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The Episode starts with Anusha being shocked that Rekha has sent Ayush here. Ayush says it does not matter, you are here with Rahul, I have no choice now. He hugs her and says I trust you, I love you, I understood when your mum picked my call and told me about your lunch date purposely, I knew your mum will force me, I came to see Rahul, is he troubling you. Anusha thanks him and says I don’t how can mum do this with me. He tells her something. Swati and Kaki talk about Mohi and are proud of her.

Anusha goes and sits with Rahul, talking to him. Ayush comes there as a tapori and pour water on Rahul. Rahul gets shocked. Ayush asks Rahul how dare he flirt with Anusha, she is his to be wife. Anusha says you are mistaken. Ayush says sit quit, we will see her first. Rahul says sorry, I did not know Anusha

has BF, else I would have not come, it was honest mistake. Ayush asks him to get rakhi tied by Anusha and scolds him. Anusha says I don’t have rakhi. Ayush gives shoe lace and makes her tie rakhi to Rahul.

Rahul asks shall I go. Ayush asks him to have food with him. Rahul pays bill and leaves. Ayush and Anusha laugh. Mohi cleans the house and sees bulb fluctuation. She thinks to twist the bulb and check it. She stands on metal stool and holds the bulb. She gets electric shock and screams. She falls down and Ayush holds her. Kaki asks what happened, why did she scream. Ayush says she would have fallen and got broken bones. Mohi says she was making bulb right, she got shock. Anjali tells her not to touch current things standing on metal stool with wet hands. Ayush goes.

Mohi says she is having much pain. Kaki and Anjali care for her. Anusha comes home and asks Rekha to talk to her. Rekha is annoyed and asks him to say infront of everyone if its about Ayush. She says Rahul called me to say how Ayush misbehaved. Vinay asks what did Ayush do. Rekha tells Ayush has insulted Rahul. Vinay asks whats the reason. Rekha says it shows Ayush is possessive and insecure. Anusha says no use for your try.

Anusha tells about Rekha talking to Ayush and telling him everything, and did not tell me. Rekha says so what, his call came and I took the call, I did not his mentality is so cheap. Anusha tells Rekha that Ayush came to see whether I m fine, Rahul bored me and I called Ayush to request him to save me, then he did all this. Kaki makes Mohi drink haldi milk. Mohi says she is feeling good and they see her foot hurt. They ask Mohi to see a doctor. Vinay confronts Rekha for doing this. Rekha says she dislikes Ayush and does not want to make him her son in law. Anusha gets shocked.

Satyakam says big doctors don’t have time to treat people. Mohi also comes to Vinay’s hospital.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I’m starting to loose interest in this series. Boring

  2. i am loosing ma interst in dis series….becaming so boring..plz bring some gud change in d stry line.

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