Vinita Joshi is superb as Mohi in her language, characterized behavior and most importantly looking the best in her simple tribal attire. It’s a good shift from heavy costumes and jewelry to watch something new and delightful to the eyes. The show brings freshness by the village scenes shot very well. It has suspense made up by the mysterious naxals hiding in the village. The show has crisp innocence of the village and also the practicality of city. It brings a good blend of both the contrast entities. Karan Sharma and Rishma Rochlani are good in their roles. They have more to show up in the coming episodes. Shishir Sharma and Nivedita Bhattacharya are effortless actors. Shishir portrays Anusha’s concerned father aptly. Gauri Tonk fits in the socialite’s role well. Suneel Sinha, Pramod Moutho and other supporting actors are fairly cast. The show has good description and amazing scene of the tribal village. The beauty of the nature is depicted well. Its refreshing to see waterfalls, mountains and good backgrounds. The show is on adequate pace. The show is going on the right track by the first week.


mohi2It is a tale of an innocent girl whose dreams has no boundaries. It shows how dreams can be achieved by a person without losing the innocent appeal and inner goodness. The show promotes education and its importance in one’s life, and also turns inspiring for the people who find it tough to achieve. Mohi describes how success lands in lives of the determined people and how to turn the weaknesses into biggest strengths. Star Plus has got this substantial show with a bright inspiring story. It has a good concept and audience will love it with each coming episode. It a good change from regular shows and a family entertainer.

Our Rating:

2.5 out of 5

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